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Found 24 results

  1. What's up, Exhale I hereby present the fifth delivery in The Deep Cuts Series, taking the name of the once pop-ruler: Katy Perry. In spite of how problematic and rollercoaster-like her career has been (and quite frowned-upon here on Exhale), we can't deny that she has bops on bops. As you know, I will enlist my top 10 of my favorite deep cuts in her discography; then, I will proceed with honorable mentions. You will find the first four parts of this series in the opening comment. I want to take a break from it so as not to saturate but feel free to suggest who can be next. Legendary Lovers Tucked Hummingbird Heartbeat If You Can Afford Me I'm Still Breathing Lost Ghost Act My Age Hackensack Roulette HONORABLE MENTIONS Dressin' Up Love Me Double Rainbow Cry About it Later Brick by Brick Teary Eyes By The Grace of God International Smile I also think I should mention the solo version of 'Bon Appétit'. I didn't include 'Walking on Air' because somehow I think it has had its moment, but it's a marvelous song. A big shoutout to @Ehju0901, for collecting all these deep cuts in the following playlist:
  2. What's up, Exhale! Feel welcome to the third installment of 'The Deep Cut Series'. Who's next? Rihanna. She has released 8 studio albums, all of them filled with worldwide hits. It's been 6 long years since her last record 'Anti' was put out. Nonetheless, as I write this thread, she's the 19th most streamed artist on Spotify. An icon. You might know the drill now, I will state a top 10 of my favorite deep cuts by her, as well as honorable mentions. Then, you can discuss and add more Below, in the first comment, you will find the first two parts of the series: Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson. Now to the deep cuts: Fire Bomb Cold Case Love Desperado Love Without a Tragedy / Mother Mary Question Existing Skin Breakin' Dishes Phresh Out the Runway Close to You That La, La HONORABLE MENTIONS: Higher Right Now Never Ending The Last Song Consideration (ft. SZA)
  3. I'm fed up with Pop.. I am not happy with the few gems we get like Crash by Charli XCX, or any of Kim Petras work or Avril's new album. I'm a gay man who grew up and was a teenager and young adult and even as a kid who always had so much amazing content to watch and listen to. You had Britney Spears, Madonna, Rihanna, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, Fergie, JLo, Nicki Minaj, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado. And now? Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, Billie Eilish ---- I.... Yesterday with B not showing up and the way she doesn't address fans about her career in Hollywood or doing music again? I'm def fed up not only with Britney but with Pop music. What happened to Pop music??? The one genre where we can express ourselves and be ourselves and have fun, watch actual good music videos, good love performances, truly ICONIC Pop culture moments that defined Pop. Pop can definitely make a comeback, but we need real talent and dance moves and NO MORE SATANIC MUSIC VIDEOS. WE SEE YOU WE KNOW WHAT UR TRYING TO DO. IT WONT WORK. Thoughts? Here's some unforgettable Pop moments.... This is when Pop was good.
  4. Do you think that pop star, reality star and fashion mogul, Jessica Simpson could have a successful Vegas residency? She was widely popular and successful for many years and still holds a large fanbase. She runs a fashion brand that is worth over a billion dollars and her recent memoir novel was a number 1 best seller on the New York Times Best Sellers list. She obviously has relevancy and has an incredible voice. Would you pay to see Jessica Simpson live? Some of her hits include and she has some popular deep cuts: I Wanna Love You Forever Where Are You I Think I'm In Love with You Irresistible A Little Bit Sweetest Sin With You Take My Breath Away Angels These Boots Are Made for Walkin' Public Affair You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) I Belong to Me Come On Over
  5. Most uniamously agree the top five can't be debated especially given what mojo accurately described why Madonna is the queen of pop, whitney Houston is the standard of female vocalists. Why both Michael Jackson and Prince actually broke ground for artists of color at a time when it was known for black artists to be only marketed in black Music genres which led in 1977 at the signing of Warner bros, a 19 year old Prince boldly demanding to not make him black. Which shocked everybody that he knew what they were gonna do and he wasn't having it. The top ten is #1 Michael Jackson #2 Prince #3 Sir Elton John #4 Whitney Houston #5 Madonna #6 Beyonce #7 Frank Sinatra #8 Lady gaga #9 Janet Jackson #10 Britney spears I can see the debate on Britney being below Lady gaga like watch mojo said she debuted in 2008 but helped bring electro pop and being avant garden and weird and outlandish normal. Then taking the movie world by storm.. Then Beyonce brought back cohesive albums that covered social justice issues prevalent in the black community.. Enjoy the debate. @Slayer @I Always Sing Live @Jordan Miller
  6. Looking at the RIAA database and I don't know like 95% of the artists today except Olivia Rodrigo. Looking at the bpi database and when they love something they're loyal forever Billie eilish album just went platinum in the UK, Material girl by Madonna just went gold off digital sales, Little mix went silver with Between US, Taylor swift went silver with both Fearless and Red (Taylor's version) and saw a few singles recertified as well Even Louis Tomlinson 2019 album went UK silver. That's probably loyalty right there. In the US all it does now take is one backlash or one song turn the public off forever. I've always wondered what made the UK probably the loyal of all Music stans.. It's obvious. if they like something. They like it, and won't let it go. Unlike their American counterpart . @Slayer @Jordan Miller It does also show US Music stans are harder to please as well.. P.s. UK certs are free, unlike the US. Most databases does the certs for free and don't charge anything.. @Prachi So when they say an American artist doesn't need their own country to have a career their not lying. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney and quite possibly Billie eilish will join that list as well.
