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  1. Honestly, he will and it will be the last card he plays. Expect the September hearing to be full of it if we have any inkling the removal petition goes through.
  2. On the ethics side of things, I still don't her professional career being sustainable. I mean, yes, all lawyers are paid to defend their clients, but they're also there to advise their client on the best options... ....and they chose to do a media tour to combat any scrutiny Jamie was getting, and to fight against his daughters choices and best interest tooth and nail, with no let up or even leeway. For the scale this has reached, there's no going back; you didn't just defend your client, you encouraged him.
  3. I'm going to be very particular with what i say here because I don't want to give Team Con Ammo, but what are supposed to do with this information I I is true? In my opinion, its hard to feel no pity for him. He can't sleep and feels isolated? Isn't that the same issue your daughter has after you removed her autonomy in every sense of the word, isolated her from friends and family, forced medical treatments on her, gaslight her, signed deals without asking her, forced her to work and then told the world they were all wrong? What happened to "Let The Courts decide whats best for your daughter"? What's caused this for you? You had no issue doing it when she was taking in millions for shows, but now that the world knows, you can't cope? I mean, the fans knew, as in the ones who gave you the fortune, and you were fine fighting against her in court to her expense and your benefit. Or is it that the world knows AND she has a competent lawyer that isn't on your payroll and isn't there to benefit you? That's the only variable that really changed the situation to be fair. Britney testified in 2019, and you fought harder to control her estate. It's hard to feel any sympathy for a man who put his daughter, a global icon, through so much, and then passed off the fans who gave them estate he has unjustly controlled and profited from, but ultimately, he'd only deserve it if Britney made it clear he did, and she has made it clear she doesn't. Even after her testimony, you didn't step down or make changes, you let your lawyer continue her scripted empty soundbites, tried to scapegoat someone else and put Britney on trial to save your *** and 'reputation'. Even if you choose to step down now, people might show you a hint of sympathy but you would rather your lawyer infantilise your daughter, who has been through more than you will ever understand and you benefitted from it. If this post is true, maybe Jamie's family need to act in his "best interest", and put him in a "temporary" and "voluntary" Conservatorship, because if postnatal depression, a haircut and being a mid 20 year old woman is enough to grant one, surely a destructive combination of alcohol, medication and withdrawal is. This is not meant as an attack but you don't get to decieve the world and then act surprised when the world responds.
  4. It's been said but it's due to the fact that it isn't a trial. Right now, they're building arguments for potential directions to go; Rosengart on behalf of Britney wants Jamie to leave by choice, or be removed on the grounds that he isn't capable or fit to handle this, and Britney's testimony is proof enough. Viv wants a trial to blame Jodi but disprove Britney. If Jamie refuses to leave or chooses to challenge, then that's when it gets messy and trialing begins but Jamie knows that that's where he goes down I mean KFed's lawyer threatened an investigation and they approved his request. Expect Jamie to step down on health grounds v soon, but they're cornering him from all angles.
  5. I think Circus started the conservatorship backed trend of albums that were practically made before she even stepped into a booth. It's clear they didn't wanna push any envelopes and wanted an album that was safe, bubblegum pop. I think it is a solid album of bubblegum pop, and some of the ballads and midtempos are very good, but it lacks a consistency all of her other albums had, almost like it is a solid bunch of songs but not necessarily an album she worked on, and given the fact that it was probably recorded in like 6 months, that's not surprising. I do think it set a really bad professional precedent for Team Con, due to its success, as it gave them a greenlight to rush production on albums in a 6 months max window, while promising Britney that it would be her project only to scrap it. Femme Fatale is a more consistent album, but you can tell she wasn't engaged it in anyway from melodies to vocal takes, and i don't blame her. BJ....happened.....and thats completely her management's fault.
  6. Oh look, targeting two gay artists who displayed their ***uality in their performances. I wonder what the homophobic coincidence is....
  7. ugh its this troll account again. Can someone remove them?
  8. I feel like, as a fanbase and a movement set on freeing and supporting Britney, we need to get over the 'Jamie V Lutfi' framing of this conversation and situation, and finally move past the narrative that there was only ever one villian and it was either Jamie OR Sam Lutfi. Both can be villians! Frankly, The more we examine this situation, the more we know that we find out that they were all villians or choosing the side with villians in this situation; Jamie and Lou, Lynne releasing a book with inaccurate representations of what happened (and according to the Britney's Gram Girls New Podcast, Lou told the woman who helped Lynn write the book to use the term temporary conservatorship anytime it was mentioned!) and Lutfi has a history restraining orders and abuse. Take these voicemails at face value for what they are; Britney trying to plead her case discreetly at a time when no one was supporting her. Don't ignore them just because of Sam, just don't support Sam for sharing them, doing the occassional right thing doesn't excuse him from anything.
  9. Oh look, a post of Britney with her ***** out that has been reposted three times on day her lawyer is in court finally filing the petition to remove her father, supported by all other parties. It's interesting that this happened alongside the court session, almost like it was intended on being a distraction away from the huge development that fans have called for for two years. I know there's new rules, but I honestly do not feel comfortable seeing this post because there is so much doubt about the account, and the timing is so weird.
  10. Not to humanise Vivian, because frankly given every single statement she has made about Britney she doesn't deserve it, but I think she's in too deep right now to walk away at this time. Let's be real, until Jamie is completely out of the picture, he's still gonna use Britney's assets for his own gain. I genuinely would be surprised if he starts selling props and costumes, but he is on 16k and is living in a trailer; even if Viv does 7 hours work, he still has 9k. I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if this is why he's living in a trailer....that and liquidating assets like their family home. If Vivian had any sense, she'd jump ship now. If she had any decency, she wouldn't have got involved but a case like this is career destroying, say goodbye to your 1k per hour rate and say hello to minimum wage because if being seen as the lawyer who fought against a global icon, a top rate lawyer etc. to keep her alcoholic father in control of a framework that saw him drug and abuse his daughter...that's not the look you want. This is all my opinion, but what does she, and the rest of Jamie's legal team expect? That this is going to disappear? Jamie paying for his own fees is now on paper, anything that leads to an investigation will involve all of them.
  11. As much as they advertised the album as a Britney album, and it's 70% Myah, they technically covered their assess in the booklet credits. Compare it to Circus or FF, when it comes to vocal credits on those, Britney is listed as lead vocals or simply vocals, while backing singers are listed as background vocals. On Britney Jean, they're a lot more vague, they use the words additional vocals in place of background, meaning technically, it never said Britney sang all of the leads, or was the sole vocalist on each track nor does it say that other vocalists aren't on lead or simply in the background. This would have to be an argument that would focus around how terrible her management and father have always been, because we know there was am entire album produced that they scrapped in favour of what we got.
  12. "My family did nothing" "I should be able to sue my family" "My family should be in jail" Nope, she deserves it. @Slayer please lock the thread.
  13. Even better, Rosengart would want to compile a list of collaborators on projects, from other musicians to producers to hosts and interviewers etc to testify about their experiences with Jamie and how abusive he is I'm court, and any mishandling. Imagine the power in David LaChapelle or Iggy Azelea, Cher etc. Coming forward and saying "we all knew this and could never speak!".
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