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  1. Oh look! Another scooter braun act who uses social media controversy when personal scandal can't sell an album.
  2. I understand but I do think we need to have a serious look at who is getting the most backlash. The majority of people who come out in support of Britney get more flack than those who are fighting against her. Billy might have insecurities, as we all do, but he's also a long time insider of the industry who knows exactly how daunting it would and could be. He very well could be talking to Britney, for all we know, and the fact that Team Con spend more time trying to shut him says it all tbh, but ultimately, he's fighting for Britney to have freedoms and is passionate about it. He knows how this industry works and he's seen its affects on other celebrities. why does everyone who comes out in support of britney have their ability to work, alongside traumas we do not know exist, questioned? If its not Billy, its Sam Asghari, if its not Sam, its Britney's Mother. or son. or felicia or cousin. People chose to target Britney's Gram or Lisa McCarley, and question their motives, rather than standing in solidarity with people who want the same thing. I apologise if my comment seemed sharp, but its a common theme i've noticed here in the past while. I hope I've explained why enough!
  3. Billy B has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry for years. As much as people have their doubts over whether or not he's talking to Britney, let's not make it out that he's insane. Ultimately, he isn't saying he wants Britney free to work with her. He's saying she deserves her own freedom.
  4. No, because all we want is for Britney to speak of her own choice. Ultimately, the reason people are cynical is because of her teams attempt to make similar statements via socials that were proven false, and court documents say her father owns the accounts.
  5. Once again, the facts are that instagram account is owned by the Estate, overseen by her Father, who is monitoring the accounts since the rise of the Free Britney Movement. Jamie spears has literally used the social media accounts as a reason as to why Britney "needs" a conservatorship. If Britney can film videos about her favourite sandwiches and movies, and her boyfriend, mother, son and family friends knows she's comfortable with them making very public statements, then she can film a video where she even mentions the word 'documentary'.
  6. You say that like Britney, herself, has addressed the situation. She hasn't. If Britney filmed a video and spoke about the stuff we all know about on a hiatus due to a court battle over her conservstorship, fans would respond to it. She hasn't. The people didn't decide that, the courts did, and that's backed up by numerous accounts of people stating that Britney literally couldn't own a phone.
  7. If you want an argument, here you go: All of Britney Spears Social Media Accounts are recognised as part of the Britney Brand, ran by the Estate that is controlled by her Father, whose own legal team as of last month stated that he is monitoring due to the rise of the Free Britney Movement. The same legal team that has sent cease and desists to fans reposting information while also going on media damage control press circuit, after featuring in documentaries themselves. The media has treated Britney disgustingly throughout her career, but why would Britney, who is taking a career break until her father who she has no relationship with and is scared off, call out respected institutions for putting her in a positive light while calling out the same media that treated her disgustingly, as well as the father she is fighting against in court? Why would she specifically target Billy B for saying she deserves humans rights, but not Perez Hilton for calling her a drug addicted alcoholic who is a terrible mother and deserved to die? Why would Britney, the same woman who has a history of effortless honest shady remarks against people trying to put her in a bad light, post a hap hazardly editted video of her dancing to the same song she danced to last week and then spend 5 to 10 minutes typing out an entire paragraph, even remembering all the handles required to tag people. And even from a logical point of view, she literally has a social media manager and team. Why would someone approve of this content that clearly does put her in the best light? You seriously want users to believe that her father telling her social media manager to go into damage control mode over the documentary that painted them in a terrible light is less realistic option?
  8. Because we know for a fact that the social media accounts are run by team conservatorship, being overseen by Jamie in the wake of Free Britney and do not address the issues raised by the documentaries, only attempt to shut down supporters. Yes, Britney is a private person, but she's also a smart one who knows how to be to the point. Why wouldn't she film herself speaking, rather than post two completely random dance clips.
  9. This is without a doubt damage control, as yet another major established platform shares a well researched and delivered documentary based on a situation that removed her rights and puts team con in a negative media light. Why now? Because they've learned their lesson from last time. We know Britney welcomed the response, but Team Con didn't. Of course they'd wanna beat others to the finish line and diffuse situations before they started. Why are we focusing on the past? Because its relevant to the present. Why would Britney call out Billy for saying she deserves freedom, but not Perez for saying she's a drug addict and alcohol terrible mother who deserved to die? Why specifically focus on those who want to see Britney happy? Until these words leave Britney's mouth, we need to remember that all social media are ran by the conservatorship. Let's see what June 23rd has in stock.
  10. Oh completely. I mean, we know both FF and BJ were intended to be r'n'b influenced albums before being scrapped for trendier sounds, and Britney definitely clocked out of the album BJ became. It's interesting that PG and Tom's Dinner were released at a similar time too; part of me always believed that they were testing the waters based on what Britney was proposing.
  11. That's false. Myah sang the higher harmony on this part, while Britney sang the lower melody. They're an octave apart.
  12. Perez can rot. The only reason Britney would have died in 2007 was due to scum like him setting the world on a witch-hunt.
  13. I feel like the shift in Britney's voice has been gradual but it was due to trends. Blackout was clearly Britney having fun with the album and what she wanted to do, and experiment with sounds, textures and vibes. I don't understand why people claim that this album was vocally flawed; songs like Break The Ice and Heaven On Earth are some of her most vocally diverse songs but Circus was a clean attempt at a rebrand, and a return to bubblegum pop sounds. Circus was less about vocals and more about over all sound and appeal. Singles with simpler, clean melodies with no real room to vocally show off we're chosen so they stick in your ear more, and are easier for listeners to sing. I'd argue that this was also due to the fact that Britney wasn't exactly thrilled with the situation either, but there are moments where Britney, vocally, sounds incredible, even if the songs aren't standouts; My Baby, Quicksand, Unusual You. Femme Fatale, and BJ were vocal messes for me. It was clear that Britney didn't like this album and didn't wanna engage and the vocals prove that; overly simple and processed. The highlights are songs that were recorded before the concept was ever conceived. Glory was a huge step in the right direction but its clear its because her team weren't trying to interfer or else Britney wouldn't work.
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