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  1. Breaking news: Britney's loathed business manager, Lou Taylor, has officially resigned. Britney's father, Mr. Spears, attempted to hire a new business manager without giving Britney notice, according to new court docs via Britney Hiatus, but Britney's lawyer/legal advocate, Sam Ingham, rejected this. He is requesting the independent trust firm, Bessemer Trust, handle her business dealings moving forward. The court docs state: TRISTAR SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP has resigned as Britney's business manager without prior notice to Britney. It goes on to say: "Tristar cannot wait to effectuate this change until the process of putting Bessemer in place as co-conservator is complete..." Mr. Spears tried hiring a man named Michael Kane to serve as Britney's new business manager. Britney was not made aware or asked about this. "There was no opportunity either for Mr. Kane to be interviewed or for alternatives to be considered. There is no indication as to any of the terms of his engagement by James, including his compensation." This is huge.
  2. Have we all forgotten about this piece of ****? who remember’s her being in a meeting for the Britney Jean launch and when asked if Britney would work on her birthday she replied “Will she work? She better be working, she will be working!”
  3. According to Twitter user @Theawishkas and and the highly controversial Sam Lutfi. Which seems very unlikely because they wanted to help Britney... Didn't they ? I hope Britney's new attorney Mathew Rosengart will know about it. If you know what I mean.
  4. I don’t want Loucifer to figure out who I’m so I’m posting screenshots from a 3rd party app.
  5. https://www.thedailybeast.com/kim-kardashians-bizarre-ties-to-britney-spears-conservatorship-nightmare?source=articles&via=rss Sounds interesting from the intro, but I can’t get past the paywall. Can anyone post the full text?
  6. Britney Spears was hospitalized twice in January 2008. The first time, it happened after she reportedly locked herself in a bathroom w/ her two kids. She was then strapped to a gurney, and it made front news (Star Magazine sure lacked class...). Later on that month, she was once again hospitalized after reportedly not sleeping for three days in a row. (There was that pic of her w/ that pink wig and that pack of Red Bull, apparently to stay awake.) I remember reading on X17 Online that Britney had a psychiatrist (Dr. Deborah Nadel) at the time that would prescribe her meds, that Sam Lutfi crushed (those?) pills and put them in her food in order to "heal her brain" and that Britney willingly agreed to be taken to the hospital during an intervention by Lynne Spears. And it's that second hospitalization that directly led to the conservatorship then made permanent. I suppose Lou Taylor (reportedly the mastermind behind the c-ship) had already been in talks w/ Lynne and Jamie Spears, right? I'm just unsure as to what exactly led to that 2nd hospitalization. Lutfi (years later) claimed in court that Britney was doing ****. And some speculated it was all a set-up... What about it? What if Britney was never committed that evening? Would she have avoided being placed under c-ship? And regarding use of the word "voluntary" in the latest court document... We know Britney did not voluntarily seek c-ship; she even tried to fight it a few times back then. (Heck, she was even caught, according to court documents, trying to call Sam Lutfi a few years after being placed under c-ship—she must have seriously mistrusted Jamie back then!) I think "voluntary" simply means that if it's voluntary, Britney can opt to terminate the c-ship any time she pleases.
  7. Britney’s extremely low net worth of barely 60 million dollars is baffling considering all that she has accomplished over the last 25 years. I honestly believe that the $600 million dollars that Lou Taylor’s financial company received in 2020 is, in fact, all Britney’s money. If you calculate the total earnings that she has made from albums, concert tours, the Vegas residency, promotional material, and business ventures...it adds up to over $600 million! That’s not including the royalties that she earns from her music. I read that she was actually earning 1 million a week from music royalties as recent as 2014. It’s clear that the conservatorship has access to more money than what was reported in court documents. If this ridiculous conservatorship is revoked, can Britney reclaim all the money that her team has kept hidden from her? Better yet, will Lou Taylor’s company return the $600 million? It would be shocking if the rest of her money permanently gone considering that she worked very hard for several years.
  8. I follow Loucifer on Instagram. However, I only watch her instastories through a 3rd party app so she won't be able to figure out who I'm and block me.
