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  1. Woa on company dime lurking here, fun. What has been illustrated in those videos does not contain any breakdown of what the assets stored were. Jordan posted the first set of conservatorship expenses himself and so did enews. They list in detail that properties were mortgaged and cars were leased. Also... guess what, news articles from 2007 *before the conservatorship even began* list brits spending as reckless because she was not saving anything. From 2010 https://www.eonline.com/news/353440/inside-britney-spears-fortune-see-where-the-money-goes Britney has to shell out to DirecTV and pay her mortgages and electric bills, just like a regular person. But, by far, her biggest checks go to her lawyers. No one bought a car, but automobile expenses amounted to $59,351.92 ($10,206.93 for lease payments; $27,422.80 for insurance; "only" $570.25 for fuel; etc.). Overall living expenses (dry cleaning, pet care, postage, et al.) totaled $179,661.06, with the heftiest amount—$58,029.50—going to household supplies. Of course, you can't be in the public eye as much as Britney is without spending at least some of your hard-earned cash on your looks. Britney's personal grooming and wardrobe expenses totaled $61,295.12: That's $2,595.80 on makeup and hairdressing; $4,648 on massages, grooming and nails; and $54,051.32 on clothes. ^ The documents have since been removed. But Jordan did post them and it was discussed here. Exhale archive only goes back to 2016 though. This was before Jamie Snr told Jordan to shutdown breatheheavy. Further detail here from 2010: https://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2009/05/just-how-much-does-it-cost-to-be-britney-spears-a-little-less-than-a-million-dollars-a-month-according-to-an-accounting-fil.html Another reference to a news article from 2007/8, the source is AP (News byline - britney doesn't save any income in 2007): Spears does spend about $75,000 a month on mortgages for her two homes and on child and spousal support. But what does she do with the rest of the money? She spends a whopping $102,000 on "enterainment, gifts and vacations" a month. She also spends $16,000 a month in clothes and $4,758 on eating out. Among the things she doesn't spend money on: education, savings and investments. Continue reading to find out more about how the pop princess spends her money. Papers in Britney Spears' custody dispute reveal lavish spending, no investments The pop princess is a big spender. Court papers released Thursday in Britney Spears' custody dispute with Kevin Federline show she spends lavishly on clothes and entertainment, and doesn't save or invest any of her roughly $737,000 monthly income. Spears' monthly expenses include $49,267 in mortgage for two houses, $16,000 for clothes and $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation, according to her financial declaration. Although she's often photographed eating fast food, Spears declares she spends about $4,758 per month dining out. Meanwhile, she spends zero on education, savings and investments and gives $500 a month in charitable contributions, the documents said.
  2. These videos are really fancy and stuff, and I see some figures vaguely mentioned but there's no cash breakdown itemisation of what the assets in the trust actually were. We know some of them were property, with her mothers $2 million dollar house being one of them. I imagine the rest of the SJB trust was wrapped up in various properties and investments regarding her business ventures. She had low liquid cash assets - I think this is the narrative that the court have accepted and what rings true. To say she had hundreds of millions secretly stored away when even her main residence(at that time), the summit, was mortgaged in 2008 shows she did not have cash readily available.
  3. How do we know if those trusts havent been used between 2004-2008? Have we seen proof that the money stayed in those?
  4. According to the cship she only had 2 million in cash at the time of the start. Make what you want, but the finances at the time (which have been published) showed all of her homes were remortgaged and her cars were on lease - so she hadn't paid anything off in full. That isn't to say there wasnt money locked up elsewhere, but I am not certain there's been proof of it yet
  5. Btw I'm going to go against the grain here but it really wasn't acceptable to message him and be aggressive like that. Just giving team con, the courts more ammo that the movement is being stalkerish. I don't think he's lying when they say they haven't received money (other than gifted flights, vacations) he does have multiple companies under his name and their IG lives always used to show him at work. I don't think he's a bad guy, just someone trying to support 2 kids and a wife. Leave him alone.
  6. Lynne released a book during the height of Britney's tabloid sensationalism and it STILL flopped hard. During her defamation case with lufti, she said it massively undersold. This person has not been in the public eye for 14 years near enough, nobody is going to buy this. That business management team will spin that bomb it and say it tops the Christian book charts to further massage her ego By the way it isn't hard to get on the Amazon or NYT top sellers list either if you bulk buy a lot of your own book yourself 😊 Delusions of grandeur
  7. Not to mention her costar that accused her of bullying, has in the last few months I unfollowed her again after she saw through their reconciliation as a shallow attempt to get Zoey 101 recommissioned. Not a good look
  8. This book is honestly about ten years too late. Who is going to buy it? She isn't even really known anymore. And what a suprise, its gone down the mental health route so that it's basically uncriticizable. This has obviously not got anything to do with the land she's wanting to build a house on and the fact she has no other work right now. $$$$$$
  9. Mnek / Leigh have basically said Jesy blocked them all... They didn't all unfollow her at once.
  10. I don't believe half the s! In deuxmoi anymore, it's all publicist paid. Don't be surprised team con put this one there
  11. Cuz she loves these photos taken for her hotly anticipated biography 'how I got work because of my last name', even though she looks miserable in all the photos.
  12. She also began following @thisismybrave at the same time. Imagine a paid partnership selling licenced candy is around the corner.
  13. JL husband comes from money, she was matchmade with him by friends of Lynne who are connected to the governor of Louisiana. He has multiple businesses in the six figures, his parents live on a million dollar estate themselves. Her children have always gone to private schools. She is not broke.
  14. Is he in the closet and secretly has a thing for ole Jordy? What is this obsession about.
  15. The home was redecorated in 2018 or 19 and it was billed to the estate as maintenance of 90k. You can see in the stories from last year when Brit was with JL, there was a brand new kitchen with aa wine fridge the kids were putting their crocs in.
  16. Lynne did have to support herself between 2006-2008 when Britney had served her before. That's when she released that book etc, began selling skincare. Thing is, she was a teacher so shouldn't she have a decent 401k? The entire serenity home was redecorated in 2018 or 19, there were fees online for that a while ago but they've disappeared.
  17. Lynne apparently makes all her money through a pyramid scheme... Altho obviously not. JL hasnt got a job apart from that netflix series. Bryan is working for some ********* company and maybe even managing his gf in whatever shady business she does.
  18. If this is true and the family knew, they should be ashamed. I assume they are talking about Jamie's father, June. He died a while ago now, but he was close to the family, there's a pic of him holding JL's first child as a baby. Abuse like this is inexcusable, and if Jamie was aware he should never have let his children be around his father. Unfortunately abuse like this can run in generations.
  19. Did you notice in the background of that story (which is still up) she has a framed copy of people magazine. I think it's from when her last child was born and she is only in the corner!!! The main photo is nick Jonas or someone Such a narcissistic behaviour. They aren't even the main feature and she framed some strangers on her wall
  20. proof of the assets you mentioned being 600m? I have not seen that mentioned anywhere.
  21. What's the chances her name wasn't really Brett?
  22. Object because of the sealed medical history (that nobody knows about) grounds partnered with this exhibitionist behaviour. Britneys free to do what she wants, like anyone else. But is it wise to act like this publicly before a team of legal experts are still yet discuss in court her suitability for not being subject to undue influences? Because that's the million dollar question. That's what it all boils down to. Sure lots of other people post nude pics everyday, but if they were under the microscope for proving they had changed from prior publicised behaviour, do you think it works in their favour?
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