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  1. Congratulations Mariah 👑 What is your favourite song written by the songstress?
  2. While promoting the upcoming very raunchy Openly gay Romantic comedy "Bros", Mariah Carey quietly released almost 4 years after it's release exclusive to Japan, Runway The track samples "We belong together " and "Butterfly", two albums really close to Mariah Carey, in both personal and professional levels. One is the restart of her Music and is basically a reintroduction to Who is Mariah Carey?, the other is of course The Emancipation of Mimi, which after two back to back flops, Mariah Carey was almost out of the industry and treated as oh, just one of the acts that made the 90s great. In her memoir she was not scared, but very aware of if it did fail, it was over for her, which the exact opposite did happen. Caution was issued in a ten track Explicit CD (Edited exclusively available at wal Mart only), And explicit digital album (No edited version, which according to Amazon customers was really irritating). Well she just reissued the album with all tracks available (Minus the iTunes exclusive remix of runway with a Japanese rapper). Enjoy. To find it on spotify type caution by Mariah Carey, you'll see two albums. One has the regular ten tracks, the other is the 11 track version with runway bonus track This follows after the digital reissues of The emancipation of mimi and E=MC² with their respective bonus tracks from Japan.
  3. Ok, y'all... I'd never really been a big Mariah fan. I mean, I know the hits, but that's about it; however, something happened this week, and I ended up watching this hour-long interview of hers: I loved it so much, and it truly gave me a new outlook on Mariah and her music. Afterwards, I decided to give Caution a listen and I really liked it. I'd of course heard GTFO and A No No before, but the whole thing is just hit after hit. I also love how relatively short it is - it makes for a really satisfying and nonintimidating listen. The only song that's kinda boring is One Mo' Gen. Anyways, stream the hits, besties: I also listened to Memoirs and Glitter, but they were kinda boring. I thought I'd be obsessed with Glitter, but it wasn't as 80s-influenced as I thought it would be. As for Memoirs, I was kind of distracted while listening to it, so I need to give it another chance or two.
  4. This is as rare as for us Britney stans wanting her performance of ‘BOM/MATM’ at Rain Nightclub from 2003. ShookT.
  5. Someone posted that if western world didn't celebrate Christmas, Mariah Carey would just be a local act.. It's no secret, most of her success like Janet Jackson is mostly in the states, with the exception of 1993-1995, where Mariah Carey actually had her biggest international abd European success with the eras of Music box, Merry Christmas and daydream, beginning in 1997,and her True R&B sound began, the decline in Mariah Carey particularly the European market was fast,, Celine Dion was on her way to outselling her in Europe, I was shocked that Africa preferred Celine Dion and Whitney Houston over Mariah Carey. Every time she topped the billboard hot 100, many asked why is she so loved, it's well known and very not so secret that google Mariah Carey and payola in the 90s, and tons of stories about heartbreaker being discounted due to a lack in radio plays, same with lover boy and touch my body. Where it's been proven 4 Minutes was the top itunes song for 3 weeks so someone said she's losing the sales, someone paid radio to play that track every 5 minutes to make sure it went number one since hot 100 was both sales and radio based at the time in 2008. Hung up was huge on itunes, but not radio as Madonna was blacklisted like the Dixie chicks were . Like people stated some of those 19 number one's are bought way too much evidence actually backs the claims But do you agree without Christmas would Mariah Carey still be here. Unlike Madonna and a few others she definitely hasn't been gaining a healthy audience outside of December and only in the US does she keeps getting recertified like Madonna does by The British phonographic industry.
  6. Mariah is being sued for at least $20 million in damages by Andy Stone, who says he co-wrote and recorded a song called "All I Want For Christmas Is You" a couple years before Mariah dropped her track with that same title. According to the lawsuit, Andy claims he recorded his back in 1989 in Nashville, and says it got extensive airplay and even made it to the Billboard charts during the 1993 Christmas season, and he even filmed a music video. Andy claims Mariah and her camp never sought or obtained permission to use that title.
