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  1. A song that must be from Jesy’s scrapped album with her past label has leaked. It sounds nothing like anything she’s done before, Rihanna vibes? Thoughts?
  2. YASS I'm assuming it'll flop because of the hate train but I cannot wait to listen Her instagram has been completely wiped. It also appears Jesy or the Little Mix girls have recently unblocked each other on instagram as Jesy's tags are now showing on their accounts and the LM account again.
  3. Jesy has removed the BOYZ link from her bio and removed all of her posts on Instagram. The last time she did this was ahead of releasing a trailer for her new chapter as a solo artist ahead of announcing ‘BOYZ’. Obviously we know how that chapter ended but she’s recently stated she’s ready for the next chapter after leaving Polydor. There have been lots of rumours she’s signed to a new label Please try to keep this thread respectful. I’m looking forward to new music to see what Jesy is about and not using a sample. A recent ig story from Jesy:
  4. JESY Nelson is in talks with new record labels to sign a fresh deal – just days after she walked away from Polydor. The former Little Mix star split from the label last week after they struggled to agree on the direction her solo music was going in. Music insiders have now revealed Jesy, 31, is already in demand from a number of other labels who are keen to get her on board. A source said: “Jesy is being courted by labels who are interested in getting her on board. “There are some independent labels who believe they could help her return to form - and give her the freedom she clearly desires. “Jesy is really proud of the music she has been making and she knows exactly what she wants when it comes to her sound. “She isn’t going to rush into anything but she’s had a couple of meetings and is excited about the future.” Source: The Sun Coming back better than ever
  5. JESY Nelson has split from her record label Polydor after just 14 months. Insiders said the former Little Mix star decided to walk away from her deal to make a fresh start. Jesy, 31, first quit Little Mix in December 2020 and said she could no longer cope with the pressures of being in a girl group. She signed a major solo deal with Polydor Records, who also look after Billie Eilish and Sam Fender, in May last year but has only released one single, Boyz. Her first single Boyz peaked at No4 in the charts. Music insiders have now revealed Jesy and Polydor have split and are no longer working together. Jesy has also since been removed from Polydor’s roster of talent on their website. A source said: “Jesy decided it was the right time for her to make a clean break. “She and the label have been going in different directions in recent months. And while there hasn't been a fall-out, Jesy just felt it was better to start afresh now – while everyone was still friends. “Jesy enjoyed her time with Polydor - but feels, rather than go on together while having such differing musical ideas for the future, she now wants to be able to fully develop her own ideas as an individual artist.” A second music insider added: “Jesy loves the music she has been working on and is really proud of it. “She has been working hard in Los Angeles and is determined to get it out there and make a success of her solo music.” A spokesman for Jesy said: “Jesy Nelson feels now is the right for her to move in a new direction. As a result, she has decided to part company with Polydor. Jesy has been working on new music in Los Angeles for much of this year. The singer, who was in Little Mix with Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards, has been working with a host of producers and writers – including Tayla Parx who wrote the band’s smash hit Sweet Melody. A spokesperson for Polydor said: “Polydor have amicably parted ways with Jesy. We have enjoyed working with her and everyone at the label wishes her nothing but the best for the future.” Source: The Sun JESY GIRL I wonder if she just left Polydor and is still with Republic. Jesy is currently in LA working on music.
  6. Jesy responded to the rumours put out by The Sun. Jesy has revealed her next single is coming soon, the next single will follow up BOYZ which charted at Number 4 in the UK, which became the second highest charting song in its first week by a British female artist in 2021, with Adele coming in with the highest. Jesy also revealed that her debut album is nearly finished. Jesy Nelson’s camp have hit back at reports record label bosses are unimpressed by her solo efforts - A spokesperson said: “In recent months, Jesy has been in the studio recording in Los Angeles developing her body of work with a whole series of tracks. And fans can rest assured they can expect to hear new music from Jesy very soon." A source added: “The new music is captivating…it’s going to raise the bar, and some.” "Things had been progressing “at normal speed and without any hiccups.” The source added: “everyone is very excited by the new music. It’s going to be very special indeed.”
