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  1. Was it really that big though? I went #1 but it ranked quite low on the YE chart in both 2009 and 2010. And I haven't heard the song on radio in years where I live compared to Womanizer, Circus, HIAM, TTWE and S&S which still get a decent amount of recurrent airplay. High chart peak =/= big hit imo.
  2. He's gross and has a habit of letting his ego get the best of him just like his idol. His "edginess" is annoying.
  3. That's like 6 The Fame era outfits on one video game character.
  4. Nothing that she's said is on the same level as Camila using the n-word or CB beating a woman, yet both of them still linger. So I doubt that Britney's behavior from over a decade ago will get her canceled.
  5. I wouldn't count the Madonna accent thing as "erratic behavior". It was mostly her exaggerating her absorption of British culture for attention. Brit's done the British accent too, but I think she got more flack for it because unlike Madonna, she never spent a prolonged period of time living in the UK. I definitely think that Post Malone should've been looked at more carefully though.
  6. I think context matters. For instance, he can call me the f-word in bed any time he wants.
  7. Imagine being so delusional that you think someone else's money is yours. The real life Mr. Krabs.
  8. How much did radio count towards the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2004? Because I always thought that even without complete radio support her physical single sales should've been high enough for her songs to do well on the chart since she had a massive fanbase at the time.
  9. Aww how cute! So sweet of Brit to give Perez some attention.
  10. Ad blocking software is an easy way to get around the Youtube ad problem; I personally didn't start using that until recently when I noticed that Youtube was getting way too comfortable with double ads. I also really hate how comments are disabled on all videos that are supposedly aimed at children. It's not a big problem on its own, but for some reason they've blocked the comment section of many video clips from adult shows like The Simpsons and The Boondocks just to name a few. I guess they're stupid enough to think that all cartoons = children shows?
  11. She's washed up and has to rely on gimmicks for attention. The female Lil Nas X.
  12. I mean, I wouldn't say she's fantastic. She did well in ASIB, but she was inconsistent in AHS. I don't think there's enough material in that little trailer to say for sure how good or bad her acting is in this Gucci movie however, but I'm cautiously optimistic that the movie will be well-received. But it's too bad that there's no new music associated with this movie.
  13. Wait, "Moon Person"? Did Demi and Halsey take over MTV headquarters?
  14. She's always been supportive of the LGBT. Are we sure that's Hawaii though? Looks more like she's on safari in Zimbabwe.
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