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  1. These are the three holy trinities I see most frequently so Exhale, let's decide -- what is Britney's definitive and ULTIMATE Holy Trinity? If for whatever reason, you don't see your trinity on the poll, choose other and post below. xoxo The Ultimate Holy Trinity: 1. Oops!...I Did It Again - a STELLAR bubblegum pop album that set the tone and laid the formula for early 2000s pop. Cohesive af without skipping a beat. Her only album where practically every song could have been a smash-hit single. Not to mention, VOCALS. 2. Britney - another stellar coming-of-age pop album with a string of hits and catchy tunes. Probably her most personal album to date. Production-wise, this is probably her strongest. The mastering is phenomenal and you can tell the producers who were involved invested a lot of time to make it sound as polished as can be. 3. In The Zone - this is Britney at her artistic prime. While there are some missteps on the album that come to mind like BNG and the vocals on Shadow, it is overall one of her strongest. This album had potential to be her best had some of it not felt so rushed but overall, it's still in her top 3 and one of the greatest pop albums of the 2000s.
  2. Hi guys, this time I bring you a concept that I did a while back from "Bad Blood" with well-known singers, a video that YouTube shut down this year from my channel unfortunately, but allowed me to do it again and now it looks much better than before. I edited the hell out of it, so let's hope they don't take it down again. Hope you like. Enjoy it, and thanks to the users who tried to help me with the names for each singer.
  3. Lindsay Lohan returns to music! She cryptically teased her new song earlier this week, and now it's official... she's back! Her new song is titled "Back To Me." "The song is about rediscovering and accepting oneself, shutting out the noise and moving forward and letting the past go," she says of the track. "Living in the now." Is it too late for a Lindsay Lohan musical comeback? In today's musical climate? I don't think so. What do we think of the track, Exhale? Listen below:
  4. This is the story of how a girl from Kentwood, Louisiana, changed pop music forever. But first, a quiz. Can you name the five biggest-selling female artists of 1998? Of course you can. They're Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Janet Jackson, Paula Cole and Celine Dion. Now, here are the five biggest-selling female artists of 2003. That's Beyonce, Aaliyah (RIP), J-Lo, Christina Aguilera (Career RIP) and Avril Lavigne. Not necessarily better, of course - but different. So what happened in those five short years to inspire this seismic cultural shift? This happened. In October of 1998, Britney Spears released her debut single, ...Baby One More Time. The ellipsis replaced the words 'Hit Me', which were removed because of their potentially sado*******ic interpretation. "It doesn't mean physically hit me," she said later. "It means just give me a sign." Britney changed everything. Politically, she held a mirror to the rapidly-changing fin-de-siecle America. As the screenwriter and novelist Tom Perrotta wrote: "Britney and Cobain are fated to be forever linked in our national consciousness as the opposing bookends of the 1990s, poster children for a schizoid decade. There's Cobain on the left, mumbling, unshaven, representing a gloomy time of war and recession. And there's Britney on the right, the offical superstar of the late-90s boom, the chipper emblem of a fat, happy country bubbling over with irrational exuberance." Britney had her finger on the pulse of modern America. While pop icons of the past generally tried to disturb the established cultural order, Britney was perfectly happy the existing cultural order as it was, thank you very much. Musically, pop changed forever. Let's have a look at how those stars of '98 turned out. Shania Twain vamped herself up. LeAnn Rimes stripped herself down. Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction. Celine Dion is currently going through her own mildlly saucy reinvention. Meanwhile, Paula Cole changed her name to Cheryl and enjoyed a string of popular hits. All products of the new, Britney-fied pop universe. As pop adapted, so did Britney. A lot. In so doing, she created some of the most enduring images of the decade. Even today's pop stars, from Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga to Lana del Rey, have recognised their debt. Still not convinced of Britney's influence? Look at this graph, which plots Britney album sales against annual US GDP growth. The evidence is clear. When Britney sneezes, America catches a cold. The story of Britney is the story of America. So let's cut a long story short. Britney Spears is single-handedly responsible for the reinvention of popular music... ...recording some of the greatest songs of all time... ...redefining pop culture in the late 1990s and 2000s... ...continuing to influence the music of today... ...and surviving for 20 years in the world's most cut-throat industry. Oh, and she predicted the recession. THE END.
