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  1. I'd like to compile a thread full of information about criminal defence attorney Blair Berk. Berk became a lawyer for Jamie Spears...But originally, she worked for Britney. A Timeline: Berk first appeared in February 2007, just before Britney admitted herself to rehab for the third and final time: Feb. 16, 2007: Britney shaves her head. Feb. 20, 2007: “Right before Britney went into Promises, after she shaved her head, I got an anonymous call from a man while I was driving in Los Angeles. There are ***** planted in Britney’s Malibu home,” he said, going on to tell me that it was a conspiracy between Kevin and Britney’s assistants to make my daughter look like a bad mother.” (Lynne Spears, "Through The Storm," page 165) Two paragraphs later, Lynne admits that the man who called about the ***** was Sam Lutfi. (Side note: Three months later, Lynne and her friend Jacqueline Butcher proceeded to attend a taping of Dancing With The Stars with Lutfi, and also discuss shoe and jewelry endorsements with him.) Britney checked into Promises rehab center in Los Angeles. Feb. 21, 2007: Kevin Federline was granted an ex parte (emergency) court hearing over custody of their two young sons. Britney checked out of Promises and drove to meet with Blair Berk, a prominent criminal defense attorney. Feb. 22, 2007: Britney checked back into rehab for a third time, staying for 30 days. The Result: The result of this series of events was that Kevin Federline was handed sole physical custody of the boys for the duration of Britney's 30-day rehab stay. For the remainder of 2007, it meant Britney was fighting an uphill battle in the family court, which eventually labelled her a “habitual, frequent and continuous user of alcohol and controlled substances" and later fully stripped her of any form of visitation. It created a situation where Britney would need to obtain the services of Kevin Federline and Jamie Spears for help to solve a problem that they themselves created. Britney would need to enter into a "voluntary" conservatorship in order to visit with her children. Kevin Federline and Jamie Spears brokered a visitation deal in which the conservatorship was required, with Jamie named as the monitor. Blair Berk worked with Jamie Spears to help obtain the conservatorship, apparently based on the information she obtained from Britney herself during their February 2007 encounter. My Request: If you have any knowledge relating to Blair Berks' relationship with either Britney or Jamie Spears, can you please post it here? I'm especially looking for links to legal documents. Thank you!
  2. One year ago, after Britney was freed and celebrated her 40th birthday, I wrote this piece on Medium. It outlines why Britney has the right to autonomy, not as a product of celebrity. Gimme More: Britney’s Freedom is a Battle with America’s Toxic Celebrity Obsession | by Robert Anthony | Medium MEDIUM.COM Forever the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears paved the way for generations of female darlings to... One year later, the GP hasn’t learned… in fact, their opinions and comments toward her have grown increasingly critical. Why does the GP continue to dissect everything Britney does AND believe they rightfully have an opinion? It’s like this illegal, fraudulent, conservatorship taught people nothing about our toxic obsession with certain celebrities. Will Britney forever be unfairly held under a microscope and to a different level than her peers? Or is there a way out? Share your thoughts.
  3. I want to revisit Kevin with those who might feel similarly. I never for the longest time considered how much it must have destroyed Britney, being betrayed by him. I recall a breakup of my own that was life altering for me and remembered how I spiralled in its wake. Breakups are so painful. And as I sit here feeling those feelings of pain long past, I thought of Britney. They are especially painful when your love and emotional bond feels so strong. Many of us grow up imagining finding the love our life, marrying them and sharing the most joyous of memories with them. Britney certainly wanted that (I am so happy she's found that now). She was the mother of his children. She thought he was her forever. She thought she found someone she could be herself with, be SAFE with and be happy with for a lifetime. And that mother F'ing monster broke her heart. Exploited her. Sold her out to her family. Every dime he's worth, every meal he eats and the roof over his head was because of Britney Spears. He was and is an opportunist, a wolf in sheep's clothing, and I think is on the same level of evil if not worse than her father. I refuse to believe he was a blissfully ignorant bystander in Britney's story. While the mother of his children was shackled as an entertainment slave for profit, a "cash-cow" paraded around to make people rich, he sat in his mansion living it up on the spoils of his exploitation. He took, took and took more. Isn't this one of the most callous hurtful wicked betrayals? When someone you loved intimately as your partner literally goes along with destroying your life for as long as possible as long as he stood to make a cut? We know he made bank when Britney went on tour during the Circus Tour. That's been exposed here already. I just can't for the life of me imagine that someone who supposedly once loved you, if they were truly a good human being yet alone the person you created life with, would allow a shoddy set up consume your former partner and not once, not at all did you not go: "I hope she's okay. This has been going on for a long time now, is she happy? Something doesn't feel right.". Kevin has had next to no coverage in the media frenzy surrounding the conservatorship. And honestly, I think it's a shame he wasn't crucified for his role. I mean, they came for Justin, but hardly mentioned Kevin at all. If he stayed at arms-length, he did so strategically so he wasn't implicated but was still a profiteer and benefited from the arrangement. To add insult to injury, after the hell she's lived through, after she has finally been freed, he goes on television and once again throws her under the bus. Re-victimizing her. I don't know how this man sleeps at night. TLDR; Kevin is not only a dead-beat. He's the epitome of an exploitative disgusting vile human being and it breaks my heart she opened her heart and life to such a monster. End of rant. May you have your fairytale ending forevermore Britney. xoxo
