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Jamie Watson (Jamie Lynn's husband): "If [Britney] didn't have her dad she would be broke and dead"

Message added by Jordan Miller,

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2 hours ago, Alexanda said:

I'm not scared at all 


Like what can they do? Come to Europe and meet me outside. 


Diese Familie hat einen ganz großen Dachschaden, die gehören alle in die Klapse, alle außer Britney. 

Das sehe ich auch so! Wollen sie jetzt,am besten noch mit Britney´s Flugzeug,um die ganze Welt reisen und vor unserer Tür stehen und uns bedrohen?Brit hat viel zu viele Fans.Auf allen Kontineten.Sie haben keine Chance mehr.Die müssen jetzt wirklich verzweifelt sein.

That's how I see it! Do they want to travel around the world now, preferably by Britney's plane, and stand at our door and threaten us? Brit has far too many fans.On all the contintents.They don't stand a chance anymore.They must be desperate now.

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I’ve tried not to say anything mean about Jamie Lynn but if they want to be mean I can be mean too and I’m just gonna say it…..


I NEVER LIKED ZOEY 101! It was so unbelievably boring compared to other Nick shows! The only interesting characters were Victoria Justice’s character and the bad guy. And even he got boring once he started dating the nerd character! I firmly believe if JL wasn’t connected to Britney that **** would have never made it past the pilot episode. And let’s be honest, the only reason people still talk about it is because of the controversy of JL getting pregnant and the rumours of Dan Schneider being the father. And also isn’t it sad that almost 20 years later that’s all this girl is known for? What a legacy 😂

And let’s not even get started on how she is writing a book and using her daughters accident for publicity. That’s something she should be trying to forget, not rehashing for money & sales. How embarrassing. Get your own life JL and stop profiting through others. 

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This family is something else. idk why he would think this is ok to even say in a public chat or wherever he said it...it really shows how JL thinks of Britney. I hope Britney sees and doesn't let JL along w her disgusting husband weasel their way back into her life. 

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5 hours ago, LLuvia said:

Who is this man and what right does he have to talk about her like that in that way? It is her job, it is her money, it is her freedom, it is her life ... she must do whatever she wants.This family hates facts.

It disgusts me that they always speak of death so frivolously.

She means more to us fans, than to her family. 

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1 hour ago, chizwhiz said:

Jl has been with him since 2009 on/off 

The internet says 2010 so both slightly off but either way it’s still not since 2008 when the conservatorship was put in place. He’s basically making statements on information he was told without knowing first hand if it’s true. Just because Jamie Lynn and the rest of team con fed him some story during a prayer circle doesn’t mean it’s true.

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33 minutes ago, Tingle2mingle86 said:

I want to see then all suffer.  I truly truly do.

And then I remember JL has kids and hate myself for thinking that but I honestly can't stand anyone in Britney's family.  NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

They are all trash and I will get so much joy watching them all tumble.

I hope cps investigate them. If she can treat her own sister like this, I don't want to think how she'll treat her kids. Remember lou taylor wanted to send jamie away to some place to have her baby ( as if it was some big sin that JL did by getting pregnant at 16). That's honestly disgusting to treat a scared 16 year old like that. I can't believe JL is still friends with lou after she tried to have her committed to some place like that. Shows how brainwashed JL is.

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Yes. It is a fact.  Garbage itself gets treated with more dignity and respect than her family has given her. But I can’t bring myself to understand how people on the internet can be so nasty and vicious. Not only the extent to which it goes, but also the sheer number of people who seem to be this way. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten in petty arguments with people, but I’m never violent or disrespecting people like they aren’t even human. Y’all are so vile. And how disappointing. 

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5 hours ago, MonaLisa613 said:

It truly boggles my mind that these people think that an almost 40 year old woman having to ask her “daddy” to go, do or buy anything and use the money SHE busted her *** for since she was a teen is “Britney doing what Britney wants”.

These people are truly delusional and despicable!!!

she was working for this family before she was even a teen the low lives.. UNREAL. It's TOXIC as the judge stated.. :kyliecry_crying_tears_jenner_wipe_sad:

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