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  1. Dua Lipa is featured on the June/July Vogue issue. She opens up about her new chapter, while revealing the pieces of her past that remain close to her heart and her third album is halfway finished but is in no rush to release it. “I’ve definitely grown up. Overall, whether it’s sonically or in terms of the themes, I’ve matured,” she said. “It’s like I’m coming into my power and not afraid to talk about things,” she added of the third album. “It’s about understanding what I want.” “It has a vision. It has a name, I think—for now. It’s just been fun experimenting. I’m always going to make pop music, but it has its own unique sound, which is exciting and something that feels like a movement from ‘Future Nostalgia’.”
  2. SZA confirmed at the met gala that her new album is coming this summer. Full met interview here 🙌
  3. Universal music has announced that a recording of her Pyramid Stage performance will released on vinyl on June 3, 2022. Here is the vinyl cover Pre-order here https://store.amywinehouse.com/*/*/Live-At-Glastonbury-Exclusive-Clear-Vinyl-2LP/7E170000000
  4. ‘Lean On My Body‘ is expected to be the lead single from it.
  5. Minute 2:38 ...the questions is: where are those tracks? So far these two songs are the only 100% confirmed unreleased FF tracks: This one is a supposed demo for FF aswell performed by Nicole Morier and Kasia Livingston, which sounds pretty much like Scary: And here we have another one, this time with Kasia Livingston only: Time for 'Femme Fatale Part 2'!
  6. https://shop.marinaofficial.co.uk/eu/electra-heart-platinum-blonde-edition-vinyl.html The ‘ELECTRA HEART (PLATINUM BLONDE EDITION) vinyl will be released in September 23rd 2022. You can pre-order it on the marina website now
  7. The two new songs are "Boyfriends" & "Late Night Talking" taken from his upcoming 3rd studio album Harry's House, released on May 20, 2022. What your your first impressions of the live renditions?
  8. Listen to Miley's first ever live album. Miley shared the news during the last show of her tour in Brazil. She posted a series of videos from her Latin American fans leading up to the announcement. The album drops next Friday April 1. Are you excited to hear some live Miley? Which songs would you like to hear?
  9. When MTV asked Paris what artist should put out an album in 2022, Paris said “Britney, she’s an icon and a legend” I mean we don’t disagree 👑
  10. Has anyone listened to Lights new album PEP? If so did you like it? What are your fav tracks and ones you disliked? Jaws, Beside Myself, Okay Okay and Rent were ones I really liked. Okay Okay being the best track imo https://youtu.be/vvgty1sf5WY Prodigal Daughter was kinda cringy tbh.. and Salt and Vinegar sounds like an imagine dragons song and I mean that in the worst way possible
  11. wrote and produced this song by myself. will be off my debut album. currently untitled https://voca.ro/1wTjy5dQtxZJ
  12. As far as i remember, Britney renewed her contract with RCA in 2014, where the label basically gave her more 'creative control' and at least 4 albums to record whenever she wanted to do so. Glory is one of the four albums by contract, so now she still has 3 left! Since Britney is, at the moment, rightfully refusing to work in any form, will RCA start looking forward her unreleased material in the near future as a way to fulfill her obligations? I honestly wouldn't mind at all a boxed set with all her best unreleased remastered catalogue form each era, tbh. Thoughts?
  13. The beautiful ballad above (if not one of her best overall) was originally released as a bonus track in selected editions of her sophomore album "Oops!" (2000). Britney's voice in here is so good, i can't stop listening to it nowadays.
  14. Hey you guys! I was listening to some Britney songs the other day and it made me realize how I can relate to them while others not. Anyways for example: I'd say the Baby One More Time album suits me cause im sensitive, romantic and love being in love. I also would say im the Britney album cause I can relate to most of the songs and im going through lots of changes,etc. I know this was probably better suited as a personality quiz but idk how to do that nor do I know if its possible to do on here but oh well. I just wanted to start a fun topic. Yeah let me know which Britney album can you relate to the most and which one fits your personality the most
  15. So, i believe Circus recording sessions lasted only six to eight months and we indeed have a few unreleased tracks that may suggest its original concept, such as Dangerous, This Kiss and Abroad. Then we have other officially released tracks like Mmm Papi, Rock Me In, If You Seek Amy, Amnesia, Rock Boy and Lace & Leather. All the tracks i've mentioned before have for sure one thing in common: retro vibes! But her team at the time had the urge to herbal to release it as soon as possibile, because y'know, the "comeback"...so they threw out there a couple of potential Blackout left-outs (Kill The Lights and Blur), recycled Radar (because why not ), called Max Martin/Dr...well, that producer from Kemosabe Records, for a couple of 'ready-to-go" charts' bops...and that's why Circus is still nowadays to me her most inchoesive album sonically, despite beign in my Top 3 favourite of hers. A rushed album that deserved more, tbh.
