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  1. Queen of radio hits doesn't dissapoint! Ava has just released her new single - EveryTime I Cry, which is probably the first single from her upcoming second album Update: the video is out:
  2. Ava Max was asked to name her favorite Elton John song and couldn't come up with one. The Internet went in, and Ava is clapping back. Kind of living for the messiness Related: Thumbnail credit courtesy of Ava Max's Instagram
  3. Ava Max was asked what her favorite Elton John song was on the iHeartRadio red carpet. She paused for a little while before saying all of them - because you can't dwindle any particular song down like that Not sure how to feel about this Related:
  4. In today's edition of celebs changing their hair color, Ava Max goes brunnette. Thoughts?
  5. Bebe Rexha says she wanted to get herself, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora and Ava Max all on one track together (they all share Albanian heritage), however it's not going to happen because Dua and Rita are fighting. “I have really tried. I don’t know what’s really going on there or what the drama is. I’ve tried to always be the peace-keeper and bring the girls together," Bebe tells The Sun. "For me, I would really love to do something together but I’m not sure that will ever happen. And I won’t say any more about that.” She adds that they've become competitive because of the nature of the industry. “It’s weird because I know how it is to be a girl and sometimes we can get really competitive. I’m not even talking about me, Dua, Rita and Ava, I’m just talking about females in general. What happens is there’s not enough women at the table." “I don’t know about the UK charts but here in the US, a couple of years ago 80 per cent of the radio was male and only 20 per cent of the songs that were played were by women. That’s messed up. When we see that there’s only 20 per cent of us, we feel like we have to compete, we’re a minority in the music industry." “It’s sad that there’s an unspoken competitiveness because I see it as, ‘How awesome is it that we all have our own levels of success?’ I would love for it to happen because I know all of these girls individually and they’re all awesome chicks." Meanwhile, Ava Max remains unproblematic. Thoughts, Exhale?
  6. Ava Max says she's surprised people compare her to Lady Gaga. She presumed people would find a likeness to Mariah Carey. Ava does make a solid point though: people compare her looks to Gaga and that's not right. Exhale, what do you think about this? Related:
  7. Ava Max added a new song titled "My Head & My Heart" to her recent album, Heaven & Hell. It samples ATC's "Around the World (La La La La La)"). There's a newly-premiered music video for it. I love it! I feel like this song will smash. Exhale, thoughts?
  8. Ava Max is hard at work on new music. It appears the new tune is titled "Day n Night" and produced by Cirkut ("Sweet but Psycho"). She makes bops so I'm here for it. Heaven & Hell is shaking.
  9. Ava Max claims to be 26-years-old, but the Internet has decided she's lying. People believe she's in her late '20s or '30s but is lying to appear young because the pop industry tends to promote younger women more. I actually believe that's true, which is a real shame. People have been questioning Ava's age since "Sweet But Psycho" took off. Clearly, this interviewer knew about it and slyly decided to ask. Her reaction, at least based off of how this clip was edited, was a bit awk. Exhale, would you care if Ava was lying about her age? Oh btw... her new album drops on Friday. Related:
  10. I saw a rumor this weekend that Ava Max and Nicki Minaj are collaborating together on a song. Fans wondered because it looked like they were in the same recording studio. But before I had the chance to even post the rumor, Nicki caught wind of it and called it a lie. Welp. Exhale, do you think an Ava x Nicki collab would smash? Or would it be DOA. I love Ava's music, but I feel like the industry is pushing her on us HARD and the GP is like we'll tell you who will smash k sis?
  11. One of Ava Max's recent releases, "Kings & Queens" debuted on the Hot 100 this week at #73. Max has released a string of guilty pop pleasures, though she's had trouble breaking into the mainstream, however... it appears things are shifting for her. Ava just dropped another song titled "Who's Laughing Now," which seems appropriate considering the amount of hate she gets on the Internet. Future queen of pop. Coming for Katy and Gaga's crown. When will your faves? For real though, congrats to her! She makes pretty great pop music, so the more people that know about her imo the better. Stream "Kings and Queens" for clear skin. Thoughts, Exhale? UPDATE: The song has achieved a new peak on the Billboard Hot 100 at #22 and seems to be slowly increasing. UPDATE 2: As of 11/29, the song reached a new peak at #13 almost 9 months after its release. A longevity queen Related:
  12. Ava Max just released a new music video for "OMG What's Happening." She really does bring the visuals doesn't she. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  13. Wow. It's not even Halloween and Ava has released a Christmas song. I'm not sure about the strategy since most people will forget its existence by December.
