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  1. Britney and Sam recently met with Filmmaker Kevin Ostajewski recently who worked on This Is Paris for YouTube 👀 it’ll be for the record 2.0, if not more revealing, control that narrative B. Have Britney reunite with Felicia and tish and many others. There’s no confirmation on this but let’s put it out into the universe. UPDATE: This turned out to be a sponsorship for Sam, we’ll just have to wait and see in the memoir and book tour in 2024 🙏👑
  2. I already knew a little about his situation, but last night I found a really great documentary about JC Chasez and how Jive made it impossible for him to have a solo career. He had the looks, a 4 octave range voice and he was a great dancer and songwriter. If Justin had competition to launch his solo career, that was him. If you're curious about Britney's old and now dead label Jive and how 2001-2004 music scene was totally against him to become the pop star he deserved to be I'd recommend watching it because it's very well documented, you can hear testimonies from his collaborators of the time, active fans who went through it and even his bandmates from *NSYNC. Second part will be out probably this week!!! If you don't want to watch the 40 minutes I'll try to summarize the video in the spoiler alert behind. Britney bonus: Britney most likely knew about his situation and as the great person and long time friend she is (he was in the Mickey Mouse Club too), she gave him the opportunity to open for her on the Onyx Hotel Tour. He has spoken very highly of Brit over the years! Stream his debut album here!
  3. Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well I know it’s been a hard year and a half (hard to believe two years) of quarantining and Covid kind of reorienting how we exist in the world. In that time I have been through hell and back in a way, and I’m really happy to have found passion in a hobby that I can do. I used to make videos as a kid and for the last 7 ish months have started making videos again but actual documentaries (on my phone) about musicians and some backdrop of a current or past event related to a system or controversy. I like to interview people too. My first one was about exhale and free Britney which is very special to me because many of you helped me out with that. I have one about the I inability to stream aaliyahs music until we actually could…. 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 And finally, this one for Halloween about Bjork’s stalker who tried disfiguring/killing her by sending a pop up book containing a sulphuric acid bomb. He was angry that she was dating electronic musician, Goldie who is Black. Ricardo was racist. He projected all his feelings and values onto Bjork and when he found out she did not fit his idea, he officially lost control and began writing an 803 page journal about his insecurities, suicidal thoughts and ultimate obsession with Bjork. There is major commentary on the boundaries “fans” can push. Please note this is not intended for children, and viewer discretion is advised. I’d really appreciate if you could give this a view! I have another Britney video coming on the way for NOCEMBER 12th, but it’s more of a long compilation showcasing great moments and of her discussing each album cycle. I can’t wait for you all to see that too 🤍🤍🤍🤍💛💛💛💛 I appreciate your viewership and support! ✨✨✨✨
  4. Why else is Sam shooting with NYT if not Britney related, Is he gonna break his NDA?
  5. BreatheHeavy will be featured in the BBC Two's new Britney documentary, 'The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship,' out on Saturday (May 1st) via BBC iPlayer. A BBC Two broadcast willow follow on Wednesday, May 5th at 9pm BST. There are plans for an American release around May 10th on BBC Select. It's directed by BAFTA award-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar. I'll be talking about the #FreeBritney movement and that one time Britney's dad, um, well... threatened to destroy me. 😅 Here's a synopsis of the one-hour long doc: "After setting out on his journey in the autumn of 2020, 'The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship' will follow Mobeen as he journeys from Britney’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana to Los Angeles, and delves into one of the most passionate fan bases in modern celebrity. Along the way he attends a court hearing, finding himself in the midst of the ongoing battle between Britney's conservatorship team and the passionate fans behind the #FreeBritney movement. He speaks to those fighting to free Britney and discovers what that means to them, and meets the people closest to Britney herself to learn more about the person behind the headlines." Other interviewees include Billy B, choreographer Brian Friedman, Perez Hilton and lawyer Lisa MacCarley. Hope I make y'all proud. Shout-out to @PlayboiMommy for being the original creator of this topic.
  6. Weird question. But imagine it's 2000 and it's the height of the Oops era. it's midnight and you're watching CNN or MTV or something. Then through some time warpy thingy, you see, "Framing Britney Spears" or "Controlling...." or "Britney Vs Spears". What would the reaction be like? How would the Britney loving world react back then?
