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  1. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll nació en Barranquilla, Colombia el 02 de febrero de 1977. Cantatutora, bailarina, actriz, empresaria, además de filántropa y embajadora de buena voluntad de UNICEF, inició su carrera en 1991, siendo su tercer álbum Pies Descalzos, lanzado en 1995, el que la catapultara a la fama internacional. Ha recibido una gran cantidad de galardones, entre ellos 39 Latin Billboard Music Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards, 3 Grammy Awards, una nominación al Globo de Oro, 12 Latin Grammy y un Grammy Latino a persona del año, siendo la artista más joven en ganarlo y la única suramericana en poseer uno. En 2021 anuncia su décimosegundo álbum de estudio, con su más reciente sencillo Don't Wait Up. Shakira ha lanzado 11 álbumes de estudio: Magia (1991) Peligro (1993) Pies Descalzos (1995) Dónde Están los Ladrones? (1998) Laundry Service (2001) Fijación Oral, Vol. 1 (2005) Oral Fixation, Vol. 2 (2005) She Wolf (2009) Sale el Sol (2010) Shakira (2014) El Dorado (2017) TBA (2022) Redes sociales de Shakira: Sitio Oficial / Twitter / YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Tumblr Spotify
  2. Bienvenidos a Exhale Latino, el club de BreatheHeavy dedicado los fans de la música de habla hispana, en especial del pop. En este espacio podemos discutir en nuestro idioma la música y actualizaciones de nuestros artistas latinos e hispanos, rumores, aniversarios, camapañas de reproducción, etc, pero seguidores que no hablen español también son bienvenidos Esta comunidad aún está en construcción y necesita de la ayuda de todos ustedes, para mantener las actualizaciones y reporte de noticias. Antes de crear una nueva discusión o comentar, ten en cuenta lo siguiente: Positividad ante todo. En este foro no están permitidos los ataques ni entre usuarios o fandoms, ni a ninguno de nuestros artistas. Si no eres fan de alguien y no tienes nada positivo que decir, mejor no digas nada. Deja los insultos y ataques en Twitter. Si ves a alguien coportándose de manera incorrecta, repórtalo. Fuentes Confiables. Si vas a postear información, asegúrate que sea de origen confiable y de ser posible, proveniente de las fuentes oficiales o sitios de noticias de renombre. Si se trata de un rumor, provee la fuente de donde lo obtuviste para evitar engaños y confusiones. Amor a la música y cultura pop. Mientras respetes las reglas anteriores, siéntete libre de disfrutar de este espacio para compartir tu amor por la música, los artistas, una canción o disco en específico, o para compartir tu fanart, edits, el tour de tus sueños, etc. Si quieres iniciar un thread oficial para cualquier artista que aún no cuente con uno (que son bastantes) comunícate conmigo @PokemonSpears para generar un logo y banner. Si tienes ideas de cómo mejorar este foro, comenta aquí en este thread. Asegúrate de correr la voz a invitar a más fans latinos a que hagan uso de este foro, en particular este club. Si te interesa la música en inglés, también puedes explorar la sección general de Música, y por supuesto, la sección estelar de Exhale, el foro de Britney Spears.
  3. Shakira could reportedly face jail time for tax evasion in Spain. The Spanish government found Shakira guilty of tax fraud against the government of Spain between 2012 and 2014, allegedly hiding 15 million euros (approximately 18 million dollars) through a network of companies, Telemundo reports. The reports claim she could spend up to three years in jail. She has just several days from the time of this post to appear before authorities, or they could issue her a formal prison order in Spain. Why is this happening? Imagine having the audacity to jail Shakira. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  4. Shakira has announced her Chromatica era a collaborative project with artist Bosslogic, an NFT digital art collection featuring a fictional character in a fantastical world, accompanied by 4 audio pieces by Shakira herself. From makersplace:
  5. The Black Eyed Peas' new album, Translation, is officially out. It features a collaboration with Shakira titled "Girl Like Me." Listen below: Recently, BEP gain major success with their song RITMO. Personally idk how to feel abt this, but the BEP has gained recent fame in the more Spanish speaking regions as they collabed with J Balvin and Ozuna. Oh well I’m still excited.