  7. Not Mariah doing this live stream wearing a ball gown in a hot tub
  8. The single jumped from 11 to 3 which means it's two spots away from reaching number 1! This will be Lattos first number 1 Hot100 hit and Mariahs 20th number 1 Hot100 hit IF it reaches number 1. If it does go number 1 then Mariah ties with The Beatles for most number 1s on the Hot100 in the United States! Do you guys think the song will make it to number 1? To be honest I never thought Mariah would ever be featured on the Hot100 again unless it was her yearly charted Christmas song. In a way, it's kinda cheating when you're featured on a remix last minute taking equal streaming credit when the original song with the original solo aritst did most of the impact. If the remix was originally released as a regular single then I don't think the song would have charted high. The original single 'Big Energy' is what is kept the song alive and thriving, the remix just added a few thousand streams. Nicki Minaj did this same thing with Dojs cats song 'Say So' when the song was in the top 5, she cheated and just hopped on for number 1 credit. Nicki also tried it with Ella Mai when her single was top 5 but the song never made it to number 1 and her attempt for number 1 streaming credit failed. But anyways, I love Mariah to death but I'm a realist, Mariahs vocals on her first verse were not that great and I wish she changed her verse because it shows the audience that her voice has declined through the years due to her over performing (which is totally fine). But who am I to complain, she's keeping us lambs fed and I love her for that! Not many of our favs are feeding us. Mariah has nothing to prove! She's a living legend and deity! I'm just being a messy b.itchy ungrateful lamb that's pulling a Wendy Williams attempt for Breatheheavy's Hot topics. 🤪🤪🤪 🤔 .............Breatheheavy Hot topics, I should totally start that here.
  9. Mariah Carey praised Dr. Luke for remixing her adlibs in the new "Big Energy" remix. EEEEEK! She says we love you Luke at the 1:15 mark. Thoughts, Exhale?
  10. If one thing is true Mimi is a rare case. She just like Britney has become the rare streaming force, for veterans like Janet Jackson, Madonna this rarely happens. But Mariah Carey is in a league of her ownn Today on her anniversary. She became the top certified albums female act dethroning the legendary Barbara Streisand. Daydream went 11X platinum putting mimi at 69.5 Million. But that's not all. The two big hits from daydream fantasy and Always be my baby went 5X platinum. Her ode to Man juice Honey is double platinum, yeah that's right Honey is a very dirty metaphor for the stuff that's addictive. So many certs plus the highly anticipated remix of Big energy with Mariah looking flawless niext to latto. Even latto said this would be her first number one and Mimi's 20th number one hit if ot tops the Billboard hot 100. BDE is actually killing it on radio and is actually at number 14 and is Latto's biggest hit since she changed her name and wrnt the pop rap rouye whicg is popular once again so much so, Remy ma basically dissed today's rap stars saying they sing way too much like Doja cat, but that's another story.. @Jordan Miller
  11. Mariah covers Billboard with their famous Women in Music issue but not only that, she debuts her NFT on the cover as well. Personally, I think it looks better than Legend X's cover. What do you think @Jordan Miller?
  12. Has anyone heard of this tea????? A new Mariah track was registered on ASCAP titled "If I Can Count The Stars." It has three song writers: Mariah, Henry Humes and Janet Jackson. Could be Mariah sampling Janet, though that appears unlikely. Is this the first pop emergency of 2022???
  13. Twist off, Chubby Checker: Your double run just got lapped. The yuletide is high for Mariah Carey’s 1994 holiday staple “All I Want for Christmas,” which moves into the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 today — becoming the first song to top that tally in three separate chart runs. The hitmaking singer’s track breaks its tie with Checker’s smash “The Twist,” which hit No. 1 in 1960 and returned to the summit two years later. “All I Want for Christmas” first climbed to No. 1 in 2019, made it back there last year and moves up from No. 2 this week to complete the feat. All told, it has amassed six weeks at No. 1. The track also nudged Checker from another Hot 100 record as it now boasts the longest spans between chart-topping runs. “The Twist” did it in one year and three months-plus. Carey also extends her personal chart record of most total weeks at No. 1 for any artist in the Hot 100’s 63-year history: 85, spanning 19 songs. One more chart-topper, and she would match the Beatles for most No. 1s. The singles chart for the week dated December 25, 2021, also includes five other holiday hits: Brenda Lee’s 1958 classic “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” in No. 2, Bobby Helms’ “Jingle Bell Rock” from 1957 ranks fourth, Andy Williams’ 1963 chestnut “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is No. 7, and Wham!’s “Last Christmas” from 1984 returns to the Top 10 at No. 9.
  14. Mariah Carey says she reached out to Britney while she was still trapped in the conservatorship. “I think everybody on this planet deserves to be free and what they did to her, what I saw, was horrific." Mariah told NME. "So I reached out to her through a mutual friend because I wanted her to know: ‘Guess what? You’re not alone.’ I remember when I was going through a lot of stuff years ago, Prince reached out to me and gave me a Bible and he talked to me for hours. He’s an amazing person and he cared about the music business and the industry being so screwed up – which it is. You’ve got to be a giving person. It doesn’t matter whether they’re my best friend or whatever, I just felt like it was the right thing to do.”