  5. I wasn’t alive during Madonna’s prime in the 80s and early 90s, nor do I remember much of her early eras up until COADF, but for those who know their pop culture history and/or witnessed both of their peaks, who was bigger? Just looking at the stats — Britney garners in more monthly listeners on Spotify and songs/videos (pre-VEVO/YouTube) like BOMT, Toxic and Womanizer have more views than any Madonna song/video. Sad to say but I feel like a lot of Madonna’s legacy has either been swept under the rug and/or didn’t really stand the test of time. I feel like even Mariah, who was considered more local, is more remembered nowadays than Madge. However one thing I believe — no other female artist since Britney’s debut had the explosion, universal appeal, long-term worldwide effect and controversy on not only music but pop culture the way she did, so that leaves me thinking — is she the greatest female pop star of all time? If not, then who?
  6. 🚨 OUT NOW! 🚨 🚨 FULL STREAM ON YOUTUBE 🚨 LOCKDOWN: A Britney Spears Remix EP Featuring 17 NEW • UNRELEASED • BONUS Britney Spears Remixes (You b*tched, so we fixed the cover. ) 🚨 TRACKLIST 🚨 FULL RELEASE on BRITNEYSPEARSREMIXES.COM
  7. Jayden James has recently joined Instagram (@jayden_federline) and since then, he’s posting some crazy and cool vids on his feed and stories. Today, he did a shoutout to some profiles, so people would follow his YT Channel. One of these profiles he shouted out was actually part of the #FREEBRITNEY movement! In addition to that, he’s also replying and liking comments regarding the love everyone feels for Britney. He seems to be a cool and nice kid and I hope these boys save her from those leaches! He also did a 20-minute live stream with fans. Here are the highlights: Someone says "kill your grandfather," and he responds, "Bro, I was thinking the same thing." Also called Jamie "a big ****, he can go die." Says he doesn't know how he feels about the Free Britney movement Favorite songs are Toxic and BOMT Saw britney two days ago, won't see her again for ~two weeks Calls Sam Asghari a good guy Says his mom is legendary Says K-Fed is the "Best dad ever. My dad is literally Jesus." Also praises Lynne. "My grandma is literally the best grandma in the universe." Someone wrote: "Help your mom break free." He responds: "That's what I'm trying to do..." Then goes on to talk about something else. On Britney and music: "I haven't seen her doing a lot of music at all." One time he asked her about her music and he said Britney said: "I might just quit it." His account has since been set to private. Mommy’s proud of you baby!
  8. However... for such a perfectionist. She can't remove this mistake. The hive can't forgive her on this mistake..
  9. A lot has changed since this post was first created back in March. Basically, the entire world is different now. We've also experienced so much Future Nostalgia Well, it appears Dua is still planning on releasing a deluxe version of it. According to a French website, it's out November 6th. Below is the tracklist (which looks near-identical to the original minus the bonus track). It's worth mentioning that Dua and Miley were on set together recently, so it could be for their anticipated collaboration together - it might be the bonus track listed below. 01. Future nostalgia - Lipa Dua 02. Don't start now - Lipa Dua 03. Cool - Lipa Dua 04. Physical - Lipa Dua 05. Levitating - Lipa Dua 06. Pretty please - Lipa Dua 07. Hallucinate - Lipa Dua 08. Love again - Lipa Dua 09. Break my heart - Lipa Dua 10. Good in bed - Lipa Dua 11. Boys will be boys - Lipa Dua 12. Bonus track exclusif français - Lipa Dua Dua said previously: "I've been holding back some songs. Trying to figure it out... I've got some songs that I've been holding back that I'm really excited for everyone to hear." She's also recorded collaborations with Normani and Miley Cyrus, though those probably won't make the Deluxe cut. You ready for more Future Slayalgia?! Related:
  10. Even way before I don't know her happened. MC already started hating on jlo. From an interview she claimed jlo is soul less and nothing is there. To alluding that she can sleep 8 hours a day cos she can't sing her own songs or write her own material. From Comments about Madonna and other divas. It's clearly there. She hates pop music and performers in general. She really only respects woman who stand behind a microphone and just sing.
