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  1. Renaissance debuts at number one with 332,000 units (190,000 pure sales) giving Beyonce her 7th consecutive number one album as a solo aritst. This makes Beyoncé the only artist in history to achieve this. The album reached number one in the UK making this her fourth number one there as well as number one in several other countries including Australia, France, Sweden, The Netherlands among others. The album gamered the most single day streams by a female artist in 2022 with over 43 million streams and reached over 300 million streams it's first week on Spotify. It is now the 5th best-rated female album of all time (22nd overall), according to Metacritic. Renaissance is also the fastest selling album on vinyl. Four of it's songs have sold over 100,000 units. Beyoncé also became the second female artist on Spotify to have six of her albums surpass a billion streams.
  2. A smiley Queen B celebrated her album debuting at #1 by posting these breathtaking pictures and a thank you note to her fans .
  3. 40 years of Madonna, and everybody in the industry is celebrating with the queen of all queens. Cant wait. Available for pre order now via Beyonce.com
  4. This thread isn’t meant to diss anyone or anything, but a genuine question I’ve been wondering lately: do you ever get bored seeing the same topics over and over again on the homepage? I know part of the reason I started disliking a majority of artists a lot of people stan on here is the massive overexposure of information being discussed over and over again. Most times there are ten threads about the same topic (I.e. Beyoncé’s Renaissance, Britney’s Elton collab, Britney’s single Instagram post being turned into ten different threads, etc) I’m guilty of it too since I created a thread about the Britney/Elton collab. However, it’s tiring and now I understand why @Jordan Miller decided to open the forum to different topics. I love Britney and always will but how many times can we post about the memes she posts, Vicky T’s posts about her posts, what her stupid family is up to and how much we all hate them, etc?). I’m guessing I’m in the minority and know even seeing like 6 old Dua Lipa threads on the homepage gave me anxiety even though I love and admire her. Too much of a good thing isn’t good for anyone. Thoughts?
  5. Discuss? @Rik @SlayOut @Henry Torres @Tingle2mingle86 @Blackout2006 @princessmimi @Isla @Midnight @mythology @IconicShow @CrazyButItFeelsAllright
  6. A NBC10 Philadelphia reporter Sheila Watko just reported the traffic news in using Beyoncé's songs titles with Tina Knowles blessing.
  7. The highly anticipated 7th studio album titled Renaissance is officially out! Update on the visuals for the album. “The originator of the visual album format decided to lead without visuals giving fans the opportunity to be limitless in their expansive listening journey. It is a chance again to be listeners and not viewers, while taking in every gem of the pristine production.” New photos (see all the new photos starting on page eleven of this thread) All four covers revealed (box sets) + alternative vinyl cover Tracklist + Credits "Break My Soul" official instrumental and acapella versions. Info + Promo
  8. Check out this 90's house remix of "Break My Soul" by the same producer who remixed Britney's Exaholic back in 2021!
  9. Beyoncé is making another change to Renaissance. After Kelis called out the "Break My Soul" singer and The Neptunes - Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, specifically - for using her song without notifying her, the 40-year-old superstar is now removing the "Milkshake" interpolation from her song, "Energy," co-produced with Skrillex, Al Cres, BEAM and Nova Wav. "I have the right to be frustrated," Kelissaid of the interpolation done without her permission. Kelis’ name was not featured in the songwriting and production credits for “Energy,” but Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo were. (Kelis is not credited as a songwriter or producer on "Milkshake," either.) Fans have noticed while listening on Tidal that the interpolation is now missing from the song, as are the songwriting credits attributed to "Milkshake." The change has not yet been applied to other streaming services. Related:
  10. Will.i.Am actually produced a super fun, chill uptempo remix of the already iconic club banger. I am loving it. A legendary Bey thread by JayTawndré is coming..... Soon.
