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  1. Self-explanatory title. Also, I deliberately excluded some people for the sake of keeping the poll relatively short. Obviously, I couldn't include everyone, so feel free to mention others you're a fan of. Anyways, here are my thoughts: Björk - Despite only having 9 studio albums, her discography is extremely intimidating due to its experimental nature. I don't know if I possess the brain power to fully get into Björk, though I adore Debut, and I've been slowly getting into her discography one album at a time. Vulnicura is fascinating, though it sounds like something that might send a more fragile person over the edge - it's extremely depressing. Celine Dion - no opinion, though hearing the news about her health issues was devastating. Wishing her all the best. Cher - no opinion. Cyndi Lauper - love her. While her discography might not be as consistent as Madonna's, I enjoy most of her songs despite the many covers. Also, her energy is just so infectious, and Carly Rae Jepsen really reminds me of Cyndi in terms of being a bundle of wholesome, positive energy. David Bowie - maybe my idea of Bowie is too shallow, but I'm not really into rock music except for a select few artists/albums. Dolly Parton - I'm curious about her discography, but she has so many albums, and a lot of them are full of covers and/or rehashed songs from older records, which is a turn-off. Elton John - no opinion. Janet Jackson - a legend whose impact and legacy are seriously underappreciated. A lot of people (including past me) don't realize/remember how huge she actually was. I've been meaning to get into her discography, but the only album I've listened to so far is Control. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would, but I'm certain Janet. and The Velvet Rope are going to wow me. Kylie Minogue - she's not the most seasoned songwriter, but there are a couple of albums she flexed her songwriting skills on. Those are the albums I'm most interested in, and they're definitely solid. She's also the definition of a class act. Madonna - I mean, she's my favorite artist of all time for a reason. Mariah Carey - I haven't listened to all of her albums, but I'm in the process of doing so. Some of them are kinda samey, but the ones that I do love... Oh, boy, they're so good! Caution and Mariah Carey are my favorites. Michael Jackson - still not sure how to feel about Michael. Prince - I listened to Controversy a few hours ago and quite enjoyed it. I'm excited to delve further into his discography, though it's overwhelmingly extensive and lowkey pretentious. I thought Madonna was pretentious, but Prince was on another level. Whitney Houston - her lack of songwriting credits has kept me from getting into her music. The same applies to Cher and Celine, I guess. 2Pac - I just listened to Me Against the World and absolutely loved the lyricism and laid-back vibe. Super excited to get into the rest of his discography, though I'm definitely avoiding his posthumous albums like the plague (except for Makaveli since it was finished before his death).
  2. I'm sick and tired of this ageism, haterade, disrespect, negative talk of a grown *** woman who has a Legendary track record. Madonna has paved the way for ALL POP DIVAS. Generation to Generation. Her influence is why we have Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Why would you disrespect her? We fell in love with all of our individual Pop icons because of some reason. A certain song or choreo or video spoke to us and we at that moment stanned the artist. Madonna had that moment for all her "fans" quote on quote. She reinvented Pop music and it was barely invented in the early 80s, late 70s max. She defined expressing yourself whether ***ually or otherwise. We don't have to LOVE every single project or single they release, but honestly reading some of the comments on here about her recent work and IG posts and lifestyle, the way she looks, her age, what she should wear... It's so disrespectful. Madonna is a grown woman who don't need any of our approval. She's already had the #1s, the success, the moments, she don't have anything else to prove. She should retire but I believe she continues because she's 1. great at it. 2. loves her fans. 3. doesn't have anything to prove. just wants to express herself. We all have our own right to opinion, but let's watch what we say. She is a icon. Don't forget. Whatever generation you're from, she created Pop. I love Madonna as a fan but I'm making this thread as a GP point of view because Madonna has a track record of legendary work. Just because we don't like certain songs she releases or albums or remixes doesn't mean she isn't any less iconic. Remember artists have freedom of expression. Just like Britney but I'm not gonna go there because I have a legendary post about Britney coming up guaranteed to be mainpaged Let's take a moment to love Madonna. The Madonna appreciation thread. What moment made u a Madonna fan? Mine was her first record MADONNA. Her early 80s music is legendary. Discuss.
  3. I played this 1,402 times (this excludes how often I’d listen to it on vinyl) @i sometimes sing live already knows omg
  4. Do your favorite albums by these artists are also considered to be their magnum opi? If you disagree with my picks, feel free to discuss, though none of these are my opinion but the general consensus I have picked up on as an avid consumer of pop-adjacent music. Without further ado, the list of magnum opi (in some cases, I have listed two, highlighting the most likely contender): Adele - 21 (my favorite as well) Björk - Homogenic (my favorite is Debut) Beyoncé - Lemonade (my favorite is 4) Britney Spears - Blackout / In the Zone / (my favorite is In the Zone) Carly Rae Jepsen - E*MO*TION (can't pick one) Christina Aguilera - Stripped (don't have one) Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope (don't have one) Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (don't have one) Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster / Born This Way / (my favorite is Born This Way) Lana Del Rey - Norman F-cking Rockwell! (my favorite is Honeymoon) Lorde - Melodrama (my favorite is Pure Heroine) Madonna - Ray of Light / Like a Prayer / (my favorite is Music) Mariah Carey - Butterfly (my favorite is Mariah Carey) Taylor Swift - 1989 / Folklore / (my favorite is Red)
  5. Take the iconic Discofied Hung Up providing the music with The iconic chorus, add Bloody Mary, you get the closest thing to Madonna and gaga on a record.
