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Found 19 results

  1. I ask if the two ladies are similar because Mariah was controlled by Tommy for years, Britney was in a conservatorship being told what to do. Britney had her "meltdown" or nervous breakdown so did Mariah tho hers was more being overworked and exhaustion. both of their childhoods were traumatic britney dad being a alcoholic both mariah and brit parents were poor. both women chased their dreams to sing to change their lives. what do yall think?
  2. Hey Exhalers, How's everyone doing? First, I must say that I am super proud of Britney, her strength, and her courage. Brit, release as many audio notes as you want. I'm here for it! It's heartwarming to listen to her voice and thoughts after all these years. Second, Hold Me Closer is doing so well and I am thrilled about it It's been a while since I posted, so here I go... This time I decided to stick with the original artwork Elton posted. I admit the single cover was too simple when I first saw it, and after a few days, I fell in love with its simplicity. I wish we could have a vinyl release for this flawless jam. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my design Which front cover is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts. Credit: Vinni Zone. DON'T FORGET TO STREAM IT! Credit: mxxnlight 3 Credit: DJ Dark Intensity Credit: @Trace
  3. i’m rady 😈 this was so hard btw #14 - hot as ice (ITS CUTE BUT MY LEAST FAVE FROM THE ALBUM 😓) #13 ooh ooh baby (it’s rally fun 😌) #12 - radar (CUTE) #11 - get back (very club fun 🤓) #10 - why should i be sad (ITS ONLY LOW BC OF THE AMAZON SONGS AFTER IT BUT IT’S A BOP) #9 - perfect lover (who doesn’t like this 1) #8 - toy soldier (THIS TIME SHE NEEDS A SOLDIER) #7 - heaven on earth (😍😍😍😍) #6 - gimme more (POP STAPLE) #5 - piece of me (STOPPED THE SHOW) #4 - freakshow (speaking of shows ) #3 - everybody (it’s top 3 😌😌) #2 - break the ice (SHOULD’VE BEEN A TOP 10 SONG ON THE CHARTS) #1 - get naked (i got a plan) (UNDERRATED CLASSIC) put ur ranking’s in the responses 😈
  4. So, I have a controversial theory. One that might lose me whatever respect I have. This theory is: Tana Mongeau is the Britney Spears of YouTube. Ok, here me out: I'm focusing on their pop-culture influence and impacts, as well as career parallels. Now, to start off, both of them are obviously controversial. However, while Tana's controversies are usually more surrounding her sometimes politically incorrect decisions and ignorance of respect (not to scalp her but sis needs a manners lesson), while Britney's were more because of society back then (fi that makes sense). Anyway, if you do the math (I have a ton of free time), Britney was the same exact age (in years, days, and months) at when she released the "Baby" single when Tana uploaded her first video. Coincidence? I think not. Tana and Britney both broke out as blonde teens who were known for their controversial boundary-crossing decisions. Britney's clothing and performance choices were deemed "too **** too soon" and Tana's vulgar mouth upset parents. Both girls also had an extremely young fan base with very upset fan parents. Adding on to that, both have had highly publicized relationships. Britney had a famous break up with Justin and a famous wedding to infamous K-Fed, and Tana just achieved extreme media coverage for both her relationship with ex-Disney star Bella Thorne, breaking up with cheating boyfriend Justin Bieber lookalike, and wedding to YouTube prince Jake Paul. Both also have tumultuous relationships with their managers. Britney and Larry Rudolph have a relationship that have troubled the stans, and Tana has an equally complicated relationship with her manager, Jordan Worona. Of course, both girls are extremely different and have different career paths (also, I promise I'm not a 13 year old twitter stan, I've loved Brit since day 1, I'm just obsessed with keeping up with pop culture). Britney turned 21 in 2002, and Tana just turned 21 this year. Almost forgot, but both have an MTV reality series. Going back to my point, back in Britney's younger years, TRL and the pop music scene were the focus of teen minds, and now YouTube is that platform. James Charles's latest scandal ended up on NBC, David Dobrik is hosting the TCAs, and Liza Koshy attended the Met Gala. Just as Britney inherited the crown from MJ, Tana was passed the torch by YouTube OG Shane Dawson (But I suspect he took it back after Tanacon). Tana Mongeau really is the forefront of Gen Z culture, as when Brit was for the new Millennial, and I'm interested to see Tana's future.
