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Jamie Watson (Jamie Lynn's husband): "If [Britney] didn't have her dad she would be broke and dead"

Message added by Jordan Miller,

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22 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

It's sad if they truly believe it. I think that's just the narrative they've always pushed. I mean, did he even know JL when Britney was put under the conservatorship? 


Again, to this day, no one from team con, or TMZ, or anyone else that has claimed she'd be dead without the conservatorship has explained the reasoning behind that. 

What bothers me the most is, even if they truly believe she would be dead if not for daddy Jaimie taking charge in 2008, how does that make sense in 2021? 

I mean ok maybe back then they were scared that something horrible could happen to their daughter, we've all seen some hollywood tragedies, but in what world you "save" someone from a bad place only to make her life miserable blackmailing and abusing her for profit? They make me so sick

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1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

:ugh_britney_disgust_gross_ew: wait but who are the other people talking and why is he answering their questions? 


1 hour ago, rennen said:

This. I think we need more proof. 

Until then I'll refrain from messaging him on instgram with facts and court docs :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:

Check twitter girl, screen recordings posted there 💀💀

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1 hour ago, NotBuyingIt said:

EDIT: On Page 3, Jordan says he’s seen video proof it’s real - the profile was linked to Jamie Watson. WHAT THE ACTUAL ****. **** THIS TRASH FAMILY!

Old post:

I need proof that this is real. The “perfect sister” line sounds fake. BTW, I can’t stand Jamie S, Jamie Lynn, or Jamie W - so I’m not defending them.

That profile could be anybody with the name Jamie and that photo.

Girl I just posted the screen recording to twitter, go check

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41 minutes ago, Markoct said:

To even say "BROKE AND DEAD" to a random stranger in a group chat about ur inlaw which happends to be the legendary miss britney spears and u of course being the NOBODY should be more than enough for everyone with a avarage IQ to know where these people stand. In their own words, I really hope the lord is with them. He will know what to do best.

If he's saying this to random people on ig chats who they know are Britney fans, imagine what they must be saying between them...

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21 minutes ago, Watch Me Work It said:

yeah... and I wonder if, for these people, not being allowed to remove your IUD and having your phone monitored are also signs of freedom? these people are truly despicable

As long as your rich, obviously getting elective surgery and shedding any ounce of privacy is completely healthy and normal. Duh! Wealth denotes so much about a persons character and personality. No wonder the Spears family feel so elated about themselves. Bless their souls for them enlightening us that our self-worth is contingent on a fabricated source of currency. 

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Wow I actually can't believe he is being for real.

I mean.. JL clearly only uses him that's obvious and she's not even ashamed of saying it (how could I want more).  And as dumb as he is he's apparently working 2 jobs to support her lazy *** and her daughter from the drug addict. Maybe JL told him that Britney really needs a c-ship and he's dumb and just believes everything she says. He seems very hillbilly so I wouldn't put it past him. 

But them saying they didn't get a penny from Britney? Even if he's dumb and doesn't know anything... He must know he's ******* LYING.

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