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  1. Since her debut in 2006, Taylor Swift pretty much has proven her legacy. As a teenager country singer songwriter, Taylor was able to tap into an audience that was once deemed unmarketable in country music, Teenagers especially girls and British audiences who listen to Country music. She has sold over 200 Million records, thus making her the best selling female act of the 21st century. Folklore and Evermore defined the mood of the pandemic and has been hailed as the soundtrack of the pandemic by critics.. 11 Grammy awards, First female and artist to win it for 3 different genres. Fearless: The most awarded country album of all time. 1989 The most awarded Pop era of all time And now Folklore which is considered Chamber Pop and Alternative and Adult alternative (more mellow and melodic based). Also is a Brit award winner winning Best international female in 2015.. And 28 Guinness World records entries.. To end this with a classic touch of my sarcasm, and how is everybody, it's Taylor swift's world, we just live in it Congrats Taylor swift.
  2. Taylor Swift has been announced as the recipient of the Global Icon Award at the BRIT awards this Tuesday, May 11. She will be the fourth artist to receive the prestigious award and the first female artist to be given the honor. She will join the ranks of other artists such as Elton John and David Bowie. Billboard
  3. Ok Ladies - what’s your Taylor album ranking - based off of what your faves are, not critical acclaim or technical reasons. Also - Why’s your ranking your ranking? Here’s My Ranking: #1 - Folklore (this was hard because it was a tossup between this, Evermore & Red - but like damn this album just captivates me every time I listen to it. It’s painful AF and an emotional rollercoaster of an album, but it just is perfection in every way to me. Am I basic for picking this as my fav? Yes - but I accept that #2 - Red - love this album. I don’t necessarily enjoy every single song on it but it just takes me back to really good times - kind of like folklore it just really captured a moment in time for me. #3 - Evermore - cute album, great songs that are complete vibes & Evermore the song is one of my fav T-Swift songs ever. Just a nice listen all around. #4 - Reputation - what’s not to like? Bops on bops bops. Call it what you want is one of my all time faves as well. #5 - Fearless - I love this one. I listened to a lot of it in secret as a teen and reconnected with it when she released it as Taylor’s version. It just makes me smile. #6 - Flopper (you’re my my my... flopper) - the album is a semi flop to me, but also something very enjoyable about it. Idk if it’s just me but it sounds kind of cheap? Like almost low-fi in a cheap way, not sound vibe. Still love a good chunk of songs on flopper though! #7 - Speak Now - I have to get to know this one better, but I love a good handful of songs on here #8 - 1989 - idk why but I just don’t vibe with this one. It’s in all purposes good - but I just feel mehhh about it. It’s cute and I like a few songs here, but idk I guess it’s generic to me. Sowwwy (me getting ready for backlash: #9 - Taylor Swift - never heard it. I’m going to wait for Taylor’s Version. Your turn!
  4. Despite denying it on Jimmy Kimmel, Woodvale the 3rd and final chapter of The folklore trilogy is dropping tonight. Cancel all other streaming parties Taylor's 10th studio album is upon us.
  5. MediaTraffic has released the official figures for Fearless TV sales. The album debuted with 406,000 units worldwide. Earlier: Hello everyone , Miss Tay Tay has broken another record The re-recording of her 2008 Studio Record "Fearless" has been making waves not only in the US but around the world as well. According to Republic Records, The re-recording had debuted earlier this week with 1.000.000+ units, making this record her 7th album to debut with over 1 million units internationally. Taylor had recently been involved in a big fiasco with Scooter Braun whom had all rights to the work she wrote so she has been re-recording her music, and this has proven to be a huge success for the artist of the decade. What do you guys thinK? Lemme know
  6. While Taylor Swift has continuous to dominate the Spotify, sales and chart perspectives, Katy Perry still managed to prove her undying streaming force on YouTube. The long history of rivalry between the two pop stars in YouTube's department was probably one of the biggest moments in pop culture. From Perry being the first woman to achieve the 1 billion views mark with Dark Horse to Swift following suit with Blank Space. Even the controversial releases of their diss tracks for each other; the Britney inspired music video of Bad Blood, and the meme-oriented visuals of Swish Swish. Today, Perry still has the torch as the undisputed Queen of YouTube. The music video of her smash hit, Roar, has generated more than 3.3 billion views, and named as the most watched female music videos of all time. While Bon Appetit has recently reached 1 billion views, making it her 6th music video to do so, and becoming the first woman to achieve such feat. Now: With the steady views of Dark Horse, garnering more than 1 million to 2 million views a day, the diamond certified trap song has finally surpassed Shake It Off, and officially named as the 2nd most watched female music video of all time. 1. Roar - 3.33B 2. Dark Horse - 3.04B 3. Shake It Off - 3.04B Congratulations, Katy Perry!