  4. I didn't understand what she was complaining about with regards to her Stylist Tish, Fe and others who spoke out in the documentaries. I was actually critical of her cynicism and am one of the first who will defend the documentaries. Now, I do believe the documentaries made a sizeable impact in spreading the word to the general public. But, today, I have some tats with it. ALL those who spoke up in the documentaries did so when they were no longer making BANK off Britney. Think about it. Why did they not speak up from the get-go? As Liz Day put it in the documentary "[...] everyone stood to make a cut". And those who were interviewed in the documentary... they came out of the wood-work at a very convenient time. Britney had spoken out, Free Britney movement in full swing, and truths are coming forward about the abuse. Those who set up the CON were pointing the fingers at each other, scrambling. But so too were all these individuals in the NYT documentaries. When it likely mattered most to ensure they redeemed their character publicly and save face and to control the narrative that they were helpless bystanders they went on record stating how helpless they were and how wrong they felt the conservatorship was. SO CONVENIENT it seems that now it doesn't seem altruistic at all to me. And so, I think I finally get where some of Britney's anger stems from with regards to these documentaries. I often felt and would vocalize that Britney's anger is misplaced, she is going after the wrong people. But, in re-framing my perspective of those who "spoke out", when you take the timing into consideration and the fact these people made a LOT of money by simply being helpless bystanders, it just doesn't pass the smell test to me anymore. Someone once said to me, and it now comes to mind, when someone is being bullied, harassed, assaulted / harmed and you are merely a bystander watching on and not intervening, YOU are as guilty as the perpetrator, YOU are part of the problem. Now, that is only an opinion. But being a gay kid in school I remember being bullied relentlessly. And I remember being beaten up and other kids would encircle the person hurting me and myself and laugh or stand there emotionless. And it wouldn't matter what excuse any one of those kids would later say they had for not intervening or getting help for me, the fact they did NOTHING when it mattered destroyed me and I felt they were no different than the kids picking on me. They were part of the problem. They ENABLED the abuse and did nothing to stop it. I also was raised in a fairly abusive home. When it comes to mind, I resent all the adults, all the teachers all the neighbours who knew something wasn't right going on, yet did nothing to prevent that abuse. They didn't speak up. They didn't report the abuse when they heard it happen or saw it first hand. Now I understand Britney more. Many of you have probably already come to this conclusion too, but for those of us like myself who are a little slower, I hope this epiphany I've had may also make a light-bulb go off for others too. Agreeing to being part of the documentary solidified for most, that these players were "saviours", "heroes" and "admirable". It absolved them of their guilt and their part to play. It absolved them of the nasty feeling it must be to have, being that they profited from the conservatorship. When it was no longer profitable, when shiz hit the fan, they had to come forward. Their calculated strategy worked. No matter Britney's insistence these people are as low as her father, they were painted in such a redeeming light that even her most staunch fans like myself gave our heads a shake and doubted Britney. I don't doubt her anymore. The information these people brought forward was useful. Their motivations may not be as heroic as many of us thought. What do you think? Was this already what you considered to be the case or have you too been forgiving of these individuals based on their appearance in the documentaries? EDIT: Some have raised the possibility their careers would be over and they’d be sued or threatened with legal action had they spoken out earlier. Let’s clear this up: the first amendment of the United States protects free speech and it also protects journalists / the free press. When someone brings vital information of wrongdoing on the condition of anonymity, journalistic privilege prevails and their identities are protected. This is a long-standing privilege the free press has long held in order to protect whistleblowers so that anything and anyone can be held to account through investigative journalism reporting. So the whole idea that they would have lost their livelihoods falls apart when you take this into consideration. Food for thought!
  5. I've always wondered if they planned to put a conservatorship on Britney before 2007 A while ago I saw someone say the plans started in 2000 Does anyone have any info?