  6. On August 27, 2001, Shakira released Whenever, Wherever as the lead single off her fifth studio album Laundry Service. The Spanish version, Suerte (literally translated as Luck), was also released across different regions. The Latin-pop / worldbeat song had influences of Andean music, with prominent traditional instruments such as the charango and the Quena flute. It was written and produced by Shakira and Tim Mitchell, with additional writing by Gloria Estefan. It became her breakthrough hit in the US, peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, her most successful single at the time (later surpassed by Hips Don't Lie in 2006) and it topped the chart in 29 other countries, including the majority of Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Oceania. The music video has over 590M views on her Youtube account. Lyrically, both the English and Spanish version talk about the lucky they are for the circumstances she and her love interest were born under, and how that led them to be together, with the use of several examples and analogies (that perhaps make more sense in Spanish than in English). However, they differ in the chorus in that the Whenever, Wherever states they're meant to be together, whereas in Suerte she's the one making the decision to be with him, though it's a small change. Both versions of the music video were directed by Francis Lawrence, filmed in front of a green screen that shows her in various natural environments across the globe, like the mountains, the desert and the ocean. Lawrence also directed Britney Spears' I'm a Slave 4 U, using a green screen as well, which was actually filmed around the same time, with Britney stating in an interview that she met Shakira at the set of her video. The clip became Shakira's first retired video on TRL, and won the Latin Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video. It also appeared on MTVLA's yearly Top 100, both in 2001 and 2002 at #60, and at #4 in the Top 100 of the whole 00's decade. Whenever, Wherever as the beginning of the Laundry Service era, also marked a change in Shakira's look to a full blonde hair, to which she would stick for the following decade and beyond, leaving behind her natural black hair from the 90's, and the red hair she had rocked during her MTV Unplugged era. In Latin America this difference is often referred to as "the old Shakira" and "the new Shakira", though for most non Latin American countries it's the only look of hers they've always known. Shakira has performed the song in various tours and shows, though the only time she performed the original version was at the Radio Music Awards. The rest of the occasions, she's used several different arrangements and remixes.
  7. Update: video is out now Update: the single is out, after it leaked online earlier today Update: she's shared the cover artwork for the single due on Friday Shakira updated her social media with a gradient picture to tease her new music. A link to pre-save on Spotify was also shared. Last month she said in a Vogue Mexico article that her new song would be coming out in July and that she had already filmed a music video for it, with a new album expected to drop in 2022, followed by a possible summer tour. Update: she has shared a cryptic teaser on her social media Related:
  8. Or did ya'll h*es forget about this masterpiece? I recently realized 80% of Gen Z has no idea Bey and Shakira had this hit together
  9. On June 24, 1991, Shakira released her first album Magia when she was only 14 years old. Produced by Miguel E. Cubillos and Pablo Tedeschi, it was considered a commercial failure after it only managed to sell a couple thousands of copies in her home country Colombia. A similar fate suffered its successor Peligro, released in 1993. It's because of this, that later on in her career, Shakira opposed to the re-release of these two albums, because she sees them as immature, always considering her third album Pies Descalzos (1995), as her actual first record, since it was the first one to achieve international success. However, die-hard fans treasure these two first efforts by the Colombian singer, and especially Magia, since it was the one that started it all. Today, Shakira shared on social media a special homage video that her official Barranquilla fan club put together, featuring all of the studio and live albums she's released over the years, as well as her humanitarian labor she's done through her foundation Pies Descalzos and other institutions. After the years and so many success, she may look back at her first two albums differently and not with shame as she once did in the past. Nevertheless, the albums still remain absent from digital platforms, but some unofficial uploads allow us to enjoy them 3 decades later. This year Shakira has been teasing to be back in the studio to record new music. This week she covered the Mexican edition of Vogue magazine and revealed the new single might be dropping this July, with a full new album expected for 2022. Related:
  10. Shakiras first ever collaboration with Vogue as she is on the cover of Vogue Mexico and Latin America for the July issue, Shakira for Vogue Mexico:"I have the feeling that I am about to do something different than what I have done before and more evolved on a sonic level as well. Right now I have a song that is the song that I wanted to do for a long time."