  7. Joe Alwyn, boyfriend to Taylor swift is now a Grammy winner thanks to his work on the critically acclaimed "folklore". He's also written songs, under the name Willam Bowery, which Taylor swift admitted in her Disney+ original concert documentary, that Joe is William Bowery, several writing credits. Which unlike Calvin, her ex, Taylor was more upfront about it, and not try to hide it or deny it, like Calvin did.
  8. Congrats to Taylor swift, Fearless (Taylor's version) becomes her 9th #1 album in the US, extending her record as the female artist with the most consecutive number one albums In the US, she is also tied with Madonna who's last album 2019's Madame X became her 9th #1 album in the US. Barbara Striesand has the most #1 albums in the US for a female artist with 11, I remember having a conversation with a friend in 2008, she said I think Mariah Carey might break Babs record, unfortunately Mariah's last #1 album was in 2008. Congrats to Taylor, and with the 1989 (Taylor's version) coming soon, she'll break her tie with Madonna and be the second female and fastest female act to achieve 10 #1 albums in the US. Related:
  9. According to Billboard, Fearless opened with 291,000 units becoming the biggest selling album in a week in 2021. The album is also the first of its kind to debut at #1 (i.e. a re-recorded album), and the most streamed country album in one week ever by a female artist. It is Taylor's ninth number 1 album, and her third in less than a year. All three albums (Folklore, Evermore, and Fearless) rank in the top five biggest selling albums of 2021. One word: Queen.
  10. Taylor confirms the next Taylor's version is on it's way, as Many pointed it's 1989 and that seems to be official given the promo it was used for Netflix's hit animated family show Spirit. I'm thinking October it will be here when the original release turns 7.
  11. Taylor Swift rewrites UK Official Chart history this week as her rerecorded album Fearless (Taylor’s Version) lands at Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart, surpassing a long-held chart record by The Beatles. The Official Charts Company can confirm that by scoring her third chart-topping album in the space of just 259 days (following Folkore on July 31 and Evermore on December 18), Taylor sets a new all-time record for the fastest accumulation of three Number 1 albums ever. The record was previously held by The Beatles for 54 years – the band notched up a trio of chart-toppers in 364 days between 1965-1966, with Help!, Rubber Soul, and Revolver. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) racks up just over 21,000 chart sales to become the star’s seventh UK Number 1 album, and outperforms the Number 5 peak of the original, released in 2008. The entry now places Taylor third among female artists with the most chart-topping albums, behind Madonna (12) and Kylie Minogue (8). Congrats to Taylor swift, her version of fearless debuts at #1 in the UK, outdoing Scooter Braun's version peak of #5. While breaking a long decades record by the Beatles. Has anybody check on Scooter today, I sure hope he's okay, cos she's really winning while a majority of his clients aren't doing so good themselves.