  11. Per The Guardian: "Beyoncé has confirmed that she will remove an offensive term for disabled people from the lyrics of hew new album, Renaissance, after it was called “ableist” and “offensive” by disability charities and activists. In the song Heated, co-written with Canadian rapper Drake, Beyoncé used a derogatory term for spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy. A representative for the musician told Insider that the lyric will be changed. “The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced,” the statement said. In June, the US musician Lizzo was also called out for using the same term in the song Grrrls, from her new album Special. After a swift backlash, Lizzo apologised and replaced the lyric, saying that she had never wanted to “promote derogatory language” and adding: “As a fat Black woman in America, I have had many hurtful words used against me so I understand the power words can have (whether intentionally, or in my case, unintentionally.)” In the UK, the term in question is widely considered to be offensive. In 2003, it placed second in a BBC survey of the most offensive terms in the UK relating to anyone with a disability. In the US, however, it still appears in more common use. Australian writer and disability advocate Hannah Diviney was among the first to call Lizzo out, with her tweet going viral. Writing in the Guardian on Monday, Diviney lamented witnessing the same situation play out again so soon. “I thought we’d changed the music industry and started a global conversation about why ableist language – intentional or not – has no place in music,” wrote Diviney. “But I guess I was wrong.” Beyoncé’s commitment to musical and visual storytelling did not “excuse her use of ableist language – language that gets used and ignored all too often”, wrote Diviney. “Language you can be sure I will never ignore, no matter who it comes from or what the circumstances are.” The UK disability charity Sense initially tweeted of Beyoncé’s Heated that it was “disappointing that another artist is using an offensive term in their song so soon after it was pointed out how hurtful the word is”, and called for “more education to improve awareness of disability”. They later praised her for agreeing to change the lyric. “Beyoncé has a history of championing inclusivity, and we’re happy that she’s listened to feedback and agreed to re-record the lyric that many disabled people find offensive. We recognise that the word was not used intentionally to cause harm but words have power and can reinforce negative attitudes marginalised groups face. “We want to thank Beyoncé for listening and look forward to getting on with enjoying the record.”" Beyoncé to change Renaissance lyric containing ableist slur | Beyoncé | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM A spokesperson for the musician confirmed that she will remove the offensive term for disabled people from her new song, Heated
  12. Not the blogs saying time to call Solange Holyfield knowles on anybody doing Beyonce wrong. Even in renaissance she actually reminds jay, with a mug (Face) like yours, you're lucky you're even married, keeping him in line and mentioning inI'm that girl, that her sister isn't afraid to fight or smack a ***** if she has to
  13. Most people who are a fan of Beyoncè are thick with stupidity and crumble at any criticism thrown her way, but I will break this down in hopes for basic comprehension. This TikTok, coming from a woman of color, is spot-on with the criticism of Beyoncè: The success of Ivy Park at the hands of poor women of color... Black Lives Matter profitability... and now this upcoming recession. It makes me mad how if a person criticizes Beyoncè, they are automatically deemed as a racist or problematic from her fans point-of-view as if people of color are not capable of being problematic like us all, or exempt from criticism? People are so quick to throw the race card. Beyonce has literally stolen dance moves from Britney and Shakira, from older artists, copied her 2011 Billboard performance from another artist and the iconic Single Ladies dance, but whenever these criticisms are talked about, her fans say she was getting inspiration. Yet, when some other artists remotely does something similar and gets inspiration from Beyonce, her delusional fans will say they copied Beyonce. How is that fair? I could go on with the videos, not to mention Beyonces 2006 vma performance is an exact copy of Britneys 2003 AMA From 2003-2015 she was as mainstream as could be. She didn't start talking about BLM until she found it profitable to do so because she knew she could get money from it. Why didn't she ever talk about black-related issues or politics until Lemonade? She was literally a multi millionaire and wouldn't have suffered much backlash. I just find it so weird how Beyonce is so heavily praised and protected when other artists have been canceled for much less. She has bought awards and even Kanye said Beyonce wouldn't show up unless she got a particular Grammy award. Her father had huge connections in the industry, yet people want to criticize those with connections (Taylor Swift's dad comes to mind) but turn the other cheek to Beyonce. She has been in so many controversies like paying for writing credits (Irreplacable, If I Were A Boy, etc.) My biggest question: why does Beyonce get away with copying others and stealing, yet people do not care she does? How do people not see through this? Is it because of her talents?
  14. The lyric in question can be found in the song "Heated." The lyric reads, “Sp*zzin’ on that ***, sp*zz on that ***.” “The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced,” a statement from Beyoncé’s team read (via Variety). “The road to success is always under construction.” Beyonce to Change ‘Renaissance’ Lyric Amid Backlash – Read Her Statement WWW.JUSTJARED.COM Here's her statement...