  7. REUPLOADED @Jordan Miller @Urbanney @SlayOut @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN @Blackout @princessmimi @Midnight Hi everyone! Rik here. Over the last year I have really developed a liking for YouTube videos and documentaries specifically. I used to really enjoy making videos and for the first time in ages, I’ve dedicated much of my time to creating a video on Free Britney, and more recently a video on Aaliyah and her legacy. Even if you aren’t familiar with her, this video will explain why it is and showcase various clips from her life. I also interviewed several fans that grew up listening to her music to truly tell her story as authentically as possible. I was initially in talks to include an author of a very popular Aaliyah novel that recently came out, however things fell through for that. i know you guys are used to me trolling on here but I’d sincerely appreciate if you could all check my documentary out. Due to copyright ive had to make some changes (particularly at the end with explaining the Drake album and Missy/Timbaland drama from back in 2012). I also explain who owns Aaliyah’s name, get into the dispute between her estate (CMG worldwide on behalf of her brother Rashad and mother Diane), and Blackground 2.0 run by her uncle. I also explore how music consumption has changed and how not having Aaliyah’s music on streaming platforms has impacted her legacy. There’s also references to current events that occurred around this time, and for that reason includes footage from 9/11, Total Request Live, Park 106, and the 2001 VMAs. Britney makes a few cameos herself in this! I’m very excited to share you my labour of love, AALIYAH IS COMING: A Legacy Revived, out on YouTube now. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Very special thank you to people who contributed their voices for the interviews! @Malibu.D.Luxx @ohoneey @PokemonSpears @I Always Sing Live @Isla @Urbanney @Lyndsay Luxury @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN @SlayOut @Midnight @Blackout2006 @JoJo Online@Jordan Miller @CrazyButItFeelsAllright@ohoney @Slayer @Prachi @princessmimi @dfffff @HardToForgetYa
  8. Hey guys! For the past year I have been working on an Aaliyah documentary which speaks on her life. It is going to be similar to the Britney exhale documentary I made (see below) but far more refined. It will be an hour long. I want to give fans to have a chance to speak on Aaliyah and also showcase why it is that fans from the current generation are unfamiliar with her music (this isn’t the case for other deceased artists). I would also like for this ti be a a sort of time capsule that eventually transitions into the drake album that was scrapped in 2012 and where her masters are currently… and potentially answer the ultimate question of why we can’t stream her music and the impact that has. It will include interviews from Aaliyah during each era, so you get to relive her career from the first album to the plane crash. I also show the funeral and some Easter eggs including Britney, and current events that happened shortly after aaliyahs death. Think of it as a news clip montage. I would like to interview some people and anonymously have them be in my video. I’m looking to target fans who grew up listening to her music who might be able to answer a few of my questions over voice note. I would edit it in such a way that it would be refined and sound natural. Again it’s all anonymous. Ask @BrittonJeanSpears or @Lyndsay Luxury who were in the Britney video💮💮🌺🌺 anyway, please comment or DM me here if you would like to say something in my documentary premiering at the end of this month just in time for the 20th anniversary thank you!!!
  9. You know, this one? It might be coincidental, but i find it kinda fascinating that the chosen image for this happens to be from the "Lucky" music video. Specifically, it's ghost apparitionney looking over luckyney. In the making of the music video, she talks about how she's attending her little sister's dance recital the following day, and it's just sad and angering how the future turned out to be.
  10. ABC looks to have released the first episode of a 5 part series on investigating the California Conservatorship System. It brings attention to the difficulties of ending a conservatorship and the conflict of interest the conservator has of accessing the conservatee's estate to fund legal opposition to a conservator's attempts to change/get out of a conservatorship. Some key points from this episode: “[The Conservatorship of Estate] takes over everything that you own and all the rights you have to ownership. [The Conservatorship of Estate and Conservatorship of Person] are often paired together and in my view when they are paired together, the conservatee often becomes invisible. They’re in their own prison in a way because the Conservator of Person controls all access to them.” “…if I take on a conservator, that conservator is not using his or her own money, they’re using the conservatee’s money to defend. It’s as though someone goes and robs a bank and is caught says, ‘well I have a lot of money for attorney’s fees.’” “Conservatorship is about money. It is about billable hours and the more they can keep you coming into court, multiple parties appear in front of a judge: the conservator, the conservator’s attorney, the court-appointed attorney, a number of different experts come in, they all get paid from [the conservatee’s] estate.” “Conservatorships were created to assist and protect the most vulnerable population, the elderly and many of them do, but our year-long investigation found that California’s multi-billion dollar conservatorship industry is powerful with little oversight from state regulators opening the door to potential abuse.” Looks to be well researched, factual and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
  11. Candace recently discusses “Framing Britney Spears” on her show. She also discusses Chrissy Teigen and her resurfaced tweets that encourage bullying and self-harm. What are your thoughts on Chrissy’s past tweets? Are they something you believe she has grown from or do you believe she’s that same person and deserves to be a result of the cancel culture that she has helped contribute to? A lot to digest here.
