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  1. She originally posted it on Facebook but I guess she deleted it, here's the original picture They were definitely being thrown around 10 years ago but not anymore though
  2. To think that she probably got that catsuit from Wish and it still looks better than every single Piece of Me outfit combined
  3. We've constantly been fed these last few months that she doesn't want to be perceived as a fragile which is why she didn't appear in the New York Times documentary and now she's openly admitting that she's so fragile that the only way she can cope is by painting...
  4. Nevermind he did mention that it was done by Full Force on a separate interview
  5. I looked it up again and according to Don Philip his version was cut first but he also claimed that they both recorded Pleasure You together so take that with a grain of salt I always assumed that his version was produced by Eric Foster White since he mentions how much they worked together in that same interview but he actually doesn't specify who produced it For the longest time I thought that the Full Force sessions were the very first thing she did for the album but I guess I was wrong too It's such a shame that stuff like recording dates aren't more well documented like I've wanting to make a proper recording timeline thread for a while but honestly I wouldn't even know where to start Better in Time is registered twice so it's most definitely an entirely different version, that's if in fact she did record it of course
  6. I can totally see them slapping the 2002 reissue bonus tracks on vinyl since this year marks the 20th anniversary of the album's 2001 release Something like this: (Credit: https://avenueofthestars.blogspot.com/) A1 I'm a Slave 4 U (Thunderpuss Club Mix) A2 I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman (Metro Remix) A3 Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix) A4 Boys (The Co-Ed Remix) B1 When I Found You B2 I Run Away B3 Before the Goodbye B4 Intimidated
  7. While it was also meant for In the Zone, Pleasure You was produced by Tony Moran and Warren Rigg https://cocatalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?v1=156&ti=151,156&SC=Author&SA=Spears%2C Britney&PID=cyyKTwed5TbtGM_BjVRmXlq4ofnUZ&SEQ=20210526144312&SID=6
  8. I already mentioned that half of these weren't even meant for her but sure, go ahead. You don't need to mention me though
  9. I was going through BMI earlier and I found this song which I don't remember ever seeing before It's called I'm Alright even though it's listed as I'm Aaaaaight and it was written by Angela Hunte (Do Somethin') and Nanna Martorell (Ouch) Aditionally I found four more songs that weren't registered as Britney's but were written by them too Back Off Do It to Me Lady B Pleasure RedOne was quoted as saying that Money, Love and Happiness was a very rough demo so I doubt she recorded any of them but I love how atrocious I'm Aight and Lady B sound She got offered some bizarrely named songs during the In the Zone era from Graffiti My Soul to Instant Déjà vu... She even turned down a song titled Pop Culture *****. You just don't see song titles like those anymore
  10. Oh wee, this one is a doozy, where do I even start First and foremost those songs have been registered since 2005, they haven't 'just been revealed' Also Michelle BELL didn't really confirm anything either. She acknowledged the fact that OP tweeted out that she was credited on some of those songs which they thought were meant for Original Doll, thanked them for their support and gave out a polite response regarding Britney's case. That's it They all range from 2002 to 2003 except for Beware which I assume is from the same period as the Diary Of demo Actually two different snippets got posted back on June 20th 2006. The first one posted was the 12 second 'fast' version commonly referred as the Scott Storch mix which quickly got deleted for unknown reasons. This is the version iLeaks posted back in 2010 when they were claiming to have the song Shortly after, the now infamous 50 second snippet got posted which is when song started getting traction Jeff Dandurand is legitimately deranged. He's a failed child actor turned comedian turned drug addict, he had a video of himself doing co****e in his old YouTube channel (seriously). I was the one who made the connection between him and a former talent employee at Atlantic Records but that was just a coincidence He also claimed that Crucified was a Tori Amos-inspired ballad before Jordan leaked it I think I still have the Never Lie snippet that got posted on Universe back in the day in my old hard drive. It was literally him rambling on top of a royalty free beat on a computer mic I really hope one day this fanbase stops giving this man any attention at all Except they don't. Look Who's Talking was done by Henrik Jonback and Hey Hey Hey was done by Precision (Are You Ready aka Peepshow, Conscious) and even then we don't know for sure if that song was ever meant for her She doesn't have a writing credit in any of these songs which is why is unlikely that any of these were ever meant for her except mayyyyybe Outta Here since it was written by Karen Poole and Crazy Things, Spin the Record and Under the Pressure as they were originally intended for Melodi Brown too like Disguise My Love and Do Somethin' It's literally the exact same song. They were even readying to release it as their second single before they got dropped from Polydor Here's the single cover art Most of the B&A stuff came from the BMG database. They were so clueless about how the internet works that they had full unreleased songs up for grabs on their site lmao. They have since changed it so you can only get a 30 second snippet I believe they deleted a few songs here and there in the process too which are presumably still out there like Untouchable but don't quote me on this I think I got IP banned after downloading these so you're welcome I guess Crazy Things (Crazy Things and Things We Do for Love are two different songs) It's My Life (Forget The Nine To Five) My Own Way Outta Here Spin The Record Under The Pressure
  11. I'm not joking, that's literally why I said that I didn't mean to offend you. He has interviewed Jon Asher, Kasia Livingston, Lindy Robbins, Myah Marie and many more Is your podcast named 'Bryan talks about Britney'? I can't seem to find anywhere Also I would love to read one of your articles. Would you mind sharing them too?
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