  14. Today is the release date of Ava Max’s debut album, Heaven & Hell! It was produced by Crikut, Linus Wiklund & RedOne. Charlie Puth & Bonnie McKee were also involved in the album’s production. Seven singles have been released so far: Sweet But Psycho, So Am I, Torn, Salt, Kings & Queens, Who’s Laughing Now & Omg What’s Happening. The album is divided into two halves: Side A represents Heaven and is comprised of dance tracks. Side B represents Hell and is comprised of moodier ballads. Torn is considered the purgatory track that divides both sides. Comment below which songs are your favorites and let’s stream what’s sure to be one of the best pop albums of 2020! PS - Ava also released a music video for "Naked." See that below. Related:
  15. Update 4: In the US, Ava Max's new album Heaven & Hell is predicted to debut at #26 with just under 19K in sales plus streaming. Guess my numbers were very close to the outcome, were they? Update 3: Guess Ava has lost in the chart battle Heaven & Hell debuts at No.2 in the Official UK Charts selling 7,2k units Still good for a debut artist, exhale? Update 2: Seems that we have gotten some juicy information from @Invitation Even though, we have not recieved any new updates for her the album is going to perform in the US, heads are already up for Ava in The Official Charts (UK Charts)! The album is predicted to debut at #1 in the UK, selling 7,200 units already, and is just 300 units ahead #2 Lets see how the album, performs Update 1: Seems like the album is already having a good start! This week, the album has gone No.1 in the mid-week reports of UK's Charts, basically saying that so far, Heaven & Hell is having the highest sales and has a fair chance of debuting at No.1 in the UK charts! Congrats to Ava, Seems my predictions for her performance in Europe were right then SOURCE: https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/albums-chart-update/ Earlier: I know i am taking a hiatus of Exhale to pursue my studying and revision for my coming assessments but, I cannot leave the Ava Max fans like that by not giving them a piece of my Iconic series, right? So, hello everyone and welcome to the 5th Thread from my series "How much will (new album) sell in its first week?" ! I have just achieved my second diamond thread (in terms of views) of this series and i just want to say a Big hearty Thank You to everyone who has been ever since i started it and all the newcomers. I am extremely happy that you guys enjoy this series where we predict how much a new album is going to sell in its first week So now lets get back to business! Ava Max has dropped her highly anticipated debut "Heaven & Hell" just yesterday and it already has welcomed a 65% user score rating on AlbumOfTheYear.com! The album features her biggest hits "Sweet But Psycho" and "Kings & Queens" and has a creative concept of Side A: Heaven, and Side B: Hell. So now the time has come where we predict how much the album is predicted to sell in its first week So here are the circumstances: Heavy comparisons to older stars:- Ever since Ava Max become famous for her song "Sweet But Psycho" she has drawn severe comparisons to Lady Gaga for their "similar" costumes, music and aesthetic. Is it possible this is going to be the Madonna & Lady Gaga feud of the early 2020s where Gaga will call Ava reductive in a interview So with all of these comparisons, will it stop people from streaming or buying her record expecting a 2.0 Lady Gaga nobody wanted? New star: Once you are new and fresh to the screen, there is ~INTENSE~ pressure on you for having as strong album sales as your single sales, not to mention that your debut should deliver to the critic and GPs ears. So will this be a obstacle for Ava as there are already users calling the whole album "Radio-friendly" and "safe" ? Will this stop people who decided to give her a chance? One-hit wonder: Ava is already being deemed a one-hit wonder who will fade away once her lackluster first week sales will come out, but can Ava pull the UNO Reverse card, and deliver staggering first week sales for a debut act? Possibly more than BOMT debut sales? (121k) So within these circumstances, how much do you expect it to sell? From my side, i think if it (unfortunately) turns to become a flop, she will sell at least 20k-30k in the U.S and debut at #8, and since she is quite big in the UK, i expect a Top 3 debut with 50-70k sales, and internationally i expect her to sell 100k-120k. If it becomes a hit, i expect it to sell 50k-60k in the US with a No.1 debut, same numbers for the UK, and internationally it will sell 140k-155k. So what do you guys, predict? How much will "Heaven & Hell" sell? Lemme know Related:
  16. A troll on a Zoom call with Ava Max and some fans repeatedly said she looked like a tr**ny. Ava ended up hopping off the call prematurely. This really bums me out. Imagine releasing something you've worked really hard on, only to have some dumb dumb rain on your parade and be rude to you for no reason. Also, the troll is obviously transphobic. All around not cool. I really feel for her. Stream "Belladonna" for clear skin.