  12. Oscar-winning actress, Grammy-winning singer, and all around ICON, Cher has been making the rounds promoting her new documentary, Cher & the Loneliest Elephant. The hour long film features the 74 year old entertainer and the public campaign to save Kaavan. The 36 year old elephant was gifted by the Sri Lanka government to Pakistan shortly after his birth in 1985. He was placed in the Islamabad Zoo with his partner, an elephant named Saheli, who died in 2012. Kaavan was kept in small enclosed places with his legs shackled, and his physical and mental health deteriorated due to his dire conditions. Lending her celebrity to create larger awareness of this deepening sad situation, Cher, along with the many animal rights organizations were able to bring this case to Pakistani lawyer Owais Awan. In November of last year, Awan won a court case granting Kavaan's release. Check out this hilarious interview James Corden conducted with Cher below. And can I say how amazing Cher looks. The face, the neck, the hands- beauty. Her gives no-effs attitude and humility just makes me love her even more! Cher & the Loneliest Elephant is now streaming on Paramount+ You can also catch a screening May 19th on Smithsonian Channel (8 EDT/ PDT)
  13. As it says in the title, its a RUMOR. So take this information as you intend. Disclaimer: this thread has the purpose to generate discussion about what is happening on Twitter. These claims here presented come from external sources from another site. Everything discussed by the Exhale community in this post falls on Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, generaly known for 1 of its 6 freedoms: the "Freedom of Speech and Expression". Did you hear that ***? Great! For the past few days some Britney fans on Twitter are talking about the people behind @lawyersforbritney being invited to participate in the Netflix documentary about Britney's life and conservatorship battle. As fans say, they already signed a contract with the company and director Erin Lee Carr for what it seems to be a chance to do what they do best: defend "Kingham's" image as Britney's court apointed lawyer. What concerns people on Twitter is the fact that Kristen and Malena not only have defended Ingham and Jodi like their own children, but have expressed pro-conservatorship thoughts on their account as people are skeptical about them being on TeamCON or Ingham 's payroll, which they claim is a false statement as seen here: Regarding the documentary being pro-conservatorship, the rumors started right after Lou Taylor posted a personal photo with one of her remaining clients which happens to be the Global Marketing Director for Netflix. Add to that, due to a defamation lawsuit filed from one of the attourneys cited in Dirty Money's episode "Guardians, Inc.", Netflix removed said episode about conservatorship abuse. That of course shattered fans expectations on having Lou Taylor or even Jamie Spears names brought into the documentary. Since its announcement and the involvement of Erin in its direction, #FreeBritney suporters never stoped tagging her in comments sharing information, claiming for jusitce against conservatorship abuse and to portray Britney in the best light possible. Erin has a reputation of being a very serious director, but people believe she could not be the one pulling the strings in this specific case. Also, fans have suggest several times for her to include TheSurpriseWitness and Lisa MacCarley in this body of work. Personally, I dont know what to expect from Netflix. And since The New York Times is working on a "Framing Britney Spears Part II" I kinda lost interest on what Erin can do. She has to either top Framing or go home. Otherwise is going to be just lika that australian documentary that had Billy B as credible source What yall think about that? Are you a lawyersforbritney fan? Do you think Erin is seeking different points of views to produce smth imparcial? Do you want Lisa and Surprise Witness to be a part of the documentary? Do you think Erin and Netflix can produce a solid material without mentioning James and Lou?