  7. It has been so long since we have heard from Jesy. In October, she released Boyz with Nicki Minaj: Unfortunately, she was met with lots of criticism due to the video style and other things (Let's not rehash those moments). Not even Nicki could save the song from backlash, as she was part of the drama (referencing Little Mix and Jesy drama). She performed the song at the Graham Norton Show (again faced lots of criticism due to her debut solo performance being mostly lip sync, allegedly) and at the Jingle Ball (more criticism). Last I have heard was she was supposed to release a new song earlier this year, but silence..... Personally, I think she will do well as a solo artist. She has a great voice, can dance quite well, and she was one of my favs in Little Mix. Anyone anxious about her next single? Any updates???
  8. Jesy Nelson's debut album has reportedly been delayed after record executives were left unimpressed with some early versions of her songs. According to The Sun, Jesy was told by record label bosses to 'go back to the drawing board' when they heard some of the music she has been working on. A source said: “Jesy has worked incredibly hard on her solo music. After releasing Boyz last year, she let the label hear early versions of the songs she had come up with” The bosses felt sure there was potential there but they wanted her to go back to the drawing board. They felt the tracks would benefit from it so that is what she has done. “She is determined to only play them the new music when it's perfect, so they haven't heard any more since then.” The insider added that there are 'high hopes' for Jesy's album when it's completed. However, a source told MailOnline that Jesy has only played demos to her record label and has yet to send them her full album, which isn't finished yet. They said: 'Jesy has never sent the label early versions of the album, she had a bunch of demos which she played record labels last year before she signed, and she recently came back from LA with new songs - that the label is yet to hear. 'No one knows which songs will make the final cut, Jesy is still working on the music, so it doesn't make sense for label bosses to pencil a release date until she's finished.' https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/jesy-nelson-debut-solo-album-27149759.amp
  9. Jesy looking to be shooting something in the tub. Is this a will.I.am production?
  10. Today is the first day of the hiatus of Little Mix, and I'm not ready to let go of my girls. I saw the live stream yesterday and I was hoping to see some surprise guests, but unfortunately there weren't any surprise guests (they never announced it, my wishful thinking). BUT it got me thinking about all the collaborations they had over their 10+ career. From the list in the poll, which is your fave Little Mix collaboration?
  11. Jesy has shared that she is working with will.i.am on new music. The pair have been friends for many years now, very intrigued to see what they cook up! I wonder if he is just producing or featuring also? Jesy has also been in LA recording music with producers who have worked with Drake, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Tinashe and Normani. Will, don't give us a Jesy Jean Give us a Scream & Shout 2.0 or more songs like Work *****.
  12. With her debut that should have been an easy win, Jesy Nelson (of Little Mix fame) managed to... Alienate the LM fanbase by using LM for drama + controversy, bullying her prior bandmate after having released a documentary herself about her difficult experiences with it Release a single lacking any creative flare, over-sampling Release a video that copied that same song and barely added anything to it Collaborate with an artist currently in the news for defending her s**-offender husband and using her platform to silence a r*** victim Fail to take accountability for blatant cultural appropriation and doubled down on it Have an awkward debut performance which was only really talked about for memes Jesus what a list. Am I missing anything? It sounds like her next single is going to be a ballad. Here's hoping she can somehow recover from this and write off Boyz as a failed promo single.... But! Exhale, has anyone else you can recall ever fumbled a debut this bad?
  13. I thought Jesy Nelson’s Jingle Bell Ball 2021 performance of Boyz was a serve Live vocals, choreo, wardrobe and a dramatic entrance I follow stan Twitter video accounts on YouTube and the performance generated a LOT of video memes. They are pretty silly and funny, the comments however are mixed but you can’t please everybody Tiktok was on it too Enjoy Iconique
  14. HOLY ****. SHE WAS INCREDIBLE THE STAGE PRESENCE. THE ENTRANCE. THE DANCING. THE LIVE VOCALS (for the most part). EVERYTHING. She's shining solo I'll upload the HQ when Capital do.
  15. Jesy posted this sweet message to fans following the past couple months of abuse she has received and after recently recovering from COVID. She has also personally been responding to fans messages through DMs on instagram telling them how much she loves them.