  15. Given Renaissance’s release today, I was thinking about who the most prestigious artists in pop music are right now, and I feel like Beyonce has to be the one. I don’t even consider myself a fan of hers, nor do I dislike her, but I can’t think of a bigger, more prestigious and respected artist than her. There’s the older legends like Madonna, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. but they are not as well known for younger generations. A lot of the biggest acts in the 2000s and 2010s have faded: Katy Perry, Kesha, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga is pretty up there, but I almost feel like she’s more known for her acting and live performances than her new music and discography. Britney is a huge name, but she’s been “tainted” ever since her breakdown, the conservatorship, and now her IG posts have hurt her prestige, I think. Dua Lipa is pretty big right now, but I think she’s too fresh to be considered a legend or on the level of Beyonce. Ariana Grande seemed to be getting pretty up there in the mid to late 2010s, but she’s kinda been forgotten about since. Kanye West was huge, and arguably still is, but so much of his respect and prestige has faded with each of his controversies. The Weeknd has been pretty big, but he’s still more underground. Parents don’t really seem to know about him. Cardi B was extremely successful in the late 2010s, but she’s too controversial and unknown for older generations. I just genuinely can’t think of a more respected, prestigious, A-list name in pop music than Beyonce, even if she hasn’t always been as successful on the music charts or singles wise, she still has a huge persona. Thoughts?
  16. Even with it's minor setback Beyonce's lastest effort is seeing success all arounf the world. The album flew straight to the top of the charts. The album debunked Camila Cabello's "Familia" album for the most number ones on Itunes. It reached #1 in the US in less than 30 minutes. Update: Renaissance becomes the fastest female album to reach #1 in 100 countries on Apple Music.
  17. Rolling Stone‘s quoted, “For at least the past decade, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has been the world’s greatest living entertainer.” Do you agree?
  18. Act 1 (Bey's new album) is titled "Renaissance" and will feature 16 tracks. It is said there will be rumored collaborations including Doja Cat, Lil Baby and more! Beyoncé started recording this project in late 2018/early 2019. around the time when The Gift was released and the Lion King soundtrack. Do we think she will continue with the "Lemonade" sound like her last album or is she going back to Pop music? I'm soooooo excited! The new era is also going to be more intimate, including "pop-up shops, performances and more." You ready?
  19. You can see the article on Variety here where she confirms the three part project starting with Act I. She uploaded a message in her website explaining about:
  20. President Barack Obama shared his summer 2002 playlist, Beyoncé new song landed in his list as well Prince, Rosalía, Harry Styles, Bad Bunny among others. Check out below:
  21. At first glance, these albums may seem completely different BUT if you listen, you can tell that there are similar RnB and Pop elements in each album. It was 2000 and Britney Spears was the first human to ever make it to Mars. Once there, she found a copy of her album and the rest is history. Oops went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide. It was at an exact moment in time where a specific production style of orchestra hits, layered backing vocals, RnB vocal runs and anthemic choruses with high note climaxes, combined with "tick tick tock tick" 4/4 beats, were all the rage and constantly in the top 10 on the charts. Britney was here to prove that her first album wasn't just a fluke. She pulled all the tricks from her most popular singles and made an album FULL of radio hit material. This is the GOLDEN example of millennium Pop. Next year, it seemed Destiny's Child wanted to capitalize on their Pop music success and release an album that catered to their pop fans a little more. Now that 2 members were out and they were now a 3some with Michelle, it was time to rebrand for the new millennium. Survivor already had a huge hit their "Independent Women Part 1" from the Charlies Angel's soundtrack, so they wanted to move into that Pop direction. It is obvious that they drew inspiration from Millennium brand of pop in their singles. IMO, these are the 2 best Female albums that are examples of the Millennium pop we all loved. Survivor went on to sell over 10 millions copies worldwide. Oops tracklist vs Survivor tracklist 1. Oops...I Did It Again 1. Independent Women Part 1 2. Stronger 2. Survivor 3. Don't Go Knocking On My Door 3. Bootylicious 4. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 4. Nasty Girl 5. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know 5. Fancy 6. What You See (Is What You Get) 6. Apple Pie Ala Mode 7. Lucky 7. **** Daddy 8. One Kiss From You 8. Independent Women Part 2 9. Where Are You Now? 9. Happy Face 10. Can't Make You Love Me 10. Emotion 11. When Your Eyes Say It 11. Dangerously In Love 12. Dear Diary 12. Brown Eyes 13. Girl In The Mirror (Bside) 13. The Story of Beauty I have so many good memories attached to these albums - which is your favorite?
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