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Bad Blood: All-Stars (Dua Lipa, Britney, Katy Perry & More)

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12 hours ago, Roxxy said:

OMG. This is sooo good! Wow! :barbie:

I just wish Miley's codename was much cooler and maybe i'd prefer if Britney's was 'Toxic'.

But good job, Youtube King! :bigkiss:

Thanks Roxxy, uuugh the names were a problem tbh, and I'm a Libra so.. I'm very indecisive! :didilie:

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6 hours ago, Shadow2003 said:

That was incredible! :clap: The production quality is so high, this could genuinely be part of the real music video. The names are all great and fitting too, though I feel like "Wrecking Ball" would've been more appropriate for Miley Cyrus. Anyway, great job! 

Thank you, I always try to give my best when making these types of videos, the concept, the effects, where each scene goes, it is a challenge tbh, but very fun to do. :duadance:
About the names, well yeah, they were an issue for me, and for Miley I was a little bit lost, honestly, I thought about "Wrecking Ball" but I was not very sure about it and then I thought about "The Tamer" because of her song "I Can't Be Tamed" but she IS "The Tamer", idk, I thought it was cool. :spit:

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11 hours ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

This was perfect omg :tiffdrink:


5 hours ago, ILikeChillinWithYou said:

Also just a thought. You could have used clips from the Part Of Me video instead of Rise for Katy right? :tiffdrink: Still perfect!

Thank u babe. If I showed you the draft, you would see Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Arianna, Madonna, but none had a video that convinced me at the end of the day..., they broke a lot with the general aesthetics of the video. That said, I did try using "Part Of Me" (as much as I tried with Rihanna's "Hard") but then again, I didn't feel like it suited the overall video.

I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't sure about "Rise" either, but then I thought: "Well, she doesn't have a weapon or something like the others, but, she can fly or maybe she has super strength" - sounds silly, but I convinced myself that way!  :tifflmao:

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27 minutes ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

I see none of the names made it :gloriascary: here I took my time trying to come up with a name that made sense with their powers :kyliecry: 

Sorryyy :embarrassed: but you have a special place in my heart because you have participated and helped me out! :hugs:

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2 hours ago, Luminous said:

Thanks Roxxy, uuugh the names were a problem tbh, and I'm a Libra so.. I'm very indecisive!

Kinda my fault for not helping out in your thread when you were asking for names and now here I am complaining about The Tamer. I was so lazy that day. :yesokay: But it was sooo good nonetheless. It doesn't affect the amazing work you did. It's just a name. It's still a 15/10. :bigkiss:

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