  6. Wendy Williams enters wellness facility. ‘We ask for your prayers,’ rep says. WWW.NJ.COM The former 'Wendy' host has promised a comeback, but for now she's taking time to deal with health issues. Amid allegations against her guardian and financial advisor, Wendy Williams has 'checked herself into a wellness facility.' In the past few months, Wendy has spoken out that her financial advisor, Lori Schiller of Wells Fargo, made claims she was suffering from dementia after Wendy became suspicious of her activity. She also said Bernie Young, her guardian, used her American Express card several times without her permission, including to hire a lawyer. Documentation for this transaction was obtained by The Sun. Despite allegations she has been "In a wheelchair, suffering from dementia" she has been seen out walking and holding conversations with paparazzi and has made several statements for her fans. Misleading photos have also made their way online, one where Wendy appears to look disheveled. However, video shows her looking much better than the photos depict, along with her being able to hold conversation. Her team is seen repeatedly walking in and out of her apartment, leading her to ask "Where are we going?" Wendy is currently working on her podcast, The Wendy Experience.
  7. We saw in documentary that she signed papers for change law thanks to journalist, but then she was forced said that this sign is faked. Also there are messages from the answering machine where she said what happened her. Are there any other evidences where she called us for help? Also. Why everybody ignored her so long?
  8. There are two upcoming court: 🔴Oct 26: Lynne’s pending legal fee requests 🔴Dec 7th: Various other legal fee matters, including fees for Jamie’s previous lawyers and the recent re-request to make Britney pay the current team on account
  9. A landmark reform of California’s flawed probate system, spotlighted by the troubled Britney Spears case, is headed to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk. The legislation, Assembly Bill 1663, sailed unanimously through both houses of the state Legislature this week, promising relief to the elderly and disabled trapped in never-ending and potentially exploitive conservatorships. Newsom has until Sept. 30 to make a decision. Conservatorship is a tool in probate court by which professionals appointed by a judge can decide, among other things, where people live, how their money is spent and even who they can talk to. Some activists argue that state prisoners have more civil rights than someone under a conservatorship. Sponsored by Assemblyman Brian Maienschein, D-San Diego, the bill makes it more difficult to establish a conservatorship, easier to get out of one and promotes alternatives to court. It also codifies the use of supported decision-making, which basically is seeking informal help in making decisions rather than jumping to conservatorships. When used properly, probate can be a way to protect the elderly and disabled from physical and financial bullying by family, friends and associates. But the process also can open the door for predatory professionals to exploit their clients, eating through their life savings and assets and walling them off from family. And then there is the Spears case, where her right to make decisions was taken away and given to her father — sparking a nearly 13-year battle that ended in 2021 when her conservatorship was finally ended. Maienschein said he witnessed abuses in the system while serving as a law clerk for a probate judge. “It was personal for me,” he said. “I was young and working in conservatorship court. It left a big impression on me.” 🔴THE ORANGE COUNTRY
  10. Meghan Markle's half-brother Thomas Jr is trying to secure a conservatorship to gain control of the affairs of their dad - Thomas Markle Sr - who is recovering from a stroke Thomas Markle Sr, 78, is currently recovering from a stroke. If Thomas Jr, 55, secures the conservatorship he will manage the court case on his father's behalf. The conservatorship plan was revealed in documents filed in California about the Rayner case. Thomas Jr told the court he is “in the process” of obtaining the legal arrangement to step in for his dad. A similar arrangement was put in place by the family of US pop queen Britney Spears when she suffered health problems. It led to the troubled singer’s life and finances being governed by relatives for more than a decade. It is understood the plan for Thomas Sr is less far-reaching. A well-placed source told the Sunday Mirror: “Tom Sr has had a series of health scares and his son wants to do the best for him by taking any stress away. “Cases in America grind on for months or years so it will be a weight off Tom Sr’s mind. It will help him focus on his recovery.” 🔴SOURCE: Dailystar UK
