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  1. I think Ariana Grande will rule pop genre for at least 5-6 years more, that being said I love Arian's Sweetener and Dangerous Women album quite a lot, rest didn't age well for me Ariana is a hit machine and have been popping hits year after year, Positions album not included Britney last hit was 2013 Britney Legendary Spears is a senior Artist so who shall win? PRINCESS OF POP will only be Britney Spears, if anyone has a different take on it please see the exit
  2. On May 20, exactly 5 years ago, Ariana Grande released her much anticipated 3rd studio album Dangerous Woman. This was arguably Ariana's last pure pop effort, so many people look back on it fondly (myself included). While not the first time Ariana had worked with Max Martin, Dangerous Woman was an even bigger Max Martin extravaganza than the previous record. When it comes to commercial performance, it debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 with 175k units sold. Furthermore, the era spawned 4 singles: Dangerous Woman (#8 peak) Into You (#13 peak) Side to Side (feat. @Style.) (#4 peak) Everyday (feat. Future) (#55 peak) Let's not forget that the album was originally titled Moonlight with Focus being released as the lead single and peaking at #7 on the Hot 100. While Focus ended up getting scrapped, it remained on the Japanese edition of the album, which also features the superior album art: While not a single, Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne) also received a music video barely cracking the Hot 100 at #99: Finally, let's talk Step On Up - the Ariana b-side that all Britney fans should be familiar with. Why? Well, it spawned a fanmade remix featuring the instrumental of Gimme More and amassed a cult following of sorts sitting at 19 million views on YouTube: The original was a Target bonus track, and it's been finally released on all streaming platforms to coincide with the 5-year anniversary of Dangerous Woman: Kind of pointless if you ask me because nothing can top the remix, but I guess it's cute. They should've taken notes from Dula Doop and released the fanmade remix officially. That would probably generate more buzz too, tbh. What are you favorite tracks, music videos, performances, etc., from the Dangerous Woman era? Sound off below!
  3. Hey everyone! In the most recent lockdown I truly began to struggle with my mental health after so many years of struggling previously. After many sessions of encouragement with my therapist I started to write my story. I know you may be asking why it is on a Britney forum and that’s because Britney and the forum is mentioned repeatedly throughout the book as part of my journey. I hope this book can reach out to those who it may help and with your help I hope it can. Here is a review and the description of the book… "Raw, honest, hard to put down and incredibly beautiful. Joshua reminds us that we are all many different pieces of a complex puzzle. A continuing story of love, hope and healing." - Gemma Ray, BBC Lancashire “Joshua Gaskell’s story is a complicated jigsaw. Navigating his youth through confusing and turbulent emotions including bullying, rejection, heartbreak and struggles with his ***uality, everyday normal stresses and strains snowballed quickly. A survivor of the Manchester Arena bombing which saw a suicide bomber claim the lives of 22 people and injure 800 at an Ariana Grande concert, Joshua found himself no longer understanding his place in society and how to deal with his thoughts. Severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder ensued and with that came crippling anxiety, struggles with historical trauma, addiction and suicide attempts. When the UK lockdown in 2020 shut down his business leaving him in severe financial, emotional and mental stress, it was too much. Joshua finally reached out for help and sought solace and healing in his therapist, Catherine. It was Catherine who recognised that Joshua’s story of survival could help others. She recommended Joshua write this book. This book is his story. And it may be your story too. “My therapist, Catherine, asked me during our sessions, “What are you living for?” My answer was that I’m living to complete my puzzle”, said Joshua. In this unfiltered and raw memoir, Joshua recounts the incremental mental toll that led to him feeling that life was not worth living. Gripping and shocking, yet hopeful, this book is a reminder that we are all many puzzle pieces in our jigsaw of life. Some we need help to find, some are hard to place but learning to enjoy the process of fitting the dramatically different pieces together is the most beautiful and meaningful part of life” Kindle Edition Out Now! Paperback edition coming very soon! http://mybook.to/puzzlepieces Sorry this is such a long winded post haha! Thanks for your help and support throughout the many years!