  11. In 2005 on this day. A power was released. The emancipation of Mimi. Which Billboard has deemed the most iconic comeback album of all time. At the time Mariah hated the word comeback. But now she agrees. She went from being the top act of the 90s. To virtually a joke, A has been overnight and one that critics thought could never see the success she once had. Then came mimi. And the rest is history. Her and JD made music history. We belong together became the most successful song of the 00s decade. Making Mariah historically the only act to have the top Billboard song of the decade in two different decades. 90s One sweet day 00s We belong together. Her most Grammy nominated album to date. 10 altogether 7 in 2006. Where she performed fly like a bird (starting an official MC trend end her secular albums with a gospel song) and ended up being the night's only standing ovation. 3 in 2007. Altogether Mariah herself told Barbara Walters that the only Grammys she cared about winning were The R&B ones She won Best contemporary R&B album, Best R&B song, Best R&B female vocal performance both for we belong together. The album has a direct sequel. 2008's E=MC². Which while a success. Wasn't as successful as The Emancipation of Mimi. Happy 15 years to the Album that made Mariah the legend she is today.
  12. Lana Del Rey got her first dose of success in 2011, when her homemade music video for her song "Video Games" went viral. Clips of Hollywood glamour and vintage nostalgia were backed by the melancholic love song. In a pop culture landscape dominated by manufactured controversy, popstars, and aggressive EDM parties, Lana Del Rey was a breath of fresh air. “Video Games” brought in a wave of vulnerability, reflection, classicism, and sadness that was nowhere to be found in the pop music world. Furthermore, Lana came into an industry where pop songs often had multiple songwriters, producers, and vocal effects, and where artists often had entire machines behind them. On the flip side, “Video Games” was written by Del Rey and only one other songwriter, only had one producer, all of the vocals were Del Rey’s, and she created, recorded, edited, and released the music video herself. It’s not uncommon nowadays for popstars to write their own music videos and come up with ideas for their music videos. In fact, you’ll find it hard for audiences to embrace popstars without this level of genuineness nowadays. But back then, this hands-on, personal approach was rare in pop music. “Video Games” was only just the start of Lana Del Rey’s influence that would come to alter the pop music landscape for years to come. In a time before mental health had come to the forefront, Lana Del Rey took sad music and struggling mental health to the mainstream. She showed people that it okay to be sad. She was ahead of the “sad culture” that seems to be so prevalent today. Even emo rap, which you wouldn’t think would have any connection to a female popstar, wouldn’t have been possible without Del Rey bringing depression to the forefront of music. Del Rey was also first to bring the ****** version of “Daddy” mainstream, and she did it often. Now, take a look at any large college campus and you’re bound to find at least one girl wearing a baseball cap with “Daddy” written on it. Del Rey revived an alternative sector of the pop music genre, paving the way for artists that ultimately became more successful and recognized than Del Rey herself, despite them having Del Rey to thank for their potential. Artists like Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Melanie Martinez embraced this alternative pop music genre. Lana Del Rey broke the boundaries of music genres and was one of the first to begin mixing music genres. Her first album, “Born to Die” mixed hip hop beats with classical strings, and melancholic, swinging vocals. Her music is so distinct that the music genre, sadcore, was essentially created to describe her music. Moving to the visual aspects of pop culture, Lana Del Rey’s grandiose and creative music video began inspiring other popstars as well. Take a look at Del Rey’s “Ride” music video, which includes a poetic monologue. Compare that to Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” monologue and Camila Cabello’s “What Do I Know About Love?” monologue. Del Rey was also arguably the first to do any sort of “visual album.” Her short film, “Tropico” included a main storyline with 3 of her songs intertwined into that storyline. 3 years later, Beyonce releases her “Lemonade” visual album, with her entire album intertwined into a visual storyline. Contrasting with the conventionally attractive male models usually included in pop music videos, Del Rey was the first to start bringing a diversity of male models into her videos, including slim tattooed “alternative” models, middle aged men with dad bods, older men, an albino male model, and A$AP Rocky to be portrayed as JFK. When it comes to body image issues, self-love, and a greater range of diverse representation in the media, once again, Del Rey was ahead of the curve. Additionally, Lana Del Rey inspired a whole era of the “Tumblr aesthetic” including flower crown, pouting faces, and vintage Hollywood glamour style. She inspired the looks of the first social media influencers. It’s a shame how little Del Rey is recognized for being such a trailblazing pioneer in pop music and pop culture. Do you think Lana has been underappreciated as a pop culture force?