  5. Okay, Super Sleuths, A big ol' hat tip to @Mx_Defying for this one... Larry Rudolph ~~~> George Maloof ~~~> Lou M. Taylor It only took two entries in the Chronological Timeline to realize that billionaire George Maloof is the connection between Larry Rudolph and Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. We know that James Parnell was George Maloof's personal chef in Los Angeles for four years, thanks to Larry Rudolph. But what else do we know about the Las Vegas-based Maloof family? Please help us draw more connections by dumping your knowledge here. Happy Sleuthing! ... Apr. 9, 2005 - GQ reports that Queens-born NBA player Ron Artest, of the Indiana Pacers, has hired a new management team led by Nashville-based Lou M. Taylor of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. The Tri Star team takes what they call a "holistic" approach to managing celebrities. Jan. 25, 2006 - Queens-born NBA player Ron Artest is traded from the Indiana Pacers to the Sacramento Kings. The Kings are owned by Las Vegas billionaire George Maloof. June 7, 2006 - US Weekly reports that Britney's family has hired a Christian life coach to assist in her decision to file for divorce from Kevin Federline. Aug. 5, 2006 - By now, Jamie Lynn Spears is a client of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. According to president Lou M. Taylor's bio, "I focus on making a difference in our business by operating a life management model that includes a cohesive working relationship with each member of a client’s team to ensure maximum professional support and counsel." The Tri Star website lists the staff as including Taylor and Mitch Martin. Related:
  6. But the stage adaptation of “Moulin Rouge!” — now on Broadway, London’s West End and on the road in North America — welcomes theatergoers back from intermission with a full-throated roar from the entire cast, dancing all out while belting hits by Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Soft Cell, the White Stripes and Eurythmics. Titled “Backstage Romance,” it’s an ensemble-wide embodiment of the 2001 movie’s maximalism aesthetic. The Times went behind the scenes of “Backstage Romance” to find out how the high-energy hit parade came to be and what it’s like to perform repeatedly at Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre, where the show is playing through Sept. 4. Levine: Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” is a song that’s not in the film but is absolutely at home with the canon Baz created. I then put together songs about the painful parts of relationships — Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” Soft Cell’s [cover of] “Tainted Love,” the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” and Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) — and made this anti-romance medley. There was a lot of playing around with the keys, instrumentations and tempos of these songs in trying to see how they could fit together. ‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical’ Where: Hollywood Pantages Theatre, 6233 Hollywood Blvd., L.A. When: 8 p.m. Tuesdays-Fridays, 2 and 8 p.m. Saturdays, 1 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sundays; through Jan. 2 Tickets: Start at $39 Info: (866) 755-2929 or via Ticketmaster, (800) 982-2787 or Ticketmaster.com Running time: 2 hours, 45 minutes (with one intermission) Source: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/tv/story/2022-07-08/moulin-rouge-musical-backstage-romance
  7. Broadway Premiere of & JULIET Confirmed With Cast, Theatre, and Dates Following its Toronto engagement, & Juliet will premiere on Broadway at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre with previews starting October 28 ahead of a November 17 opening. Lorna Courtney will star as Juliet alongside Tony winner Paulo Szot as Lance, Tony nominee Stark Sands as Shakespeare, Betsy Wolfe as Anne Hathaway (Shakespeare’s wife), Justin David Sullivan as May, Melanie La Barrie as Nurse, Ben Jackson Walker as Romeo, and Philippe Arroyo as Francois, all of whom are currently starring in the Toronto production. The ensemble also features Brandon Antonio, Nico DeJesus, Nicholas Edwards, Virgil Gadson, Katy Geraghty, Bobby "Pocket" Horner, Joomin Hwang, Michael Iván Carrier, Alaina Vi Maderal, Daniel J. Maldonado, Joe Moeller, Brittany Nicholas, Veronica Otim, Jasmine Rafael, Matt Raffy, Tiernan Tunnicliffe, and Rachel Webb. ‍& Juliet uses some of the most beloved pop songs of the last three decades to tell a multi-generational story loosely inspired by Romeo & Juliet and Shakespeare’s life, flipping the script on the greatest love story ever told, imagining what would happen next if Juliet hadn’t ended it all over Romeo, and got a