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  1. Kylie's Number one British, Australian and Billboard dance album (her first official US Number one album on any Billboard chart) DISCO was well received by critics and fans and Kylie fans shaded Madonna saying, Kylie knows we want fun Music, most of us are conservatives, don't like having the finger pointed at us like we're the problem or the ones who earned your wrath of Anger. Miss a Thing was embraced by the fans since day one, from Kylie opening the track simply with Dance!, the very studio 54 track has Kylie telling a guy to forget his troubles, or his problems because he's making her miss everything on the dance floor, and it's upsetting her that he won't dance, but she reminds him life is too short to miss everything, so let's go out with a bang. Miss a Thing is gonna be extended to a 5 Minute 12" Version, As all 12 tracks from the standard edition are being extended in 12" extended mixes, but retain musically the elements of the album mixes, with longer instrumental breaks for dancing under a strobe light and disco balls. DISCO guest list edition comes out November 12 in 2 CD or limited edition 3 CD/DVD/Blu ray And DISCO extended mixes will be released December exclusively on purple vinyl..
  2. To tie in an album to a film that didn't even get to movies in small town America. I had to rent Crossroads to watch it first, hell Big fat liar with Frankie Muniz and Amanda bynes had a bigger wider release..
  3. You had to live in the US, this would have done well in her biggest market at the time, Imagine adding Shaggy who had two back to back hits with it wasn't me and a semi remake of the 1950s hit Angel. And this was after he had a huge hit in 1995 with MR. BOMBASTIC.. It would have done well. Especially in the US.
  4. Whoever is in charge of production, is cutting corners, by hiring non union workers, due to union workers protesting against poor working conditions, such as lack of rest, no days off, etc. @Style. @Jordan Miller I've been saying the industry is gonna hurt itself by refusing simple requests like shorter work days, weekends off, don't have deadlines and etc.. Crews are parents and have personal lives that matter as well.. All could be prevented if there requests are met. @Isla I remember watching the special features on scream, and was craven said the big climatic showdown end between Sidney and the killers was shot over 20 days and some days were 16 to 18 hours, and both Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard said during takes they would be covered in blood and had to wait 5 hours. Neve Campbell had little to no sleep, cos nights belonged to scream, and days were party of five. She had only enough time to shower and fly a plane to the LA set if her TV show. So this is why crews are protesting. cos they know in the film industry, unless the production is done, they don't get a day off.. Some miss the birth of their children, birthdays and celebrations like Christmas cos of deadlines by studios, they paid the budget, so money is more important over the health and safety of the crews and actors.
  5. https://ktla.com/news/nationworld/camera-crew-on-alec-baldwins-movie-set-walked-off-in-protest-of-working-conditions-hours-before-fatal-shooting/ @Jordan Milleryou know more how to incorporate this stuff. But walk outs on film sets have been happening, it's basically they want weekends, 8 hour days, instead of 16 to 18 hours, and only 4 to 6 hours of sleep, not really proper lunch or meal breaks, outside two 30 minute meals. People are complaining that with deadlines of 60 to 50 days, it's not a good mental space. So protests have been happening to change the industry to match the tv show industry which gives crews line 3 to 6 months off. Younger generations said if it takes a year or two to make a movie so be it, the deadlines are added stress to us. Plus we are humans, I need time to be with people I care about not people that only pay me and don't wanna know me.
  6. Technically joy to the world is a traditional Christmas song, and it was hugely successful on Christian radio. @Prachiworks for sony Music. I'm sure she can pull the archive's and understand the genius of this marketing. Tommy had her go pop with two singles and Christian radio of two other singles. And her sampling three dog night's Joy to the world as well, made sure she made it kinda secular and global. That's one of the reasons why it was huge. All Faith's, and non believers actually are fans of this album..
  7. Ahh, Christmas is almost here Friends, family, gym paid members getting annoyed by people working out for 3 weeks, then leaving after the holidays is over. (My friends constantly post this one pissses them off, cos they're not serious about their health as they are..they just wanna lose 10 pounds then leave). And presents and Mariah Carey. Like buzzfeed said, Christmas celebrations can be divided before and after Mariah Carey . Her 1994, album Merry Christmas with 15 Million sold worldwide and Close to being diamond in the US is the best selling holiday album of all time. Though like the lambs said, she has a second one, that's more urban and R&B based..it underperformed only going gold in the US. But, today. She relaunched her #MC30 campaign after The February campaign of E=MC², this time the Campaign is dedicated and devoted to Christmas season She just issued the Joy to the world Remix EP..with remixes courtesy of The house legend himself David Morales. Happy holidays Breathe heavy.. For some of us including me. The holiday's began October 1. If you think about it, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and New years, the biggest holidays all in the last 3 months 9f every yesr.. Add it to your library, but like mimi said it's not time until November 1st.