  13. From all the unreleased Britney songs that have leaked, which ones are/is your favorite? All I can say is that songs like dramatic, kiss you all over, am i a sinner, sippin' on, let go and baby boy were HUGE missed opportunities her unreleased catalogue outdid most of the girlie's discographies btw you can also vote multiple times!
  14. So I was going down memory lane and remembered VHI’s: 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons from 2003 and I couldn’t believe JLO was ranked at #15 and Britney was at #20. I’m not denying that JLO has been a big part of pop culture, but in 2003 Britney had left her mark as well. I’m guessing Bennifer had a lot to do with Jlo ranking higher than Britney, but I’m still SHOCKED that they had Britney react to that and that she was placed lower than her competitor. So let’s take a look at their most iconic pop culture moments leading up to 2003 and see who was more deserving. Let me know if I missed any. BRITNEY 1998: Britney releases her mega successful debut single Baby One More Time and instantly becomes an international pop culture icon. 1999: The release of Baby One More Time & Rolling Stones cover 2000: Britney proved she was no one hit wonder and released another one of the most iconic videos and looks ever released. She followed up with her record setting sophomore album Oops...! I Did It Again. Bonus: MTV VMAs 2001: MTV VMA I’m a Slave 4 U performance Bonus: Britney & Justin Denim Outfits 2002: Britney’s big screen debut Bonus: Britney and Justin split 2003: Britney and Madonna kiss Bonus: Britney ties for youngest to get a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame JLO 1997: Jennifer Lopez becomes first Latina to make a million from her role in Selena 1999: Joined exclusive group of females with #1 debut single (after Britney) with If You Had My Love 2000: Versace dress at Grammys 2001: JLO nickname and album of the same name. Bonus: First #1 remix album ever 2002: Bennifer is born & Jenny From The Block 2003: Gigli Box office bomb Video: So who was the biggest pop culture icon by 2003? Of course I’m voting for Britney Discuss
  15. Britney says she left two candles burning in her gym and it burnt down and that's why she hasn't been seen working out in there for months. It was an accident though
  16. and I know this thread is useless, because if they never post, they never will, but what's up with that? I always see there's 40 - 90 users online, but it's always the same dozen of people that keep the threads alive. I remember when I used to lurk Exhale, but I did it without an account. Once I created my account I couldn't stop myself from commenting. Unless Exhale is now hidden for non users? I haven't logged out in a while. Exhale is such a nice and tolerant place, I don't know why someone would not want to join our conversation
  17. "Isaac", one of Madonna's most unique and spiritual tracks, was recorded for 2005's Confessions On A Dance Floor. Below is the full story of how one of Madonna's most meaningful and atmospheric tracks came to be. The song samples a traditional Yemenite Jewish song, sung in an ancient dialect of Hebrew preserved for millenia by Yemen's Jewish community, called "Im Ninalu". Nearly all of Yemen's Jewish population immigrated to Israel between 1949-1950 following Israel's rebirth in 1948. Written in Yemen in the 17th century by a Jewish sage by the name of Rabbi Shalom Shabazi, the opening line of "Im Ninalu" translates to "even if the gates of the rich are locked, the gates of heaven have not been locked". Why did Madonna choose to sample this specific ancient poem in her song? What relevance did it hold to her? The story goes all the way back to 1988. Ofra Haza, an Israeli-born singer whose parents immigrated to pre-state Israel from Yemen, releases her first international single, "Im Ninalu". This marks the first time the ancient poem is exposed to an international audience. The recording combines lines from the ancient text with newly written verses in English in order for the track to be more relatable and understandable to an international audience. The single is a huge success, mostly in Europe and Asia, initially selling 4 million copies and charting from number 1 through Top 20 in many countries, including #15 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. The song marked the begining of an incredibly successful international music career for Ofra Haza, the first and most successful of its kind to come out of Israel to this day. It also caught the attention of Kabbalah enthusiast Madonna, who loved Ofra Haza and her Yemenite style so much that she was