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  1. The fact that you still believe some of what youve written speaks volumes. I dont know what nut made a news story claiming there are religious Jewish extremists teaching their children that Palestinian chikdren are born to be our slaves, but it is a bald faced lie. If Arabs put down their weapons, there would be peace immediately. If Israel put down its weapons, there would be no Israel. If you dont support Israels right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket fire and terrorist attacks by people who unequivocally announce that they seek to annihilate us, then thats on you. If you think I must condemn my government for defending its citizens by bombing Arab rocket launchers, intelligence sites, and rocket manufacturing sites, then thats on you. I just wonder what youd expect your government to do if a hostile enemy instigated violence on your country and your people.
  2. Excuse me? Everything you wrote is propaganda. The UN is infested with terror-supporting regimes. Stop throwing around the words "international law" as though you know what it means. This is not about "displacing Arabs from their homes". This is specifically about a couple of Arab families who have refused to pay rent to their Jewish property owners for DECADES. In EVERY country in the world, that would have led to eviction DECADES ago. If this were about expelling Arabs from their homes, then the hundreds of addittional Arab families living in Sheikh Jarrah would be expelled as well. Some history- In 1948, the Arab kingdom of Jordan illegally annexed the eastern part of Jerusalem, decimated dozens of ancient Jewish places of worship, used ancient Jewish gravestones to pave the roads leading to the Old City, expelled the entire native Jewish community, and blocked all Jews from accessing the holiest place in Judaism until 19 years later, in 1967, when Israel recaptured the eastern half of Jerusalem and reunited the city, ensuring freedom of worship and movement fot ALL religions. You may think youre not deep in the propaganda, but everything youve written thus far is riddled with misinformation and lies. The truth is readily available.
  3. Some of you are living on another planet. To all these "experts" on what is going on in Israel, I say this: Come visit. SEE FOR YOURSELF what the reality here is and what is happening. You will be stunned by how much youve been lied to and misled. Until then, stop spreading blood libels against Jews and anti-semitic propaganda that Hamas, a genocidal world-recognized terrorist organization, is spreading throughout the internet!
  4. You do realize that HALF the worlds Jews live in Israel, and that constantly levelling criticism towards it that youd never dream of levelling towards other countries is anti-semitism? Buying into anti-semitic propaganda about Israel supposedly committing genocide- anti-semitism Claiming Israel is responsible for Hamas, which calls for the genocide of world Jewry in its charter, shooting 1,500 rockets at Israel in two days- anti-semitism. My people are under fire, our houses of worship are being burned, stores are being looted, cars are being stoned, and Jews are being lynched and people like you have the audacity to present fake news and accuse us of committing genocide and unfairly targetting Hamas rocket launchers? Absolutely despicable.
  5. Excuse me? People here are teaching children that Palestinians are created to be our slaves? Where in the world did you hear such a disgusting accusation? I dare you to find one example of such a thing occuring. I dont know where to begin in expressing my disbelief at some of the things youve been writing on here. The blind hatred is unbelievable. Take care of yourself, I cannot ignore the lies and disgusting accusations being levelled against my people by you and others on here who dont know a single thing about what goes on here.
  6. Regardless, it is a provably false accusation. It is incredibly disappointing to see you buying into the lies and moreover, propagating them on public forums! Israel is where half of the worlds Jews live.
  7. Exhale is now a cesspool of anti-semitic hate and justification of terrorist attacks aimed at Jewish civilians. @Jordan Miller it doesnt get any lower than this.
  8. Unfortunately you dont. If Israel is committing genocide, its doing an awfully terrible job at it. The Arab population here has increased by millions since Israel became a state. What kind of genocide causes a population to grow by several hundred percent? Your accusations are vile and reprehensible.
  9. Your comments are incredibly offensive and inaccurate. Every video you posted, aside from the last one, either tells a false story, is taken out of context, or is poorly translated in order to try to make Israel look bad. The last video in Bat Yam of a couple dozen Jews vandalizing the Arab owned store was roundly condemned by ALL ISRAELI POLITICIANS AND CITIZENS ALIKE. Meanwhile, TENS OF THOUSANDS of Arabs have been carrying out pogroms on Jewish shops, prayer spaces, and homes, throwing rocks, fireworks, and even live bullets towards innocent passer-byers. Theyve been stoning cars, lynching Jews, and intimidating innocent men women and children. This has been going on for WEEKS. I urge you to visit here yourself and judge for yourself, dont believe what others tell you, dont believe even what I tell you! See for yourself! @Easy There I dont completely blame you for thinking the things you think.... you only know from what info you have been provided, and the info you have been provided seems to tell a very simple story of evil Israelis starting violence and killing Arabs. It is a farce. My government is not evil, my government is protecting its citizens from the more than 1,500 unprovoked rockets fired from Gaza towards Israeli civilians. My government is targeting weapons manufacturing sites, intelligence sites, and rocket launchers, all of which Hamas cynically places amongst its civilians in the hope that they will be hurt. ONE THIRD of rockets fired from Gaza have accidentally landed INSIDE Gaza, injuring dozens of their own people. They dont care about their people, they care about destroying Israel and killing as many Jews as possible. We will never allow that to happen.
  10. @Jordan Miller a lot of the comments on here are absolutely disgusting and grossly ill-informed, including the OP which frames the situation as though Israel attacked first. No. Palestinians fired more than ONE HUNDRED rockets towards Jewish civilians before Israel started firing back. (Btw, regarding the eviction of a couple of Arab families from Jewish owned land- they hadnt paid rent in decades. This is not about evicting Arab families, otherwise the HUNDREDS of other Arab families living in the area would be evicted as well. Those trying to frame it as such are being either purposefully misleading or ignorant). I wont even get into specific claims because protecting my life is far more important than arguing with ignorant, hostile individuals who try to justify Palestinians firing 1,500 rockets at Jews living populated areas. To all those on here calling Israel evil, making the vile accussation that Israel is committing genocide, while meanwhile Ive been in and out of the bomb shelter the last 2 days because Palestinians in Gaza have fired 1,500 rockets at civilian areas targeting Jews, and Arabs all around Israel are trying to lynch Jews (and have successfully done so to some!), I say this- stop believing everything you hear. COME VISIT ISRAEL AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. It is open to anybody and everybody, and you can see the situation on the ground WITH YOUR OWN EYES. You will be stunned by how deeply youve been misled. Until then, your vile, ignorant accusations and mischaracterizations will not be forgiven.
  11. Case in point: Selena Gomez. She came to Hollywood claiming she was a tomboy who didnt like high heels and whose dream it was to start a rock band... Nowadays she is the epitome of standard Hollywood. No true individuality left...
  12. Who are you to decide if its only for his money as opposed to getting justice...?
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