  17. The lyrics to this song are really good tbh : Forgive me for making you wait up for me I'll pull you in like the waves of the sea I promise Yeah, I promise It's hard to forget me, just wait and you'll see I cannot help it, it comes naturally If I'm honest I'm never honest Belladonna, belladonna, belladonna, belladonna Poisonous, contagious, get you high in my cabana Belladonna, belladonna, belladonna, belladonna Dangerous, addictive, don't come here unless you wanna Belladonna, belladonna Belladonna Dark pop at its best
  18. Ava Max has been dubbed in the press as this spiritual successor to Swede's Ace of base. Someone did a Mash up of Ace of Base's The Sign and Ava Max's who's laughing now and it's brilliant cos it proves the media was right. @Jordan Miller @ColdAsFire88
  19. Ava Max can't escape the Lady Gaga comparisons. She was asked about it in a new interview. She says she loves Gaga, but doesn't get why people compare women and not men (which I don't agree with btw). The quote wasn't originally in English, so this is the Google Translation, but you'll get the gist. She was asked which artists influence her. "For me Beyoncé is number 1. Mariah Carey, I have said it on other occasions, it was also very important. In a way, she was the first to teach me to sing, when I was 9 and 10 years old, I kept listening to her and imitating her." Thoughts, Exhale?
  20. Ava Max unveiled the cover for her forthcoming debut album, Heaven & Hell. It's raising some eyebrows. The floating heads... one is blonde (heaven?), one has orange hair (hell?). Is it a metaphor for the real Ava Max and in her reflection... the pop Ava Max? I think the reason why it's not resonating is we don't really know either of them yet to feel a certain type of way. I like the font though but yea overall it's low-key kinda tacky and 2009-ey. The tracklist is also out. There's 9 new songs in addition to the ones we've already heard. Thoughts? Related:
  21. Checking Ava Max charts around the world. Despite peaking at #10 in the US, Sweet and Psycho topped the charts in astounding 22 countries. Subsequent singles flopped in the US, but proved to be successful in countries like Poland, Russia and basically mainland and Eastern Europe. Her trajectory reminds me of another American singer that was way more successful in these areas of Europe than her Native Us. Her name is Anastasia. Anastasia was in a pre American Idol MTC show called the cut, Hosted by the late Lisa "left eye" lopes of TLC that aired on MTV in the summer of 1997. She was eliminated very early by the Audience which shocked not only Lisa but all the judges, Lisa played a huge role in getting her a contract with Sony music.. Her debut album was called freak of Nature. Only flopped in the US, but she became one of the most beloved Music acts in Europe, to where just like Tina turner she moved there cos her career and success was really in Europe and it's just easier to move to where you're working at. Ava will probably flop in the US, but Europe has already embraced her big Time.
  22. Honestly she does remind me more of Madonna, than Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, from the ultra cool name Ava Max, the aestitic and the creative control package, plus building up the momental.
  23. https://www.facebook.com/AvaMax/videos/961533520956757/ So @Jordan Miller needs to have his servers allow the Facebook music videos portal to embed. They are acting like the URL doesn't exist. Anyway the sweet but psycho video is everything I love about a psycho chick The boyfriend cheated on her, she drugged him and in one scene killed his entire family for revenge. The final scene dressed in her wedding gown, while he's passed out or close to death, cos of all the blood he lost, she sets the bed on fire.
  24. Years-old photos of Ava Max were published on image uploading website Imgur.com. Fans suspect the photos were taken around 2007-2008 when she went by Amanda Kay instead (her real name is Amanda Ava Koci). She released her first EP under that name in 2008. This is significant for several reasons: People think she tried to emulate her look after Lady Gaga. These photos of Ava look nothing like Gaga, but her present-day appearance slightly does. I personally don't think she purposefully tries to look like Gaga, but indeed there are instances where she does. People also question her actual age. Some suspect she's in her thirties. According to Google, she's 26-years-old currently, which means she'd be around 13-years-old in the newly-surfaced photos. People tend to look a lot different in that time span. She went from being a teenager to an adult - of course she's going to look different. I find it odd people are accusing her of lying about her age. However, these images are quite a trip to look at. It's also worth pointing out that a lot of people claim Max is an industry plant. But as we can see here... she's been trying to break into mainstream music for a decade+. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
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