  9. So fairly new to this, but starting to dig deep. Lou's name obviously comes up a ton, and is mentioned a lot in the eat, pray, Britney podcast I've been consuming. But still I feel like I haven't heard a good explanation of Lou, just snippets. If she's often credited as the mastermind behind the c-ship, why did she leave it? Didn't she leave the scene a few years ago? Anyone have any good articles, podcast episodes, etc to recommend covering her?
  10. I follow Loucifer on Instagram. However, I only watch her instastories through a 3rd party app so she won't be able to figure out who I'm and block me.
  11. UPDATE: April 10, 2021 Lou Taylor via her legal team sent BreatheHeavy/Exhale a demand letter requesting we remove the copy at the bottom of this post. To avoid any legal ramifications, I am going to publicly retract what was posted and also include the letter I was sent. I made a video about this which you can watch here. Taylor's statement via her lawyer reads: "As you know, this law firm is litigation counsel for Lou Taylor and Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group. Breath Heavy has recently posted statements that “Lou Taylor’s investment firm allegedly moved around $800,000 to an offshore account…” with reference to “Stonebridge Ltd Panama”. See screenshots below. These statements are false and defamatory of my clients. Ms. Taylor does not own or control any entity called “Stonebridge” and did not move any money at all relating to Britney Spears since Ms. Taylor and Tri Star withdrew as business manager for the estate last year. They have had nothing to do with any funds relating to the estate since that time. Demand is hereby made that Breathe Heavy remove these posts immediately. They are causing considerable damage to my clients, and my clients will have no alternative but to file suit for defamation if these false and defamatory posts are not removed immediately. All rights are reserved." ----- We are retracting the original post by an Exhaler per Lou Taylor's request. Again, Taylor claims the below is false. She claims she did not move any money relating to Britney since exiting as Britney's former business manager (around November 2020): Related:
  12. Hey Exhale, Lou Taylor via her legal team sent BreatheHeavy another legal demand letter regarding regarding what was posted in this topic. You can read the letter here. It's worth pointing out this is the second instance in recent history Taylor is refuting information posted on BreatheHeavy/Exhale. The original information was a summary taken from The Surprise Witness' informative and quite frankly brilliant video assessing Taylor's alleged involvement regarding the following: Her role as Britney's former business manager while simultaneously acting as the accounting reporter for the conservatorship Hundreds of millions of dollars that was allegedly shuffled around The dizzying journey understanding the differences between Stonebridge Wealth Management, Stonebridge Investment Council and Stonebridge Holdings (allegedly owned by Taylor's former business partner Mitch Martin) How one of the Stonebridge entities went from managing around $100 million one year, then all of a sudden managing $700 million, then suddenly $600 million of that is allegedly moved around to another affiliated entity Britney's SJB trust being amended to make Jamie Lynn the trustee (who would then have access to all of Britney's money, which would then allow for Jamie Lynn to take all the money to give it to Stonebridge - where Stonebridge can collect .5% of fees which would amount to several million in fees per year) plus everything else Taylor would make as Britney's former business manager.) A few days after Jamie Lynn was named trustee, it was revealed Taylor was allegedly an investment advisor for Stonebridge. Jamie Lynn then files to move Britney's money from the SJB trust to The Stonebridge SJB separately managed trust account (allegedly Taylor's former company). Stonebridge Holding LTD Inc in Panama was created November 13, 2020. Two days before this, on Nov. 11, the judge on Britney's conservatorship case determined Bessemer Trust could be co-conservator with Jamie. Interesting timing. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please drop a line in the comments. Related:
  13. I just found that information: Represented Britney Brands in a dispute regarding royalties from Spears’ top-selling fragrance line. Marketing company BrandSense claimed it had orchestrated a fragrance deal between Britney Brands and Elizabeth Arden, making millions for Spears and her company in exchange for 35 percent of her profits. However, BrandSense claimed that Britney Brands had violated the original agreement by attempting to cut the marketing company out of payments for Spears’ “Radiance” perfume. BrandSense sued Spears, her father, and her company, for $10 million, claiming the contract guaranteed royalties on all perfumes developed by the partnership between Spears and Elizabeth Arden. Mr. Weitzman filed a new lawsuit on behalf of Britney Brands, contesting these claims, and alleging that the marketing company withheld profits, and that the contract only included three fragrances that were under development at the time of the contract, not future fragrances. Spears and her legal team demanded damages, and a declaration that BrandSense is not entitled to any further royalties. It is information from his official website: https://kwikalaw.com/our-attorneys/howard-weitzman/#experience As far as I remember Lou Taylor was heavily involved in that case so no wonder she wrote he was so loved by her... It's just amaze me how many connections Britney and MJ share. And looking at their both lives it's not good.
