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  1. Love the original version of the song, not that awful remix that totally ruins the warmness of the song. That said, the video was interesting even though it hardly had anything to do with the lyrics of the song. I think she just wanted to do something edgy to end the Music era.
  2. Wow society is really scrapping at the bottom of the barrel to define what a celebrity actually is. Honestly idk this person but I can already tell that they're delusional.
  3. True pioneers who set things into motion before anyone else knew what was going on.
  4. I like her albums the way they are, well except for Britney Jean. I don't like the whole re-recording an old album gimmick though, so I'd rather just leave things be.
  5. That's like the opposite of what she's been doing, though - all of her recent singles have been perfectly catered to the GP and radio. Positions might have been underwhelming compared to some of her other albums, but it still generally followed the same formula that she's been using for years, except with some new producers. To me she's a one-trick pony in terms of songwriting. The fact that she's still successful despite being so creatively bankrupt is honestly surprising to me.
  6. They're trying way too hard to push this crossdresser agenda with straight male celebrities. Like, how does this break societal norms or whatever woke excuse they've been trying to use to explain these stunts? It's just straight men promoting themselves and looking messy while doing it (except Cudi who can get this D anytime he wants).
  7. I'm sorry to ask, but is this real? Supposedly the car rolled over like 3 times yet no scratches or bruises can be seen on him in that photo. Given Jeffree's infamy and that photo that looks questionable, I sort of have doubts about the severity of the accident, although I do hope he's alright.
  8. Why are they acting as if they'll be forced to watch the film? Like, spare me that "we don't want to relive hell" excuse. Just don't buy a ******* movie ticket then.
  9. You're complaining about Britney fans talking about Britney... on a Britney forum?
  10. Yes, all of her recent albums sound the same and her singing itself has gotten really stale. She rarely serves power vocals and instead murmurs to an R&B beat with "yuhs" and Ebonics mixed in. Also her fashion sense really annoys me now; how much longer is she going to keep up these beta *** kitten looks?
  11. I'm sorry but her tour DVDs suck. I remember watching the Confessions Tour DVD and getting annoyed within just the first 10 minutes by the constant point-of-view changes and special effects that distracted from Madonna's performances. I'd rather watch amateur fan videos of her tours now than watch that "official" crap.
  12. Most loyal, good-looking, and kindest stanbase definitely. Although I'd say that the Hive is more powerful, but only because they like to use intimidation.
  13. I can't imagine a finer man than A-Rod, though. It's finally my chance to become the new Mrs. Rodriguez.
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