  7. UPDATE 2: Demi says they would date an ET. “If there was an ET that hit every box of criteria that would be, like, the most ideal partner, would you date an ET?” Demi replied: “Yes, absolutely. I’m so tired of humans. I’m so tired of humans and their human bull****,” they said. “I’m so over it. Bring me an alien! Bring me an ET!” --- UPDATE 1: Demi says we shouldn't call them aliens as it's derogatory. “I think that if there were beings that could harm us, we would have been gone a long time ago.” “I also think that if there are civilisations that are of consciousness in other dimensions, which has given them the technology to be able to travel through space, I think that they are looking for nothing but peaceful encounters and interactions because like I said, if they wanted us gone, we would have been gone a long time ago!” “I really think that if there was anything out there that would want to do that to us, it would have happened by now. But I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything. That’s why I like to call them ETs! So yeah, that’s a little tidbit. A little information that I learned.” --- Earlier: On their latest appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Demi Lovato reveals they once woke up in their room to find three beings. They asked Demi, "Do you want to see your planet?" To which they replied "**** yeah, let's go!" They wooshed out of the room and were hovering over planet Earth. Demi then claims the beings asked if they(Demi) wanted to see their(Aliens) planet. They(Demi) accepted and wooshed to a pink and purple planet that they had never seen. Demi later sought hypnotherapy to understand their encounter. Demi really looks like a young Suzette Quintanilla! ***This isn't PC but honest opinion, using Demi's preferred pronouns to write this post was annoying. Sometimes if I used "they" or "their" it would make it confusing as to which party I was referring to. I really do miss "she" and "he". Obviously I was respectful to use their preferred pronouns in the post, so don't cancel me too hard.
  8. My girl the one and only miss Katy Perry, the "Witness" singer rocked several different Wig looks on Instagram asking which look is better. living for the short Bob look
  9. Former member of the popular U.S. girl group, Fifth Harmony, Lauren Jauregui, has release her newest single entitled, "Colors". It's a mid tempo track that accentuates her sultry vocals. The music video hasn't been released yet but Jauregi has been teasing the video release for weeks now. This sound is a bit of change from what Lauren has given the public and it's nice to hear a raw side from her. Take a listen.
  10. I was watching a Little Mix interview about picking songs that heighten certain moods, and thought it would be interesting to hear what fellow Exhalers would pick. Here are the moods the radio station gave: Party Song Hangover Song Se.xy Song Hype Song Wedding First Dance Song Work Out Song Feel Good Song Road Trip Song Karaoke Song Breakup Song My Picks: Party Song: Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop Hangover Song: Britney - Blur Se.xy Song: Britney - Breathe On Me Hype Song: Missy Elliot - Lose Control feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop Wedding First Dance Song: Shania Twain - From This Moment Work Out Song: Britney: Work B.itch Feel Good Song: Kylie - Your Disco Needs You Road Trip Song - Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There Karaoke Song: Madonna - Hung Up Breakup Song: Mariah Carey - We Belong Together ***I'm too much of a Britney fan to pick other songs than hers!!!
