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  1. Track List 1. Future Starts Now 2. Je T'adore 3. Runway Walk (didn't leak) 4. Hit It From The Back 5. Coconuts 6. Keep It (didn't leak) 7. Born Again 8. All She Wants (feat. Paris Hilton) 9. Revelations 10. Your Time To Cry 11. Something About You 12. Problématique 13. Confession 14. Treat Me Like A *** 15. Deeper 16. Left My Body 17. Love Ya Leave Ya 18. s** Talk This is a great album, It's really sad it was cancelled. What is your favorite from the album? I think mine is All She Wants or Born Again but it changes depending on my mood too.
  2. Last Nov 11th the Standard version of SAD BOPS was published in all music streaming platforms. 13 songs full of bops and sad lyrics were there for y'all to bop while crying or riot. Now, today the DELUXE version of this album is published! 19 songs (6 news + 1 extended version) are there for you, an evolution of the standard version. As you know, this monday the video for the lead single "TENSIÓN" was uploaded to YouTube. Hope y'all give some streams and help my autogestive and real art. every lyric was written by me, every song was mixed and remastered by me. As Nicki Minaj once said: what I spit, I wrote it. ------- ------- please subscribe on my Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music... also stream like and every constructive comment is welcome. There you have the Leas Single & Its Video:
  3. Mariah says that she has discovered the original version of the 1995 alt-rock album, she secretly recorded titled 'Someone’s Ugly Daughter,' and is considering releasing it. Mariah Carey Hints at Release for Secret 1995 Alt-Rock Album | Pitchfork T.CO A version of the album with Carey’s own lead vocals, which was buried by her record label, may yet see the light of day
  4. I don't know why I'm putting Britney Jean here since it's basically Myah Marie's album but I needed to see if anyone would vote for it
  5. According to Warner Music, Ava Max has postponed the release of her new studio album, Diamonds & Dancefloors, from this October 14 to January 27, 2023.
  6. The highly anticipated 7th studio album titled Renaissance is officially out! Update on the visuals for the album. “The originator of the visual album format decided to lead without visuals giving fans the opportunity to be limitless in their expansive listening journey. It is a chance again to be listeners and not viewers, while taking in every gem of the pristine production.” New photos (see all the new photos starting on page eleven of this thread) All four covers revealed (box sets) + alternative vinyl cover Tracklist + Credits "Break My Soul" official instrumental and acapella versions. Info + Promo
  7. Question: How would you feel if Britney decided to a full French Language Album. Whether It be a part of her comeback or if she made it down the road if she decided to keep making more albums. This came to my mind first when she made coupure electrique on glory. I was surprised and shocked when I first listen to the song. I love it cause I wasn't expecting it and it was different. I like the production and instrumental of the song as well as britney voice on the track. Second it came. When I hear dua lipa and angèle song fever. I love that song but really love when angèle starts singing her parts especially during the bridge. That song made wanna check out angele music. I end up listing and buy a her latest album Nonante-Cinq ( Ninety-five) and its one of my favorite album to listen to from time to time. This had me thinking with everything going with britney. Career, personal life etc. What if she decide while making music to make more French song and that led to her wanting to make a whole French album. I think it would be a great opportunity for her. She would be able to experiment and be creative working with French producers and not non western producers. She can drive herself to make some of her most best and unique work thus far. Also of course having fun and possibly going to france to make the album, most likely living In france for months to record the music. Being in a different environment instead of the same places she would probably record would mostly like liberate her. So give me u opinion of course there more things that there to discuss like Charts success and Promotions ( especially in the american market with non English song getting push on radio, performances) But how would guys feel if Britney decided to make a full French Language Album?
  8. Some people may know some of Eva Simons singles like Silly boy, Take over controll, Policeman and This is love (With Will.I.Am). In 2009 her song Silly boy was leaked on Youtube and everyone thought it was "Rihanna ft. Lady Gaga" but in fact it was Eva Simons. After that, EMI Music Germany made a contract with her and released Silly boy as an official single. Then she made a lot of new demos which were confirmed by EMI to be on the upcoming album, so she was allowed to perform a lot of them live. Unfortunately in 2010 her label canceled her Album and none of these songs were ever released. Since then they were rotting on her PC until 2020. She decided to leak 25!! Demos she made in 2009/2010 at once. In an Insta live she apologized for what happened back then, because people were still asking for this 10 year old album. She was still mad about this and just wanted to make a cut and uploaded all of them to her Soundcloud. They were only available for 1 day but I managed to rip them all even though it had no download function. I Literally was hyperventilating and crying when I finally got these songs after 10 years! :D Now after 2 years i still can't find them on the internet, so i decided to upload them on Youtube because most of these songs are just too Iconic (imho) to rott on a PC. The style of these demos are a mix of electronic Pop music with heavy Autotune, Stutter effects and some Rock influences. I'm sure that people who love hot electronic pop songs will like them! Eva Simons - EvaLution (Demo Album) 2010 My favorites are: Love To The World, Look But Don't Touch, Don't Stop The Beat and Let's Go Crazy. But There are so many good ones imho. I Hope you guys enjoy
  9. 5 years ago today, Lana Del Rey released her fifth studio album ‘Lust for Life’. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and went on to reach over 1.4B streams on Spotify, has sold over 2M units WW, is certified Gold in the US, and was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammys. What’s you favourite song?