  14. I was just scrolling down my Instagram and I saw that Lou Taylor just posted a tribute to Michael Jackson Estate lawyer that has died in this week.(Yes,I still follow her). Take a look : https://www.instagram.com/p/CNadij-Fd1tvrD-dhz74dv7J6CPfgZpObc7cMI0/?igshid=19ths9cchuz82 Few days ago Michael Jackson's son as well posted a tribute to this attorney aimd his death: After judge approved Michael Jackson's last business manager to be Britney's manager I found odd this new post of Lou Taylor. Not to mention both lawyers of Jamie Spears's legal team are Michael Jackson Estate lawyers... More and more dots connects MJ and Britney and their tragic lives.
  15. The Tri Star HQ in Nashville since 2013 was allegedly sold to Robins Insurance according to the below sources dated for today. https://musicrow.com/2021/04/lou-taylor-sells-tri-stars-nashville-office-building/ https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21147035/music-row-building-sells-for-55m Any speculations as to why, exhalers? Do we think this may be another attempt to rake in more money? Maybe a move to potentially distance from the Bible Belt and locate fully to LA? Or do you think it has nothing to do with FREEBRITNEY and is a coincidence? I find it really weird that Tri Star is selling this space within the context of certain current events. what are your thoughts, exhalers? It's also funny to me that the article doesn't mention Britney Spears.
  16. Saw on Twitter. Very interesting I think. https://twitter.com/RealCOCKy_/status/1376198256485527552?s=20
  17. I rarely make threads. It’s not my thing. I’m not good at it. But, I feel that the ongoing mishandling of Britney fortune (as the late Michael Sands once put it, the financial r*** of Britney Spears...”) deserves and most definitely needs to be more widely discussed by the public that’s paying attention now and of course investigated !! I’m reposting a thread by Surprise Witnes. Not sure if it’s been shared already but since the entire is woke to what’s been happening to Britney Spears as well as her finances (including $ set aside for her two sons Preston and Jayden) it’s the perfect time to highlight this yet again! Credit to Surprise Witness and Thank You!! To say this saga is complex is an understatement!! But I believe that this fan base and now the general public is ready now to fully focus on not just the human rights aspect of this case but the financial situation. We can multitask. Please share SW’s thread with literally everyone you know. If you’re fortunate to speak a second/multiple language/s, please translate this thread and ask your friends and family to share it. I think it’s safe to say that this is just part of a huge, calculated, maliciously intentional, longstanding and ongoing robbery of Britney Spears. Disgusting to think about because theft is wrong but stealing from a woman who has no idea what’s actually happening to her finances, a woman who’s been deemed by the Court to lack mental capacity to hire or fire her lawyer, etc, is so evil. If Britney is mentally incompetent why does the Court allow people to steal from her?? Even if there are loopholes these crooks jump through there should be more oversight & changes made so nobody can run a con scene like this in the system!! Britney has no idea what’s happening with the SJB Trust money other than what these lying snakes choose to tell her, lies or half truths, it is sickening!!! At least 2 of the people mentioned are related to Britney: her dad Jamie Spears and her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears who’s still heavily personally and also likely financially bound to that crook Lou Taylor. A lot of us have long questioned WHY has Britney’s mother Lynne Spears been silent all these years but only chose to get off her *** and do/say something about her daughter Britney’s situation ONLY WHEN she noticed (or was alerted) to the fact that the monies SJB Trust 💰 holds was being compromised.🤨🤨🤨🤨 All of these people are morally bankrupt frauds!!!! The only one coming outta this **** show smelling like ROSES 🌹 is Britney.