  16. While confetti began as a 4 piece, it definitely ended up being the end of the road for Jesy, but it does make me mad that The girls are acting Like Jesy never was a member. They need to stop giving into the current trend where mixers delete any image of Jesy's like ness.. I have never seen a deletion of a former member like this. Even one direction never deleted Zayn on their final video For History.. @Slayer Itsthe acting like you weren't a member denial that hurts me.
  17. SERVING VOCALS Jesy teases a new song from her upcoming album after BOYZ becomes a Top 5 hit in the UK. Jesy has also been announced as a performer at the Capital Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena in London in December and she is also performing at HITS Live at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham in November. She also shared a photo in the recording studio:
  18. Appearing on The Graham Norton Show to perform her debut solo track Boyz, the 30-year-old remained positive about her former bandmates and said: "To me they are still the sickest girl band in the world." However, she added that she was not on speaking terms with Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall. The singer said: "We're not talking any more. It is sad but honestly there is no bad blood from my side, and I still love them to pieces and genuinely wish them all the best. "I loved my time with them, and we've got the most incredible memories together, but it's just one of those things which needs to take time, so who knows." The star has continued to promote her new song and when asked about her future plans, she said: "An album hopefully next year. I'm still in the writing process and I don't want to rush things." Jesy's debut solo performance is airing TONIGHT. She's always remaining classy about them
  19. Update: BOYZ has officially charted at #4 in the UK and becomes Jesy's first ever Top 5 hit! It becomes Nicki Minaj's highest charting song in the UK since she featured on Little Mix's Woman Like Me in 2018. The song charted at #1 in 31+ countries on iTunes, including the US and the UK. Jesy has officially announced her debut single 'BOYZ' featuring Nicki Minaj and it is out October 8th. Jesy is also selling signed CD's of an alternative cover of BOYZ.
  20. WOW. This social media influencer exposed Leigh-Anne and said how she kept asking him to make negative videos about Jesy. He was appalled she asked him to make videos like that knowing how much Jesy suffers with mental health. He also said Leigh-Anne lied saying Jesy blocked Little Mix when Leigh-Anne, Perrie & Jade unfollowed Jesy. I highly recommend you watch the below video. He said he has been a stan of Little Mix for 10 years and Leigh-Anne made him cry and feel so uncomfortable asking him to incite hate about Jesy. He DRAGS Leigh-Anne in a later upload: Related:
  21. Oh wow. Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade all unfollowed Jesy on social media. Jesy initially unfollowed them along with everyone else on her instagram a few months ago. Very sad for Little Mix fans.
  22. “I haven’t spoken to the girls,” she says and falls silent before continuing. “It is weird because for so many years we were as close as sisters, together every hour of the day for weeks, sharing beds, laughing, crying just 24/7 the four of us together and then…” her voice trails off. “Nothing.” She hasn’t seen Perrie and Leigh-Anne’s babies, I ask? She shakes her head. “No. I’ve sent a few texts, but that’s it. I can’t explain it, it’s like there has to be this distance. We were so close so you can’t do in-between, there has to be space and hopefully…” she pauses. “Hopefully at some point in the future we can all come back together. I love them. They are my sisters in so many ways, but for the time being we just don’t talk.” It’s clearly a tough subject. Jesy has always been at pains to explain that her problems were never caused by her relationship with the girls. It was about the pressure of being in a girlband, which meant looking a certain way, singing a certain type of song (Little Mix were very much dance pop whereas Jesy’s heart lies firmly in R&B and hip-hop) and inevitably falling victim to the media and social media’s endless game of comparisons. Being the ‘odd one out’ for Jesy meant never being good enough. She takes a deep breath. “In so many ways,” she says. “Doing a Little Mix shoot was always a terrifying experience for me. I would dread shoots, I couldn’t sleep the night before because I’d be so anxious about what clothes I had to wear, how I would look compared to the other girls, what people were then going to say. “I look back and I think how crazy it got. I’d starve myself for days and I’d wear these corsets every single day, pulled so tight I could barely breathe. I used to wear corsets every single day to make my waist smaller, which is mental but I so badly just wanted to look like Jade, Leigh and Perrie. “I couldn’t breathe half the time I was working and then my body would be covered in bruises