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Found 23 results

  1. Note: The full article can be found here: CNN Cher and Versace joined forces for a limited line called "Chersace" to raise funds for gender diverse youth and communities. Cher wears a t-shirt designed to celebrate pride month:
  2. Cher & Donatella Versace unite for Pride Month as CHERSACE!
  3. The Independent named Beyonce and Madonna as some of the worst musician actors. They praised Cher and Gaga for their acting chops. Exhale, thots? Beyoncé Think of Beyoncé’s acting credits — Obsessed, The Pink Panther, Dreamgirls — as an act of charity for the human race, a way of telling us that, hey, she’s not totally perfect. Try as she might, Beyoncé has never been the greatest of actors, with a wooden energy similar to Madonna. Thankfully, she seems to have stopped trying to be a thespian of late. Madonna It’s become a bit of a cliche to remark on Madonna’s inability to act, but it’s also not strictly untrue. She’s decent in A League of Their Own, Evita and Dangerous Game, but otherwise tends to be stiff and detached from her surroundings in everything else. Lady Gaga One of the great pleasures of last year’s House of Gucci was that Lady Gaga gave a real capital-p performance. Unafraid to go very big, Gaga used her role as a convicted — though naturally glamorous — murderer to showcase her range. She also proved that, a few years after her Oscar nominated turn in A Star Is Born, she wasn’t just good at playing pop stars similar to herself. Cher Cher is the ultimate pop star turned actor, incapable of not delivering in spades. Moonstruck got her an Oscar — playing a drifting widow finding unexpected new love — but she’s similarly brilliant as a flamboyant single mother in 1990’s Mermaids, as a nuclear power plant worker in Silkwood, and as one of the Witches of Eastwick. It’s a travesty she didn’t make more movies in the wake of her Academy Award.
  4. How amazing it would be if this actually happened!! Petermaxforreal (@petermaxforreal) Tweeted: I wanna see a #freebritney benefit concert with a top lineup all covering Britney songs 🌹@ladygaga @ArianaGrande @cher
  5. Oscar-winning actress, Grammy-winning singer, and all around ICON, Cher has been making the rounds promoting her new documentary, Cher & the Loneliest Elephant. The hour long film features the 74 year old entertainer and the public campaign to save Kaavan. The 36 year old elephant was gifted by the Sri Lanka government to Pakistan shortly after his birth in 1985. He was placed in the Islamabad Zoo with his partner, an elephant named Saheli, who died in 2012. Kaavan was kept in small enclosed places with his legs shackled, and his physical and mental health deteriorated due to his dire conditions. Lending her celebrity to create larger awareness of this deepening sad situation, Cher, along with the many animal rights organizations were able to bring this case to Pakistani lawyer Owais Awan. In November of last year, Awan won a court case granting Kavaan's release. Check out this hilarious interview James Corden conducted with Cher below. And can I say how amazing Cher looks. The face, the neck, the hands- beauty. Her gives no-effs attitude and humility just makes me love her even more! Cher & the Loneliest Elephant is now streaming on Paramount+ You can also catch a screening May 19th on Smithsonian Channel (8 EDT/ PDT)
  6. Queen Cher Tweeted that she was talking with Mama Cher saying had she been at the scene of the crime where George Floyd was tragically murdered, she believes she could've stopped it. This is a pretty wild Tweet.
  7. Cher, did a 20 minute interview with Christine Amanpour for CNN. Touching her being the only artist from the baby boomers era to actually care about the youth and wanting to stay in touch with the times, instead of forcing out of touch 80s and 90s behavior. From her LGBT icon and her son Chaz (though mind you a minor scuffle did hurt her when she had to embrace Chaz being trans, she said I'm a parent, give mea break, don't write me out cos of initial shock which is norm, I didn't disown him. I acted like most parents would.) To her politics To her acting career, which she talks about how she had to do another Avenue to stay relevant as she felt music trends weren't really working for her..she tried 3 disco albums and fell out of love with music. It wasn't until her trio of rock albums beginning with 1987's Cher did she embrace music. They touch how an iconic role in the witches if eastwick almost didn't happen cos the acting legend Kack Nicholson, didn't find Cher at 40 then young and attractive. She touches how he wanted her to change her voice to a more feminine tone, than the deep husky tone she's known for, wanted her to be more feminine like she was in the 70s, instead of the ballet rock chick, which he found unattractive. None of her other costars got this treatment from him. Ironically most of Cher's screentime was with him in the film.
