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  1. Kim Petras says she has nothing to be ashamed of for working with Dr. Luke. She got a ton of backlash so she deleted the Tweet. However, the Internet is forever. I personally asked her about working with Dr. Luke in an interview together a few years ago. She said no comment Thoughts, Exhale? Kesha responded for #FreeKesha trending afterward
  2. She had a vision she knew she needed to fulfill and she's done it and is doing it. Pop music has fascinated Kim since the beginning. She knows how to create Pop melodies and she's talented and good for it. With or WITHOUT Dr. Luke. The funny **** is many other artists still work with Luke including Doja Cat and Saweetie and some rappers as well. They aren't ever brought up. Kim releases a single produced by Max Martin and Ilya and people still complain. At this point it's sounding like clear transphobia and that's not cool at all. Kim is a very talented artist who loves her ******* fans and is a real person. She knows how to do her job and people stay 'Lé Pressed' because of it Why do we continuously put women against women and bring down other artists today? It's uncalled for and needs to stop. It's toxic and not cute we can appreciate our faves without shading or demoralizing other artists and their skillset. Kim has worked 10 years to get where she is.... It's an accomplishment as a artist I said what I said 💅 JayTawndré
  3. Jay gives us an insight of the lifestyle of the rich and famous before he sneaks away to the Philippines and we can kiss his derrière: Comment, like, subscribe and share your thoughts down below! 😊
  4. Both are talented but there can only be one winner Ava is killin’ it right now btw
  5. It's a very personal bop. These lyrics will resonate with LGBTQ who grew up with religion and feeling like we don't fit into it. I can relate. I was in a Christian ministry the last 7 years. Thank you Kim and Max Martin for this. Also Max Martin is singing background vocals with Kim! He has a great voice. So excited to meet Kim and see her perform live at iHeartRadio 😱!!! Related Thoughts
  6. someone be so kind as to send me the link of kim petras from the canceled album problem please
  7. Kim Petras team followed me on Twitter and sent me a DM and I am attending iHeartRadio live exclusive event. Kim Petras is performing!!!! I have all the info and tickets and it's November 17. I'm so excited!! Burbank here I come 😱😱😱😱😱😱 Are u happy for me Exhale I'm gonna meet the Pop queen!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  8. Kim describes her new music with I-D “…a really pretty skeleton. It’s got the wig on. Braids with ribbons, but it’s still a skeleton — a hot slutty skeleton… I know the songs, and I know the order of them, but I just have to go finish them…” Kim Petras: "It was hard to find anyone who believed in me" T.CO After a decade in the music industry, the anarchic star has officially made history as the first openly trans artist to reach...
  9. Congratulations to Kim Petras and Sam Smith who both are on a high celebrating both of their own first #1 song on BBH100. Kim marks the FIRST trans artist to ever get a #1. She's making history! Congratulations to Sam as well. Are you excited? Discuss... The future starts now for Kim.
  10. Kim performed at Twitch Con and performed her upcoming Max Martin-produced new single 'If Jesus Was a Rockstar' off her upcoming new album. The song is about her struggle fitting into spirituality and religion being transgender. It's a very personal song. This needs to be released ASAP! 😭🤍
  11. So since last year the world of Exhale has grown to love Kim Petras the rising Pop star and I love it see it. She's a great artist. Her songs are Pop heaven. Well did you know she writes all her songs? Did you know she came to LA from Germany and wrote music for some artists including Pop act Danity Kane? 😱😱😱 Fun fact: Kim Petras wrote a track called 'Ill Be Dancing' for Fergie which was supposed to be included on Fergie's 2017 comeback record 'Double Dutchess.' Kim recorded a demo, submitted it to Fergie's team. Fergie also recorded a demo. Check them both out below. ⬇️ Here's a YouTube video with some songs you may have never known Kimberly Petras wrote!!! ✍️ She's such a good songwriter!!! 💜💜💜 Do you like some of the songs she's written? Comment below! ⬇️🤭
  12. So, Kim Petras uploaded demos from her Mama’s Basement Era to her SoundCloud. Let’s listen and discuss: https://on.soundcloud.com/mUjQ52vTpC6h8uHp8
  13. Kim tweeted that she was bored. A follower asked her to leak something. So she did 😂 Looks like girl has 271 demos on her phone 👀
  14. Kim Petras unveils 'If Jesus Was a Rockstar' cover art shot by Jason Al-Tran and creative directed by Eli Sheppard. pre-save 'Rockstar' now: www.kimpetras.com 'If Jesus Was a Rockstar' is Kim's first Max Martin single. Her Main Pop Girl era is here. She's also celebrating her first Top 10 on Billboard Hot 100 and first #1 on Global chart! 🥳🥳🥳 Related Are you ready? @Jordan Miller
  15. Oh wow! It becomes Sam’s 8th Number 1 and Kim’s first! Sam Smith and Kim Petras make a divine debut at the top of the Official Singles Chart with Unholy. Despite trailing in second place midweek behind David Guetta and Bebe Rexha, the juddering club track materialises at Number 1, racking up 5.9 million streams and gifting Sam Smith their eighth Number 1 single - putting them in line with Oasis and The Rolling Stones - and Kim Petras her first-ever UK chart topper. Speaking exclusively to OfficialChart.com, Sam Smith said: “It felt glorious and liberating making this record in the studio, but we had no idea the global response would be as overwhelming as it has been. “Seeing the fans’ reactions around the world responding to the track in the same way has been completely humbling. Working with Kim has been a joy, I can’t wait for everyone to hear more.” Kim Petras said: "I just want to say thank you Sam and thank you everyone for listening to the song!" Source: The OCC The video just dropped:
  16. original sound created by Kim Petras | Popular songs on TikTok VM.TIKTOK.COM original sound is a popular song by Kim Petras | Create your own TikTok videos with the original sound song... it sounds amazing i’m excited
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