from the corsets. But that’s how it was. My first nightmare moment was our very first shoot when the stylist had all my clothes in a size 8 and I’m a 12. They didn’t fit. I felt awful, I felt fat and that was how I always felt.” She pauses and then explains that on the Boyz video she wore a crop top. “A crop top,” she exclaims. “Me!” I am puzzled because I think of the all revealing clothes she wore from her Little Mix days. “No. I was the one covered up as much as possible. When I danced in that crop top I saw my belly rolls in the mirror and it didn’t bother me, in Little Mix if I’d seen any belly rolls I’d have been crying and screaming for a big T-shirt. So I was laughing to myself because I didn’t care. It sounds like a little thing but that was a big moment for me.” “I started using makeup and hair to mask who I genuinely was because I got slated for my face and my weight and how I looked. I did everything I could to not be myself. I tried ridiculous diets to lose weight. I changed my hair all the time. I got lip fillers. I did everything I could to be this girl people would accept.” She sees being able to go bare-faced as one of the ultimate signs of self-confidence and self-acceptance. “I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there. I don’t wear corsets, I stopped the lip fillers. I’m still wearing makeup, but nowhere near as much as I used to. But for Jesy, fame and riches as part of being in a ‘hot’ girlband was the price she paid for having her confidence, self-esteem and sense of self obliterated. Relentlessly trolled on social media with thousands of vile insults too repulsive to repeat, she dreaded being constantly compared to “these three naturally gorgeous, super teeny-tiny girls” (her words on her band mates) and lost herself to depression, eating disorders and one suicide attempt in 2013. A cruel comment about her weight on Twitter from self-appointed Queen of Mean, Katie Hopkins, propelled her into taking an overdose and being hospitalised. (“No, Katie Hopkins has never apologised,” she answers when I ask her. “No-one has ever said sorry to me at all.”) Speaking of that darkest moment, she says now, “In 2013, I genuinely thought I am never going to feel happy again,” she says. “Every day I would wake up and think ‘this is me now, this is how I feel and there’s nothing I can do to pull myself out of this. You honestly feel like you’re never going to move past that and that’s what gets you into that state of thinking ‘well why am I even here? What is the point?’” This incident, along with her spiralling mental health and depression was kept under wraps. On previous occasions when I have interviewed Jesy she was always polite, but emotionally closed off. Those huge eyes were guarded and any jollity always felt forced and fake. At times, she was, even by her own admission, difficult to be around. “I was a nightmare,” she says. “A lot of people who worked with me would have thought I was a pain in the arse and a real diva. The reality was I was a young girl going through trauma of people (on social media) 24/7 slating me physically. “I didn’t speak to anyone, I tried to keep it all in my head and we worked so hard, non-stop, travelling all over the world, touring all the time… but I wouldn’t really let anyone in. I’d shut things down.” BOYZ is out on Friday! Full interview with Glamour Magazine UK: https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/jesy-nelson-digital-cover-star-october-2021-interview
  23. Jesy Nelson has opened up about her upcoming debut single, titled BOYZ. The track, which is expected to be released in the next few eeks weeks - is Jesy's first solo offering after parting ways with Little Mix last December. Speaking to Noctis XXI magazine in their Uprising issue, Jesy said: “I wanted to come back with a song where people are like 'OKAY!'. You're either going to love it or you're going to hate it and I would rather that than people be like, ‘meh, okay...'". "I just think it’s in your face," she continued. "I wrote it when I was going through a break-up and it's me all over. I just love a bad boy. I say it to people all the time… it’s not healthy!" Jesy's first post-Little Mix single is described in a press release as a "ballsy, audacious head-knocker infused with early 2000s R&B". The song reportedly samples Diddy's 2001 smash Bad Boy 4 Life. Discussing her decision to embark on a solo career, Jesy explained: “As an artist, I want to stay authentic to myself. I don't ever want to be given a song just because it's a hit. I want my songs to genuinely come from me as fans can tell when a song has and when it hasn't. That's what a true artist is, when you really are authentic to yourself and tell your own stories. “To be able to tell my truth and stories that people have never heard before is really nice and quite refreshing. It's like therapy for me”. Source: The OCC / Noctis The magazine is out in October. She is serving hot demon - this is the magazines usual vibe.
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