  8. The Goddess of Pop Cher, has released the official Campaign anthem For the Biden/Harris 2020. The song "Happiness is just a guy named Joe" is available to stream, here's the official music video.
  9. So in order to celebrate The End of European Summer time. What better way to celebrate the nights getting longer, Days are shorter, soup season, stay in bed weekends when it's cold. Then Chering Cher's classic hit from 1989. If I could turn back time. Happy end of Summer to all our European family.
  10. Cher comes to Britney Spears' defense in light of the #FreeBritney movement. The iconic singer Tweeted the following in regards to a story about Jamie Lynn becoming the trustee over Britney's trust fund. She Worked Hard,Was The Golden Goose,Made Lots Of Money,Got Sick,Now She’s The CASH COW.Does anyone Who’s Making Money Off Her Being Sick,Want Her Well?! Someone Who Doesn’t Want Anything From Her Should Look Into Her Dr.& Her Meds. DuckDuckDuck......Is It a Duck?! Related:
  11. Another post I was just reading asked a great question... whether or not 'Chromatica' would age badly? It REALLY got me thinking. A lot of artists have the gift of talent, and release tons of incredible albums throughout their careers, but I'm starting to wonder... Do popstars (specifically) ever release more than 2-3 that become iconic? I mean the reality is fanbases will state every album is iconic, but I'm looking at the fact that the general public eventually loses interest. It doesn't mean albums stop being good, or new albums released aren't good as well, but I feel most artists are lucky to have 2-3 solid albums, before ultimately it's 'Greatest Hits' style nostalgia only from that artist.... Look at Janet Jackson.... 'Control', 'Rhythm Nation', 'Janet' and 'Velvet Rope' were all iconic... yet Janet's released 4 albums since the latter, and none have had the impact. Madonna had 'Like a Prayer' and 'Like a Virigin in the 80's, 'Ray of Light' in the 90's, 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' in the 00's that gave her a resurgence, but the other albums all just sort of fade into each other? You could argue the same for Britney now, and Christina Aguilera after 'Stripped' and 'Back to Basics', Lady Gaga after 'The Fame' and 'Born this Way'... Katy Perry after 'Teenage Dream' and 'Prism'.... thoughts?
  12. Happy Birthday, Cher. I made a tweet sharing the original artwork of Heart of Stone, as well as the official replacement cover (given its creepy appearance and what appears to make a skull). Fun facts: It's her first US Billboard top ten. Houses her biggest hit since the 70s at that time with "If I Could Turn Back Time." It was her second album of rock music. She never was a dance artist, but originally a rock act. "Believe" only happened thanks to the success of Ray Of Light. Cher was hesitant about transitioning to dance music. She felt for awhile she'd be looked at as a sell out but eventually accepted it. Happy birthday!
  13. While you're at it... stream the only ABBA covers album that actually matters. The ABBA Generation by A* Teens
  14. Cher is a half breed. She does have Cherokee in her blood. Now if only we looked good as her in out 70s.
  15. If you wanna say Cher created Madonna go ahead. But let's be honest. You never saw Madonna did infomercials to sell a product. But cher did. Thanks YouTube for finding a pop icon at one of their lowest career moments. So stan an infomercial queen. At least Madonna never stooped that low to remain relevant.
  16. In the 80s. Pretty much. Cher took a musical hiatus. Not really her first and not her last. The longest one was literally an 11 year gap between albums 2002-2013. In the 80s. She became a serious actress. Silkwood, Mask, A slew of others. The original cougar as well. Dated younger men half her age like Tom Cruise, etc. But it's her role in moonstruck that won her the best actress oscar. Still to date almost 40 years since it happened. No other pop act has won that coveted rple. Gaga came close. But press do blame her for the glenn close upset. Saying her making it appear as desperate to be accepted by Hollywood. Not only crossed her out. But she took out Glenn close as well. Who unlike gaga. Let her role speak for itself. The oscar went to Olivia Coleman. Cher is still the only pop act to be considering the best actress.. In her field of entertainment And I leave with the greatest dating advice ever
  17. Universal AB uploaded The 1999 album again. But now we got the international cover. Still slams and Cher. I love you. But leave the Abba covers to actual swedes. https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-abba-generation/1503332986
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