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  1. John Hueston - Hueston Hennigan Founding Partner T.CO John Hueston is nationally recognized trial attorney. Best known as a lead attorney on the landmark Enron case...
  2. I am going through an extremely stressful situation so I do apologize for my inactivity. That being said- I wanted to start a thread on the musical specifically. It was used multiple times by BOMM to maintain an active trademark status, but didnt actually come out for years. So who's responsible for it? First- to show how long it took for the show to become active, here's an excerpt from Wikipedia: Once Upon a One More Time was initially scheduled to premiere October 29, 2019 in Chicago, but was soon delayed to the following year.[7][8] The musical premiere at the James M. Nederlander Theatre was then scheduled for April 14, 2020, running through May 17 (anticipating New York previews at the Marquis Theatre on June 26, and a Broadway opening July 30).[9] But on March 12, Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker announced a ban on all large gatherings through May 1, 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.[10] As a result of widespread theatre closures across the United States, producers canceled the Chicago engagement.[11]DUr It did not premiere until 2021 due to "covid" and appeared to also be related to B going to rehab. Anyways, Simply put, this is what Wikipedia says about who is responsible for the musical: Sony Pictures acquired film rights to Once Upon a One More Time in April 2019, with Spears producing alongside Larry Rudolph and John Davis through his company Davis Entertainment.[22] Did not necessarily have to do that much digging to find this- but it makes me wonder. Since MK appears to own Britneys brand and TMs to this point, what if Sony is responsible for snatching the rights to her assets before she could freely do so herself?
  3. I don't know how to link directly to her Instagram story, but Priyanka Chopra (Nick Jonas' wife) storied happy birthday with hearts to Lou On a funny note - that means Lou's bday is the night before Halloween, which is Devil's Night
  4. TL;DR AT THE BOTTOM! A really big debate i’ve been seeing on twitter lately has been over the ownership of Britney Spears music. Some people have vowed to never stream her music again until it’s made clear. I couldn’t get a SOLID idea of who runs her music based off of research (but i did uncover a huge rabbit hole of information that i’ll keep to myself for right now) but I did get an idea. Firstly, Britney Spears herself is technically trademarked. Lots of celebrities do this but under their own name. Britney Spears may be trademarked by someone else. Baby One More Mark, LLC has trademarked the name Britney Spears for use on Beauty Products, Musical Works, Music Videos, Blogs, and a multitude of other things. (source) This would give whoever owns said company exclusive rights to use her name for all the categories it’s been registered to. This (essentially, in a simple explanation) means whoever has a hold of that company has exclusive rights to anything tied to her brand. That being said- It’s likely Britney has NO control over her merch, and money made off her products goes to either her father or Micheal Kane (The most recent director at Britney Brands). (Remember that random perfume that was released that Britney didn’t EVER promote?) Moving back to the topic of music ownership, usually the label has complete control over who owns the music if they don’t own it exclusively. James Spears has a company actually titled Sweet Jamie Music that apparently owns all of Jenny Limbs music (who even streams her music?) So presumably there must be something similar for her recordings? I looked at the companies James has been an officer of (there’s so many, it’s giving money laundering *SPECULATION/JOKE*) and found a company called Miss Britney Recording. (source) Most recently, Lou Taylor, Jamie Spears & Micheal Kane do not work for this company anymore, and the only listed officer shows an agent called “E RESIDENT AGENT” which is basically just a website that seems like an “easy business agent online” type of thing. Most of the companies used to control Britney’s career now have this company listed as an agent, it’s not abruptly clear who actually initiated that. BUT— the business has an address publicly listed, so I checked it to see if it would get me anywhere. It took me to a Public Accounting Firm called Miller Kaplan. Generally it seemed like her music is owned by these companies that Lou and Jamie created. It appears she doesn’t actually own her music (as she almost certainly doesn’t own her brand) but there’s not much info on who actually DOES own her music. The company listed as the agent also opens a whole other rabbit hole of questions too. But for now- I’m not streaming her music. I have CDs/Digital download so i’ll just do that cause none of this makes any sense. TL;DR: Music ownership information is not 100% public but based on public records it appears Britney does not own her own work at all. It LOOKS that her music was collectively owned by Jamie Spears & Lou Taylor at some point through companies that were established post c-ship. If anyone else finds any juicy info that i didn’t include PLS add to this thread!
