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  1. I haven't liked her before this incident. To diss my girl, your forever hated. Simple as that.
  2. No, no. It's really just gaga fans, a small portion and I would say a small portion of Janet Jackson fans as well, they see the dancing but they don't see anything musically that connects the two. The Janet fans says for a girl influence by Janet, she basically denies it. They reference the Madonna and Beyonce posts and question her loyalty, like did she jump ship after the super bowl as well. Unfortunately one Janet fan put it best, He said my girl should have really embraced her, he said Madonna came in and literally formed the working relationship that really was Janet's and when Me against the music happened, the erasure of Janet's influence on Britney really began, even MTV played a huge part and it was way before the super bowl that Janet erased from Britney, it's been Madonna's prodigy since then.. He states Janet wanted aaliyah and so did her team, so she played a part as well..
  3. Love u Miley, But Rihanna is the original bad girl. Plus this along with P!NK and Lady Gaga are Madonna's musical daughters. I have yet to see an artist with a controversial video catalog like Rihanna. S&M criticized, Man down criticized, or even discussed to understand the meaning and try to unravel the mystery did the guy lose in Russian Roulette?. Rihanna wins. Had you did Miley vs. Demi, that would have saved Miles. But to the queen of pop in modern day society, She never stood a chance against Rihanna. I love you miles, but bye bye, don't forget to pay me what you owe me, before you exit stage right.
  4. Thank you, outside Israel and Egypt, I would have had no idea, our world history text books barely touched the Middle East. @Blackout2006 the only reason why we just assume China, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan and Japan was Asia, that's our world history was mainly focused. India, was in my views as it's own continent. Not one drop or mention of Asia. Europe and Latin America we knew all that history. Our textbooks basically touched on countries the education system felt actually matters and has cultural relevance
  5. Will lip sync battle fire her, that also helped her status. . But to be fair everybody treated Courtney like Britney cos of that marriage. Courtney says Joy behar called her a slit on the view, and allegedly Courtney love called her a W74re. @Easy There I see the joy thing happening, but the Courtney love calling her that, when she went through her own fallout from the media
  6. @Illegally EATEN is in Israil, he says everybody has backwards.. were the victims here.. Than you have @maki93 saying another story. Honestly I don't know which one is telling the truth, reading illegally statement game questioning the whole thing. It's confusing cos he says we're not the problem, they are. I don't know the truth. I only see in the media the violence on the strip but Israel side. It's confusing
  7. I think she does it cos she knows it pisses everybody off, she always lived off of pissing people off, it's her sport and if it's the fans that get pissed off, she does it more intentional. She knows they hate the grills, she does it, now cos she knows they hate it, and she loves it.
  8. @Easy There Knows only way these girls can get royalties is through songwriting, and none of them wrote the songs..so there's no money at all for them..their voices is owned by Somy. These girls were only teens, I mean none of them turned 21 til between 2017 and 2018, so they took advantage of teens and their naivety of I'm a singer living my dream.
  9. The gay community never asked for Ellen to somehow become the spokesperson, it's the same with Rupaul as the face of drag. Many gays can't relate to Ellen's super hetero***ual approved image of what's an acceptable gay, someone who hides their ***uality and not flaunt it for the world to see.
  10. Madonna uploads a new funny video. With her classic self esteem boosting speech. If one thing I love about Madonna, since her divorce from Guy, she went back to the girl that told us, Be a freedom fighter, back to being ***ual and controversial (many stans feel Guy trapped her and her essence of what Made Madonna madonna). My friend Michael put it best, she tried the housewife devoting mom, that girl inside her was still there it was only a matter of time til Madonna came back to the Erotica and s** rebel we loved her for. It's a refreshing to see the girl I fell for is and always is the real Madonna. The housewife Madonna will go down as the sell out and imposter phase version of Madonna. In the end. The self esteem speech says it best. "I'm Herstory" " Not, His story" "I'm the ****" "I'm still here" "So, There" @iAlwaysSingLive
  11. Britney loves Starbucks I'm shocked he doesn't do what his queen likes. I mean crystal my friend said because of my girl, I found the love of Starbucks or as my grandpas wife Kay, calls it from frou coffee aka designer label coffee. And I said as a gay, that's why we endorse Starbucks the chanel of coffee houses in this Bish
  12. The bang energy drinks. Sugar free and gives me the juice to pull all fighters off just one. Another one on the morning to stay fully awake
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