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  1. I hate to say it, But miley's voice since her surgery is best at rock or country voice. It's way more raspy and very deep. Before the surgery her voice was girly and could fit any genre. I'm thinking medically it's helped and plus Rock Miley was how we fell in love with on her Disney days.. The music in the 00s was rock pop influenced.
  2. Am I surprised nope but then again Rolling stone did give Lemonade a perfect 5 stars out of 5, which is rare for any female artist.. I don't think the super bowl ruined Janet Jackson, but the impact of that plus Both Beyonce and Rihanna wanting to be the Black Madonna. Hate to say it, the fact they knew Madonna was better to approach universal stardom and iconic status, something Britney didn't want, that kind of fame that having anonymity or a private life goes away, when you're a "public figure ", sadly led to the erasure of Britney's biggest idol Janet Jackson. Hell a British music editor said in 2007 when baby one more time peaked at #8 on the 100 greatest songs of the 90s.. "Britney spears instant success proves that some people aren't mentally prepared for the cameras and the limelight, she literally became the female elvis in 2006 when everything went down hill"
  3. That interlude is to quote an iconic steps song "Better best forgotten" the other were ok, but that was cheesy and tacky.. Even posh would call that interlude "I know you said the interludes are tacky, but that one is definitely tacky as hell"
  4. Who would have thought gay men would be prudes, the reality tv shows, and tv shows in general had me thinking we were all s** obsessed and satanists..
  5. Let's be honest British Music industry treats pop Music as it should, unlike American industry which treats it as a guilty pleasure or something that is enjoyed privately. Not in public. All the acts are mentioned actually knows what makes great pop Music starts with a melody, it all begins with the music, lyrics comes second and the talent adds the final killer package. Is pop supposed to be serious, no but that's the charm, it's supposed to be campy and a little cheesy cos life is taken to seriously pop Music in particular to British pop Music provides the escape from life, I feel my home market forgot that rule a long time ago. Pop has become to personal and very political that they forgot the fun in escaping. So thank you for the Spice girls, Steps and others great pop acts who knows we need to escape life whether on a dance floor or a great two hour concert with your girls.
  6. With just fewer markets little mix is about to dethrone TLC and DC and probably by next decade dethrone the Spice girls, this is without going globally like the others did. This should prove that people need to stop denying the streaming generation and UK needs to uplift their rules that enforces sales over streams. Kylie might have won the chart battle for #1, but she lost the war to the girls, who despite losing a member is proving that they still remain popular as ever, cos we all know once a beloved member leaves the loyalty shifts and all abandon the group..little mix proved their end will be different, it won't be a repeat of what happened with the Spice girls, Steps and S club 7, where all their popularity left when members decide to leave.
  7. Rolling stone rarely does a public poll, and when they do they are pissed by the public. When they asked who was the queen of pop, 86.78% went to lady gaga, and Not the one they crowned, which was Madonna which we all know is one of the mainstream media to devote special editions to her and countdowns. Even Beyonce or Britney never gets the rare treatment Madonna does from rolling stone and a big reason why is it's the anarchy and what her whole career stood for. Even cher never got a cover story. Madonna got a full cover at 2015 during the rebel heart era and they noted at 56, she's still the only women to be considered rock and roll to Rolling stone. They even disrespect Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey who aren't pop stars.
  8. I believe the critical acclaim is proof is you focus less on singles and make a cohesive album, this is the results. Beyonce famously said this in 2011, record labels are focused on fast burning singles, that the album is a dead format. Billie listening to her family speak, obviously taught her the love of a cohesive concept album vs. Singles with album filler.
  9. And we need to talk about the fact they are the most successful act in the UK from the just cancelled X factor with 5 number ones and several multi platinum or platinum albums none of the winners saw the same success as Little mix. Only Raksu a boy band is the second group to win this version but they weren't as successful and the OCC noted just like American idol, eventually X factor became a novelty act and less of the best of the best
  10. That's a switch up, at first she declared Madonna as her idol, but we all know how that went, honestly I think gaga is still pissed that Britney refused to kiss her at the 2011 VMAS, rewatch it Britney was hella uncomfortable with that. Maybe gaga can't take rejection or denial from her idols that inspired her.
  11. I'm talking about the title track. And slow and boring, it's very electronic outside Billie boss nova and a few tracks. Just say she's not your cup of tea and moved on. She's one of 3 projects I'm actually excited for, I have 6 weeks to the New Steps album, and an eternity til Red (Taylor's version) gets here in November. It's widely known unlike last year, Music releases are hardly something to be excited about.
  12. It saves the environment with using recyclable materials. If it's like the last album, that means the poster is just that a poster and the lyrics by itself.
  13. Olivia, this is how resurrect rock.. Happier than ever was like a throwback to heavy metal, in a good way as not many females existed in that genre
  14. Update @Jordan Miller @Slayer Playlists are removing his music as we speak. It's been confirmed apple Music essentials Dua lipa replaced the remix of Levitating with the original version, the blessed Madonna remix remains the only remix now in her best of playlists for levitating the damage is done..
  15. In,1986, Madonna dropped her 3rd Studio album "True Blue", an album which All Music guide in their review declared that if 1984's Like a Virgin made Madonna a household name, then True Blue is the album that made her a superstar and the top female artist of that decade. Her first album to include Madonna as a producer. She Produced the album By Just Patrick Leonard (Open your heart, White Heat, Live to Tell, La Isla Bonita, and Love makes the world go round), Stephen Bray (papa don't preach, True Blue, Jimmy Jimmy) and the 3 of them produced Where's the party.. Many fans actually declare Madonna's best Music came from this team, and beg for her to go to them.. Unfortunately Patrick Leonard shot all Hope's saying, Madonna isn't a band, and we're just producers, plus I can never see her being Janet Jackson to us being Jimmy Jam and Terry lewis (a dig and very snarky comment as everybody knows every album outside Damita Jo, 20 Y.O. and Discipline the credits of Janet's major Music success was Jimmy jam and Terry lewis). True Blue 35th anniversary edition comes with a new Remaster edition plus all the extended mixes (that was the remix an extended 12" version), and radio edits and instrumental versions. @Blackout2006 @Jordan Miller @PokemonSpears @I Always Sing Live
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