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  1. Nicki absolutely ATE this classic 2010s bop. I will be starting new threads reviving classic 2010 songs that really impacted not only me but I feel the artists' fans and the general public. "Moment 4 Life" is a beautifully written song. This is one rap song I can rap word for word with passion and aggression. I love these lyrics and they are really humble but got a good flex. "No I'm not lucky, I'm blessed" will forever resonate. Even in our darkest moment we are blessed because we are breathing. Nicki has said in the past this is one of her favorite songs of her career and it's no wonder why... Shout-out to Drake who killed his verse! 🔥🔥🔥 Nicki and Drake really are legends now! 💙💙💙
  2. Nicki Minaj released the cover art for her new single, Super Freaky Girl, and the reviews are mixed. However, Nicki is giving you a cash prize for the best covert art. Hmmm I’d do it if I was talented, but I’m sure here’s somebody skilled enough to help a sis out.
  3. Made with BRON Studios, Will you be watching?
  4. Earlier, Nicki teased her upcoming single Freaky Girl which samples Super Freak by Rick James. Today, she announced it will release on August 12.
  5. Let's say Nicki Minaj wants to work with females on Pink Friday.... Who would she work with? Rihanna is now pregnant which confirms she officially retired from music for good. I don't see Nic working with Gen Z females like Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo and Adele? Maybe a track with one of Pop's icons Lady Gaga could get some buzz going for both of their upcoming records. So let's say they work together. What sound would u want? Here is a concept demo I've made for Nicki Minaj. Personally I think a fun Gay Club bop would be great for them. Nothing too urban. Discuss
  6. UPDATE: Nicki is being mobbed by fans in London Nicki has announced a last minute meet and greet at Cafe Koko at noon in London tomorrow (Monday). This comes after her extremely well received show at Wireless in London tonight which caused tube stations to close.
  7. Iggy took to twitter to correct a tweet claiming her track Treasure Island was a diss towards Nicki Minaj and compares the situation to when twitter claimed their was beef with Britney during the pretty girls era.
  8. Nicki Minaj becomes Maxim Bet’s newest investor, advisor, and the first Global Ambassador and Creative Director of Maxim. Congratulations 👑👏
  9. Nicki comments on Britney’s post using her song “No Flex Zone” “Sagittarius Queen. ♐️You move on your own time. Icon. God bless the baby.” 🎀
  10. Omgggg I just started watching and she is coming OUT THE GATE talking about booty injections. Still watching. Check it out.
  11. So I’ve been on ThatsSoBolds App which lots of people are joining for Tea and News, I’ve been seeing this account post nothing but Tory, and it finally clicked that it was actually Megan behind the account after she posted never before seen photos of her on the app before posting them on Instagram days later. She made post about Nicki Minaj saying she looks better than her, speaks on the Tory case and says he had ***ual intercourse with Kylie and her BF. Thoughts? https://we.tl/t-uGJutr0vdz
  12. Billboard Hot 100: #32(-30) Do We Have A Problem?, @NICKIMINAJ & @lilbaby4PF [2 weeks]. *peak: #2* — chart data (@chartdata) February 23, 2022
  13. Am I turning pan***ual? The Queen of Hip-Hop looking fly and badder than ever Thoughts, Exhale?
  14. Sorry for not updating you sooner but today it’s my birthday. I’m not named Valentine, but my feet are covered by Valentino! Anyway, I’m so happy for this Queen. She’s two decades long and still ****ting on these flop *** girlies left and right. Her feet must hurt for running them numbers UP for so many year!
  15. I can’t stop laughing! Could you imagine Beyoncé or Britney saying this? She’s livid and I’m LIVING. There’s no hope it’ll go #1 in the future either (it’s currently #72 on iTunes). Freefalling Queen This is the equivalent of “I’m #1 to my mommy.” still going:
  16. To celebrate the song being #2 which is basically the new #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Here is the official instrumental
  17. The next single off Pink Friday comes 2.11.22. Out Now! Nicki ain't playing
  18. Here is the official audio for the ones who don't wanna watch a 9 minute music video. The song is a total vibe and people should Give it a chance. Gives me "Want Some More" or "Shanghai" vibes. Her flow, the bars, the beat and whole vibe is just different than anything our Rap girlies are serving!!!! 6 million views in ONE DAY seems good for Nicki, tbh Thoughts?
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