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  1. I think whoever said that just got confused; iirc someone on Popjustice said that they talked to Gaga in 2008 before she got really famous and they claimed that Gaga praised Blackout and said she was inspired by it. But that's the only time Gaga has spoken about Blackout from what I know. She had no involvement in writing for that album; she only wrote for Circus. Also if Gaga was mentioned in the writing credits section for Gimme More on its wiki page, then it was clearly a mistake/troll edit.
  2. This is like celebrity pregnancy announcement #1629485 this month alone. Everyone's getting knocked up except me.
  3. Was going to post a very shady gif, but I'll keep it cute because it's Mother's Day. I still can't get over Katy being pregnant last year; it still feels surreal to me that she's a mom now. Can't wait for Rih, Gaga, Ariana, and Kesha to become moms someday.
  4. I mean if I were in Italy with some quarantine measures still in place while loud gays surrounded my hotel room, I'd be crying too. But seriously she obviously wasn't in the best of moods for whatever reason. The fact that she couldn't sign autographs like she usually would sucks, but the flowers were clearly meant to be a gesture of appreciation.
  5. He's such a sketchy person; it's cool how he acknowledges Brit a lot, but he also comes across as a major kiss-*** who does it mostly for the publicity imo. I almost expected him to say that Brit offered him the cure for cancer as well.
  6. I love Mariah but damn, is she still pressed over the sample thing? Loverboy sounded so much better with the Candy sample than with the Firecracker one and iirc even Mariah acknowledged that the final version was superior, so why's she still throwing shade at JLo and Sony, especially the former who probably had nothing to do with the usage of the Firecracker sample on I'm Real anyway given that she doesn't produce her own songs in the first place?
  7. It's a losing battle, but I went with Ariana given that she's vocally talented. I'm shocked that so many of y'all are voting for Rihanna despite her being handed her career on a silver platter while doing the bare minimum. Are y'all really that thankful for her gifting Brit her fifth #1?
  8. It's cute that Queen is getting some recognition again, but topping iTunes in this day and age isn't really a big achievement. I mean for instance Mood Ring topped iTunes for like 2 or 3 days last year and still didn't chart on the BB Hot 100.
  9. Why's he getting backlash for cultural appropriation now when he's been doing it for a decade? He was basically mini-Usher during his first era; where were the SJWs then?
  10. BTW is your least favorite era? Are you not considering the ARTPOP era and all the drama involved in that such as Applause underperforming, Gaga's Twitter meltdowns, G.U.Y. straight out flopping, Gaga's awful fashion choices that went to new attention-seeking extremes, or the vomit artist performance? Granted the BTW era isn't my favorite either, but in terms of promotion, performances, and videos it was a really fun time to be a stan. I still remember the chills that I got from the various Marry the Night performances and the Judas video. God I wish that the original TEOG video concept had been used though.
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