  6. The definitive Madonna YouTube Channel Bish She's Madonna, uploads an age restricted video (meaning have to log in with an account and actual birthdate) to see Nine Lives: Erotica and s**: A celebration 30 years in the making.. @Jordan Miller @i sometimes sing live
  7. Let’s talk abt it MADONNA’S VERY OWN, IMPRESSIVE INSTANT FROM THE MUSIC ERA I’ve just never heard anything like this. I feel like on Music it was much more electronica and rave oriented, while also maintaining within the auditory visuals she brought forward with Ray of Light. It’s quite a highlight even though I didn’t like it as much before, but I have to be in the mood IMPRESSIVE INSTANT produced by @i sometimes sing live
  8. In an expanded 800 pages, the original book and new image's of Madonna, the Controversial 1992 book is being updated for the Avant garde Miami Basel art charity 40 only being made and set at 15K. Which is what an unopened copy will sell of the 1992 book. As my one friend Said, if you were to ask Me if Madonna during the horrible guy Ritchie era,Would talk about that book I say you are crazy. But hey, she's doing a new version at her current age, getting tattoos and smoking w**d, cos she got rid of that dead weight that is her ex husband. So we did get the Madonna we loved back.
  9. “Down, up, up, up...” ‘Rain’ 6-track EP OUT NOW, in order of ‘Erotica’ 30th Anniversary. Up Down Suite is AN UNDERRATED BOP (And also was used as some stems in Up n Down by Brinty Spreas)
  10. This is very funny and clever, there's a joke every second, and their delivery is amazing! Attention: This is for real Madonna fans... Like, the nerd type of fan.
  11. On November 6, 2008, Britney Spears joined Madonna on her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Los Angeles at the Dodger Stadium to perform Madge's 1995 single Human Nature. This marked Britney's first performance since her appearance at the VMA's 2007, and the first one after being put under a conservatorship in early 2008. Britney wasn't the only ex-Mouseketeer to join Madonna onstage that night. Justin Timberlake appeared right after Britney left the stage to perform with Madonna their duet 4 Minutes. It's unknown whether Britney and Justin had some backstage time together or not. The Human Nature performance featured a backdrop that showed footage of Britney trapped in an elevator, and the version of the tour included Britney's iconic phrase "It's Britney, *****" from her 2007 song Gimme More. We were able to see a little bit of the chat that Madonna and Britney had backstage on MTV's For the Record which aired that year. Madonna reflects about the times that Britney was going through at the moment, and the reason to choose her for that particular song.
  12. madonna (@madonna) on TikTok VM.TIKTOK.COM madonna's short video with ♬ sincere apologies x
  13. what are y'all thoughts on 2022 Madonna? her trying too hard to be younger and **** in her mid 60s. and photoshopping her face on her ig posts.
  14. Was she doing it? During a live stream on Tik Tok with influencer Terri Joe, Madonna is seen inhaling what appear to be 'poppers', a recreational **** that is usually inhaled from a bottle. In the live video, the singer is seen sitting in front of the camera and Madonna receives a bottle that is placed directly in the nose to inhale its content.
  15. Wanting…. Needing…… waiting….. for @i sometimes sing live to justify my love my love my love……. what are ur guys’ thoughts on this song? Personally I like the little vibrato she adds in the LAST “my love… lovOooOove” at the end of the song and feel she could’ve easily used that vocal take a few times and added it in a couple times more as an ad lib if she really had to use the take used in the first verse etc. I also am finding it so strange people were so taken aback by Erotica when this was one of the newer Madonna tracks on the 1990 (?) Immaculate Collection. How didn’t people see the new sound coming ? Even if it’s somewhat lower go with the soft drums it’s atmospheric and very avant garde. I’m aware of the video ban and controversy around censorship this created as I just saw part of this tv special documentary on this
  16. And now we know why Madonna, got picked, after Garbage and Sheryl crow, and Tina Turner failed on the charts.. MGM was hell bent on getting a massive bond hit since the 80s.. Who they went to was Madonna, and most of the comments state only she could get away with the least bonding song and make it work as the biggest stand alone bond song. Cos it fits but before and after it, all fail to compare in standing out. It worked as Die another day was a massive hit for Bond..but the next theme song failed with John Mayer and Alicia keys.. Most even stated Madonna didn't fit in with pop, but somehow the Millennials especially the older ones that went clubbing loved her. Critics loved it or in Elton case was basically pissed, calling it the worst bond song continuing his long going hatred, which research proved why. She said no to a duet with him on his Aida concept album. That led to the whole hatred of Madonna and the one sided feud. Like people said she was riding high off of Ray of light and he wanted some of that success as well. Die another day in a BBC poll was voted by the millennials as the defining bond anthem in their age group.
  17. Madonna has shared her email address because she is looking for a new personal trainer. Shes back in the gym. She would like someone with more than just experience. Someone seasoned at training. You can send her your resume here. I know there's a lot of jock gays here so sign up sisters!!!! Are YOU gonna get the Job?! 😱😱😱
  18. @i sometimes sing live it’s between this and God Control for me. I didn’t realize how good the song is overall. Of course, I have my criticisms of the vocal production as you did initially but I’m finding this to be very cool. especially this question existing sort of sound effect is playing at this exact time stamp. Wow. That sucked me in like a time portal. This is an icon from the 80s creating something lowkey kind of iconic. It’s dance, it’s reminiscent of a woman from another time trying to soar through the future. It’s pretentious but it’s also great. Not the whole record but the vision and visuals are there and this song is truly at the very least a highlight
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