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  1. She's got a gorgeous body. And she looks so beautiful 💖
  2. I'm worried that Sam is part of team con and Britney will find out at some point and she will be heartbroken. Another person who just used her. My gosh I mean I do really believe he's just paid by Jamie to keep an eye on Britney but still I hope it's not true.
  3. Well it was also a high profile case for Ingham and judge penny. I don't understand why they don't give a ****? I mean the world knows now how they incapable of doing their jobs... That can't possibly be good for their careers? Who would wanna have ingham as their lawyer now?
  4. Guys remember that team con wants to keep this up as long as possible to make money and bury evidence. They will try to bury them in paperwork and distract them etc. Even if rosengart is a great lawyer ... He's not a wizard.
  5. Her assistant told her to look in her closet to see if she's already got shoes??? Is she not aware WHO THE **** she's working for?????? I don't even say that to my 1 year old child and she's Britney ******* spears.. she can buy a million shoes if she wants to!!! Gosh the audacity. I can't with those people.
  6. Well my dad recently called and made a big drama about sth totally irrelevant and I told him: listen I have enough going on with my life and with freebritney right now, I don't have time or energy for unimportant things. He was obviously pissed but I don't give a ****. He would never even lose a second thinking about women's rights.. if he was in Jamie's position he would do the same thing. My fiance on the other hand is really bothered by the conservatorship even though he doesn't care about Britney as an artist at all. It bothers him that people can be abused like that in front of the world and everyone just watches for 13 years. So we talk about it every day. I think it should bother everyone no matter if they like Britney as an artist. It should make people really angry how easy it is for some people to take advantage of someone EVEN though this person is famous! How many people go through this and noone gives a **** bc we don't know who they are?
  7. This ***** doesn't know when to stop. I hope McDonald's doesn't give her a job once this is over
  8. I have loved her from the very beginning. I was 10 when bomt came out and Britney was the light of my life bc I grew up in a very abusive family. The situation at the moment is constantly on my mind and I can't wait for her to be free. Maybe it would keep me up at night but I take sleep medication anyway so whenever there's sth big or a lot of news that make me anxious I just take more sleep meds. I talk about it all with my fiance aswell which helps me process it. Especially when I think about her being judged as a mom when the boys were so little... And me being a mom now and often times feeling overwhelmed, depressed and just like a failure.. my heart breaks for her. Because noone judged me and I got help when I needed it. I have a wonderful therapist and psychiatrist and they support me and make me feel like I can be a great mom/person. And then it brings up my own issues with my family.. all the controlling, narcissistic behaviour, gaslighting etc. That's why I'm glad I have sleeping pills bc I doubt I could sleep without them thinking about all these negative things Maybe you can see a therapist and discuss why it's affecting you so much or how you can deal with it better?
  9. Well she made sure to get married young so she could leech off her husband aswell. He seems to have adopted Maddie which probably made Juno Lou happy since Maddie's real dad has no money and can't pay child support. But the money from Zoey 101 is most definitely not around anymore.
  10. Unfortunately she won't. Britney should sue them for everything they took from her. They can live in a trailer park paid by their own money. Then they can all live together like the hillbillies they are. After they've been to jail obviously
  11. We will only move on when those ****ers are in jail and britney has told the world what she had to go through. Colon will have a great time in jail. Maybe he can befriend Harvey weinstein
  12. When she was younger she did an interview and was asked what she wanted to work as when she's older and she said: my dream job is to have no job but if I do have to have a job it would be acting. That's all you need to know about jl.
  13. She can make a phonecall to the local police station IF she's in danger. It would cost 50 cents maybe? Rosengart should allow her to have those 50 cents. After she shows proof of death threats that is.
  14. I was working in foster care and this 7 year old girl came out of her room wearing red lipstick, mascara and a short short skirt saying: I made myself pretty for daddy (she got to go home for a day) and all of our alarm bells went off. Jamie picking Britney's **** outfits and the way he talks about her YUCK I get that same feeling
  15. If this is true (that Jamie Lynn really wrote that) then I don't believe Britney has access to her Instagram. Then it probably is a set up to make us all believe Britney has access and they're just trying to make her sound angrier and angrier and will use it against her. Those ******* *******s. I hope Britney's lawyer is working 24/7. Jamie Lynn belongs in jail that little ****
  16. Well she probably wants to spin it.. and say Jamie forced her to do this. Or she will say Britney was so happy about it and she doesn't understand why Britney says she didn't like it. (Paint Britney as crazy)
  17. I hope her lawyer would make sure that this post isn't made by team con to make her look bad. She has a good lawyer now and he should be able to prevent sth like that. So I believe it's her. I rewatched the tribute and her smile looks totally forced. She was NOT happy about JL. But what was she supposed to do? Storm out there? She was always taught the show must go on. I'm so glad she's dragging those mother ****ers. And I hope she's not only sueing her dad but also JL, Bryan, Lynne, Kevin, Larry, Lou , Adam leber etc.
  18. I STOPPED drinking at age 20 lol (I'm European though) I had to be collected of the road screaming don't leave me here to die alone and **** like that. Who doesnt **** up in their 20s or earlier? My gosh. Jamie was a ******* alcoholic most of his life or maybe still is. Britney has turned out better than one would hope with parents like hers.
  19. I agree. She cared about the things she got bc of Britney. Didn't she used to say the best sing about being Britney's sister is shopping and travelling? And then obviously the jobs she only got bc of her last name. She never had to work for anything. And when she realised she couldn't make money from her non existing talents, she married someone she probably didn't really care about (how could I want more) so she can be a (terrible) stay at home mom.
  20. Yesss she's dragging her untalented ugly little sister aaaahhahhahahaaaaaa I love this so ******* much. Jamie Lynn is probably super pissed while shooting ducks and driving over cats. No more paychecks for you you little ****
  21. Omg imagine britney fans being jailed together.... we'd be blasting her greatest hits and turn the rest of the jail population into stans
  22. Well if she had trust worthy people around her she wouldn't have needed it at all.all she needed was a good friend that actually had her best interest at heart and help her understand that she should go to therapy maybe see a psychiatrist for medication. I think we all had times in our lives when everything went to **** and I honestly don't know anyone besides one client I once had who had a c-ship. And that client was a woman who was mentally like a 2 year old. ****ting her pants and stuff. She has 2 kids btw who live with her... She has help with finances and with the kids etc but Britney is NOT and never has been that needy of help. She needed someone to help her look out for ppl who were taking advantage.
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