  8. The trump supporters are definitely having a hey day with this, saying its karma for what he did on SNL was basically a parody.. But he wasnt the only president SNL mocked, and he won't be the last. But he was the first to say he was bullied and teased. The others understood being a parody on SNL is part of the job.
  9. He's not responsible for what happened, the people who do the props are, whoever is in charge of props is responsible. Alec not at fault, he didn't even do manslaughter as it wasn't intentional.
  10. Alec Baldwin is involved in a freak accident when his prop gun, ended up causing an injury and a fatality. Unfortunately these accidents are rare but happen once in a while, the most infamous one happened in 1993, when a prop gun ended up actually having live bullets, and ended up killing Brendan Lee, who was in his first and only movie, The Crow. What's sad is this was the only child of Kung fu action film legend Bruce Lee, and The scene is still in the Crow, as it was how his character died before becoming the crowd's immortal role.. Oddly TV shows and movies are always filmed out of sequences of the script. Editing is how they put the film together. The beginning scene of most films, are always filmed last. Our thoughts are with Alec and the families. FYI, there will be no investigation as it was an accident, but like most accidents the families are guaranteed to sue, the people behind the movie to get some profit extra than just the work they were paid for.
  11. The way they asked her Spice girls or the Beatles, she said Tough one but the Spice girls. Then when asked what made then special, she said it best. They just didn't give a **** what people thought about them, sadly in today's culture. The youth today sadly cares what the world thinks of them and how they appear to society. Which makes me question why as an earlier millennial I felt I was better mental health wise, and it was cos I gave zero ****s. I understood there are people that love you, hate you and despise you, that's everywhere in life, don't dwell on it. Cos that's where your mental health tears you down, if you let it or allow it to get to you.
  12. The way I've been trying to do the bed frame scene. Mind you Madonna at 45 was able to use it as a gymnastics bar, Me at 19 had nothing but cuts and scrapes. I was like, ****, that's a fail in impressing a top that you're a contortionist and can flex to any level.
  13. @Jordan Miller From the comments, it appears @Style. came aggressive and very bully like. I think shutting this thread might be a good suggestion due to this post being labeled toxic, the stripper comment, which like @MikeHunt appropriately said is very judgmental to people who want to normalize the s** worker industry.. Even my ex mom was one, just to afford the 15,000 child support. The tips paid like five months of support, until my stepfather went to court and shut it down which given the 90s, the judge agreed that wasn't a legal source of income since tips cant be taxed at all. Plus the job was not a good example of work for kids.
  14. The Minogue sisters Kylie and Dannii are two of the most beloved gay icons to Australians. Dannii was actually a bigger star than Kylie minogue at one point, thanks to appearing on Australian version of Kids, incorporated Young talent time..even Kylie appeared.. Dannii was known to perform R&B and US Dance acts like Janet Jackson and Madonna. Unfortunately due to being a Kid, her success got basically overshadowed by Kylie, cos in 1987 thanks to a 3 album deal by Australian independent label Mushroom records and the same deal with PWL in the UK, Kylie was well on her way to be the closest competition to Madonna in the UK and Australia. Dannii would release her first album. Dannii (Australia only) Party Jam (titled in Japan due to Kylie being a songwriter on this track) Love and Kisses (UK and UK, unlike Kylie, dannii never saw the commercial success like Kylie did in the states. This is shocking considering love and kisses was inspired by Janet Jackson and US R&B at the time where dancing in r&B videos was an essential and crucial must). Love and Kisses would underperform to any industry standards, given how her sister was Kylie, Dannii pretty much gave up on music, her last album came out in 2007, titled club disco. Dannii abandoned the r&B pop sound after 1993's Get into you, flopped and was dropped by MCA Music.. Dannii in 1997 reinvented herself as a club diva with 1997's universally acclaimed Girl featuring huge Hits in the UK, All I wanna do, everything I wanted and the France anthem Disrembrance, but despite huge hits the album stalled at #64 on the UK charts, her luck would change when in 2001 a collaboration with Riva called Stringer (who do you love now) would set the then 30 year old for 3 years of pop music domination in Europe. In 2003, her most successful project at the age of 32 happened, neon nights. Unlike kylie, The lyrics are aggressive. Put the needle on it uses a double entendre of needle as the guys Anatomy and her anatomy where the needle drops, is the record, and the line "Dirty hands, I demand" is a gay club slogan for hookups. Then it got bigger when her biggest hit in her career I begin to wonder was issued and it peaked at #2 in the UK singles charts.. Neon nights is the second Dannii album to be commercially released in the states via Ultra records, a dance label. Happy birthday Dannii. FYI, Kylie is known to get mad when people in the industry mention that Dannii's music career never took off like Kylie's did. She gets very protective and will call out and blame it on the very old rule of there could only be one, which unfortunately implies mostly to females in any entertainment industry or real life work professions. @Slayer @Prachi
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