  11. Update: World Premiere of an Animated music video: "Undo (Back to My Heart)" by Tinashe. Thoughts? Earlier: So our girl Tinashe just announced that the highly anticipated World Premiere Music Video of the next 333 single "Undo" is coming Tomorrow, August 31. Are you ready?
  12. Turning this into a megathread for BANKS! Today she dropped her new single The Devil & the music video! What do yall think? -Original post- BANKS is one of my favorite singers and she has such a beautiful discography but not a lot of people know her. She's on that line of underground & mainstream enough. She's never had a song on the Top 100 charts (Beggin' For Thread was #16 on Bubbling Under) , all 3 of her albums have just made it in the top 25 of Billboard charts, she was the opening artist for the Weeknd's tour. She's a beautiful mix of indie, singer/songwriter and pop artist. Last few years she's added dancing into her performances...she's amazing live. But she's another example of someone just not making it through. Luckily she's successful enough to keep putting out music and touring. Anyone else a fan? If not I hope you'll check her out below!
  13. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0xi02OOvRgE/TcuXvMFflvI/AAAAAAAACnE/EbWSIK-ziPc/s1600/lindsay_lohan.jpg Pick three LIndsay Lohan songs that you feel should have been officially released as singles when she was actively pursuing a music career. My choices: 1) Speak 2) Alright 3) i Live For The Day
  14. EDIT: This is my first time posting on Exhale so if anybody could help me with embedding the videos, that would be amazing! Please be kind lol! Samantha Mumba might be one of the most mysterious pop stars of our generation. The Irish born singer burst onto the music scene at just 17 years old and took the world by storm. Her sultry voice and undeniable stage presence helped sky rocket her to the top of the charts in 2000. With a lineup of hit singles from her debut album, Gotta Tell You, the "Always Come Back To Your Love" singer seemed to be on top of the music industry. Mumba went on to top the charts in several countries, earned a Grammy Award nomination and even landed a starring role in 2002's blockbuster hit, The Time Machine. But even with all of her commercial success, a resume that most artists could only ever dream of, the singer seemed to step away from the music scene after plans of her follow up album seemed to be shelved by her record label. Fast forward to today, twenty years since her debut, and we were still asking: what the heck happened to Samatha Mumba? We got the chance to hang out with Samantha (virtually, of course) to discuss everything from her first album to her highly anticipated sophomore album. So, embracing the pop music fans that we are, we couldn't resist starting off our sit down (which included delicious glasses of wine) with the most popular question from our oh so curious readers. We asked, "what happened?" And the answer might be less dramatic than you'd expect. "There's no huge drama or horrendous thing," says Mumba who was glowing during out chat. "I very much so got caught in a merge when all of the labels kind of condensed into two and three large labels. My entire team was wiped out so I had all new people around me and they were kind of walking on eggshells as well. Nobody's jobs were secure and it was just kind of a weird time." "So, I was shelved," says Mumba. "The label wouldn't release music but I was still bound to my contract. So, I was in that for a couple of years before I was actually released." The singer was all smiles as went on to say that she discussed her hiatus from the music business. She was able to live a relatively normal life away from the lens of entertainment industry. She's got married and is loving being a mom to her adorable mini-me, her five year old daughter, Sage. Mumba is ready to make her highly anticipated comeback and is calling all of the shots this time around. The singer is releasing new music under her own independent label, a direction that more old school artists are going in. (You may remember that Brandy recently found success by releasing her latest album independently as well). And she's making up for lost time by quenching our thirst with not one, but two comeback singles. The **** mid-tempo "Cool" and the inspirational ballad "Process." "I think for me, this is my first time releasing everything under my own label. Doing everything independently myself and so I'm kind of getting a kick out of the fact that the rules don't apply," she said. "I can kind of be bold and release two singles." "It's just very much so a vibe that I just love," Mumba said about the first of the two new singles, "Cool." She went on to describe the single as "a fun bop" and said that she can't wait to perform it in the clubs. She also described the **** music video as a visual about "body empowerment" and "self worth." The album's second single, "Process," is an inspirational ballad shows a softer side of the singer. And although it was written before Covid, the song is an uplifting track during this pandemic. "And then, 'Process' is something that is so dear to my heart," says Mumba. "And I felt that if I didn't release it now, it just wouldn't be a single. And the timing and just everything everybody has been through this year. We're just all so in the same boat together. It's been a bad year for everybody. It sucks." Mumba expressed her optimism about things getting better for the world soon. "But like anything that sucks and is **** in life, it doesn't stay that way forever," Samantha says. "And it does change." We also chatted with Samantha about her favorite memories from her first album, her new music, motherhood and female empowerment in the music business. This is the comeback fans of 2000's pop music have been waiting for. And, if there's any doubt about Samantha's star power, we'll leave you with this: it's been twenty years since her debut and the singer's legacy is still undeniable and her songs remain timeless. Recently, Billboard named "Gotta Tell You" as one of the Greatest Choruses of the 21st Century; a feat that most artists could only dream of. Source: Gingerposh I'm kind of excited to hear more of her new music! I wish more artists from the early 2000's would make new music. What do you guys think?
