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  1. « It Should Be Easy » and « Trouble For Me » would be the 2 songs I didn’t like back then but they’re part of my playlist now!
  2. Stronger and Till The World Ends. And I didn’t like the way she performed them in POM so maybe it has something to do with it... The more I think about it, their beats seemed like they’re destined for children.
  3. I love her new album and single. On 13 songs, there's only 2 or 3 I don't like that much, but I wouldn't be surprised if they grow on me! And why are you guys so concerned about "flops"? Just support the artists you want hoping that's what they want in the end! If an album "flops" in terms of charts, it doesn't equal "bad stuff" for me. Send love to the songs and artists you like, and let others do the same thing with the ones they love. Don't be a follower, make your own trends!
  4. Evermore will probably win. But for best pop vocal album, I would love to see Ava Max, Ashnikko or Bebe Rexha’s upcoming album win! But let’s face it, it’s the Grammys...
  5. I’m not sure at first listen... for me it sounds like an Ashnikko / Avril leftover... but I’ll give it another try just in case...
  6. For my part, I really like her as an artist! Don’t forget that she had some « problems » with her ex Calvin Harris in the past, who stopped her from releasing music for a long time. And for those who claim that her personal life outshine her music... I’m sorry but in the first place, this website was based on Britney, so we should know better about personal stuff outshining talent ... ;-) Anywhere is among my top 10 singles ever and I really enjoyed her last EP « Bang » and its acoustic version. I would say that she’s here to stay!
  7. I would say the same! I’m such a basic *****! ;-)
  8. Hmmm, If I’m being honest, what I loved about Xtina was the fact that she created albums as whole projects (from 2002 to 2010). There are really good songs on Lotus and Liberation, but I won’t listen to these albums from A to Z like I did with her previous albums. And I agree with you, I also felt more connection to Gaga than Christina, and the excitement I had during the Fame era can’t compare with what I felt for other artists (except Britney). That’s why it was a hard choice for me! I guess my answer would switch easily from day to day
  9. Great news! I guess that the fact that Breatheheavy always has that « Play Gimme More » ad when I reach the website also helps... 😜
  10. Wow, great post @Midnight! The choice was hard! I voted for Xtina, even though I freaking love LG, just because she’s here since a very long time (aka My Childhood) and I love how she pushed the boundaries with Stripped, Back to Basics and Bionic!
  11. The song and video are really good! But if we’re talking about the album, I feel like it was created fast with Blackout leftovers and lookalike songs (Womanizer is clearly Ooh Ooh Baby’s baby) as a PR Stunt. They wanted to make people forget about Britney’s past 2 years quickly so it didn’t have the same quality as previous works IMO (as a whole album). But I still enjoy some of the songs, even today #UnusualYou #OutFromUnder #ShatteredGlass #Circus
  12. Hmmm, Maybe I'm the only one who didn't like "Rain On Me" at all, but IMO, I think that in 2020, Pop music was dominated by Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion, more than Ariana & Lady Gaga. Dua Lipa has been the first to release (and not potpone) her album at the beginning of the pandemic (as I can see it paid off!) and one of the first to have a virtual concert (Studio 2054 was amazing!)... She adapted and I give her credits for that. And for Megan, she had great performances, videos, collaborations (do you know WAP?). And don't worry, I think that Lil Nas X is going to amaze us in the future too (from a pop culture point of view)
  13. Haha, I agree with you! Anna isn’t the best dancer 😂but the song is catchy!
  14. This : and this : I definitely can’t listen to these songs without turning up the volume!
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