  4. Ariana Grande has teamed up with BetterHelp and has given $1 000 000 so people could seek for help when it comes to mental health. The website is stating that Ariana is not profiting from this whatsoever. BetterHelp will set you up with a therapist after filling up a questionnaire and will start your free month trial only after you begin your sessions and are matched with an adequate therapist. Say what you want, but this girl is amazing. Well done Ariana! Feel free to check out her IG story for receipts
  5. Rumors are Nicki's fifth Album and Ariana's 7th studio album, might be a collaboration album. Will you guys be here for An Ariana and Nicki Minaj album and World tour (Stadiums only, please for this kind of tour, and no special guests, cos two iconic artists need no openers) @Style. @Blackout2006 @Jordan Miller
  6. How amazing it would be if this actually happened!! Petermaxforreal (@petermaxforreal) Tweeted: I wanna see a #freebritney benefit concert with a top lineup all covering Britney songs 🌹@ladygaga @ArianaGrande @cher
  7. The music video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, references the films Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30, and Legally Blonde, and was released on November 30, 2018. Ariana Grande also considered adding other memorable 2000's teen movies, such as A Cinderella Story, Crossroads, She's the Man and Girl, Interrupted, but declined. Following its release, it broke the record for the most-watched music video in YouTube within 24 hours at the time, with over 55.4 million views. The music video for "Thank U, Next" features a plethora of cameo appearances, such as from TV personality Kris Jenner, and
  8. Update 6: While mid-week predictions for Positions are for it to stay atop of the UK charts for a additional 4th week, Positions is planning already to surrender the top positions in the Billboard 200, predicted to fall to #4 due to competition in this week. Update 5: MediaTraffic Charts (The worldwide charts) has posted sales for Ariana Grande's new album, "Positions" and the numbers aren't so great.. The album debuted at #2 selling 257k copies WW, but if we were to subtract US sales, the album has sold 98k copies WW. This is a steep decline from her last years studio effort which sold 225k copies; and 585k copies in total in its first week. Meanwhile, Positons is staying second week at #1 in the US selling over 80k units with a 36% decrease in sales from its first week numbers. However, Positions has dropped to #3 in the UK Charts. Overall, Positions has so far sold 339k copies WW and does have a possibility of climbing to #1 in its second week in the Global Album Charts Top 10. Update 4: Wow...Not only did Positions fall for the 4th time below its predicted standards but dipped below everyone's interest. Positions debuted at #1 selling over 172k units in its first week. This has become Ariana's FIRST album not to outsell its predecessor, and is Ariana's third-lowest first week sales to date, selling lower than her 2016 effort Dangerous Woman which sold 178k in its first week Here are the highest debut sales of this year: Top Debuts of 2020 (SPS) Folklore by Taylor Swift - 846k Legends Never Die by Juice WRLD - 497k After Hours by The Weeknd - 444k MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 by BTS - 422k Eternal Atake by Lil Uzi Vert - 288k Music to Be Murdered By by Eminem - 279k Chromatica by Lady Gaga - 274k Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon by Pop Smoke - 251k Manic by Halsey - 239k Here and Now by Kenny Chesney - 233k Changes by Justin Bieber - 231k Dark Lane Demo Tapes by Drake - 223k No Pressure by Logic - 221k My Turn by Lil Baby - 197k YHLQMDLG by Bad Bunny - 179k Positions by Ariana Grande - 174k Positions lands in the #16 spot, nearly missing even the Top 15. Thank you, next had the 4th highest first week sales of 2019, so this is more than just a steep fall for Ariana. Artist who are not even half as popular as Ariana, such as Bad Bunny, Lil Baby, Logic, Kenny and Pop Smoke outsold Ariana Update 3: Ouch....after Thank U, Next debuted at #1 selling over 65k units, Positions tops the chart selling only 27k units in stock first week in the UK. This is a 38,000 decrease in sales from her last effort and thankfully she did not release Positions this week or else it would have debuted at #3 under Little Mix and Kylie Minougue Update 2: Its sales are just getting worser and worser. Chart data has updated it and it seems it is predicted to sell 182k. Update 1: Just when the stans thought sales would be predicted much higher Seems that Ariana Grande's new album "Positions" is still on track to debut at #1, but with 195K (versus the 240-260K prediction previously). Earlier: It has been 2-days since Ariana has released her 6th Studio effort "Positions" welcoming favorable reviews from the critics and general public, not only has it been an underwhelming listen for many fans, but is also going to welcome...quite fine sales for someone of a status of Ariana who along with Billie are the biggest popstars in the world right now... According to Hits Daily Double, the new record will be predicted to (obviously since she is Ariana) debut at #1 with only 240k-260k. Now it has just dipped to only 195k sales. These are...pretty underwhelming numbers Not only did it fall below everyone's predictions whom predicted it to sell over 300k-500k but is Ariana's first album not too outsell its predecessor in its first week. Now the sales