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  1. I know this isn’t a major revelation, but I just learned that the friend Britney and Paris Hilton had multiple dinners last summer (2020) was Cade Hudson… …who is friends with Sean Penn, whose lawyer is Mathew “Matt” Rosengart, who has also worked with Madonna, Sean Penn’s ex. It looks like at some point Cade was Penn’s agent at CAA, but I couldn’t confirm that. Cade is one of Paris’s best friends and Britney’s only friend who has been spotted with her in the past couple of years. Madonna and Sean Penn are still friends. Sean Penn gave a statement about Rosengart after it came out that he was going to be Britney’s lawyer (“he is tough as nails street fighter”). So it was probably thanks to Cade and Sean Penn why both Madonna and Paris knew that “we’re coming to get Britney out of the prison” a couple of days before the news about Rosengart came out. I imagine some fans are now going to freak out and come up with another conspiracy theory because Cade is/was Jason Trawick’s best friend – that’s how Cade and Britney met. It doesn’t take a way the fact that Rosengart is highly regarded attorney who has made it clear that he is going to take down the conservatorship and everyone Britney wants to sue. And like all the legal experts I’ve heard, that’s what he’ll also do. Today (Monday) is the first day he is supposed represent Britney in court as her legal representative about Jodi’s additional security fees. I’m curious to see if he’ll file the petitions to remove Jamie and end the conservatorship today too. I’m secretly hoping that he has convinced Jamie over the weekend to resign as Britney’s conservator. Fingers crossed!
  2. Soccer legend Cristino Ronaldo is a huge Madonna fan, loves everything about her and admires her as a businesswoman, stating nobody in Music today, can get the kind of business deals whether it's the highest paid female recording contract, her 120 Million contract with Live nation still stands as the highest female recording contract, no other contract by a female act has broken Madonna's 3 album deal with Live nation, which was completed in 2019 with Madame X. He also talks about how no female puts the one of a kind stage shows with groundbreaking technology, stating The MDNA screens are still the biggest as her stages are designed for stadiums with one of a kind sound systems that's copyrighted to just Madonna herself. Cristiano recommended Lisbon, as a good education for her sons Soccer skills, she did move there for the best Soccer education, but also left The US during the Trump years of his rule as president, this wasn't the first time, David Letterman addressed to her you lived in London for 8 years, while she didn't mention her marriage or family reasons, she said Iived in London during the Bush years, which was the best decision I've ever made. At least I can always move when I don't like the person who's president, I can always move back when a President is in the White House that I respect, love and admire.
  3. Madonna in 2005 released the follow up to 1991's Truth or dare with the heavy spiritual and very politically charged. "I'm going to tell you a secret. One scene her and Musical director Stuart Price talks about how he doesn't believe in God, like he said why does it offend people if they don't have a faith or spiritual beliefs. He believes in reincarnation and energy, but when Madonna brought up the Light (Kabbalah's God, since light was the first thing created in the tree of life). He gets offended and says Energy is high as it gets. She laughs anyway knowing he's not gonna change his mind. She even tells her dancers she doesn't condone them smoking grass, but as long as their her employees don't do it on her time and for the next 6 months, as she wants the best out of them. She even says during rehearsals nobody cam **** up, during a live show, as it sets her mood off and it cuts to a dancer being fired cos he missed his cue. Then she being only spiritual not religious tells her dancers, that religion breeds separation and in fragmentation, the idea to become one unit, is to take the thing that separates you from being a whole team, the religion outfit during the American life performance. It's actually fascinating and her intelligence in religion is mind blowing. Catch her shading the catholic religion with the whole most priests are gay gag. @Jordan Miller @I Always Sing Live @Blackout2006
  4. Madonna is finally releasing a Madame X Tour special. It's available to stream October 8th on Paramount+. Exhale, are you watching?
  5. Smoking a Joint, Madonna shares part of her script and she went there, talking about her first mastaurbation experience. Cant wait for Live To Tell: The official Madonna Authorized movie.
