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  1. This. I always wondered how you got hold of all the J.R. Rotem stuff Did you just get an e-mail like the Secret one one day with all the demos?
  2. Thanks for your input! A lot of people, myself included, have had trouble accesing the original post in the past so I've been working on a MS Word document that can both be edited and shared by anyone at any time. It looks pretty rough so far but I'll definitely be correcting those songs you mentioned As I mentioned last time, I just took a wild guess and assumed that it was meant for Circus. Back when the Welcome to Me snippet first leaked everyone thought that it was a Blackout outtake when it was actually recorded in 2003 so I could very well be wrong too but it being recorded in 2008 makes the most sense to me. You can definitely list it as a Blackout demo on your page though She has never personally confirmed it but she co-wrote the song with Peter Wade Keusch and she only started working with him in 2004/2005 so it can't possibly be an In the Zone reject. Plus B&A later pitched the same backing track with another topline to Jennifer Lopez in 2010 and I very much doubt they would offer her a track that would have been eight years old by that point Even though the song wasn't given to her per se it was intended for the album at one point which has always been the goal of my thread. For instance, Beautiful by Christina Aguilera was neither written for Britney nor was ever actually pitched to her but at some point Linda Perry considered giving it to her before she ended up giving it to Christina which is more than enough for me The only reason I've never added that song or any of the Elle Vee demos is because neither of them has writing credits on any major pop record to be honest. If I were the count every single song that got offered by every single aspiring songwriter and producer the list would be endless Lips was debunked back when it was first 'leaked' iirc. Both Hate You and Pop the Balloons were claimed to be Britney rejects by the people who leaked them but other than that there's no solid evidence suggesting that. Charli only ever mentioned working on pitches for Britney Jean with Starsmith and William Orbit. Hate You came from the same session as Heart in My Pocket, does that make it a Britney Jean reject too? Pop the Balloons has also been attached to Little Mix and I personally find that more believable since Charli has also written other songs for them I definitely remember Myah mentioning that it was written with Britney in mind, along with Feet on the Ground in an old MySpace post so I don't know what's up with that honestly. It clearly was made by the same people
  3. To the people who genuinely believe she just got acess to her Instagram page: How come these captions read exactly like the ones posted before them that were "definitely not written by her"?
  4. She didn't 'secure' Justin Tranter though, that was all Louise's doing
  5. The fact that while I was posting this here, they posted these on YouTube Keep derailing the movement kings
  6. Can't believe they made six different mixes of this song and we're still missing at least one of them
  7. https://www.podcastone.com/episode/Part-2-william-ACS-July-12 (0:52:04) A summary from @PokemonSpears: he says he didn't know she was under a conservatorship, she said that a lot of people she work with they write everything, but she now wanted to write a lot on Femme Fatale (he said that instead of Britney Jean lol). So he suggested interviewing her and turning that interview into songs. He says she was beautiful, alert, excited. 100% in the studio. He mentions one of his notes: March 19, 2013 - we were talking about a getaway or escape to my dream fantastic getaway, she wants to soak it up and bask in the wonder of it. She said I wanna get away to the escape. She said "I don't wanna bring the love of my life to see what I love to a tropical beach with champagnes of mimosa" (he was literally reading the notes from his phone) He literally keeps the BJ notes on his phone Related:
  8. I just realized this was supposed to be back when Sam was still around, mess I think I found the exact date when those messages were sent. Back in January 26, 2008 she was photographed on the balcony of the L'Ermitage hotel in Beverly Hills where Dallas was presumably staying at the time While he doesn't appear in the candids they were both seen together inside his hotel room https://xray.britspears.net/thumbnails.php?album=4144 That would explain the texts since it was also around this time when both Jamie and Lynne were trying to get back into Britney's life through Lutfi
  9. Interesting. Perhaps she meant that she wasn't allowed to actually keep the dogs Oddly enough, by 2014 she wasn't posting anything about them anymore Do we know exactly when her dogs stopped appearing on her annual expenses?
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