have just reduced in prediction, only predicted to sell 195k with a #1. Gurl, even ARTPOP outsold ya. Positions is Ariana's fourth lowest first week sales. This is a 54% drop from Ariana's monstrous Thank U, Next debut which topped the charts selling a staggering 360k in the US alone. Positions is now one of the lowest selling commercial albums by a pop star in its first week. Here's a chart for reference: Here is the possible consequences for sales for an album that was highly anticipated upon release:- Overexposure:- Due to the release of Sweetener, this era and album catapulted Ariana into Main Pop-Girl Phenomena who would later release Thank U, Next...6 months after the release of her critically-acclaimed record and thus, the Thank U, Next became the peak of Ariana Grande's career, becoming the 3rd Best-Selling Album of 2019. So for a star with such immense success and fame, it is quite important to take 1-year breaks to conjure your fans and the GP to miss you, so when you release your next record, you are not over-saturated in the market. However, Ariana was still as active as she was in 2019, this year. She released more singles in which 2 were #1 Hits with JB and LG. So to release an album after such immense stardom might have started to cause people to lose interest in Ariana. Leaking:- There have been MANY albums in the past that could have been much huger if it weren't for people who could leak and share music of an album about to be release which destroys hype for ones record. And it seems Positions has become a severe victim of that. The album was leaked 3-4 days prior to its official release and spreaded like wild fire through the internet, due to everyone wanting to hear the new album. As many people too disliked the album in its first leak listen, this caused people to lose interest in the album. So what do you guys think? Disappointed? Shocked? Surprised? Lemme know Related:
  9. Newlywed Ariana Grande performed alongside The Weeknd at iHeartRadio. They performed the remix of "Save Your Tears." They sound so good Related:
  10. Update: Ariana Grande shared photos from her wedding day. She looks stunning! Earlier: Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez tied the knot at Aris' home in Montecito this weekend, TMZ reports. It was a super small and intimate affair. Earlier: She shared the news on Instagram.
  11. @Midnight's "Rihanna vs. Miley" thread inspired me to to start this discussion, as I once again realized that I don't really listen to Rihanna anymore despite being a huge fan back in the day. So, this got me thinking - what artists did you guys use to listen to that you don't anymore? Here are my picks: If y'all didn't know, Rihanna used to be THE pop girlie in my eyes. When I say I was obsessed with her, I mean it. In fact, the Good Girl Gone Bad tour was the 1st tour I ever went to, and GGGB was the 1st CD I ever bought. However, in recent years I've developed an appreciation for people that actually write their own songs, so I slowly but surely fell out of love with Rihanna. Plus, her more recent albums (namely, Unapologetic and Talk That Talk) weren't that great. ANTI was really good, but I had already moved on to other artists. Y'all gonna destroy my fraudulent azz for this, but I haven't listened to any of Brit's music in over a year. I don't even know why I participated in any of @Slayer's megarates. Consider this a coming out - I'm coming out as a complete and total fraud. These days, I only use Exhale for pop music discussions and #FreeBritney updates. I've been a fan of Dula Doop for longer than any of you fads - I was obsessed with her debut album, which came out in mid 2017, and I had my eye on her before that because of Be the One and Hotter Than Hell. Her debut album was the soundtrack to my trip to Turkey, so I was extremely excited for Future Nostalgia. Obviously, I loved it as much as the next f@g, but by the time the repackage came around, I had already gotten over her because of all the overexposure and how much I had overplayed FN. I really didn't expect to grow bored of Miss Dula Doop, but I did... Ari was already on my radar during the Yours Truly era because of The Way, but it was My Everything that turned me into an actual fan. I freakin' loved that album, and Dangerous Woman was really good too (it hasn't aged that well, though). When it came to Sweetener and thank u, next, I didn't really vibe with her new direction, so I didn't even bother with the albums. I fell so out of love with Ari that I haven't listened to Positions either. I lowkey forgot that it even exists. I've been an avid fan of alternative pop girlies since Lana Del Rey burst on the scene, so I was obviously interested in Melanie as well. I gave Cry Baby a shot and adored it. I think Soap was the first song that caught my attention, but the whole album is brilliant and still holds up. However, it took her so long to release K-12 that I just lost interest. She showed 0 artistic growth - K-12 was the exact same thing (but less interesting), so I listened to it once and forgot about it. I've heard good things about the somewhat recent EP, but I couldn't be bothered. I bet most of her fans have moved on to Hillbillie Eyelash too. The way I lowkey deserve to get cancelled for this thread... Anyway, sound off, y'all.
  12. Most times celebrity wax figures are terrifying, but some times they get it right. This time, they got it really right. The new Ariana Grande wax figure is spot on. Thoughts, Exhale?!