  18. Hey, guys! Been a while since I posted here, but I was motivated today after I had seen several accounts on Twitter and Insta having my artwork as their avatars without crediting me. SO, since we're here, I wanted to share my contribution to the #FREEBRITNEY movement thus far.
  19. Lou Taylor said in her demand letter she had nothing to do with the planning or creation of the conservatorship and wasn't hired until a year after it was put in place. Below is video footage of Lou with Jamie Spears on February 4th, 2008, around the time the conservatorship was put in place. Someone needs to send these videos to Sam Ingham Related:
  20. Guys check the newest Instagram story of Lawyers for Britney,it seems the new campaign of Glory Delux,Matches,Swimming in the stars is done by a new business manager Jamie hired without consulting with Britney or informing Sam Ingham. Additionally I found interesting article about Michael Kane as he was business manager for MJ as well just before his death ! https://www.tmz.com/2011/03/14/michael-jackson-latoya-jackson-katherine-jackson-alejandra-jackson-family-home-havenhurst-encino-michael-jackson-estate/ This parts are worth reading: "The war over Michael Jackson's family house has just heated up ... because legal docs have just been filed with the court claiming La Toya Jackson .... NOT the Michael Jackson Estate ... may actually own the home. We checked the records of the L.A. County Recorder, and the title is currently held as Michael Jackson J Decd [deceased]. And Michael Kane, Michael's business manager, is listed as a co-owner. La Toya's name is never mentioned." So basically he was co owner of a family house of Michael Jackson that was purchased by MJ's family once Jackson 5 moved to LA and MJ was living there even in 80's and recorded "Thriller"there. And worth thinking is comment of MJ's fan: So who is this guy and has anyone ever heard of him before now? Why would he be listed as "co-owner" of the Encino house? And look at this post of Ryann: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHQtwYAlUw8/?igshid=1r98ranxz35n3 Very interesting...
  21. Britney's legal advocate / lawyer Sam Ingham filed documents slamming Jamie Spears' petition to bring back Andrew Wallet as co-conservator of Britney. For all intents and purposes, he is a complete stranger to Britney and is insanely expensive. Ingham also points out the exuberant fees the conservatorship team and her business managers made in 2019 and 2020 despite Britney not having performed once. That includes $426,000 a year for Britney's co-conservator. Lou Taylor's Tri Star was approved for $500,000. Jamie Spears Mr. Spears claims Britney's objections to the appointment of the conservator are full of factual misstatements. Jamie's asking the court to hold a hearing to weigh the facts, TMZ reports. Andrew Wallet "After denying for months that any structural change to this conservatorship was necessary, an hour before the last hearing James suddenly reversed direction and conceded that a co-conservator of the estate is needed after all. However, rather than work collaboratively with Britney to find the best candidate, James chose to work in direct opposition to her clear statement that she "strongly prefers to have a qualified corporate fiduciary appointed to serve in this role." "In fact, Mr. Wallets's sudden departure after 11 years was "voluntary" only in the sense that he wasn't removed. Rather, it was negotiated by court-appointed counsel for Britney and supported by consideration to Mr. Wallet in the form of a $100,000.00 "golden parachute." So, he says, adding "any individual co-conservator to this case, much less Mr. Wallet represents a very poor value that Britney cannot afford. "Apart from the fact that Mr. Wallet has been extremely expensive in the past, based on what occurred over the 11 years he served as her co-conservator there is no reason to believe that Mr. Wallet will be able to work with Britney to explain and implement any difficult budgetary choices that must be made." Tri-Star The document also fights Jamie's move at the end of 2019, when he agreed to pay Tri Star Group a minimum annual fee of $500,000 despite the fact that Britney hasn't performed again since October 2018, and doesn't plan to do so at the moment. "In considering the economic impact of Mr. Wallets's return on Britney's estate, it should be noted that on December 20, 21 2019, after Mr. Wallet had departed, James modified the compensation of TRI STAR SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, the business manager, to provide for a minimum annual fee of $500,000.00," the filing says. He adds, "This amount represents more than DOUBLE the amount that Tri-Star was previously receiving." "Apparently this frugality does not extend to the fees James pays from the conservatorship to the financial professionals with whom he surrounds himself." You can read the full article at The Blast. The full document: Related:
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