  10. Surprised there's no thread for this? Lizzo released her fourth studio album (second major-label album) Special today, featuring the hit single About Damn Time. It's a nice album, I feel like there's a few songs that need to grow on me but it's pretty cohesive. I do wish the album wasn't so short but that's streaming for ya 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) (AMAZING), the title track, Everybody's Gay and Birthday Girl are all BAWPS, hopefully 2 Be Loved is the next single. Coldplay is a nice song too which uses a sample of the band's single Yellow. Anyone else listening to this album?
  11. Hi y'all, I wanna share my music so far, so I'm going backwards from the most recent to the first one. rePUTAción (2021) "rePUTAción" is the 4th studio album from me, Agustín Malandra. It was fully written by me and produced mainly by Agustín, Astoria and BlackRose (among others). It was written during the pandemic times and it's an upbeat album with some jazz, edm & indie influences mixed with the main genre: pop. Recording sessions for the album began in November 2020 and it was published April 2021. As a new, autogestive and underground artist, the album had a good review. The album has a regular edition with 12 tracks and a Deluxe edition with 18 tracks The first single was "Todes Estamos En Una". The song is about the fake "awakening ones" and how their lack of emphatism is one of the worst things in the humanity nowadays. The video is one of their favorites one to date. The second single is "Ser Feliz" which talks about a relationship that goes toxic because of being dependent of the other person The third single is "Canchero de Cabotaje" a song about a show-off man who is a stupid one tbh. The song itself has 3 languages in them lyrics: Español, English and Japanese. Fourth single is "Marica" a song about embracing the word (it would be faggxt) and empowering it, apropiate it. Cuz we all maricas had more strenght than any str8. The video was recorded in the 3rd LGBTQ+ Pride of Salto, Buenos Aires. Orgullo Salto is the organization that made it and Agustín is the creator.* 5th single was only spotify and is "The Witch in Me"... the scrapped video should be the continuation of "Todes Estamos En Una" The era "rePUTAción" has some promo live performances (from home, because of pandemic) and an interview to all users: I apreciate all the support you can give me as an independent and autogestive artist: following me on spotify & apple, downloading my stuff, sharing, subscribing to my youtube channel and commenting. Thank you so much! * Orgullo Salto is an organization that fights for the rights and supports the LGBTQ+ community in the town "Salto, Buenos Aires, Argentina" Where Agustín is from. This is a quick docummentary made by Agustín for the history of the LGBTQ+ fight in Argentina and Salto, Buenos Aires (a small town)
  12. Addison Rae’s debut album has apparently been shelved due to the song snippets for it started to leak online. Addison replied to a fan’s complication twitter video tweeting ‘the lost album’.
  13. The deluxe edition of 'MOTOMAMI' will be released on Friday, July 8. It features the four bonus tracks: “LAO' AL LAO” “PERDÓNAME” “AISLAMIENTO” “DINERO Y LIBERTAD”
  14. Charlie Puth will be releasing his self-titled album CHARLIE, on October 7.
  15. Who is that Artist and album with this intention? Go!
  16. Sabrina’s new album drops on Friday, July 15th. The single ‘vicious‘ comes out tonight. 👑
  17. Madonna's new recopilatory album is out now. "Finally enough love" in her 16 track edition. Mixes we've already listened to. The 50 track version is set to be released later July (i think) what do you think? TBH is a good choice of mixes and edit versions, as other user said, very cohesive
  18. According to Metro, Beyoncé brainstormed these artists when developing the sound of her seventh studio album ‘RENAISSANCE’, their sources quote: ‘She loves the fact that so many Black writers and DJs are thriving in the dance scene over there and was paying attention to songs by people like MistaJam, David Asante, MNEK, Kamille and early Azealia Banks when brainstorming.’ https://metro.co.uk/2022/06/21/beyonces-music-videos-to-honour-90s-supermodels-after-break-my-soul-16868479/amp/
  19. The Backstreet Boys holiday album, ‘A Very Backstreet Christmas’ will be released on Friday, December 2.
  20. 12 years ago today, Miley Cyrus released her third studio album ‘Can’t Be Tamed.’ The album debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 and spawned the title track, which went on to become a Top 10 hit. It earned a Silver certification in the UK. What’s your favourite song?
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