  11. Following the reveal of her cover for Vogue Magazine (Mexico + Latin America issue), Shakira goes through her iconic looks from red carpet appearances and performances. Watch the clip below: Related:
  12. Amid the legal battle she's having in Spain due to alleged tax evasion charges, Shakira has updated her social media to announce she's hitting the studio for her first in-person session with "some awesome collaborators" since the COVID pandemic started. Wearing a white and green sporty outfit that contrasts with her reddish hair, Shakira, 44, posed for her followers doing the peace sign as she was ready to leave. ✌️ Last month, she teased the "cooking of something" at what seemed to be her private studio. Her last single was the Black Eyed Peas collaboration GIRL LIKE ME, released in late 2020. The video has gained over 380M views since it dropped in December, sparking some Tik Tok challenges to replicate her choreography and look. Prior to that, her latest singles have been Me Gusta ft. Anuel AA, a stand-alone single released in early 2020, and Nada (2018), the last single off her eleventh studio album El Dorado released in 2017. Related:
  13. Voilà! Shakira surprised her followers with a new pink hairdo. In another post she explained it was supposed to look more pink-ish, but she ran out of dye and ended up mixing it with another product. I don't know if the new color is permanent, but she looks great for whatever it lasts. It reminds me of her red-hair days but I guess her idea was supposed to look like in her Chantaje video She celebrated her 44th birthday on February 02
  14. 2020 was an unusually rough year that affected all of our lives at a global level. The music industry was one of the most impacted since artists make the most of their revenue out of concerts, which have been shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. However, many artists took this as an opportunity to release their music in more creative ways. Eventually, shooting music videos was allowed if the safety measures were taken, live streamed concerts became the trend, and somehow we were able to have new music throughout the year to make our lives a bit happier in these strange times. I want to make this thread to focus specifically in the work that Latin artists have done, mostly women (and mostly pop) so if you're not familiar with music in Spanish you may discover something interesting, and if you are, then let's appreciate together what 2020 has given us. It's the 90's all over again The Latin divas of the 90's kept us entertained throughout the year, and suddenly it didn't feel like almost three decades have passed since the days when they were the ones dominating the popularity lists. Shakira Shakira celebrated the 25th anniversary of her album Pies Descalzos in 2020, which despite being actually her third studio album, it's usually considered the first one since it's the one that actually catapulted her to stardom. On February 02,her 43rd birthday, she performed along with Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Later in March she released the music video for the collaboration with Anuel AA, Me Gusta, which had been released in January. Before ending the year, she gave us a new viral Tik Tok dance in the music video of Black Eyed Peas' GIRL LIKE ME, as well as showing us her skateboarding abilities. But it wasn't all drought in the months in between, since she released a live performance of Antología from her latest live DVD released last year, and they also uploaded three music videos that were previously unavailable on her official YouTube channel. Thalia Thalia was one of the busiest though. She celebrated 30 years of solo career (she was previously part of the 80's band Timbiriche) and in 2020 she gave us collaborations as if her life depended on it and in May she released Viva Kids Vol. 2, her second album for kids. She started the year releasing Ya Tú Me Conoces in January, featuring Mau y Ricky. Then in February she collaborated with Río Roma on Lo Siento Mucho. It also had a mariachi version. Then in March she was featured on Pabllo Vittar's single Tímida In May is when we got the kids album, and she even released music videos for that one: Mi No Cumpleaños and Mis Tradiciones. She also participated in the mega collaboration organized by Sony Music Latin, a reimagined version of Diego Torres' Color Esperanza. Por Amor al Arte was released in June as the 8th single off her 2018 album Valiente. A lyric video was served for it. That month she also appeared on Leslie Shaw's Estoy Soltera along with Farina. In August she called Myke Towers to appear on her 2:02 minutes long La Luz, a reggaeton-pop club banger. In September, she appeared on another multi collaboration, this time David Guetta's Pa' la Cultura, a charity single released to support the immigrants affected due to COVID-19. Farina's Ten Cuidao featured Thalia in October. In the music video we see her as a queen and a gangster? This videoshoot also gave us her recreation