  13. Welcome to Battle of The Pop Stars So last week Lady Gaga and Rihanna went head to head and 81/148 of you decided that Rihanna would be the winner. The official winner of round number three. This week I am bringing to this battle a voice, a talent, a ponytail, one of the most iconic pop stars of recent times, Ms Ariana Grande!!! Who will it be this week exhale? Will you crown Rihanna or Ariana Grande? Let's go. Rihanna Rihanna started her career in 2003. She has eight albums, Music of The Sun, A Girl Like Me, Good Girl Gone Bad, Rated R, Loud, Talk That Talk, Unaplogetic and Anti. She has sold over 250 million records and singles. Her films, Bring It On: All or Nothing, Battleship, This Is the End, Home, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Ocean's 8 and Guava Island Her tours, Rihanna: Live in Concert, Good Girl Gone Bad Tour, Last Girl on Earth Tour, Loud Tour, Diamonds World Tour, Anti World Tour, The Monster Tour with Eminem and promotional tours A Girl's Night Out and 777 Tour. Rihanna has won 9 Grammy Awards, 8 Billboard Music Awards, 13 American Music Awards (including the Icon Award), and 7 MTV Video Music Awards (including the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.) VS Ariana Grande Ariana Grande started her career in 2008. She has six albums, Yours Truly, My Everything, Dangerous Woman, Sweetener, Thank U, Next and Positions. Across albums, singles and features (when physical, downloads and streaming equivalent sales are combined), Grande has been certified for 85.5 million units in the U.S. Her films, Snowflake, the White Gorilla, Underdogs, Zoolander 2, Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You, Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry and the upcoming Don't Look Up. Her tours, The Listening Sessions, The Honeymoon Tour, Dangerous Woman Tour and The Sweetener World Tour. Ariana Grande has won 156 awards throughout her career. Stream your fav hit by Riri to celebrate her win and share your fav songs and moments from these iconic ladies of pop.
  14. Ariana Grande hopped on a remix of The Weeknd's "Save Your Tears." It's officially #1! Thoughts, Exhale?!
  15. Let's have this conversation and let's be honest. Pop culture right now isn't at its bests. Singers don't really have charisma, they release boring songs, there's just nothing special even if the songs are good. There's nothing iconic. Britney's prime era ended = no iconic moments. And that's a fact. No moments that had huge impact on pop culture rn like for example Britney dancing with a snake, kissing Madonna or shaving her head in 2000s. There's just nothing like it right now, totally nothing on this level. In my opinion ''Rain On Me'' released in 2020 was a really good moment for pop culture after years of nothing (except Thank U, Next song and music video). Don't get me wrong lmao I already know some people will be mad because of misunderstanding (I didn't know how to name this thread so idk if it sounds good, you can change it into something better). I totally don't think ''Rain On Me'' is even close to Britney's iconic moments, that's a fact - it is not. But choosing from all of recent moments, songs - ''Rain On Me'' is the best of it. It's iconic. On Britney's level? Absolutely not. ''Rain On Me'' really was a moment. Two big pop stars collaborating together on a dance-pop song mixing a lot of styles together. And it sounds really good, fresh and iconic. Lyrics are good. And the music video is amazing as well. Colors, dance, chemistry, style, vibe, energy - all makes sense here. It really works. Btw look at art I found: Seems like people really got inspired by it and that's the point
  16. Bus, Plane, No Sleep, Club, Another Club, Anxiety, Paparazzi, Concert, No Sleep, Photoshoot, Depression, Body Dysmorphia, Concert Bombing, Album release, Bi-polar disorder, broken marriage, Award Show, next place, trauma, another concert. We’ve all seen the headlines. Demi Lovato suffered an overdose after years of sobriety. Lady Gaga has PTSD. Katy Perry chopped her hair off yearning to be just Katy Hudson again. Ariana Grande shared a catscan of the trauma in her brain compared to a healthy one. Julia Michaels and Selena Gomez put out a song called “Anxiety.” Britney Spears checked int
  17. Ariana posted a tweet that she's going to be on a remix of "Save Your Tears" with The Weeknd. It will be released at 9PM PST tomorrow night.
  18. so I record new cover - positions let me know what does Exhale think Song suggestions are welcomed (Britney songgg)
  19. I've noticed that people aren't interested in her as much as they used to. And she's losing a lot of fans mostly because of them being bored with her new albums that have very similar sound. She releases album every year and it really doesn't help her career. We all know how bad Positions album did in the first week when they expected much more. She had her new #1s obiously, she's a queen of streaming I guess BUT we all know that her manager has power and he works harder than the devil so are these numbers she has even fair? Her peak was for sure 2019 with Thank U, Next era. Sweetener era was exciting for people cause she came back with new music after long silence and you know, first music since Manchester bombing. People were so interested in her because of her outrageous relationship with Pete Davidson as well and all of the drama and obvi death of her ex. Now people don't care that much even if she got engaged and she became a judge in The Voice. We'll see but it seems like her career won't be bigger.