  5. Astroworld Suit Seeking $750 Million Names Drake, Apple, Even Britney Spears’ Ex-Manager New suit names long list of defendants who put “profits over people,” lawyer Tony Buzbee claims November 2021: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/astroworld-750-million-lawsuit-drake-apple-live-nation-1259274/
  6. This how I *think* Jamie and Lou met… Around the same time 2004/2005, Lou Taylor connected with Jamie Spears and Ron Artest. 2005: Ron Artest signs with Lou Taylor and starts playing for the Sacramento Kings, which is owned by the billionaire Maloof family. https://twitter.com/mx_defying/status/1543451685900750850?s=21&t=3IOsWvFOXnlkyzdrZCmi7w 2001: Jamie met the Maloofs through Larry Rudolph around 2001 and the Maloofs sent Jamie to chef school. Video. 2004: Britney gets married to Kevin and parts ways with Larry Rudolph. Larry goes to work with the Maloof Entertainment Company. Larry Rudolph and the Maloofs have worked on many businesses together Sunset Tan Studio at the Palms 2006: Jamie Spears started doing business with the Maloofs. This includes Palms Home Poker Stars in 2006 and the Maloof Money Cup. 2006: Jamie Spears is on Spears Management Inc paperwork with Lou Taylor. The paperwork shows that Jamie Spears is Jason Alexander's neighbor. 2008: Britney is out with George Maloof. 2009: Ron Artest and Lamar Odom play for the Lakers. Ron introduces Khloe Kardashian to Lamar Odom. Lamar and Khloe get married at Irving Azoff's house 2011: The Maloofs stay close to Ron Artest. 2012: The Spears family has stayed close to the Maloofs, including Alli Sims. 2004-2008: CLEARLY, while Britney was becoming/being a mom: Jamie, Lou, Larry and the Maloofs were all working together.
  7. Vicky shared this Prince video on Friday to her Insta stories, but I have kept thinking about how Tri Star and the Azoffs currently run the Prince estate. I’m convinced that Vicky-antis are a misinformation campaign.
  8. https://forums.netphoria.org/showthread.php?t=168832 COURTNEY LOVE: "...Knispel Azoffs boy, Wietzman counsel for 6 yrs who got me to sell off some EOM based on forged TAXES! and heres Azoff collatorising the purchase of Ticketmaster, with the ESTATE OF KURT COBAIN# END OF MUSIC# and note the Monster Career Criminal Steifelman @! OMG!thats where Poor Britney comes re PBOC, shes ****ED< her money is banked wherever for show but REALLY its at 10100 san but i would always always find ( Britneys a lost cause her rents are insane and read Jenny Ellscues Dec RS for the closest youll get to that poor chicks reality ich sounds like a nightmare atleast i have my iq and i care) KURT at 1154 summit bev hills( Pickfair actually) 90210 w 2 azoff family llc properties next to it, wow, it gets wierder wierder wierder."
  9. MY BRITNEY TIMELINE: Jamie Spears, the Maloofs, Lou Taylor, the Azoffs, and Governor Jerry Brown This document aims to highlight key events and facts, in order to convey how the most powerful people in the music industry and the state of California likely worked in concert to institute and maintain the conservatorship. A key point is that many have said that Jamie Spars was minimally involved in Britney’s life prior to the conservatorship. Yet prior to the conservatorship Jamie was directly working with people who would later benefit from Britney’s conservatorship. Furthermore, these people frequently have huge business deals together. This is a case of intergenerational wealth and power, while these personal connections span decades.
  10. Lou Taylor has sent Alexander Hakimi a cease and desist for trying to inform media outlets of Mary J Bleige thanking Tristar/Lou at the billboard music awards
  11. Is that Robin Greenhill with a new identity? For sound: https://imgur.com/mma47XH
  12. Well, well, well, apparently Lou Taylor has removed herself from her role as a registered agent at Tri Star Entertainment! This comes after Britney called her out on social media for mistreating her, claiming that it was her that suggested to go to the bridges to recovery facility in 2019 where she was violated and held against her will for 3 months.
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