  15. A great friend of mine, Basically set me back when we were talking about how the US prefers Madonna's Santa Baby over The UK version by Kylie Minogue. Madonna's Version is huge on Radio during Christmas season, recorded for A charity album called A Very special Christmas. But he told me a comment that had me shook "Americans don't understand Music at all". I was like why you said that.. He's Like You're pop music is Very Hip hop and R&B, that's not pop, you shut out everybody that isn't American, the only time you embraced British pop music was when TLC was MIA and destiny's child was a hit or miss (referring to The SPICE Girls, of course). I was like well The Spice girls knew they had to set camp here and stay here for at least 7 months to actually breakthrough, that's why it was successful, they actually put in the work to make it happen. To me it was very ignorant if his end. I said, look you have to put in the work, once the pandemic is over, you know everyone who wants to make it, has to sacrifice until a breakthrough happens. Yes, Steps opened for Britney Spears in the US, abd she returned the favor on their Arena tour of the UK. But it wasn't going to happen, yes they all have talent, but it would have worked in the clubs, but not mainstream America. European culture is more open, than the US, it's okay to be Super gay or Super camp and have that history selling çareer. .. Our country is Very different, you have to market in conservative markets. I did say, we shut out our own musicians who had successful careers outside the US. Scissor sisters is an American band, fronted by one of the most campiest gays of all Jake Shears, they were far more successful outside the states, Anastasia and Tina Turner as well, so we do sometimes deny our own people, but they still have huge careers outside the US. We do it to, it's just our tastes are different than what you guys actually prefer.
  16. **My first review** don't attack me S Club 7's very own Rachel Stevens' solo career should have made pop history. Taking after Kylie Minogue, she dove right into the trance-synth pop genre and mastered it on her second album. Her first attempt at solo music was her debut album, Funky Dory, a mediocre album that included the Britney reject stand-out track titled "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex". But Rachel Stevens didn't want to be mediocre, she would enlist the help of Richard X and Xenomania, the Music God's in charge of most of Girls Aloud and Kylie Minogue's catalogues to record new music. With the release of her new single "Some Girls", Rachel was finally standing out amongst the crowd and demonstrating her full potential. The track proved to be magic and peaked at #2 on the UK top charts. The single was included on a re-release of her debut album, Funky Dory, but was also added onto her second album, "Come and Get It" which would soon prove to be pop perfection start to finish. After the success of Some Girls, Rachel knew what direction she wanted to take her next album. "Come and Get It" was released on in October 2005. The album received critical acclaim and would eventually make it onto the "100 albums to listen to before you die" list. The album proved to be ahead of its time and inherently influential. Stevens would make the most confident tracks of her career with the dazzling "Crazy Boys", a song with a thumping synth beat and ****, bold, confident talk-sing vocals by Ms. Stevens where she declares "For you I'd wait forever, nobody does it better". With "I Will Be There", another album standout and what some argue is the best song on the album, Stevens sings over an 80's synth pop production that sounds incredibly magnetic and electric. Stand-out tracks like "I Will Be There", "Crazy Boys", "Funny How" make you feel like you are at a disco that is raining down glitter and diamonds. That is the imagery that comes to mind with most of "Come and Get It". Stevens slows it down on the album half-way through with the ballad "Nothing Good About This Goodbye", a breakup song where she laments her regrets for her ex-lover. It's another standout track and would have been a good final single off of the album instead of the up-beat pop track "I Said Never Again (But Here We are)" that performed mildly well on the UK charts peaking at #12 and had a cute music video to go along with it. "I Said Never Again" is one of the album's more generic tracks and I can understand why they released it as a single but the album tracks are loads more interesting and magical than the latter. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the album underperformed and debuted at #28 on the UK charts. Rachel released her last single from the album, "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)" in October 2005 and she was never heard from again in the music realm... which is an utter damn shame. The album was revolutionary and influenced albums like "Dignity" by Hilary Duff, "X" and "Aphrodite" by Kylie Minogue, and in my opinion, you an hear it's sounds replicated and mastered on "Heaven On Earth" from Britney's Blackout. If you haven't listened to Come and Get It by Rachel Stevens, I highly suggest adding the album and giving it a listen from start to finish. You will not regret it. STAND OUT TRACKS TO LISTEN TO: So Good Crazy Boys I Will Be There Nothing Good About This Goodbye Some Girls Funny How Dumb Dumb