  15. Congrats to the queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey's annual seasonal chart topper "All I want for Christmas is you", from the 8X Platinum Merry Christmas (1994, #2 on the Billboard 200), and already #12 on this weeks hot 100 and forecasts are expecting to go to #3 followed by the annual visit of #1 in two weeks time on the hot 100. The Christmas track which was already the top certified ring tone for Christmas songs, when RIAA certified ringtones 2x Platinum. It's now diamond, it's Mariah's first diamond song, but she has two diamond albums under her belt from the 90s, when singles main purpose was to sell the album, not the artist like it does today. So pretty soon we Can see Mariah Carey herself not only with the first Christmas song to go diamond but Merry Christmas will go diamond as well, and become the first holiday album to be diamond. Merry Christmas with 15 Million albums sold worldwide, and one of her biggest albums in Japan, That Christmas album is the best selling holiday album worldwide
  16. The Queen of Christmas revealed her big surprise and it's called "Fall in Love at Christmas" with Khalid and Kirk Franklin. I guess it's time to get in the holiday spirit. Thoughts on the song and music video?
  17. Ahh, Christmas is almost here Friends, family, gym paid members getting annoyed by people working out for 3 weeks, then leaving after the holidays is over. (My friends constantly post this one pissses them off, cos they're not serious about their health as they are..they just wanna lose 10 pounds then leave). And presents and Mariah Carey. Like buzzfeed said, Christmas celebrations can be divided before and after Mariah Carey . Her 1994, album Merry Christmas with 15 Million sold worldwide and Close to being diamond in the US is the best selling holiday album of all time. Though like the lambs said, she has a second one, that's more urban and R&B based..it underperformed only going gold in the US. But, today. She relaunched her #MC30 campaign after The February campaign of E=MC², this time the Campaign is dedicated and devoted to Christmas season She just issued the Joy to the world Remix EP..with remixes courtesy of The house legend himself David Morales. Happy holidays Breathe heavy.. For some of us including me. The holiday's began October 1. If you think about it, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and New years, the biggest holidays all in the last 3 months 9f every yesr.. Add it to your library, but like mimi said it's not time until November 1st.
  18. Target dissed wal mart saying we are not wal mart.. They used the obsessed gif with target tagged . But wal mart ****ed up when they said at least mimi shops here.. Target then used footage of mimi shopping with her daughter as a Christmas gift shopping spree and interacting with her lambs. It's the whole come again @Walmart that had me screaming. Then the new slogan shop at target where gay guys, divas and Mariah Carey shops for jc Penney luxury stuff at wal mart prices I was like the shade shade shade of it all. @Jordan Miller @Stefani
  19. Mariah has recently upscaled her videos to 1080p. She now has only upscaled Fantasy to 4K. I know it's not easy but hopefully she upscales her entire video catalog to 4K.
  20. Most of us probably know the story of Loverboy and I'm Real by now. Mariah planned on sampling a song called Firecracker for Loverboy, but J.Lo's I'm Real came out first and also used the Firecracker sample. This led Mariah to change the sample, which she discusses in her memoir. Mariah has said that the mastermind behind this was Tommy Mottola, her ex who was the head of J.Lo's label. Mariah feels he was trying to sabotage her. A lot of people wonder if J.Lo knew about the sabotage and was a willing participant. She often gets trashed by people (including lambs) who target her when it hasn't been proven if she knew what was going on. Well, I was on YouTube and came across this video. It's a track-by-track commentary on the J.Lo album, where she goes into the process behind each song. She mentions some interesting things. For example, she says that Tommy and Cory Rooney mostly looked over song submissions before presenting them to Lopez. She also says the track for I'm Real was brought to her by Troy Oliver and Cory Rooney. At one point in the video, she refers to Cory as "the Tommy soldier of it all." (This is also interesting, because Cory spoke out against Mariah when her memoir came out last year.) Jennifer says she wrote the lyrics and the melody for I'm Real, but the track itself was already there. My guess is that the track she was presented already had the Firecracker sample included. Check it out. I encourage you to watch the whole thing (especially her commentary on Play), but I'm Real talk starts at 1:50: It really looks like Jennifer was an innocent party in all of this. It seems like Tommy and Cory were in cahoots behind the scenes unbenounced to her. I think her commentary on Play is even more telling. I really think people should think twice before trowing shade and hate at Jennifer. It just doesn't seem fair. IDK, what do you guys think?
  21. Prince just basically said If Mariah's terms of her then recording contract gave her only 30 Million for selling 3 Million albums per album, she was screwed as the major record label she signed with, kept 70 Million themselves, basically revealing the labels lie to acts, thinking you will get the bigger deal, but they think you can't do math, and only want fame, so they rob you blind and keep a bigger portion then you realize that you could have gotten a better percentage rate in sales of the albums.
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