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  1. He fits the daddy stereotype he's already platinum status as long as he keeps his body hot and don't let depression happen and turn to food for comfort like most of us do, cos it's quiet and doesn't judge or criticize or force us to address the problem..cos the LGBT has rules and mental health is automatically disqualified cos we are supposed to be flawless..
  2. So in 1997 an oasis member shaded the Spice girls being total s**ist and very mean. He was still upset how a girl group ended The short lived Britpop reign, he criticized them for being a commercial band making money off of their brand, at a time this was very uncommon in the Music industry unlike these days.. Fast forward 24 years later. The pop rocker, slammed little mix, saying they don't deserve best British band. Not much has changed I see for him.. Well Jade came in and said truth and shade. They are the best selling girl group in the UK, it's no secret despite the British media not even acknowledging that fact proving the ignorance of the media to dismiss the era of streaming and digital music, to preserve the pure sales era. But the shade came in when she said he maybe from oasis, but he's not the most successful from the Gallagher brothers by far. Get ha, Jade.. But it's still no surprise the oasis band broke up, the fact the brothers rivalry became a fractured family relationship that I don't even know if they mended it or are cordial. @Slayer
  3. It debuted at #66 on the top 200, I feel gaga doesn't have that many monsters as her fans think. They all left when Joanne happened.. The GP left biebs, but even the believers are a much bigger fan base than the monsters. It's all gonna come out gaga fan base is mostly white gays now. @Urbanney Said it best gaga is not huge anymore her genre is done. Ended fast with her as well.
  4. I've heard from Britney fans That Anna put Britney on the cover of Vogue and to this day, it's the lowest selling cover to date. And anna has hated Britney since then, but that's fan talk. But I believe it, cos Britney fans are not into avant garde fashion that they cant afford
  5. Sharon Osbourne, has come out and said she wants to work behind the scenes of a tv show, but not in front of the camera, and definitely not a talk show . Siting social media ruined her, saying you don't get a chance to fix it, if they made up their mind to cancel you, that's it your career and everything you worked hard for is gone. Also stating that we live in a world where forgiveness and second chances is not even an option in society today cos of social media. She Also reveals due to death threats to her and family. She had to hire round the clock security for protection and started doing a therapy that some say is linked to drug addicts, to actually help her to cry and let the pressure go that was hurting her for just being human. But, sharon is adamant that she fears she's out of a job cos she's an entertainer in the entertainment industry and has no idea what to do for work outside the industry. @Slayer @jordeezy @Jordan Miller
  6. And it took spotify for the industry to stop fighting the inevitable, and realize the internet couldn't be stopped. They didn't even embrace iTunes or Napster.
  7. Its common knowledge public voting on all awards began in 2006. That's how Britney started winning the public had a say who's the winner.. It wasn't sympathy cos the fans voted for Britney spears and she started winning. @Isla said toxic losing to crazy in love makes sense cos VMAS had a committee who determined the winners prior to 2006
  8. My problem is she's a celebrity, how can anybody be non bias to not take advantage of her. I care alot showed that anybody can look nice and still be a monster. Sociopaths know how to walk among us and take advantage of people behind closed doors and we could never know cos they know how to put on the act and use body language to intimidate the victim when acting normal. That's also another problem. Nobody cares to watch body language anymore that's how team con was able to get away with so much. Nobody watched The body language of Britney spears to know she was trying to get a message out, while being watched under surveillance at the meet ahd greets
  9. Umbrella and we found love says hi.. We found love was the longest reign on the hot 100 by a female last decade. Only female song to go double digits and work came close as well, but I forgot the song but it stopped Rihanna from getting her second 10 weeks at number one on the hot 100 in her native broken English tongue that y'all dismissed as mumbling
  10. She was told by Virgin Records (label to the Spice girls), the public wants the Spice girls. And by warner bros record home to Madonna (there's never gonna be another Madonna). To where rolling stone said she was her generations Madonna and the biggest pop star for a female since Madonna (hi, lady gaga what's good babe ) Britney was her generations Madonna she just respected peoples religion and wanted to entertain, cos that's what her audience wants. Oddly so does the world. They want to have singers sing without preaching who to vote for, and that there is no god or religion is the root of all evil.
  11. Target dissed wal mart saying we are not wal mart.. They used the obsessed gif with target tagged . But wal mart ****ed up when they said at least mimi shops here.. Target then used footage of mimi shopping with her daughter as a Christmas gift shopping spree and interacting with her lambs. It's the whole come again @Walmart that had me screaming. Then the new slogan shop at target where gay guys, divas and Mariah Carey shops for jc Penney luxury stuff at wal mart prices I was like the shade shade shade of it all. @Jordan Miller @Stefani
  12. Ed Sheeran revealed he's not a fan of American award shows. On his own experience. Everybody resents one another and hates each other, and the parties are worse divides between entourages, and influencers and Champagne instead of his favorite beverage a good old beer. In Europe it's just a party, an excuse to get drunk and have a fun night out and celebrate the industry. @Slayer @Jordan Miller @BUWYGF
  13. https://www.facebook.com/1524555994/posts/10226283655307500/ So Britney spears is in a conservatorship.. The whole world knows that, but there's also another celebrity in one and unlike Britney her story hasn't even made national headlines at all. And NBC is the first to call out the media for ignoring the story of Amanda Bynes, while sharing the story of global pop phenom Britney spears.. I'm actually glad a media has the balls to say, you're really not fair when you're completely ignoring someone else's story while talking about another celebrity story that we all denied and called her fans crazy, until she talked. Will it take Amanda to talk to help her out as well? If the answer is yes, then we have to look inside of us, to actually say how can we live if we let celebrities get abused, but will fight for a normal citizen who isn't famous. @Jordan Miller @Slayer
  14. They need to go on tik tok now. You said it social media is at its highest interaction. Plus tik tok stars and influencers aren't really rebels or rock and roll now are they.. I miss the days when MTV was anarchy fest at it's best. Courtney looking like a mess while sabotaging a pre show Madonna interview. That's MTV at its peak of anything can go wrong and it did.
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