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  1. Poor Mariah: The album debuted at #7 on Billboard and changed Mariah career
  2. Like Santa setting off on his annual airborne sleigh ride, Mariah Carey makes her ascent back to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart with “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” The modern carol logs its ninth total week atop the Hot 100 and becomes the first song to have led in four distinct runs on the ranking. Four decades into her incredible career and showing no signs of stopping any time soon. UPDATE: Carey has now spent 89 total weeks at number-one, far more than any other artist in history. In addition to this, “All I Want for Christmas” has now spent 10 total weeks at number-one. It’s the only song that has reached number-one during four separate chart runs. It also gives Carey thelongest span of number-one hits in history.
  3. I’ve seen some clips of her new Christmas concert and it’s very much giving pre recorded lip syncing for her life Now she is always going to be known as the voice and the incredible talent that she is however does she actually sing live now a days? She doesn’t dance so she’s essentially just standing there waving her hands around. What are your thoughts about this? Do you believe Mariah sings live now a days or does she have some help? Is she still iconic or is the act getting a bit tiring now? Let me know in the comments
  4. See the moment on the video below via CNN: Must-watch videos of the week | CNN EDITION.CNN.COM Mariah Carey rolls with a wardrobe malfunction, a dog misbehaves at daycare, and a dinosaur discovery...
  5. who do you prefer or like more Ari or Mimi? Mariah debut in 1990 32 years ago then came Ariana in 2013 taking over the music world both talented both can hit whistle notes and high notes but whose your fave or do you love both?
  6. who do you prefer or like more Ari or Mimi? Mariah debut in 1990 32 years ago then came Ariana in 2013 taking over the music world both talented both can hit whistle notes and high notes but whose your fave or do you love both?
  7. i see similarities with Mariah marriage to Tommy, Rose Mcgowan, Britney they all were abused by hollywood for being young beautiful talented ladies. It's great they have spoke out about the abuse with their stories using their voices for so long they were silenced. powerful men did the same to women during marilyn monroe's era.
  8. Elizabeth Chan told TMZ "Christmas is a season of giving, not taking. It’s wrong for an individual to attempt to own & monopolize a nickname like Queen of Christmas for the purposes of abject materialism." Mariah Carey Loses Bid to Trademark 'Queen Of Christmas' T.CO Mariah Carey won't be getting what she wants for Xmas this year ... we've learned her attempt to trademark the...
  9. she is a beautiful woman but she looked most beautiful in the 90s. some of my favorite hits from her are her 90s classics 'dreamlover' 'emotions' 'anytime you need a friend' 'vision of love' 'i still believe' 'fantasy' 'hero'
  10. It's November 1st, 28 years since The queen of Christmas issued the best selling holiday album of all time , but that also means. It's time (thanksgiving only exists in the States, everywhere else the holiday doesn't exist). Happy Mariah SZN, breathe heavy @Jordan Miller @Slayer @PokemonSpears
  11. I ask if the two ladies are similar because Mariah was controlled by Tommy for years, Britney was in a conservatorship being told what to do. Britney had her "meltdown" or nervous breakdown so did Mariah tho hers was more being overworked and exhaustion. both of their childhoods were traumatic britney dad being a alcoholic both mariah and brit parents were poor. both women chased their dreams to sing to change their lives. what do yall think?
  12. Mariah is looking for a lead actress to play her in the biopic series inspired by her memoir "The Meaning of Mariah Carey". She told USA Today: “I don’t think it’s about ‘cast the girl who sings the Mariah Carey style,’ whatever that is. It’s about casting a great actress with a somewhat similar look and just making sure the acting is there. Because we have the music—they can sing along to it.” People on Twitter have been suggesting the following names: Zendaya Talia Jackson Brittany O’Grady Tori Kelly Sofia Wylie Madison Pettis So, guys, who do you think should play our one and only Mariah? PS: I really think the girl who played her on the Lifetime movie could be a body double somehow, her name is Jessica Castro and I was amazed about how she looked like Mimi on the beginning of her career. She's the girl on the picture below and her Instagram is: instagram.com/mariahlookalike Mariah lookalike Jessica Castro on the Lifetime movie "Mariah: The Diva, the Demons, the Drama"
  13. ''In her mission to start Christmastime increasingly earlier every year, Mariah Carey made a visit to The Tonight Show Friday, with the singer starring in a holiday-themed sketch as well as trumpeting her upcoming yuletide performances.'' '' Carey — who declared that “Mariah SZN” is here just hours after Halloween ended — starred alongside host Jimmy Fallon in a sketch called “The Naughty List” that was just backdoor promotion for Carey’s children’s book The Christmas Princess. Carey then sat down with Fallon to talk about her Merry Christmas to All shows hitting select cities in Dec., as well as her new book, her much-rumored collaboration with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, and her induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.'' “We’ve had some memes, and one of the ones I see quite a bit is me going ‘As a songwriter, as a songwriter, as a songwriter,’ because most people don’t give me the credit that, I feel after writing 18 Number One singles,” Carey said. Earlier in the week, Carey received some additional good news as she is no longer facing a lawsuit over her holiday classic, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Article: See Mariah Carey Bring Her Christmas Spirit to ‘Fallon’ WWW.ROLLINGSTONE.COM In her mission to start Christmastime increasingly earlier every year, Mariah Carey made a visit to 'The Tonight Show.'
  14. She really in my honest opinon is the best singer ever since 1990. yes im gonna get disagreements/hate for this but her voice is the most beautiful/angelic sound to have ever existed.
  15. In a interview with Rolling Stone Mariah says she has songs in the works and has been collaborating with newer & legendary artists.
  16. Mariah will be performing at The 10th annual Global Citizen Live event which will be held Saturday on the Great Lawn in Central Park. Metallica. Here’s a rehearsal image
  17. Mariah says that she has discovered the original version of the 1995 alt-rock album, she secretly recorded titled 'Someone’s Ugly Daughter,' and is considering releasing it. Mariah Carey Hints at Release for Secret 1995 Alt-Rock Album | Pitchfork T.CO A version of the album with Carey’s own lead vocals, which was buried by her record label, may yet see the light of day
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