  12. Scooter Braun, might have lost big time. Remember when Taylor said the new owners of her masters actually said they still are kinda owned by Scooter, they kinda helped people forced to get the Taylor version and in the end she won. They basically told you since you don't own them, kindly discontinue the product, making it as Billboard pointed out pretty much void, and I kinda think, they're really gonna hurt him when they ask him, to kindly remove the album's from digital/streaming platforms, she really had people helping her, and she didn't even know it. @InTheZone4Life @Jordan Miller @Blackout2006
  13. Hello everyone Sales label, IFPI's list for 20 Global Artist Of 2020, that was supposed to come out later this year was leaked so watch me fuel the spreading of the leaked list In Top 3, we have BTS, Taylor Swift and Drake The mega-popular South-Korean band released 2 studio albums last year with both debuting at over a 1.000.000 units, and had one of the biggest hits of the year which Grammy-Nominated "Dynamite". The Asians are coming to conquer and we love to see iT Even though, she has been in the game since she was a little girl, Taylor Swift still rakes in millions of sales due to her loyal fan base! She released 2 albums as well last year, with Folklore becoming the US Best-Selling album. Its the power for me your honor Who was streaming Drake honestly last year? In the Top 10 we have artist like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber dominate the list whom released viral hit songs and were on everyones Spotify playlist. Its shocking to see how Billie barely released music, but still came at #6 of globally most popular singers. And yall still say she aint a main pop girl? And at Top 15, we have everyone's favorite white singer, Ed Sheeran, whom barely missed the top 10 reaching #11 in IFPI's list. We then have Gaga who has made a highly successful comeback with her first studio album since Joanne (2016), which is 90s-house record, Chromatica Dua Lipa AKA MPG of 2020, also graced this list at #16 after bagging 4 huge hits from her sophomore record, Future Nostalgia We also have legendary bands like Queen and Beatles on the list. True legends What do you guys think? Slay? Shooketh? Did your fave enter the list? Lemme know
  14. I saw this thread topic on ATRL and I was wondering who do you guys think has the biggest OVERALL career? use these to help (or dont lmao) back up your claims with actual stats ppl sales critical acclaim tour gross hit songs longevity Discuss
  15. Taylor Swift's re-release of Fearless (Taylor's Version) shifted 500,000 units globally, in just 24 hours. This marks her 9th album to debut with 500k. 27 songs, including vaulted tracks never heard by the public, this could easily move over a million by weeks end! Fearless (Taylor's Version) also has the biggest debut on Spotify in 2021, surpassing Justin Bieber's new album Justice. thoughts? How big will ‘Fearless’ be?
  16. Hi guys, this time I bring you a concept that I did a while back from "Bad Blood" with well-known singers, a video that YouTube shut down this year from my channel unfortunately, but allowed me to do it again and now it looks much better than before. I edited the hell out of it, so let's hope they don't take it down again. Hope you like. Enjoy it, and thanks to the users who tried to help me with the names for each singer.
  17. update: it's out! earlier: Taylor Swift tweeted, 'I’m thrilled to tell you that my new version of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is done and will be with you soon. It has 26 songs including 6 never before released songs from the vault. Love Story (Taylor’s Version) will be out tonight.' The tracklist: Listen to Love Story (Taylor’s Version) below:
  18. Taylor Swift surprise-released a new song titled "Mr. Perfectly Fine," a track she originally intended to land on Fearless. She's including it on the re-release out Friday. The track is autobiographical - fans believe it's aimed at her ex, Joe Jonas. The song is about a guy moving on from a breakup without a care in the world, meanwhile the girl picks up the pieces. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  19. Am I the only one who hates THIS? (I don't listen to Taylor and Olivia but I noticed that they do that too. Seems like Ariana started that ugly trend)
  20. Taylor Swift revealed the tracksuit for Fearless (Taylor's Version). It features re-recordings of the originals plus a ton of songs left on the cutting room floor. She is NOT playing around
  21. Katy Perry toys with the idea of a collab with Taylor Swift, saying “Can you imagine if Taylor and I work together, what we could do?" Do you think Taylor, who's collaborated recently with the likes of Bon Iver and HAIM, would agree to a Katy collab?
  22. Taylor Swift released a new song on Thursday. Well, sort of. Swift is re-releasing her music following the catastrophic Scooter Braun deal. Along with her classics, she's releasing songs left on the cutting room floor. The first is titled "You All Over Me (From the Vault)" and features Maren Morris. Thoughts, Exhale?! Related:
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