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  1. Is that Robin Greenhill with a new identity? For sound: https://imgur.com/mma47XH
  2. Well, well, well, apparently Lou Taylor has removed herself from her role as a registered agent at Tri Star Entertainment! This comes after Britney called her out on social media for mistreating her, claiming that it was her that suggested to go to the bridges to recovery facility in 2019 where she was violated and held against her will for 3 months.
  3. Lou Taylor said in her demand letter she had nothing to do with the planning or creation of the conservatorship and wasn't hired until a year after it was put in place. Below is video footage of Lou with Jamie Spears on February 4th, 2008, around the time the conservatorship was put in place. Someone needs to send these videos to Sam Ingham Related:
  4. Yesterday was MLK day and Loucifer posted three quotes that can be applied to Britney's situation, Jail Lynn and herself. For those who can't see the pictures, the three quotes are as follows: "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. " "Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."
  5. Jail Lynn’s puppet master has got something to say. Caption: Peace over drama & Distance over disrespect.
  6. Did something like happen to Lou for her to start behaving this way? We all know her alleged connections to the Mercy Ministry Chapel in Nashville where they isolate women and gay people, forcing them to give birth and give up their children for adoption and perform exorcisms, all while ensuring people can’t even use the bathroom without permission from pastors and program planners (something the Australian mercy ministry insisted was happening in the Nashville chapel where Rob Taylor works allegedly) We know she allegedly has planned conservatorships for people against their will at their most vulnerable we know she allegedly launders money and allegedly transferred over 600 million dollars worth of fortune to her account at Stonebridge accounting firm, where she once served as a president and was rumoured to be one of the three investors in the company We also know that her Tristar entertainment documents go back as far back as 1997, whereby she stated in company documents that she sought to run business no different than religion (with her rumoured skewed perception of religion as some sort of cult like infrastructure based on morality) We all know she has threatened to sue fans my question is did something happen in her childhood or sometime in her lifetime for something to happen? why does she behave like this I would like to hear your thoughts
  7. Well word is now spreading that Travis Scott who's in hot water, over the tragedy events of Astroworld. From tweets reminding people his former manager had a seizure, and he did nothing. Watch a female employee get assaulted by men and did nothing.. It's all been this is business as usual for him. Money over safety and wellness.. Then it's come out that he's part of Tri Star, like Kylie family is, and people are reminding everybody that this is business as usual for Lou Taylor and company. Money is more important than the lives of every human being.
  8. Lou we know the best way to communicate with you is through Biblical text (ALLEGEDLY). Could you confirm if below is part of your conservatorship hybid business plan? Ephesians 6:5 5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. Brit will no longer be a Slave 4 U. #FREEGRAPES
  9. Have we all forgotten about this piece of ****? who remember’s her being in a meeting for the Britney Jean launch and when asked if Britney would work on her birthday she replied “Will she work? She better be working, she will be working!”
  10. I don’t want Loucifer to figure out who I’m so I’m posting screenshots from a 3rd party app.
  11. Do Kardashians have really bad taste when it comes to business partner or is Kanye Loucifer's next target? I wonder what reason behind they're working together. Is Lou that good at business management? other than trapping celebrities in a bad situation and exploit them?
  12. It seems Tri-Star have removed the page featuring Lou from their website. You can still find the page in web archives, but they have removed all links, imagery and mention of her...
  13. Breaking news: Britney's loathed business manager, Lou Taylor, has officially resigned. Britney's father, Mr. Spears, attempted to hire a new business manager without giving Britney notice, according to new court docs via Britney Hiatus, but Britney's lawyer/legal advocate, Sam Ingham, rejected this. He is requesting the independent trust firm, Bessemer Trust, handle her business dealings moving forward. The court docs state: TRISTAR SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP has resigned as Britney's business manager without prior notice to Britney. It goes on to say: "Tristar cannot wait to effectuate this change until the process of putting Bessemer in place as co-conservator is complete..." Mr. Spears tried hiring a man named Michael Kane to serve as Britney's new business manager. Britney was not made aware or asked about this. "There was no opportunity either for Mr. Kane to be interviewed or for alternatives to be considered. There is no indication as to any of the terms of his engagement by James, including his compensation." This is huge.
  14. According to Twitter user @Theawishkas and and the highly controversial Sam Lutfi. Which seems very unlikely because they wanted to help Britney... Didn't they ? I hope Britney's new attorney Mathew Rosengart will know about it. If you know what I mean.
  15. https://www.thedailybeast.com/kim-kardashians-bizarre-ties-to-britney-spears-conservatorship-nightmare?source=articles&via=rss Sounds interesting from the intro, but I can’t get past the paywall. Can anyone post the full text?
  16. Britney Spears was hospitalized twice in January 2008. The first time, it happened after she reportedly locked herself in a bathroom w/ her two kids. She was then strapped to a gurney, and it made front news (Star Magazine sure lacked class...). Later on that month, she was once again hospitalized after reportedly not sleeping for three days in a row. (There was that pic of her w/ that pink wig and that pack of Red Bull, apparently to stay awake.) I remember reading on X17 Online that Britney had a psychiatrist (Dr. Deborah Nadel) at the time that would prescribe her meds, that Sam Lutfi crushed (those?) pills and put them in her food in order to "heal her brain" and that Britney willingly agreed to be taken to the hospital during an intervention by Lynne Spears. And it's that second hospitalization that directly led to the conservatorship then made permanent. I suppose Lou Taylor (reportedly the mastermind behind the c-ship) had already been in talks w/ Lynne and Jamie Spears, right? I'm just unsure as to what exactly led to that 2nd hospitalization. Lutfi (years later) claimed in court that Britney was doing ****. And some speculated it was all a set-up... What about it? What if Britney was never committed that evening? Would she have avoided being placed under c-ship? And regarding use of the word "voluntary" in the latest court document... We know Britney did not voluntarily seek c-ship; she even tried to fight it a few times back then. (Heck, she was even caught, according to court documents, trying to call Sam Lutfi a few years after being placed under c-ship—she must have seriously mistrusted Jamie back then!) I think "voluntary" simply means that if it's voluntary, Britney can opt to terminate the c-ship any time she pleases.
  17. Britney’s extremely low net worth of barely 60 million dollars is baffling considering all that she has accomplished over the last 25 years. I honestly believe that the $600 million dollars that Lou Taylor’s financial company received in 2020 is, in fact, all Britney’s money. If you calculate the total earnings that she has made from albums, concert tours, the Vegas residency, promotional material, and business ventures...it adds up to over $600 million! That’s not including the royalties that she earns from her music. I read that she was actually earning 1 million a week from music royalties as recent as 2014. It’s clear that the conservatorship has access to more money than what was reported in court documents. If this ridiculous conservatorship is revoked, can Britney reclaim all the money that her team has kept hidden from her? Better yet, will Lou Taylor’s company return the $600 million? It would be shocking if the rest of her money permanently gone considering that she worked very hard for several years.
  18. I follow Loucifer on Instagram. However, I only watch her instastories through a 3rd party app so she won't be able to figure out who I'm and block me.
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