second chance at life and love on her terms. The musical features a book by David West Read, songs from Max Martin, direction by Luke Sheppar, and choreography by Jennifer Weber. The full West End creative team reunites for the Broadway production of & Juliet and includes scenic designer Soutra Gilmour, costume designer Paloma Young, lighting designer Howard Hudson, sound designer Gareth Owen, musical supervisor Bill Sherman, music director Dominic Fallacaro, and hair, wig, and makeup designer J. Jared Janas. U.S. casting is by Stephen Kopel and Carrie Gardner, with Eva Price as Broadway executive producer. ‍& Juliet is produced on Broadway by Max Martin, Tim Headington, Theresa Steele Page, Jenny Petersson, Martin Dodd and Eva Price. It is not a Roundabout Theatre Company production, which owns the Sondheim. Tickets for the Broadway premiere are available July 7 at 10 AM ET exclusively through TodayTix until July 13, when they go on sale at https://andjulietbroadway.com/
  8. Hey Exhalers, So most of you voted for Cinderella (out of the four options) on the poll I created on Sunday. This time I decided to create something more simple and elegant for the vinyl design with a messy black due to the sentence - "I don't believe in fairy tales". The whole concept is taken from the Regency era and inspired by the novel series, Bridgerton. We are getting a short film: Cinderella's Got To Go (15m less or more) as a music video of Britney playing a high society lady who has a toxic relationship with a lord. In this relationship, she felt invisible and trapped, and then she decided to take her freedom by running away. Let me know your thoughts on the design itself and the whole concept. Do you agree? Do you think differently? And also, let me know which non-single should I design next
  9. First of this is a fan made, sorry . But here's something to update our playlists, it's NOT that bad, it's giving some Cupcakes' waves without the dirt . Britney is so iconic, insanely iconic .
  10. Over the weekend I embarked on a little research journey about uncredited singers mostly on electronic tracks. There is a variety of reasons of why that happens. During my research on this topic, I came across a claim that caught my attention : Much of the mainstream pop music is the same artist, that is, Max Martin. He and/or the label use different singers on his tracks as a marketing tool. That way people are under the impression to be listening to different artists. Exhale… what do you think?
  11. Legends only! The Weeknd's new album will take influence from a couple of In The Zone tracks. During a new episode of his Apple Music 1 radio show Memento Mori, The Weeknd played "Everytime" and "Toxic." According to a description of the new episode, The Weeknd played "a mix of music that showcases tracks inspiring the new Dawn era." Weeknd also RTed "Toxic" (screenshot below). In the Zone Stans Rise, Weeknd new album is inspired by the best! 'She has no impact'
  12. Check out my friends new album! It's full of bops! He's one of Gagas biggest fans and started in her Superbowl commercial! https://youtu.be/IRa3v7mved0
  13. Unusual you is so modern sounding ! I’ve just realised is sounds jus like save your tears. If it were to release today with some 80s influences it could do so well ! just my thoughts
  14. Jayden James has recently joined Instagram (@jayden_federline) and since then, he’s posting some crazy and cool vids on his feed and stories. Today, he did a shoutout to some profiles, so people would follow his YT Channel. One of these profiles he shouted out was actually part of the #FREEBRITNEY movement! In addition to that, he’s also replying and liking comments regarding the love everyone feels for Britney. He seems to be a cool and nice kid and I hope these boys save her from those leaches! He also did a 20-minute live stream with fans. Here are the highlights: Someone says "kill your grandfather," and he responds, "Bro, I was thinking the same thing." Also called Jamie "a big ****, he can go die." Says he doesn't know how he feels about the Free Britney movement Favorite songs are Toxic and BOMT Saw britney two days ago, won't see her again for ~two weeks Calls Sam Asghari a good guy Says his mom is legendary Says K-Fed is the "Best dad ever. My dad is literally Jesus." Also praises Lynne. "My grandma is literally the best grandma in the universe." Someone wrote: "Help your mom break free." He responds: "That's what I'm trying to do..." Then goes on to talk about something else. On Britney and music: "I haven't seen her doing a lot of music at all." One time he asked her about her music and he said Britney said: "I might just quit it." His account has since been set to private. Mommy’s proud of you baby!
