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  1. Charli just dropped a new track from the upcoming horror movie 'Bodies Bodies Bodies'. I'm digging it.
  2. Charli XCX is on the 5th cover of Gen V The New Underground Magazine. Flawless ❤️‍🔥 Inside the spoiler cause it's 🔥:
  3. Well A Music fest was planned for Hawkins, Indiana but unfortunately the artists got caught in the town's mystery, and now Soft cell, Corey hart, the rock and roll hall of fame legends The go go's, and Special guest Charli XCX has no choice but to do the festival in the upside down to save hawkins from vecna and the other demons that haunt the city.
  4. A new song titled "Destiny’s Child” has been registered on the ASCAP database. Ian Kirkpatrick (Move Me & Sweat), Ariel Rechtshaid (Stay Away, Black Roses, Lock You Up, Nuclear Seasons, Lightning) and Charli are credited as composers. Charli is credited as performer.
  5. I got Britney BOMT vibes from Charli XCX’s Used To Know Me bc the iconic music video is what made me pay attention to the song…why is Used To Know Me not a bop? Did Charli get cancelled? 🙊 The backup dancers in the video are the most iconic part of the video.
  6. To say Charli XCX is glad that this is her final album under Warner Music group is an understatement.. In 2012, she signed a 5 album deal with Warner UK, now while asylum records (her UK Label understood her), her US label Atlantic, well they acted as if she was a burden While she got a few hits early on, she was forced to do a lot, and with Vroom Vroom, they refused to release it, along with two mix tapes, She had a difficult time with her American label, hell she had to do a full stadium tour with Taylor swift. As one fan vlog said, 5 years in the industry, she's still being an opener, instead of the headliner. Charli came out, streaming helped her, but her going into a dance pop roots , she acknowledged performing the angsty sucker songs while on the road, a disconnect happened with that era halfway promotion to where she couldn't relate to the power pop Avril lavigne sound of her early days.. This video is shady and there's a reel where she hints after Crash tour is over where for the first time she's doing a sold out headlining tour, expect her to go independent and no longer doing the major labels. Like Pitchfork said her first top ten album in the US and first number one album in the UK and she's turning 30, she should have already been a superstar but her 360 music shift had her deal with industry politics cos when she first began she was dream pop and a punk pop sound, but switched to mainstream music and that's not why they signed her, so she got punished.. As Usual.. @Jordan Miller
  7. Ahh!!! The usual i was very angry and totally not me, and i hated it for a while but cant deny it eventually artistry.. Melanie C and her 20 years, I'm Melanie C not a spice girl, Pink and her 22 year stance on cant take me home will not be recognized no matter how it's many people favorite album of theirs By Pink. Avril and her distancing from the best damn thing, she embraced that girl in her critically acclaimed album Love Suxxx.. And we have Charli XCX who's first two albums 2013's True Romance and 2014 (US) and 2015's international release of Sucker, even critics said the girl who went full on dance pop is basically a reinvention cos when we first met her she wasn't this Charli, but a rock and roll punk vibe chick telling guys off like the title track to Sucker or how in ha ha ha they were the cool kids until he proved her right, and lied and good job sir for ******* it up. She even acknowledges she isn't the same girl, but that was who she was. And she admits for a while i was very anti everything about sucker. She likes Gold coins, Need ur luv is a bop, and despite being basic Boom clap is a bop and ******* iconic and is why she's here.. But one song she hates is Breaking the rules, dissed it cos of the standard practice of songwriting camps at the time. She even said whoever gets it is a ****' idiot, well she laughs cos like she said i became the idiot after all. @Slayer @MikeHunt @Jordan Miller
  8. Charli XCX recently said in an Interview with Amazon that a collaboration between her and Britney is an unrealistic goal but she wants to do a scream and shout 2.0 where Britney does a British accent. Would you be up for it?
  9. Constant Repeat is a bop! We all can relate and that's on Cap! Such a beautiful song. The lyrics are beautiful ❤️
  10. Charli XCX just released her new album Crash. Just started listening and it's got a bunch of bops. Thoughts, Exhale?! Don't sleep on this.
  11. idk why this was recommended NOW lmao She responded that question, but not really the others, interesting
  12. QUEEN. She also has a hard time choosing her favorite Britney song. Its a mix between Gimme More, Toxic, and Everytime...the range. Charli is a stan. Btw I had NO idea she was going on tonight and literally spent my day off planning and booking my trip to her Boston show in six weeks for her crash tour. I ******* LOVE HER. And I LOVE her love for Brit Brit. ♥️ Stream Good Ones and Beg For You
  13. Serving choreography, Charli XCX releases her ***iest music video to date for new song "Baby", off her upcoming album "Crash" (out March 18). Charli is delivering so much this era. Hopefully pop music fans will catch on and give her some commercial success.
  14. New remix with that early 2000s style vibe. Some samples were pulled from different iconic songs from around the time, can you guess what they are?
  15. 2.11.22. Charli XCX drops the first single off her upcoming album!
  16. UPDATE: Charli interpolates Cry For You by September in her new single Beg For You (feat. Rina Sawayama). Y'all, I don't know what's going on. I don't think it's available everywhere yet, but I just got a notification from Apple Music, saying that Charli has released a new single. And it's not even midnight here. I'm so confused. Either way, it's so freakin' good. Also, Charli lowkey sounds like Rihanna. I think it might have been released early because of leaks, but I might be wrong: For those of you that don't know, Cry For You was a huge hit in Europe, and it still gets played by radio stations all the time: Can't believe it's been 16 years. Also, I'm surprised Ava Max hasn't sampled it yet, tbh. *** I don't see enough talk about Charli XCX on Exhale, so consider this thread an attempt to change that. Even though I've been aware of Charli since the beginning, I was never really a fan besides streaming a few songs here and there (and Number 1 Angel). Recently, something has changed, though. I remember listening to Pop 2, trying to get into it because I'd previously loved Number 1 Angel, but it just wasn't clicking. It was way too progressive for my taste at the time, but as of late, there's been so many experimental and over-the-top K-Pop releases that I've grown to love artists and producers that are actively challenging what pop music (and even music in general) can be. And so, I've recently become obsessed with Pop 2. Initially, I only liked Backseat and Out of My Head, which are certified bangers, but I fell in love with a new song with every listen. As for her other records: True Romance - haven't listened to it but love Black Roses Sucker - haven't listened to it in years but remember liking it Vroom Vroom - listened to it once years ago and didn't like it, so it needs a revisit Number 1 Angel - first half is hit-or-miss, but second half is flawless Charli - listening to it for the first time today How I'm Feeling Now - listened to it once a few weeks ago and don't remember anything, so it also needs a revisit Stream her two most recent singles: She's made it pretty clear that this is her sellout era, but the music still bangs, so I don't mind.
  17. Charli XCX's new album, Crash, drops March 18, 2022. She shared one of the new cuts. It's titled "New Shapes," features Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek - it is out now. A bop
  18. Charli XCX just dropped a pretty epic pop banger titled "Good Ones." It's damn catchy Related:
  19. um HELLO is no one gonna talk about the new Charli you really made my lazy *** create a topic?? 🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥 giving us s-e-x-y choreo at a funeral lol I'm loving it & feeling ittttttt thoughts ?
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