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  1. Mariah Carey was committed against her will Carey soon realized that her family was trying to take advantage of her in a vulnerable state. “If they could prove I was unstable, they certainly could have believed they would become the executors of my affairs,” she said of their thought process. "I was so wrapped up in the childhood history, the betrayal, the love I had once had for everyone involved that I was blind to motive,” she recalled. “It was no coincidence that my mother and brother were working on the side of the record company instead of protecting me and advocating for my well-being, and that they just happened to claim I was unstable to try to institutionalize me immediately after I had signed the biggest cash record deal for a solo artist in history.” “People push artists to the edge, and then they wonder why most people are gone too soon,” she said honestly. “And then we have this culture of the paparazzi being like vultures… but it’s just indicative of my family — sorry — but it’s indicative of the nature of the beast. Like, ‘Oh, here’s a scam. Here’s a scheme. Let’s make this happen in order to make unlimited money and resources for ourselves rather than have her make this huge deal and be in control of it. Why not just take it over?'”
  2. No one: Mariah Carey: Going to dram Eminem again for being obsessed with me
  3. The Sun and Daily Mail put out a spin saying Mariah Carey and Jay Z had a huge spat over where her career should be. Well it didn't take long for people like Wendy Williams to call it out, saying something like she only had good five songs and they're all Christmas songs. The lambs said this has to be untrue, no way should we believe the worst of British press, unfortunately due to the spread of this story, it painted mimi in a bad light. Today, she defended herself. But the tone of the defense and her use of explicit language actually backfired and got her more criticism from the general public and I'm quite certain Wendy Williams is ready to condemn her for using such foul language in a defensive post..
  4. I have been wanting to make this topic for a very long time. I've seen some members here go in upcoming, new artists' threads just to be snarky and say 'Who?'. They are new artists, and you don't know them for a reason because they are trying to make it. If everyone is as mean as you, no new artist can exist anymore. In some cases, some go in to A-list celebs' threads and say 'I don't know her' or simply use the iconic Mariah gif. Let's first state the obvious. You are not Mariah. Then, I think we all should sit back and think if this artist is all over the world, and you not knowing them is not a really reason to for you to be proud of yourself. You are on a Pop Culture forum. Instead of being snarky, maybe Google is your best friend? Doesn't it say a lot more about yourself than the artist? I don't mean that we have to know every artist or follow every bit of pop culture, but at least don't act all high-up when we don't know somebody. I just wanna know if someone else finds the Mariah wanna-bes as tiring as I do.
  5. Not Mariah Carey still reveling in JLo shade I- Via ATRL Related:
  6. I enjoyed this more than I should of
  7. These two talented sisters should collab one day!
  8. Mariah Carey's older brother Morgan Carey is suing the star for defamation and emotional distress caused by her recent memoir, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey. In the book, Mariah wrote about an alleged physical altercation between him and their father when she was a child. She claimed that "12 cops to pull my brother and father apart". However, he said it's fictional. She also implied that he tried to extort her for money after being famous. Morgan Carey, who is seeking unspecified damages, says the book falsely suggests he was violent. As a result he has suffered "extreme mental anguish" and "serious damage to his reputation", his legal case says. The papers have been filed a month after Mariah's sister sued her for $1.25m over the memoir. Alison Carey said passages claiming that she gave Valium to 12-year-old Mariah, tried to pimp her out and threw boiling tea on her were "outrageous" and meant to "humiliate and embarrass" her. She denied the claims, saying the singer had "presented no evidence to substantiate these serious allegations".
  9. Ava Max says she's surprised people compare her to Lady Gaga. She presumed people would find a likeness to Mariah Carey. Ava does make a solid point though: people compare her looks to Gaga and that's not right. Exhale, what do you think about this? Related:
  10. Cardi B is featured in the new issue of Interview magazine, and is interviewed by the one and only Mariah Carey. We love to see it This is a great interview and the photos are 🔥. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  11. Mimi, gives a jazzy love making remix to the ultimate love song of this century "We belong together ", in a 7 minute mix with actually her best vocals and one of her longest whistle runs ever. Mimi herself, has said the pandemic allowed her to get much needed vocal rest which is why her voice is better than it was last decade.. I love this version more than the original version.
  12. While taking a christmas Break. Mimi kept her word in celebrating her 30th anniversary in the music industry (which is difficult to achieve, not everybody can actually achieve longevity). Well we got several eps including a hip hop remix ep to our beloved @Jordan Miller favorite Mimi Track Your girl. Plus that's not all. Today The emancipation of mimi is updated and everybody can now stream the international bonus track Sprung and the Japanese exclusive track Secret love. If you're a lamb, you know how much Sprung is loved among the community. Here's the link to hear one of the most infamous tracks to not be issued in the US. Let's celebrate the comeback of all comeback albums. Cos as Mimi said in her memoir, this album was a make it or break it and boy did I go back to the top, and never looked down at all.
  13. Mariah Carey low-key put Caution on blast. In a new interview on Questlove's podcast, she says it was rushed and that she doesn't think vocally it was her best work. Caution is amazing so if she has even more in her then the next record is gonna be Thoughts, Exhale? Do you agree with Mimi? Related:
  14. CNN did Mariah dirty for this Also what in the world is this note JLo is trying to hit while covering Aerosmith's "Dream On."
  15. Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" broke the record for the most streams in one day on Spotify with 17.223 million streams. She celebrated by expressing gratitude and spilling tea. For all the Britney music boycotters... thoughts? Related:
  16. The queen of Christmas herself recieved a gift from Sony music entertainment.. It's well known her 1994 Merry Christmas album has exceeded sales of 15 Million worldwide by 2009 making the best selling holiday album of all time. Well Mariah now also has it in the US as both the song and the album are both 8X platinum.. The fact is the girl from the 90s an era that's isn't popular on streaming actually proved to be a force is going to have 4 diamond albums and a diamond single. Her 1990 debut album has been 9X platinum since 1999. It's long overdue to go diamond as well But if mimi gets the 4 diamond albums and diamond single, I don't wanna hear anything bad. This just proves a song and a season and an artist go hand in hand. Mariah is just as a staple at Christmas time just as the presents and the tree and the manger by the fireplace. She is an essential at Christmas time. check spotify she's top ten right at the week of Christmas as expected. And congrats Mariah on going 20 Million worldwide and having the most successful Christmas ever. Each year will be like accolades and RIAA reverts for Christmas. It's good to be the queen of Christmas.
  17. Mariah Carey made "Obsessed" for a reason. Eminem can't seem to get her name out of his mouth. Sort of. He dissed her again on his new album, which he just released without warning. In new song “These Demons”, he raps: "I’ve got a question – what rhymes with pariah?" Then Em continues: And I OOP! She really did a number on him. It's worth mentioning he also apologizes to Rihanna regarding the disgusting Chris Brown lyric. Related:
  18. Mariah Carey returns to #1! Via Billboard: Earlier: It's Christmas time aka Mariah season. From the critically acclaimed special to beating Shawn Mendes in a poll by Billboard for the best Friday music release. Now she's going back to a position her iconic 1994 Christmas song is used to: #1. It's currently #2 on the Hot 100. It will be her 4th week on top of the hot 100 with the song that Forbes said, Makes Mariah Carey 60 Million, annually as a songwriter in royalties and selling it to ads, streams and radio airplay. Gotta love Mariah, The queen of Christmas. Congrats girl! Related:
  19. Mariah Carey teamed up with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson on a re-working of Mariah's 2010 holiday hit, "Oh Santa!," out now! Thoughts, Exhale?!
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