  15. I saw this sort of poem in Twitter... it’s really sad and touching 😢. The writer seems interesting tho... March 9, 2021 Poetry BRITNEY'S PEOPLE Lu Chekowsky BRITNEY’S PEOPLE Britney is a crystal swan born from a cave where they manufacture crystal swans. Britney’s People are her protectors. No people are as important as Britney’s People because it is their job to be Britney’s People. Britney is made out of champagne glass shards, platinum thread, medical grade double-sided tape and rusty clothes pins that are mostly used for nipple torture. It is widely known and understood that Britney cannot escape. One of Britney’s People is her Actual Father. Britney’s People oversee the construction of a maze of white tarps that are built so that Britney can walk from her dressing room to the set without being photographed. Photos of Britney can sell for one million dollars a piece so obviously Britney’s People can’t just let that money go unaccounted for. Britney is a rat in the subway. Britney is a potato on a potato farm. Britney is black mold. Britney’s People know how important it is that Britney has no hair inside Britney’s underpants. Hit Britney one more time, say Britney’s People. She likes it. Britney travels with four security guards, former Mossad. Britney is not Jewish, however. God grant us the serenity to accept the Britney we cannot change, the courage to change the Britney we can and the Britney to know the difference. Britney’s People whisper about how to convince her to go on the right kind of vacation. She can’t think we’re pushing her to Hawaii. It has to be her idea. We won’t tell her that the children won’t be there until after we’ve arrived. Britney is a mother but only when Britney’s People say that Britney is allowed to be one. Britney’s People tell Britney that she looks fantastic in the hot pink sequin straight-jacket. Your ***! says Britney’s Father. Britney is eating a turkey sandwich and a bag of SunChips. Britney’s People are shocked silent. This was not an approved meal. Britney is only meant to eat what Britney’s People say she is allowed to eat and today it was supposed to be tofu and steamed brussel sprouts. Britney is also sitting on a dirty couch that regular people usually sit on. It’s beige. This is an outrage to Britney’s People. Britney’s stomach rolls out for miles over the top of her sparkly bikini bottom like a pleated velvet skin skirt. Britney’s People drop their jaws to the floor. Britney is never allowed to sit on a beige couch and everyone here knows it. Britney’s People are triangulating who to blame for this crime. Britney chews her SunChips out loud. Britney is getting crumbs on the insides of her thighs. Britney stares directly into the eyes of Britney’s People but doesn’t see them as eyes. Britney sees them as white hot headlights on a dark highway during a hurricane. Britney thinks the sandwich is quite tasty. It is so quiet, Britney can hear her heartbeat in her ears. I love this song, Britney thinks. I wonder who sings it. Lu Chekowsky is an Emmy-winning writer and creative director who built a successful career in media and advertising through gut intuition and addiction to approval. Recently, she was a writer in residence at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA and Gullkistan in Iceland. In July 2020, she attended the Tin House Summer Workshop with Saeed Jones. Lu's work has appeared in Pigeon Pages and Bending Genres and she is currently working on a memoir about her life in a work called, "I Exist to Please You." Lu lives in the Hudson Valley and can be found on Twitter @lchekowsky. https://www.hobartpulp.com/web_features/britney-s-people
  16. MTV has a Flashback Friday event coming up on 6/26 featuring the VMA’s! Sidenote: First time posting here, sorry it isn’t super glorious lol.
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