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  1. You guys gotta watch this old 2013 interview with Amanda's former co-star Simon Rex if you haven't! He seems to imply that Amanda's parents (even says "parents" in air quotes) are sketchy and possibly have been after her money for a long time. Says she's had legal issues with them since she was 15 or 16.
  2. "Hey, nobody's allowed to use my sister for her money except me!... and our brother, and our mom and our dad."
  3. It doesn't debunk it. I think Cade was the one who threatened the Britney's Gram Girls at the beginning of the movement and I think Cade was the one who hooked Britney up with Rosengart because the writing was on the wall at that point. The tide had turned and he could either be publicly known as a traitor to Britney or "be on the right side of history" so to speak. I actually think it's possible Cade may have lashed out initially because Team Con thought he may have been behind the voicemail and so he was threatened by Jamie over it & then Cade threatened the Gram Girls because he was scared. He probably felt that all the movement would do that this point was leave him vulnerable to threats from Britney's team.
  4. Not only does Cade depend on Britney as a client, she is his STAR client. He’s the only one who fits here and I don’t trust him at all. Britney needs to let go of her “friends” that work for her and see who her true friends are once she’s out
  5. Yea, I think it was Cade. I think Cade was always pro-conservatorship because a controlled Britney, in his mind, was a Britney that could make him more money since he’s her agent. Maybe he doesn’t have faith that Britney could make it through a tour without pressure and coercion. Notice how he mentions wanting Britney to hit the stage again after the conservatorship in that Instagram post? I think he’s gross and a total phony. I think his focus has and always will be making money off of Britney And the language in that Instagram post of saying that he was afraid Jamie could end his career is similar to the “ill end your career” threat that Babs and Tess mentioned Also, I really don’t think he was behind the voicemail. Firstly, it obviously wasn’t his voice because Jamie and Team Con would have recognized it??? And I think he prefers a controlled Britney. Because Cade was her agent, he had personal access to her that almost no one else had. And if Britney is free, their “friendship” suddenly isn’t so exclusive
  6. Interesting, so most people think Cade Hudson had a friend leave the voicemail? Good on Cade, if true. Love how Britney gives us strength and in turn, we give Britney strength! <3
  7. Has anyone theorized that Wallet himself set up the whole "paralegal" voicemail? It has always baffled me that Team Con didn't track that supposed paralegal down and sue him/make his life hell. What if Wallet realized things went too far and had someone pretend to be a paralegal working for him, to ease his conscience? Just speculation on my part!
  8. In Jamie’s statement, Jamie was trying to hint that he wanted to negotiate. In Rosengarts statement, Rosengart was all “bye nasty enjoy prison”
  9. Arguing with the fans of someone whose case your judge mother is presiding over? Not a good look, Prentice
  10. It's very common for child victims of CSA to not realize the truth until they're much older. Please stop and educate yourself.
  11. Yes, probably. However, Britney might decide not to go that route for public image reasons. She completely would be in the right though.
  12. I think these photos are photoshopped to get more clicks.
  13. Who knows how close Cade is to Brit currently but I definitely do believe he hooked her up with Rosengart; it’s the most rational explanation. Cade is one of very few people who have Britney’s phone number. He’s close friends with Dylan Penn and one of his top clients is Sean Penn. Rosengart is the lawyer for Sean Penn’s non profit and overall his representation. Sean even gave a quote about Rosengart for the NYT article about him representing Britney — that’s how close they are. So I definitely believe Cade in this aspect at least
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