  14. We've discovered that Billy B ( her former makeup artist ) Is really close to her, and they talk in daily basis. Not only on the documentary but in older videos where she shows "captions of conversations with her" !. I personally think THIS will be the final proof that Birtney is not allowed to speak or hang out with anyone she wants. If this guy after showing up on the Documentary is pulled out of her life, We will know what is happening really. What do you guys think ? .
  15. A Hulu documentary directed by Punky Brewster and Sabrina, The teenage Witch (the college years, seasons 5-7) Soleil Moon Frye, video taped life as a child star. From the alarming rate Of Frye's body maturing faster than normal girls By 12, she was dubbed Punky B00bster, and to hear Mark Paul Gosseler who was the infamous Zack in Saved by the Bell, to be told by NBC and TV directors from now on you're no longer allowed to be a kid, you are am adult. To hear everybody say, our lives were better, we didn't have the internet documenting our drinking, doing drugs or partying, most say, it's kinda sad, teens are easier to get grounded and more caught today, than we did. It's pretty interesting. Premieres on Hulu in March.
  16. New photos of Britney Spears from the earlier days just hit the Internet. They were submitted to "Framing Britney Spears" but ultimately left on the cutting room floor... until now. Credit: BritneyOnline
  17. Washington Post made an article about the documentary but it is also a broader story and context. The comment section under the Facebook post about the article is very kind, and it also has like 5x more comments than their other posts. Don't know if it has been already posted, haven't found anything but if it were, I'm sorry, please delete the thread Decided to post the full article, since I have the subscription. Here is the link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/02/05/framing-britney-spears-documentary/ Here is the full article: Britney Spears and the trauma of being young, female and famous in the ’90s It’s become pretty trendy, re-litigating the headline controversies of the late ’90s and early 2000s. Netflix’s “The Crown” recently revisited the royal English intrigue of Prince Charles and Princess Diana; ESPN’s “The Last Dance” told the behind-the-scenes story of the other most famous dynasty of the time, the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls. Slate’s “Slow Burn” podcast has reexamined the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton and the feud between Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.; the popular history-retold podcast “You’re Wrong About” has lately covered the O.J. Simpson trial, the D.C. sniper attacks and the Y2K panic. And why not? It’s clear there’s an appetite among the key 18-to-34 demographic to reexamine as adults what they remember absorbing in fragments during childhood. “Framing Britney Spears,” the sixth installment of FX and Hulu’s “The New York Times Presents” series of stand-alone documentaries, premieres Feb. 5 and aims to untangle for the casual pop-culture consumer the convoluted legal battles facing pop superstar Britney Spears. To the extent possible, director Samantha Stark reports out how Spears, seemingly capable and thus an unlikely candidate for a conservatorship, wound up under the long-term supervision of her father, Jamie Spears. The documentary only gets as close to Spears as any other reporting project in the past decade — which is to say, not very close. The list of people who are revealed to have declined to speak to the Times includes both of Spears’s parents, her sister and brother, her ex-husband Kevin Federline and a former adviser. Then, an epilogue reveals that it’s unclear whether Spears herself received the requests for her participation. Consequently, much of what’s in it has been known to devoted fans and interested followers for a long time: The conservatorship has historically given Spears’s father significant control over her daily life and her money, seems suspect to many outsiders, and has only recently been updated by a judge to put a bank in charge of Spears’s finances rather than her father. In 2019, Jamie stepped away from his role supervising Britney’s day-to-day life, but only temporarily; a professional conservator has acted in his stead. Footage filmed by a fan shows a man storming the stage as Britney Spears performed at a Las Vegas show in August 2017. (Reuters) But the strength of “Framing Britney Spears” isn’t in its new revelations; it’s in its thoughtful hindsight, which positions it squarely within that “1990s, reevaluated” genre. The documentary wisely revisits Spears’s breakneck-speed ascent beginning in 1998, quietly making the case that fame in that era — particularly for young women — was traumatizing, and that the booming tabloid industry of the time played a role in Spears’s current predicament that shouldn’t be overlooked. As Times critic at large Wesley Morris points out in the episode, Spears rose to fame during the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal, when young women’s ***ual desires were being discussed in public at once frankly, pruriently and scornfully. As a result, little