  6. Madonna has finally commented on Britney's situation. "Give this woman her life back. Slavery was abolished so long ago! Death to the greedy patriarchy that has been doing this to women for centuries. This is a violation of human rights! Britney we coming to get you out of jail!"
  7. For those who are wondering why Madonna remains silent about Britney's case, the reason is simple : She indirectly benefits from it through her management company Maverick and therefore has an huge conflict of interest. Established originally in 1992, today the rebranded Maverick was co-founded by partners: Guy Oseary, Clarence Spalding, Larry Rudolph, Gee Roberson, Scott Rodger, Cortez Bryant and Adam Leber. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/6289050/maverick-movement-meet-the-oseary-bryant-laffitte-rodgers-roberson-rudolph-spalding-veazy-leber Guy Oseary has stepped down from Maverick's day-to-day operations last year. "My dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship, including my management … they should be in jail." She is simply protecting Maverick, Guy Oseary, Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber. Cher, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake and other major artists have spoken out... Madonna, it's time, *****.
  8. If you're not gonna say something regarding Britney's situation then don't drag her into this unnecessary shade of yours thrown at Lil Nas X Update: LNX responded.
  9. Thief of hearts is the original Bang Bang, but instead of a Man (Guy Ritchie), the Bish is a woman or as a Madonna described a little susie Ho-Maker. Stop Bish Which leg do you want me to break? If I had a hammer I'd bash your Fu5kin' head all over this bed!! With laughter included I'd poke your eyes out, and spread it all over this land!!!! Stop Bish!!! Now sit your arse down!!!!
  10. If I can just be a fraction of fierce as her at 62-years-old, I'd be grateful. There are a few topless shots btw. Please don't post directly here Related:
  11. Flanked by the underground New York ballroom scene dancers, Madonna performs the biggest dance hit of the 00s with her 2005 Hit "Hung Up" and wearing no bras, and just fish nets, Madonna at 62, proves she still has that yoga and to die for work out body, that many her age wish to have. Hear the queens go wild at the charity event for the Ali Forney homeless youth shelter specifically for LGBTQ youth..
  12. God is *******. That's the latest Madonna mysterious post about pride and June 24.. But teasing the names Kaytranda, Honey Dijon (remixed her 50th #1 dance hit "I don't search I Find), eli Escobar and someone else. Using Future lovers from 2005's Confessions on a dance floor. Madonna is obviously having a project coming. With it being djs, I'm thinking a remix album is coming of her biggest gay anthems with some of the hottest DJs.. @Jordan Miller @iAlwaysSingLive @Midnight
  13. So Remember when Lady gaga tweeted that Born this way Reimagined would be delayed one week for no specific reasons.. Well Madonna on Instagram posted be on the lookout for something on June 24. Madonna would never post dates or anything unless something is happening big time, and with Kylie minogue doing marry the might, what better way than to delay the release date for A Madonna reimagined track.. Pray with me in the temple of Pride. To Me, this means Madonna might have covered. The Chapel or Black Jesus + Amen Fashion.
  14. I’ve noticed Madonna has slowly been uploading her past singles to Spotify (remixes, etc.) and I noticed it has been 12 years since Celebration was released. In a lot of her Instagram posts it looks like she is in the studio and her look has drastically changed since Madame X. I know she is also prepping the release of the Madame X tour but I can’t help but wonder if she might release a greatest hits album with a few new singles as well. Thoughts? Related:
  15. https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/poll-lady-gaga-lil-nas-x-rupaul-sylvester-more-whats-your-favorite-lgbtqia-pride-anthem On june 1, the recording academy asked the public for their favorite LGBTQIA+ Pride anthem. You had until June 15 to vote. Well the poll is closed, and we can declare the winner. With a whopping 38% of the vote the winner of the favorite pride anthem is none other than Vogue By Madonna, for over 31 years Vogue has told us the only way to get over heartache, feel alive and Magical, where life is a ball is on the dance floor where you can strike a pose. The top 3 are #1 Vogue By Madonna (1990) #2 Born this Way by Lady Gaga (2011) #3 I'm coming out by Diana Ross (1980) No Britney spears, which upset @Jordan Miller, but like I said to some friends, this is to be expected, since the academy never took her seriously as an artist, but she still is a Grammy winner thanks to Toxic winning best dance recording in 2005 . But congrats to the queen of pop and the gay anthem indeed.
