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Jamie Watson (Jamie Lynn's husband): "If [Britney] didn't have her dad she would be broke and dead"

Message added by Jordan Miller,

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21 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

This appears to be real. The people in this chat messaged me a screen recording of this conversation last night. In it, they click on his profile and it went to Jamie Watson's IG page. I wanted to vet that it was real before writing a story about it, but it appears they didn't want to wait for me :dead_falling_wig_dying:. Nonetheless it's sad. The worst part to me is that it appears the Spears family agree Britney would be dead if it weren't for Jamie Spears. 

Ugh.. Jordan thank you. For people who think this is fake? Are they really that naive? That person who told them to “give jameh laynn her phone back” I’m cackling.. it def sounds like her. Britney is fine and better off than them. Here’s my question; can any of Britney’s handlers or team perform her Vegas show? Perform her BBMA performance? The vma 2016 ? Could they record glory type vocals? Could they handle this pressure closing in on them and engulfing them with a conservatorship? Her family speaks and thinks out of their butts allegedly.. it’s sad. Britney deserves SO MUCH better! 

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3 minutes ago, Giancarlo Cimato said:

What can I do to prove it aint?? Im the OG source and I almost **** my pants when he replied to my friend and I saying this! I swear to you guys this is not fake

I believe you because I realize what these people are capable of, but it would be a good idea for you to share the same video you sent to Jordan.

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3 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

It's sad if they truly believe it. I think that's just the narrative they've always pushed. I mean, did he even know JL when Britney was put under the conservatorship? 


Again, to this day, no one from team con, or TMZ, or anyone else that has claimed she'd be dead without the conservatorship has explained the reasoning behind that. 

I think because she got a bad haircut and the media wouldn’t leave her in peace, somehow it’s all Britney’s fault :slayde_meme_red_glam_neyde_neydeney_britney:

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9 minutes ago, Giancarlo Cimato said:

My friend and I made a group chat just for **** to voice our opinions to him about his wife and family, AND HE ACTUALLY REPLIED! thought I should spread it around

HOLY ****. Well, I’m glad you did it - now we know why Britney said her WHOLE FAMILY DIDN’T DO A GOD DAMNED THING to help her.


Angry Will Ferrell GIF

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  • Exhale+

Now that we have confirmed it's real...I just :tina_judging_side_eye_glance_staring_looking_red:

I want this to go viral because if he feels this way it confirms how Jamie Lynn feels not that we ever needed to question it. Ugh I can't wait for her to go after all of these people.

Part of me thinks this is a publicity stunt so more people will buy her book

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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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