  11. The California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) announced new actions this week to improve the system for individuals who are intellectually disabled and conserved by the state, though disability rights advocates say these reforms don’t go far enough. The department currently serves as the court-appointed conservator for 413 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the state. About 57,000 people have reported a conservator to DDS regional centers across the state, though DDS does not serve as the conservator in these cases. The announcement from the department came days before ABC 10 released the first of a multi-part docuseries revealing failures of the department’s conservatorship system. The first part of the series was released Thursday night, telling the story of a family whose son was taken by DDS and placed under a limited conservatorship. Conservatorships were brought into the national spotlight most recently when pop star Britney Spears shared her story about living under a conservatorship, which exposed the control her father, Jamie Spears, had over many aspects of her life. Disability rights advocates say Spears’ experience with conservatorship and her story shed a spotlight on what many experience in the conservatorship system. “While Britney's fame may be unique, her experience in the current conservatorship system is not,” Will Leiner, a managing attorney in Disability Rights California’s legal advocacy group, told The Center Square. “Many in the disability community, including Disability Rights California, have spoken out for a long time about the harms of conservatorship – the apathy and ease in which rights are taken away in almost every case.” Leiner added that Spears demonstrated “how easily people can become trapped in a system that strips away their fundamental civil rights to choose how their life unfolds and how difficult it is to escape from that system.” Mark said that’s part of the reason that Disability Voices believes DDS’ reforms “don’t go far enough” and further changes through AB 1663 are needed. Ultimately, Mark said Disability Voices believe DDS should not be in the position where it can be the conservator of anyone. “We're never going to get to the right place until we eliminate the possibility that regional centers can conserve people and that we find alternatives for people, whether it's family members, or community folks or legal services, lawyers or people who are independent and act as the advocates for people with disabilities,” Mark said. 🔴SOURCE:TheCenterSquare
  12. A large part of the discussion around the conservatorship involves Britney's finances. Let's compare two lawsuits — the WEG lawsuit and the Brand Sense lawsuit — to see if they offer up any clues as to how her finances have been managed both before and after the conservatorship. Shall we? The WEG Lawsuit: In October of 2007, Britney's former manager, Johnny Wright, sued Britney and her company "Britney Touring, Inc." for unpaid commissions he claimed she owed him. Johnny alleged that Britney stopped paying him in December of 2006, just as she split from Kevin Federline. The commissions dated back to 2003, when Britney and Johnny parted ways, and included album advances for "In The Zone" and "Greatest Hits." The fact that "Britney Touring, Inc." was also named in the lawsuit hints that Johnny felt she owed him commissions on the "Onyx Hotel Tour," as well as possibly the "House of Blues Tour." Johnny claimed he didn't know how much she owed since he hadn't received accounting reports since 2003. Source: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/1047435/wright-sues-spears-for-breach-of-contract/ Within the court documents it stated: "Upon information and belief, SPEARS and BTI concealed from WEG a series of negotiations and agreements for otherwise commissionable Gross Receipts payable to WEG, thus diverting those commissions to SPEARS directly or indirectly, or to corporate entities without the knowledge, consent, or agreement of WEG, both before and after the termination Agreement." The Brand Sense Lawsuit: In March of 2011, a company called Brand Sense Partners, LLC sued Britney for unpaid commissions they claimed she owed them. They claimed a compromise deal was orchestrated by Jamie Spears and Lou M. Taylor, which delivered perfume royalties from Elizabeth Arden directly to Britney. Source: https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/03/exclusive-britney-spears-being-sued-10m-ex-business-partner/ Within the court documents it stated: “Britney secretly made a separate deal with Elizabeth Arden in a sneaky underhanded effort to circumvent and evade its obligations to Brand Sense.” ... “Brand Sense had a contractual right to a 35% commission on any Britney Spears-branded fragrance sold by Elizabeth Arden” ... “But Mr. Spears complained that the commission was too high and said that Britney did not want to pay it.” Both lawsuits were settled by the conservatorship, and included large payments to Johnny Wright and Brand Sense Partners. The SJB Revocable Trust: In July of 2004, Britney's estimated $100-million fortune was placed into the SJB Revocable Trust. Britney was named as the sole Trustee. Source: https://people.com/crime/whos-in-charge-of-britney-spearss-money/ Adam Streisand: In February of 2008, lawyer Adam Streisand attempted to represent Britney in the first hearing for the proposed conservatorship. Before being ejected from the courtroom, Streisand claimed Britney had told him her estate was worth $40-million, encompassed 15 separate entities, and was in the middle of a $17-million IRS audit with Jive Records. Streisand says Britney has expressed a "very strong desire" for her father, Jamie Spears, not to be the conservator of her estate, and asked the court to name Northern Trust Bank and her business manager Howard Grossman as co-conservators. Source: https://www.mtv.com/news/1580917/britney-spears-lawyer-ejected-from-courtroom-after-judge-doesnt-recognize-him-as-her-counsel/ Michael Sands: In February 2008, following Adam Streisand's unsuccessful attempts to represent Britney, lawyer Jon Eardley filed documents with the court claiming she had been robbed. Eardley's spokesman, Michael Sands (who was also the spokesman for Sam Lutfi) claimed that RICO Act violations had taken place. He claimed the theft was on a grand scale, involving racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering, and that the theft "occurred prior to the conservatorship taking place and continues still." Source: https://www.mtv.com/news/1582277/britney-spears-has-been-robbed-her-self-proclaimed-lawyer-insists/ Bryan Spears: In July of 2020, Britney's older brother Bryan Spears sat down for an interview where he talked about taking over the financial end of the "family business." 