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  1. Hey guys, Was listening to radio and this song came on. Not super into kpop but pretty catchy. Enjoy for those who yet to hear it.
  2. It’s just been announced that Selena Gomez will make her debut as host of this weeks SNL! She’s previously been the musical guest but never been given the opportunity to host the entire show. I think she has great comedic timing and will kill it! Musical guest this week is Post Malone. Will Exhale be watching Selena and Post this Saturday?!
  3. What's up, Exhale This is the fourth issue of the Deep Cuts Series, where y'all are invited to talk about songs that are true hidden gems in popstars' catalogs. Who's up for discussion now? Mother Monster, of course: Lady Gaga It was incredibly difficult to narrow down my favorite deep cuts of hers, so as the honorable mentions but I'll give it a shot. PS... In the first comment, you will find the first three entries (Ri-Rih's might have flopped a bit) Boys, Boys, Boys Dance in the Dark Heavy Metal Lover So Happy I Could Die The Queen Speechless Bloody Mary Gypsy Venus Starstruck (ft. Flo Rida & Space Cowboy) HONORABLE MENTIONS: Monster Replay Diamond Heart Donatella Government ******* MANiCURE Teeth Dope
  4. Sam Smith released their new self empowering single “Love Me More”. The video concept is simple but Sam delivers a great message and vocal What does Exhale think of the song and music video?
  5. What's up, Exhale I want to start these threads in which we discuss songs by different pop stars that we consider to be great tracks, but hold a hidden-gem status. The grand opener is our very own ska-pop queen: Gwen Stefani I will state my top 5 deep-cuts and then some honorable mentions Danger Zone Long Way to Go (ft. André 3000) Serious Rare The Real Thing Wonderful Life Breakin' Up Send me a Picture Yummy Do you like any of these songs? Which ones would you add?
  6. Have you all heard the debut single from UK girl group, FLO? The group consist of Renée, Jorja, and Stella. Unlike a lot of girl groups, FLO came together naturally. Renée and Stella have known each other since the age of five, and the two met Jorja while in high school. Their debut single, "Cardboard Box" feels like a 00's throwback single. As someone who was a kid in 00's, this song is refreshing in today's music climate by giving all the nostalgic feels. Exhale, are you here for FLO?
  7. What's up, Exhale! Welcome to the second arrival in the Deep Cut Series. This time, introducing our soprano queen: Kelly Clarkson. The opening thread featured Ms. Gwenie Gwen Gwen: Kelly has released 7 studio albums, 2 Christmas ones, and a Greatest Hits compilation. This means that the hidden gems abound. It was really hard to come up with a top 5 as I did with Gwen. Therefore, I'll give a top 10 and will exclude any song from My December. Why? Because this masterpiece is a gem in its own right Do you agree? Which ones would you add? Good Goes the Bye Long Shot Don't Let me Stop You Gone I Hate Myself for Losing You Let Me Down Cry Move You Beautiful Disaster Honestly Honorable Mentions: If I Can't Have You Run Run Run (ft. John Legend) You Found Me
  8. Um.. does anyone else in here listen to Beach House? If so why do you also think Once Twice Melody is the best album of the year? For yall unfamiliar with Beach House https://youtu.be/DmIos8pIWMI Superstar is a bop Good luck getting it out of your head If you want to get slapped with w some spooppy dance track,, Masquerade goes hard https://youtu.be/WPzhBLO3gkU and if you're an intellectual Pink Funeral will be. your funeral https://youtu.be/CCMPiCgYHbQ Ps: Dont forget to drink some water and touch some grass on your way out
  9. Has anyone listened to Lights new album PEP? If so did you like it? What are your fav tracks and ones you disliked? Jaws, Beside Myself, Okay Okay and Rent were ones I really liked. Okay Okay being the best track imo https://youtu.be/vvgty1sf5WY Prodigal Daughter was kinda cringy tbh.. and Salt and Vinegar sounds like an imagine dragons song and I mean that in the worst way possible
  10. She's a newcomer and honestly I love her vibe I think ya'll should give the song a chance, it's a bop
  11. The Prince of Pop is back and he is ready to have you winding your hips! The new single ATTENTION is rumored to be off his upcoming EP which will show more of his MATURE R&B side which he has shown before in his career musically .. (Journals, Changes) It's definitely a bop and I love how Justin works with lesser known artists and helps their names get across a bigger audience. So dope. Thoughts of J's new single?