  17. We all know the Püssycat Dolls planned to reunite for a European/ Australian (possibly American) Tour this year, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has been placed on hold and rescheduled for summer dates of 2021. For those of us that are excited for the reunion and tour, what would you like to see on the setlist? Typically they did 20 songs on their tour, so let's keep it at 20 songs. 1 When I Grow Up 2 Beep Feat. Will.I.Am 3 I Don't Need A Man 4 Painted Windows 5 Genetics Feat. Meghan Trainor 6 I Hate This Part 7 Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) 8 Buttons Feat. Snoop Dogg 9 Bottle Pop 10 Magic 11 Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) 12 Tainted Love/ Where Did Our Love Go 13 Elevator 14 Whatcha Think About That Feat. Missy Elliot 15 Halo 16 Wait A Minute 17 Hush Hush 18 Stickwitu 19 React 20 Don't Cha
  18. I'm literally so uninterested in current mainstream popstars, most of them don't have a real distinctive artistic identity, every new popstar out there is like a rehash of a previous one. Ava Max is like the disney/teen-idol version of Gaga Ariana is the teen-idol version of Mariah Normani is the boring version of Beyoncé Lizzo is the black version of Meghan Trainor, would people even care about her if she was skinny? Doja Cat is decent, Billie is aight There's no flavor, where is the spark ? am i just becoming old? I guess i'll just stick to Shoegaze and G-funk for now
  19. I by no means I want to attack Max (Schneider) personally, I have just been very curious about this for a while and am a little surprised no one seems to have drawn attention to it. MAX is a rising pop star who has had a few mild hits, including “Lights Down Low”. I genuinely do enjoy his music and he is obviously very talented but sometimes I question his motives regarding his target audience. He is known for his flamboyant, gender-bending outfits and makeup, he’s always playing PRIDE festivals across the country, and he frequently collaborates with LGBTQ+ artists (Kim Petras, Hayley Kiyoko) and even talks about meeting his current wife at a gay bar. I’m always happy to see a heterosexual, cisgender man standing up as an ally but at what point does it go from Allyship to Appropriation? I mean, Taylor Swift was all but ripped to shreds over her sudden allyship last year and was criticized for only speaking out in favor of LGBTQ+ rights when it benefitted her career but what about someone who has built a whole career on LGTBQ+ pandering? I by no means think that anything he is doing is necessarily detrimental to the community, but I believe it’s safe to say that he certainly profits off of a community that he is not a part of. Maybe I am in the wrong here, but something just doesn’t sit right with me, as a proud gay man, seeing a cis, hetero male profiting from gay culture. Anyone else have thoughts?
  20. In 2011 Kylie (the only one that matters) Minogue, went on tour with one of the most spectacular and well received shows of the last decade. It had a high-scale production, beautiful costumes, magnificent props, live vocals, great stage presence and still she remains one of the most humble, genuine, unproblematic and underrated pop divas in the scene. At 43 years old she was capable of putting on a great show, with a strong concept (Greek and Roman mythology), thirty water jets, a tilted platform, Dolce & Gabbana outfits, dancers and aerial performers. I hope I'm not giving you new information and just refreshing memories, but if this wasn't the case, I'll link down some pics, highlight performances and the full show, so you can enjoy. Also, stream Kylie's Aphrodite album for good luck and clear skin, xoxo
  21. PLAY ME - Harrison Barnes Hey guys... My friend Harrison Barnes released his first song and video yesterday..entitled PLAY ME Harrison is a huge Britney fan as you will see & the video is inspired by BOMT and the show Pen15 on Hulu. Fun pop bop and the video is very throwback to the early 00's time frame with the dance breaks and everything! Just thought some people here may enjoy it! Plus wanna support my friend!
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