  16. Madonna, in the summer of 1986 returned with a new minimalist look, and a new voice. Dropping her higher register in her first two albums, for a more controlled lower register. Starting off with just a classical music intro, that makes the track sound urgent and alarming, the beat kicks in, But this time Madonna is in trouble and needs her daddy's help, but at the same time to understand her. Madonna is pregnant in this song, and understandably she wants her father to not complain, preach but understand why she's keeping the baby, the man she conceived it with is in love with her, and wants to marry her. But, her friends as well are telling her to give it up, break up with him, she's too young for her life to change. She keeps the baby, and ends up happy with her little family. According to Billboard, Papa don't preach was the summer hit of 1986, it totally introduced new Music in Madonna's catalog with it's incorporating elements of classical music, something she would continue throughout her career as evident in Extreme occident from 2019's Madame X (Deluxe version). While Tipper Gore condemned her early ***ual works such as Dress you up (which is part of the iconic filthy 15, by the PRC) research that case. PRC (Parents Resource Commitee) is the reason why The RIAA caved to create the Parental Advisory: Explicit Content Music rating system. Praised Papa don't preach as a pro life anthem, but that wasn't what the message was about. Papa don't preach, was Madonna's first feminist anthem of many where she would stand up to the Patrichial system, whether her father, the catholic church or even presidents such as Bush and Trump. When word got to her in 1987 on her first tour of Japan that Ronald Reagan (the president) liked the message of the song by Rolling stone, in their interview.. She double downed that she isn't a fan of him (for such a hero in the president's he failed the AIDS crisis, let's not talk about his Failed D.A.R.E. program he created with his wife to fight Drugs in American schools). "Ronald Reagan is one papa who shouldn't preach" is what she told Rolling stone in the same interview.
  17. I rebuilt Britney Spears’s Burning Up from the ground up with most of the same instruments and synth patches from Madonna’s original 12” mix. Even though the original multitrack is available in the wild, it was a fun exercise matching up sounds and hearing where I wanted to deviate. I originally started this in 2019 because of the artwork mashup I created. It was intended for my 80’s EP “Rewind,” but I ended up not wanting any covers on that, so here we are. And now with Madonna! Download available at remixedbynick.com
  18. Madonna was reportedly working with Diablo Cody on her biopic, but it appears that screenplay was scrapped. Cody “completed her work and moved on to her next project" is the official reason the two parted ways. Whatever that means. Madonna has enlisted Erin Wilson instead. Related:
  19. Watch Salim and fellow gay fans talk about how Madonna made it acceptable to be gay, at a time when it could have destroyed her career, and how hiring only one straight man basically forced them to change their ways cos she wanted to let them know, it's not about you at all. @Midnight @iAlwaysSingLive
  20. Hey Y2k Music Luverz, I started a record collection during quarantine because, you know, depression/retail therapy, and I'm curious to know how much you'd spend your for favorite album. I'm currently eying several, but these prices are SHOCKING. Here are 5 on my list: Taylor Swift's 1989 (Limited Edition Reissue, Clear & Pink) - current a whopping $1,050.00 Alina Baraz 's The Color Of You (Limited Edition, Baby Pink) - $999.00 Kylie Minogue's Fever (Limited Edition, Red) - $609.00 Madonna's Bedtime Stories (Limited Edition, Numbered, Pink) - $600.00 Troye Sivan's Bloom (Limited Edition, Violet) - $350.00 It seems to me that these outrageous vinyl record prices reflect the outrageous concert ticket prices, and the wealth gap will only increase, leaving the poor gays boys with nothing... The most expensive record I bought was Lady Gaga's ARTPOP (First press, with the infamous R. Kelly collab 'Do What U Want' since that song has vanished). I spent over $300.00 for a sealed copy
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