  12. Hello everyone! @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN here! Welcome to Round 2 of Female Artists of the 21st Century: YEAR 2001 EDITION! So how exactly does it work? It’s simple! What I have done is gathered the 20 biggest female artists from each pertaining year, by taking into factors like album sales, awards, tour gross, chart success, streaming, worldwide impact, influence and relevancy. Next to each artist will include their most commercially successful single from that respective year. For example, I'm a Slave 4 U was Britney's most successful song from the year 2001, therefore Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know will not be included in the poll. BUT... Before we begin, let's tally in the votes for Round 1 so without furher ado, here are your Top 3 tracks from the year 2000 as voted by you all. So now that the Top 3 has been revealed, let's dive into into 2001! Remember to vote for YOUR personal favorite song and if for whatever reason, you haven't heard a song that's featured on the list, feel free to give it a listen as I will link them in the spoilers below. Let the votes begin! Aaliyah: BIGGEST HIT - More Than a Woman Alicia Keys: BIGGEST HIT - Fallin' Anastacia: BIGGEST HIT - Paid My Dues Britney Spears: BIGGEST HIT - I'm a Slave 4 U Christina Aguilera: BIGGEST HIT - Lady Marmalade (w/ Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink) Dido: BIGGEST HIT - Thank You Enya: BIGGEST HIT - Only Time Erykah Badu: BIGGEST HIT - Didn't Cha Know Eve: BIGGEST HIT - Let Me Blow Ya Mind (ft. Gwen Stefani) Faith Hill: BIGGEST HIT - There You'll Be Janet Jackson: BIGGEST HIT - All For You Jennifer Lopez: BIGGEST HIT - I'm Real (Remix ft. Ja Rule) Kylie Minogue: BIGGEST HIT - Can't Get You Out of My Head Madonna: BIGGEST HIT - What It Feels Like For a Girl Mariah Carey: BIGGEST HIT - Loverboy (Remix ft. Ludacris, Da Brat, Shawnna & Twenty II) Mary J. Blige: BIGGEST HIT - Family Affair Missy Elliott: BIGGEST HIT - Get Ur Freak On Nelly Furtado: BIGGEST HIT - I'm Like a Bird P!nk: BIGGEST HIT: Get the Party Started Shakira: BIGGEST HIT - Whenever, Wherever HONORABLE MENTIONS FROM ARTISTS WHO BARELY MISSED THE TOP 20 CUT : @Towelney @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Iconic 4 U @Midnight @OnlyBeyonce @Hooked-On-Knee @Style. @bliss @VCTR @princessmimi @Blackout2006 @Britney'sBish @Korb @MissSpearsSaysSo @Lukas1896 @Paolo94 @Thelegendarybritney @descg @FemmeFataleBrit @Spicechinodiva @Bigno @nwonder @Geralt_of_Rivia @femmefatoole @electricopop @Look But Don't Touch @aleomg @DougFrmBrazil @MortalMarshmallow @kfitz421 @Adriannn @Mercuryrising @IAmJustAKnee @ChromaticaGlory @Xanax @IForgotYouExisted @ObsessedBritFan1 @BUWYGF @Jordan Miller @Bigno @CaulkDestroyer @ALBAVEASP @Invitation @maki93 @TakeYourHand @Cheshire-B @femmepop @thebritmaster @MonAmour @Slave4yew @Dreams @iAlwaysSingLive @Slayer @FrenchToast @popprison @dyllanwhite @lili_ballet @jordeezy sorry if I forgot to tag you btw
  13. These are the final four beats I'm releasing until Thanksgiving. A special ones coming then. Also releasing a beat that I would like to submit to Britney when I made it screamed Britney. Yayyyyy!!! Tracklist- 1. Champion 2. Survivor Scars 3. Blastoff! 4. 2Be Favorite tracks? What vibes y'all get? I want feedback. It makes me a better artist and producer. Update February 12 2022 Jay drops "Unbroken " an unreleased bonus track from his debut EP
  14. Do you think that icon, actress/singer, Lindsay Lohan could have a successful Vegas residency? She was widely popular and successful for many years and still holds a large fanbase. She made her music return with her last two 2020 singles " Back to Me" and "Xanax", and is making her film return with this years Netflix rom-com, "Christmas in Wonderland". She obviously has relevancy and has an incredible voice. Would you pay to see Lindsay Lohan live? Some of her hits include and she has some popular deep cuts: Rumors Bossy Back to Me Over Confessions of a Broken Heart Xanax Ultimate First Stuck Speak I Live for the Day To Know Your Name Magnet Walka Not A Talka If It's Alright Nobody Til You I Wanna Be Bad Can't Stop, Won't Stop