daylight existed between fame as a young, attractive woman with any hint of a *** life and what we now know as public shaming. The media — both the tabloids and more credible, high-profile outlets — hounded women like Spears for disturbingly intimate details of their lives, then belittled and even villainized them for those very details. To illustrate just how little of Spears’s private life remained private, Stark includes footage from the early 2000s of Spears being asked, before a room full of reporters, whether she’s a virgin; she confirms in a soft voice that she’s waiting until marriage. Moments later, a voice-over plays of Justin Timberlake, Spears’s ex-boyfriend, telling a radio host he slept with Spears. A Details cover depicting Timberlake and congratulating him for “getting into Britney’s pants” appears on-screen. Even acclaimed TV journalists subject her to denigrating lines of questioning about her personal life. In an interview clip, ABC’s Diane Sawyer quotes the first lady of Maryland as saying she wishes she could “shoot Britney Spears” for being a poor role model. When Spears responds in horror, Sawyer appears to defend the statement: “Because of the example for kids, and how hard it is to be a parent.” After Spears was pictured driving away from aggressive paparazzi with her son in her lap in 2004, NBC’s Matt Lauer asks her to respond to accusations that she’s a bad mother for not using a car seat. Spears fights to hold it together before openly weeping in both interviews. What “Framing Britney Spears” evokes so viscerally is the claustrophobia and frustration of being Britney Spears. As a young pop superstar, Spears is seen grinning and bearing it while photographers crowd around her car at a drive-through; later, she’s seen covering her face from camera flashes while she exits a gas station, while she hurries through a parking lot, while she dines in a restaurant. “I’m scared. I’m scared,” she repeats as she’s hustled through a gaggle of paparazzi gathered outside a store. So by the time the infamous 2007 footage of Spears — wild-eyed and defiantly bald, fresh off a confrontation with Federline over custody of their two sons — attacking a paparazzo’s SUV with an umbrella appears, what’s newly surprising about this well-trod story line is that this is the first car door Spears has dented in nine years of fame. “That night was not a good night for her. And it was not a good night for us,” the paparazzo whose car Spears damaged tells Stark. Then he changes his tune: “But it was a good night for us, because it was a money shot.” The episode makes clear that Spears was unwell at the time; it’s said that her mother believed she was suffering from postpartum depression during her 2006 divorce and the subsequent custody battle. But it also forces the viewer to consider it head-on: If this were your life, wouldn’t you act out, too? The documentary then cuts to Spears’s hospitalization and involuntary psychiatric evaluation following a dispute with Federline in early 2008, which led to the then-temporary conservatorship that Spears’s father still holds over her today. It’s come to light in recent years just how damaging the late ‘90s and 2000s were for young women in the spotlight. Other female celebrities whose names similarly became punchlines back then have re-emerged, revealed themselves to be far more thoughtful and vulnerable than those jokes years ago implied, and addressed the psychological toll those years of tabloid celebrity took. Lewinsky, for example, gave a TED Talk in 2015. After disarming one-liners about berets and being “the only person over 40 who does not want to be 22 again,” Lewinsky revealed that in the months when the Clinton impeachment trial put her in the news every day, her mother made her shower with the bathroom door open, for fear she would harm herself while she had the privacy. Jessica Simpson’s 2020 memoir, “Open Book,” detailed how the tabloid frenzy that erupted when she wore a pair of high-waisted, then-uncool “mom jeans” in 2009 exacerbated an existing diet-pill habit. And in last year’s “This Is Paris,” the YouTube documentary about Paris Hilton, Hilton’s voice — her real voice, deeper and more mature than the one you remember — wavers as she recalls 2003, when *** tapes filmed by her ex-boyfriend were released online. “That was my first real relationship,” she says. “That was a private moment of a teenage girl not in the right head space. To have everyone watching it, laughing, like it’s something funny …” Hilton’s voice trails off. A clip of David Letterman rolls: “Have you seen ’em?” he asks a studio audience. He grins. “I’ve seen ’em.” Moments later, the camera cuts to Hilton bugging her own home, installing hidden cameras before she lets a new boyfriend spend time there alone. Stark’s “Framing Britney Spears” provides a similar glimpse at the human, warped and tortured but ultimately resilient, inside the celebrity. In light of recent revelations like Hilton’s, Simpson’s and Lewinsky’s, it seems newly remarkable that Spears has not just lived to tell the tale but remained, apparently voluntarily, visible in the public eye. The tragedy, of course, is that Spears still can’t tell that tale herself.
