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  1. I'm sorry but I thought "Easy on Me" said "Eat Me Out"
  2. The only reason I thought she might have at least a tenuous relationship w Bryan (and Lynne) is because they were seen at LAX on their way to visit her like a month or two ago. Also Bryan's girlfriend said that they would visit her
  3. Also, JL's husband may think he knows Britney's mental condition, but he only knows how Britney has responded to being treated like a prisoner for over a decade. He has no clue how she could potentially function without lifetime imprisonment hanging over her head. Any person surviving such a horrifying situation would develop coping mechanisms and probably seem a little "off" to other people.
  4. This is why conservatorships are so dangerous... once you assert this much control over someone, you end up dehumanizing them. JL's husband clearly sees Britney as a mentally disabled cash cow, not a real person with thoughts, feelings, hopes and desires like anyone else. It's disturbing and it needs to end.
  5. I think Britney should call her next book "A Girl Named Britney." Obviously it's influenced by the "Lucky" lyrics but also just highlights the sweet, vulnerable and genuine spirit of Britney & the fact that this is about BRITNEY and not some media persona that she was forced to be.
  6. I think Britney is actually a lot closer to Bryan and even though he has some gross views, I think he’s a lot more laidback than JL who’s a bossy control freak
  7. The crux of the issue is that Britney’s family views Britney’s money as “family money” and therefore, if she is prone to “act out” then she needs to be kept in line to preserve the cash flow. They need a hard reminder that BRITNEY earned this money HERSELF and NO ONE else has any right to it!!’ The fact that JL’s husband would defend a man who abused Britney in her childhood and literally put a listening device under Britney’s bed illustrates how truly demented and sick this cesspool of a family really is I hope Britney becomes estranged from all of them and starts over
  8. Did anyone pick up on the fact that she mentions dressing herself and feeding herself? It seems like she's responding to an article that came out questioning whether she can prove that she can clothe, feed, house herself etc to forego the evaluation to end the conservatorship
  9. Britney didn’t look anything like him when she was a child. What’s odd is that her latest nose job has made her nose look way more like his Lots to unpack psychologically
  10. They’re scared of all the power players involved and don’t want to put targets on their back. They probably feel like they don’t know the whole story so it’s too risky from a PR perspective. Let’s face it, them speaking out won’t really help at this point and can only hurt them
  11. Is this doc expected to be high quality or a basic rehash of footage like Framing was?
  12. I’m frustrated that few people saw the Controlling Britney doc versus those who will see Britney vs Spears on Netflix. Frankly the Netflix one seems pretty superficial with no bombshells that will really help the public understand how much Brit has suffered
  13. It seems that Britney is much closer to Bryan than to Jamie Lynn. Is that correct? Also, I remember Bryan saying in that interview that he has a favorite sister, but wouldn't say which one. I'm guessing Britney?
  14. Sam Asghari acts more like a PR firm than a boyfriend
  15. I think Madonna is lying and I feel like Madonna has never tried to get in touch w Britney. I think Madonna is a narcissist and only cares about herself
  16. Maybe only people (celebrities) that can benefit Britney brand/career aka help Britney make money, are allowed to speak with her. Also, Paris is connected to Britney through Cade
  17. LOL I’m sorry but are you guys freaking KIDDING me right now?? Vlasov is a high level security person, do you really think he would use his own voice to call in to a podcast? It’s very possibly him and if so, he probably got an anonymous friend to make the call using his words
  18. You guys gotta watch this old 2013 interview with Amanda's former co-star Simon Rex if you haven't! He seems to imply that Amanda's parents (even says "parents" in air quotes) are sketchy and possibly have been after her money for a long time. Says she's had legal issues with them since she was 15 or 16.
  19. "Hey, nobody's allowed to use my sister for her money except me!... and our brother, and our mom and our dad."
  20. It doesn't debunk it. I think Cade was the one who threatened the Britney's Gram Girls at the beginning of the movement and I think Cade was the one who hooked Britney up with Rosengart because the writing was on the wall at that point. The tide had turned and he could either be publicly known as a traitor to Britney or "be on the right side of history" so to speak. I actually think it's possible Cade may have lashed out initially because Team Con thought he may have been behind the voicemail and so he was threatened by Jamie over it & then Cade threatened the Gram Girls because he was scared. He probably felt that all the movement would do that this point was leave him vulnerable to threats from Britney's team.
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