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  1. 1. Crazy 2. Oops! 3. Stronger 4. Me Against the Music 5. Overprotected Remix Honorable Mention: 3
  2. I’m gonna play devils advocate here & say he must not restrict what she eats completely. She was heavier during Femme Fatale & the opening of POM. So it’s not like he keeps her on carrots & chicken. im probably gonna be attacked for this
  3. The fact that no one in her family has said anything about the fact Britney has said with her mouth that she wanted her dad gone & it finally happened & said nothing positive about getting what she wants is so telling. These avoiding queetions & cryptic pictures show they are praying cause they know they are about to be cut off & Jamie Lynn’s the new family breadwinner which isn’t saying much. do you think Brit will take her moms house back or not be that petty??
  4. I loved her first Christmas album! I saw an interview with Kelly and she said this album is more like a normal album just in a Christmas setting. I'm looking foward to it! Any new Kelly music is good news to me!
  5. After seeing Britney for years profess her love for her mom of course part of me wishes they could reconcile. But Lynne is too close to the other siblings & I don’t want her to try to talk Britney into forgiving them! They don’t deserve her forgiveness! Britney should just move Fe in with her. Fe is her other mom & loves her the way she deserves & needs.
  6. As someone said it is pretty much just restating things that fans have known for a while but great insight for the general public. I didn't mind the Adnan interview because he obviously was close with her. Sam was a strange choice especially unless you're going to go into something more specific. His part was so general that it wasn't really even needed. Did we already know it was Jenny from Rolling Stone who met Brit in the bathroom to sign papers?? That felt like a reveal to me but maybe I just didn't know. That ending made me tear up. Hearing her speak and seeing clips of her killing it was just so heartbreaking to connect what has really happened to her.
  7. I think all conservatorships need to be reassessed but I think they are different cases. amandas family got her in one & then helped get her on track. Helped her get into fashion school & work on herself. Didn’t push her back into showbiz to make them money. But with that said if she wants freedom & to do what she wants then she should be able to. Just because someone may make bad decisions & go down a wrong path (possibly) doesn’t warrant having control over them. It’s sad to watch ppl go down wrong paths but it’s their lives & decisions in the end.
  8. I'm not a big fan of the huge video screens as the background. Its so lazy compared to actually building sets. It looks cheap to me. Slave 4 U performance had the cages and so much it felt like an experience. NSYNC did the Pop performance and built a whole set. Now its just video screens and it looks so empty and plain. Not a fan.
  9. After crying about it & being all woe is me….she’s performing.
  10. You have to mention the ppl who changed they’re hair & it helped their career! Miley & Carly Rae come to mind!!
  11. This is a segment on the James Corden show called Crosswalk Musical. They’ve done em with a lot of big movie musicals. Watch em on YouTube. It’s a cute funny concept.
  12. Isn’t it weird that after Slave or the VMAs, Britney never mentioned how she created the cultural shift or her impact? Weird how she didn’t praise herself after she did again & again.
  13. Oh Wow! Impressive in its 8th week! I hope this happens for her...I love her! I like the album a good bit. It doesn't have as many big radio/viral singles as her last album but its still solid. Fingers crossed for Doja!
  14. How is my Normanis climbing? It peaked at 14 then dropped. I expect she’ll be announcing a performance soon so just wait before you start getting all defensive. no matter what you think of Camila or how this song is doin, she is technically a bigger star with two #1 songs & multiple Grammy nominations. Out of ppl that are out there right now (and many that have been around a While Are even having a hard time at selling at the moment) she is technically one of the bigger names so of course they are going to have her perform right now. *I think Lizzo’s new song isn’t good but she’ll most likely perform too cause they want stars. again the VMAs will be stupid if they don’t ask Normaji to perform. So I expect that announcement soon
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