inspired to feature explicitly Yemenite jewelry, which Ofra Haza notably liked to perform in, on the cover of her 1989 album "Like A Prayer". In 1990, Madonna participated in a movie titled "**** Tracy", and being by then a solidified fan of Ofra Haza, got her to sing in the movie's soundtrack. Tragically, Ofra Haza passed away suddenly in the year 2000 at the young age of 42 due to complications from AIDS, which she had unknowingly contracted from her husband. In 2005, Madonna released the song "Isaac", sampling an Israeli of Yemenite origin singing Ofra Haza's greatest hit- Im Ninalu. The song serves as a powerful tribute to a remarkable, spiritual singer. The text of the ancient poem is incredibly spiritual and filled with hidden meaning, which made for an extraordinary spiritual track on its own. Soon after, Israeli DJ Offer Nissim- one of Madonna's favorite- created the following mashup of Madonna's Isaac with Ofra Haza's Im Ninalu, as an ultimate tribute. Now you know :-)
  18. Whenever Billie is coming on with a new era, this is the concept I would love her to take on. Album concept/genre: Since 70s-80s disco is in a slow resurgence and it is trending genre rn, I would love to see Billie taking a disco step towards her next era, and if she wants to, she can make depressing disco bops, however I would want to see her take a more upbeat and bangers tempo for the new album I would really love a 12 track album with a lot of creative visuals. I also want her to take more higher notes this time, hearing her brits no time to die performances, she has a lot of potential so she should use now a higher register, like reinvent her voice Style/Appearance: So I want her to reinvent herself this era so she doesn’t seem generic and she is sticking to the same stuff. I think pink hair suits Billie really good so I would like her to take something light coloured like pink. She can keep her baggy clothing, since it’s her signature outfits, but it should a unique and disco kick to it it would look I mean...really cool Collabarations: If possible, she can collabarate with artist like The Weeknd, probably Dua and Doja cat. She can’t even Rihanna (that’s if she ever wants to come back to the music scene). However I would only want like 1-2 or 3 tracks to be features as I don’t want it to dominate the track list Producers: If Billie wants to bring one producer with her and dinners to produce the album, she should take Jeff basket (worked with Dua on future nostalgia) as he was able to make some really good songs in Future nostalgia. However I think she can just stick with her bro as they create enough magic and chemistry together in music. Fineeas really knows how to produce good music. Release date: She should release her first single around September-December (so that it doesn’t flop because of coronavirus) and continue the era till around January 2022 (or even feburaury) and should release the album around February -April 2021 so that it has like 10-8 months to get a lot of sales (and probably have another best selling record of 2021) First single- September-december 2020 Second single- February 2021 Third single- June-July 2021 Fourth single- November 2021 Fifth and final single-February 2022 Performances- She should perform this time in the MTV VMAS, some international awards outside of US, Grammy awards (this time with a banger and awesome performance), EMA, Billboard music awards. Overall she should have at least 10 performances in major shows for the era So these are my ideas for her new era? What’s your opinion? Do you agree? If not, how should her sophomore era be like? Adios
  19. I thought I'd start of thread sharing how we all stay active and fit. Just going to the gym can sometimes be boring, so how do you all mix it up? I like to do pilates, jog outdoors and dance! I'm not a professional dancer, but I like learning choreo from youtube or doing my own thing.
  20. This could possibly mark the end of Britney's contract with RCA since she allegedly had to at least drop one album this year to fulfill her contractual obligations. She also released new merch for the Oops! anniversary. https://store.britneyspears.com/
  21. She’s used snapchat a few times in the past, but usually it’s only to post things that’s been on her instagram. This time she posted something that’s not on Instagram or TikTok.
  22. Dont forget we are purchasing the standard explicit version.. Not the Deluxe version! 10am Los Angeles 12pm Chicago/Mexico City/Lima 1pm New York 2pm Sao Paulo 6pm London 7pm Europe 8pm Moscow 1am Beijing/Manila 2am Tokyo 3am Sydney
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