  18. I made a video about Britney that covers a little bit about the conservatorship, Framing Britney, FreeBritney and more. It's a brief video to get others interested in learning more about Britney. What do you guys think?
  19. I can't believe we're a music forum and we haven't discussed this! (I swear I searched for it before creating this thread) "The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story" is an American documentary film produced by Lance Bass (*NSYNC) that explores the career and legacy of record producer and convicted criminal Lou Pearlman. It includes interviews with Lance Bass, JC Chasez (*NSYNC), Chris Kirkpatrick (*NSYNC), AJ McLean (BSB), Aaron Carter, Ashley Parker Angel (O-Town), and Justin Timberlake's mother, among others. Premiere date: March 13, 2019 I just watched it and I'm in shock because I followed the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC as a teenager and I had NO IDEA that all of this was going on behind the scenes... Also, this makes Britney's conservatorship nothing but a more sophisticated and apparently "legal" way of taking financial advantage of another accomplished artist. PS: Now the puppets scene in *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" video makes much more sense now: PS2: Aaron Carter omg..... I can see that Lance added him in there so there's another opinion on Lou Pearlman and the documentary doesn't seem biased, but the evidence against Pearlman is irrefutable and Aaron is clearly not well so I feel like that was kind of shady (and even irresponsable) from Lance as a producer... What do you guys think about all of this?
  20. Check out the newly released Paris Hilton documentary. It got huge buzz at Cannes Film Festival. Academy Award nomination is coming. Loves it Insightful testimonials from Kyle Richards, Nicky Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Kim praises Hilton as being the one that "started the paparazzi following your every move" and followed with saying she wouldn't "be here today if [Paris] hadn't started out in the reality world and her introducing me to the world".
  21. Guys since few days on Amazon Prime there is a new documentary regarding Michael Jackson and reality behind allegations, it mainly focus on 1993 cases and touches about 2005 trial and James/Wade. It is great just facts and it is amazing that it doesn't try to manipulate your feelings as Leaving Neverland. It was number 1 documentary on Amazon Prime. Highly recommend! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0887TPJ6Q/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 And just take a look at one of the comments: Follow The Trial, Read The Court Transcripts, View The FBI Files No More Media Propaganda Square One shows you how bad actors with the media extorted and manipulated the world using false accusations with Michael Jackson as the poster boy for p*******a. Michael Jackson stories sells dead or alive and till today, it will be what the media tells you even when they know it is false because the dead cannot be defamed because they cannot speak. Starting with the 1993 Michael Jackson Allegations, Square One gives incredible evidence with vivid timelines and corroborated details of how Michael Jackson became and continues to be a victim of false allegations, criminal injustice and media propaganda. Looking at the evidence Square One presents, one will be able to observe the events and situations leading to the years of dogged accusations while understanding the context of what and why it happened. The cast of characters are quite interesting on their own and play a central role in the framing and eventual media lynching of Michael Jackson. Experience how some in the Chandler family, the media and NAMBLA supporter Victor Gutierrez create a conspiracy that will eventually become the prelude to the character assassination of MJ. The main stream media here demonstrates how it has never been for the people. They were not made to tell the truth but with their confirmation bias for over 25 years, they influenced how the world understood and almost accepted the unproven and false allegations. They were mostly elitist, for profit, and a propaganda machine for the real underground criminals in Hollywood. What they did with Michael Jackson is a journey that will frustrate you. Square One takes you through the light and darkness where you will see how these forces come together to destroy truth and manipulate history. How can we as a society be satisfied and confident believing prejudiced articles and false accusations over an American judicial system, the FBI, medical examiners, private investigators, child services, SBPD, LAPD and even building permits? Everyone needs to stop judging and condemning based on stories made to manipulate your emotions and feelings. Square One shows you how truth should never be a multiple choice for us to pick and choose what plays best with our emotions and opinions. Danny Wu has done a great service to the world and now HIStory can be told and retold so that the lie will never become the truth.
  22. Hi everyone! My name is Sam & I'm a YouTuber from London! I've made a documentary called 'An Icon Ruined By Fame' about Britney and how we as a society responded to her very public breakdown and how we continue to respond to her alleged battles today. I'm super proud of it. The response so far has been incredible. If you want to give it a watch - then please do - the link is below. If not, then no worries! Hope everyone is having a great day! Sam
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