  15. Disney icon, actress, singer and author, Hilary Duff expresses her gratitude to her LGBTQ+ community supporters in the new interview with GAY TIMES, where she promotes her latest Hulu hit show, "How I Met Your Father". Catch Hilary Duff's new sitcom, "How I Met Your Father" on Hulu! New episodes premiere every Tuesday. #Justice4BreatheInBreatheOut #StreamSparks @Jordan Miller
  16. Do you think the voice of a generation chanteuse, fashion icon, actress, and best selling author, Jessica Simpson, should headline the 2023 Coachella? She's one the most electrifying live performers of all time, an international superstar, and one of the most successful entertainers in Pop history; Whose ultra successful fashion line/business empire has single handedly changed the face of celebrity branding. 7 Teen Choice Awards, 4 multi-platinum albums, 2 People's Choice Awards, 55 million records sold worldwide! A rare artist, whose career achievements and influence in the music industry have stood the test of time. Give Jessica Simpson her flowers, and give her the headlining spot at the 2023 Coachella! #Jesschella
  17. Live Stream Premiere Welcome back Zaddy! Breakups look good on you Shawn!
  18. Just a little project - more Britney to come of course and also taking requests. Wether you understand NFT or not, a follow on Instagram or a like on OpenSea would be massively appreciated https://opensea.io/collection/poppaxx
  19. FKA Twigs releases a new song & video for TEARS IN THE CLUB w/ the Weeknd as always with FKA it’s a visual spectacle! A return to more dance music for her with some amazing dancing! I love it
  20. We all have those songs that speak to us, sometimes, it's as if the artist is literally singing about out personality. What would those lyrics be for you? It doesn't have to be by Britney (completely up to you). In my case, it's the song Gimme What I Want by Miley: Pleasure leads to pain To me, they're both the same Sweat drippin' down to the floor Bite marks like an animal You might be insane But maybe we're the same I don't need a future, I don't need your past I just need a lover So gimme what I want or I'll give it to my- Self-inflicted torture, you don't have to ask I just need a lover So gimme what I want or I'll give it to myself
  21. Kim absolutely slayed!!!! BRB can't breathe Our girl Kim previewed a rehearsal clip for the upcoming MTV EMAs live debut performance of the next single titled "Coconuts" off her upcoming major label Debut album "Problematiqué" out in 2022! You can hear a preview of the instrumental. Sounds like a bop! @Jordan Miller @rosenotes @Midnight @gapeach704 @TommyX Thoughts? Update: Her MTV EMAs look is giving what it's supposed to be giving
  22. The song is called "Srecan Put" ("Have a good trip" in English), sang by the serbian artist Breskvica. The song mixes pop, dance and traditional slavic harmonies. Definitely a gem that deserves to go to an international scale.
  23. "Good Thing." could have been a hit single! JoJo never really does a lot of Poppy/Clubby songs in that realm. But this one from her 2015 record "Mad Love." is genius !!! I've stanned JoJo forever! She's amazing. Has anyone overlooked her Mad Love record because it sounded so Pop back then? I revisited the album yesterday after werk and it is really good. Actually has some good bops Fun fact: JoJo considered recording a House album after Mad Love. was released! Discuss, girls?! @JoJo Online
  24. Kim Petras announced on Facebook that "Coconuts" is not coming January 21st (that might be the rumored release date for her upcoming Major Label album) The Dr. Luke produced bop "Coconuts" will be released December 3! We are so excited! Kim recently performed the controversial bop at the MTV EMAs where her performance could have had her and everyone involved sent straight to Jail because it's clear representation of the LGBTQIA+ realm. Luckily we won! Are you ready? @TommyX
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