of Britney's Oops!... I Did It Again. Later that month, we got her third collaboration with Farina, this time featuring Sofía Reyes too. TICK TOCK was the name of the song, and they released a Facebook video series to show the journey of releasing this track. In November she released her own rendition of José Feliciano's Christmas classic Feliz Navidad. But it doesn't stop there. Throughout the year she released the HD version of many of the videos she's put out throughout her career, such as Amor a la Mexicana (European Remix), Entre el Mar y una Estrella, Regresa a Mí, Me Pones **** (I Want You), Reencarnación, Cerca de Ti, Mariang Taga Barrio and María la del Barrio. She also released new lyric videos for old songs: Gloria Trevi With more than 30 years of career, she started in January with Grande, a song that features Mónica Naranjo, a Spanish singer that was very important in he 90's music scene. The empowerment anthem was dedicated to those that have suffered of bullying and humiliations throughout their life, especially the LGBTQ community which makes up most of the fanbase of both artists. After the lockdown, she was inspired to create a softer song, Demasiado Frágiles. She had to cancel the last dates of her tour due to the COVID pandemic, but fortunately she recorded a DVD last year of her shows in Mexico City. Diosa de la Noche: En Vivo desde la Arena Ciudad de México was released in August. Fun Fact: she's the biggest Mexican touring force in the world, and was named among the 50 highest-grossing female touring artists of the 21st century, above singers like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez or Avril Lavigne. In December she participated in a Christmas album Eterna Navidad, along with many other artists. In May she also participated in the Mexican version of Color Esperanza, which was a mashup with Sólo le Pido a Dios, and also featured Fey, our following artist. Fey La Reina de los 90s celebrated 25 years of career this year. Though she only released one single, a cover of a Paul Oakenfold song that had been released in 2016, retitled as The Perfect Song, she participated in several virtual concerts and performances throughout the year. She also broadcasted her 2018 Desnuda Tour as part of the 25th anniversary celebration. She also uploaded to her official channel a couple of missing videos from her 2004 Mecano tribute, La Fuerza del Destino. Lynda Thomas Lynda, who started in the 90s along with Fey and Shakira, but retired in 2002, gave us a couple of gifts too. Since her "comeback" in 2018, she's released a few sparse singles, and this year she released Bien, a jolly, winter-y, not-a-ballad,-not-yet-a-Christmas song, She also recreated her 1999 hit Corazón Perdido, as a more stripped-down, acoustic version. Litzy An unexpected comeback to music was that of Litzy. She started in the kids group Jeans in he 90's, recording only one album with he band before starting a solo career. She released three albums and then focused on acting, having a very successful career. In 2017 she joined the 90's Pop Tour along with Fey and many other representative artists of the decade, but her formal comeback was this year with a live concert Vuelta en U. No Hay Palabras features another 90's icon, Lidia Ávila, member of OV7. She even made a cover of Alicia Keys' No One Paulina Rubio Paulina Rubio was probably the least active, though she did participate in some livestreamed transmissions. In March she appeared as a featured artist on Raymix's Tú y Yo Paulina's plans for 2020 were shut down even before the pandemic. Just like Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin were supposed to embark on a joint tour this year (which has since been postponed for next year) Paulina was supposed to collaborate in a tour with Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán, another diva of the 90's. Everything was ready to be announced and the rumors were stronger than anything. The expectations were high, because the two singers were once rivals in the beginning of the 90's, being involved in a love triangle with fellow Mexican artist Erik Rubín. They even recorded a song together, a cover from the 80's classic Ni Tú Ni Nadie, and the video eventually leaked, though in low quality. They never confirmed the reasons why the tour and single were cancelled, but rumor has it that Paulina's lack of punctuality to the video shoot was enough for Alejandra to quit the project. I'm still waiting for the HD version So this is just the beginning, there's still many other artists we need to talk about, such as Danna Paola, Farina, Aitana, RBD, Reik, Paty Cantú, etc, but I hope other Exhalers help me with that Meanwhile, here's a Spotify playlist with some of the songs I could gather, but we can always make it bigger
  15. Billboard names Shakira as the most searched artist of the year and overall #7 most searched person. This is thirty years into career with no new album or anything. Her power. I remember when queen britney had her long running reign of most searched artist as well two queens Related:
  16. A day like today but in 2001, Colombian superstar Shakira released her first bilingual record. This happened 19 years ago, which feels like forever ago, and at the same time, just like yesterday. I feel great writing about this, since this album is one that marked my life. While it was mainly recorded in English, it was the singles in Spanish what made this album so great in my opinion. 'Whenever Wherever' is great, but 'Suerte' is sublime. 'Objection' needs to be played loud, but 'Te Aviso Te Anuncio' needs to be played thunderously. 'Te Dejo Madrid' is a rock and roll anthem and she looks gorgeous in the music video. 'Que Me Quedes Tú', is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. Also, we had the chance to get a version in English of her iconic song 'Ojos Así' ('Eyes Like Yours'), which actually belonged to her former release 'Dónde Están Los Ladrones'- another masterpiece, by the way. 'Underneath Your Clothes', her first single in English (that didn't have a Spanish counterpart), has s.e.xy written all over it. A honeymoon anthem, I'd say. Now let us run down the deep cuts: Songs like 'Rules', 'The One', and 'Fool', depicted Shakira's artistry just as we, Spanish speakers grasped it since her beginning: rock-tinged, smart lyricism, and her signature vocals. 'Ready For the Good Times' is a certified bop. It deserved single treatment. Lyrically, it is probably her most "main pop girl" song, if someone knows what I mean. 'Poem to a Horse' closed the era. It is edgy, clever, unapologetic, and it needed a proper music video. Finally, these songs were the inception of that joke that we just don't get Shaki's enunciation, be it Spanish or English, lol. This was a game changer for Shakira, what laid the basis for her future success in the English-speaking world, and today, we celebrate it. Exhale, how do you feel about this body of work?
  17. Thalía had a successful career in soap opera around the world while building a singing career yet like JLo and Shakira she was never able to achieve the same success of her other colleagues. She even tried singing in English like the colombian native did but failed miserably. Not helped also that she’s married to Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey ex husband who launched her career. What do you guys think? Do you know Thalia?
  18. WOW, first off she’s been in the game for so long (I do miss her rock days) and also she looks SO good for 43 the reaction is in a thread under her post I love this album, it’s what really brought her to fame, my favorites are Pienso en Ti and Antología
  19. Y’all if you can please go buy this t shirt or try to help Lebanon in anyway you can they were really hit hard and many people are dying, homeless, and suffering HARD these are the true struggles of the world and I have barely seen any fundraising or media attention I’m glad shakira is doing this because she is half Lebanese herself (well duh look at her bellydancing)
  20. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's Super Bowl Halftime Show, which feels like a lifetime ago, earned four nominations at the Emmys! • Outstanding Variety Special (Live) • Directing For A Variety Special • Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special • Music Direction Wowwwww as a Shaki fan I’m so happy! Shakira can hopefully add this to the giant closet of awards she has, (she has 15 Grammys btw).
  21. Black eye peas new music is pretty dope especially their song with Shakira "girl like me" if I had a weave I would be flipping that **** all around to the beat.
  22. This trend to invite users to cancel J Balvin for what they indicated were taunts against the Colombian. "J Balvin had the gall to make fun of the woman who has written 95% of her discography, speaks 6 languages, IQ 140, 16 grammy winner, producer, singer-songwriter, philanthropist, plays the piano, guitar, drums, the harmonica, it has 1 superbowl 3 World Cup ”, wrote some. Others have pointed to Shakira's wins and even wondered why they are not together in the Super Bowl if the two are Colombian. In fact, many point out that Balvin thanked everyone except Shakira. And everything points to a success of two years ago. In 2018, J Balvin made derogatory comments about Rihanna. The Colombian said "Rihanna is not a woman to marry, it is only to have fun" (via The Fader). When this happened, rumors that Balvin and Shakira would have a collaboration together, but from the comments, it was ensured that Shakira canceled the project and since then, the Colombian has never referred to her. In The video you can see the videochat with Black eyed peas, someone ask Will i Am, in the album who did you have to be more flexible ? JBalvin starting lo laugh and maluma try to change the chat, but he keep laughin' and we got this. Also in superbowl he made emphasis of JLO and NON Shakira He opened Shakira Concert in Bogota 2011
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