  20. Another thread shading Ariana's career says hi This is not a hate thread, just a discussion. I was a fan of her 2015-2020 so I definitely know what I'm talking about here. I think we all can agree that her career could have been much much better than it is now. Yes, she's one of the greatest pop stars of our generation, she's a queen of streams, she's the most followed woman on Instagram. But numbers for sure aren't everything. Especially when nowadays it's so easy to fake it. Ariana has had everything to be a great pop star - amazing voice, talent, beauty, charisma, she isn't the best dancer but I guess she could improve it. The point is that she's not that creative. Not as creative as Britney, Bey, Gaga, Madonna etc. Don't get me wrong, it's her career, her decisions, this thread is only a discussion. Her performances aren't that good even when she really can sing. Good voice isn't everything in music industry obvi. Her music videos are most of the time so boring. Her songs are catchy but it's nothing so special - what is the point of making everything in the same style? Positions era showed us how lazy she is with her music. You can still enjoy it but it could have been way way way way better. Ariana doesn't really have iconic moments that had a huge impact on pop culture, except Thank U, Next song and music video. No iconic fashion moments. No iconic magazine covers. She's just really pretty. It honestly makes me so sad that with her fame and talent she's just wasting it for some boring sh t. Being a pop star is a responsibility as well. Her career for sure could have been as big as Britney's iconic career full of pop culture defining moments, she had potential but now it's too late. I think she said once that she just didn't like that but... are you a pop star only for yourself? You have to feed your fans well, you are where you are only because of them and they deserve more.
  21. @Blackout2006 despite slamming positions, said the saving grace was pov.. Apparently republic and Scooter Braun agreed, they just played POV on the radio, here's to hoping the most critically acclaimed track becomes a hit and not just a radio hit.
  22. Hello everyone Sales label, IFPI's list for 20 Global Artist Of 2020, that was supposed to come out later this year was leaked so watch me fuel the spreading of the leaked list In Top 3, we have BTS, Taylor Swift and Drake The mega-popular South-Korean band released 2 studio albums last year with both debuting at over a 1.000.000 units, and had one of the biggest hits of the year which Grammy-Nominated "Dynamite". The Asians are coming to conquer and we love to see iT Even though, she has been in the game since she was a little girl, Taylor Swift still rakes in millions of sales due to her loyal fan base! She released 2 albums as well last year, with Folklore becoming the US Best-Selling album. Its the power for me your honor Who was streaming Drake honestly last year? In the Top 10 we have artist like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber dominate the list whom released viral hit songs and were on everyones Spotify playlist. Its shocking to see how Billie barely released music, but still came at #6 of globally most popular singers. And yall still say she aint a main pop girl? And at Top 15, we have everyone's favorite white singer, Ed Sheeran, whom barely missed the top 10 reaching #11 in IFPI's list. We then have Gaga who has made a highly successful comeback with her first studio album since Joanne (2016), which is 90s-house record, Chromatica Dua Lipa AKA MPG of 2020, also graced this list at #16 after bagging 4 huge hits from her sophomore record, Future Nostalgia We also have legendary bands like Queen and Beatles on the list. True legends What do you guys think? Slay? Shooketh? Did your fave enter the list? Lemme know
  23. The Korean company that launched K-pop sensation BTS is paying $1.05 billion for a star-studded U.S. media group behind the careers of global stars Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Big Hit Entertainment, which is changing its name to HYBE, is investing 1.07 trillion won ($950 million) into its U.S. unit to acquire Ithaca Holdings LLC, led by music impresario Scooter Braun. Big Hit will pay a total of $1.05 billion to shareholders and bondholders to purchase Ithaca, according to a regulatory filing in Seoul Friday. The acquisition of Ithaca would be the first major foray into the U.S. market for Big Hit Entertainment. Braun, currently Ithaca’s chief executive officer, will join the board of HYBE, the companies said in a statement. As part of the transaction, Carlyle Group will sell its significant minority stake in Ithaca, which it has held since 2017. BTS featuring Justin Bieber/Ariana Grande/Demi Lovato? Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-02/k-pop-agency-to-buy-justin-bieber-manager-s-firm-for-1-billion
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