  16. What a dumb game but it can be fun and shady Only for creative people ⭐ THE ALBUM ⭐ Name of the album: Final Judgement (because of my Exhale scandal that made me even more famous) Genres: Pop, dark-pop, rap, R&B Label: Exhale Length: 55 minutes Tracklist: Not a Classy Party - 2nd single Ain't No Other User Mmm Henry You Thought You Ate Heaven On Exhale Lies, Lies and More Lies ft. @DoubleJayTawndre - 1st single Reported Oops! I Got Suspended Again - 3rd single Ruin My Profile Mad Mod 0 Warning Points User-B/tch You're Banned, I Have Reputation Points - 4th single but it flopped Delusional Uncancellable Bonus Tracks: Blatant Disrespect Bad Words / Profanity The album turned out to be a huge success despite me being blacklisted because of my scandal and y'all are flops @Blackout2006 Let us know what albums you released during your ATRL contract era
  17. Here are some more of my Britney photoshop work over the years. A lot of them are very simple I know but simple is key sometimes if you know the concept you’re going for. Not expecting everyone to like em knowing there’s a mix bag of characters on exhale but as Britney used to say when recording glory “I told myself dare to suck”
  18. Hi everyone, so I am a new Britney fan. Since watching the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary this summer I have become infatuated with Britney and her music! I’ve been listening to her albums in order and I’ve finally gotten to Blackout. So far, I loved all the albums and enjoyed them right away. In the Zone being my favorite followed by Oops. Yesterday, I heard Blackout for the first time and I honestly could not get through it. Please don’t attack me lol. I know this is THE Britney album but i found it tough to listen to the album. It feels really loud and in your face. Not as easy to listen to as her previous from my experience. I listened to it for the second time today and still having similar experience. Is this the type of album that grows on you???? Or is it the type of pop that I might just not prefer as much?? Please don’t attack me! Just genuinely asking lol
  19. I want a mix of the edgy visuals of Michael Thompson's W Magazine and artsy fartsy of David Lachapelle's Glory. Show me your B10 mood boards you catholic *****!
  20. Hello everyone, I would like to share my album with you “Chapter 22” which I have made from home. It’s a mix of pop, edm and there’s a couple of garage and slower songs in there too. I’ve put my all into making this and it’s all about the awkwardness of casual dating, my struggle to trust in others, lingering on to past heartbreak and rejection, forcing some inner confidence but also it’s a celebration of acceptance in myself and proudly singing a about being a gay guy who is into guys. I’ve tried to push some boundaries with electronic sounds and create some dance songs which sound new and original but I’ve also been inspired by sounds of some of the classic pop albums such as Femme Fatale and ARTPOP and I can hear their influences on some of the songs on this album. I only started creating music this year as in the spring I discovered I could actually write a song and since then I’ve tried to find my voice and have done my best with singing these songs for the album as I don’t have any tools to edit my voice, I had to sing the songs the whole way through for recordings for this. I hope you guys like it as I’ve spent a lot of time on this alongside working in the NHS full time so have pushed myself. I’ve attached the link to the album playlist on YouTube below and embedded the first two songs underneath. Tracklist 1.No Pushover For Love 2.HMU 3.Lone Wolf In The Night 4.Know’s What He Wants 5.You’re Asking Me? 6.Like A Boss 7.If I Could Have It All 8.DeJa Vu (with Hannah K) 9.Run It Back 10.What’s Best For Me? 11.Go Big Or Go Home 12.Til The Sun Comes Up 13.Ultimate Love https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhdni7AHkqyzgsBl0_mRdrNhSx-5lMXHX
  21. So many artists are doing this to achieve a new perspective on where they are in their artistry and to retain their music rights. Comment below your Britney album and why.
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