13:20 - "It was 2003 that I took over, until 2009." 12:20 - "We didn't have anyone that was overseeing the actual financial business development, next step kind of thing for Brit. We had managers, we had business managers, we had agents. Everything. But no one was looking at what the left hand was doing and looking at what the right hand was doing. There was no top cop, basically, who was looking out for her best interests. So we, as a family, as we always do, vote and come up with a family decision. We all thought that would be a good idea for me to oversee all of it...Making sure money is being put away, new business is being formed, brands are being formed, trying to make money while we sleep so we're not so focused on having to tour." 14:42 - "Looking at a situation...if I feel like I don't have a really good handle on it, or if I feel like I don't have the expertise to conquer it, I go and hire or find the person or company that can. So, I went and hired Ernst & Young out of Nashville, brought them in and did an entire audit of every single detail of her business from publishing to branding to merchandising...we had a huge doll line. Tour merch, and all of that. And I had those guys give me a report that showed me, and we all broke it down. And then I went back, assessed it, and then I wound up having to make a lot of adjustments after that." Interviewer: "So how did you feel when you got that report?" Bryan: "I was not very well liked, you could put it that way, amongst the team." Interviewer: "Did you give a rat's ***? I mean, if they're stealing from your sister?" Bryan: "Looking back on it, I did what was right." Interviewer: "What did you do? Did you clean house?" Bryan: "Ya. Everyone but the manager." 17:22 - "My thing was new business development, that's what I kind of focused on. Which was the branding, and creating the Elizabeth Arden fragrance line with her. Just that alone has done over a $100-billion in sales...If your brand is producing those kind of numbers globally, in a 10-year span, that's a lot of money." Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS9Gyo7JdO8 Britney's Access to Money: In October 2006, Britney hired Sean Phillip to work for her as a personal trainer. He claims Britney had no access to her money in the months prior to the conservatorship: “It was crazy. They took away her credit cards, her phone went, she wasn’t even given the access code to her own house. “All she had financially — and this is long before the s*** hit the fan, this is before the head shaving incident — all she had was a piece of paper with one credit card number on to pay for things. “But she didn’t actually have the card in her hands. It was a black Amex which was assigned to her manager’s business. So we would be left with bills for things that we couldn’t really afford." Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/15614693/britney-spears-pills-cash-hell-pal/ On March 2, 2007, while Britney was in rehab, a tabloid reported a similar story that occurred the morning after she shaved her head: "Spears, 25, stumbled into the swanky Hollywood hotel on the morning of February 17 - wearing an electric blue wig to cover her newly shaved head. The pop princess tried to book a room but was refused when it emerged she had no credit card or cash - just half a credit card number scrawled on a piece of paper." Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-439732/Britney-Be-friend.html Connecting the Dots: In 1999, Britney hired Johnny Wright to manage her career alongside entertainment lawyer Larry Rudolph. At this time, Britney signed a 10-year contract with Johnny and his management company, Wright Entertainment Group (WEG) which specified that "sunset payments" for deals he negotiated for her were to be paid through February of 2009. Following her split with Justin Timberlake in 2003, Britney parted ways with Johnny Wright. She remained with her other manager, Larry Rudolph. Around this time, Britney's older brother, Bryan Spears, took over the financial end of the "family business." He brought in a team of accountants to do a financial audit. Upon seeing the results, Bryan fired everyone except Larry Rudolph. He went on to focus on business development, including a multi-billion-dollar perfume line with Elizabeth Arden. Not long after, the SJB Revocable Trust was created to protect Britney's fortune, which was estimated to be around $100-million. All of her stocks, furnishings, jewelry, and all other assets were placed in the Trust. Britney was named as the sole Trustee. Were Britney to become incapacitated, both Bryan Spears and lawyer Ivan Taback would become co-Trustees. Two and a half years later, Britney split with husband Kevin Federline. Following their separation, Britney did not have access to her own bank account. She had nothing but a number for a black Amex credit card for her manager's business scrawled on a piece of paper. By the time she'd returned from her first trip to rehab in Antigua in mid-February 2007, she only had half of the number remaining on the piece of paper. According to Johnny Wright, payments to WEG stopped shortly after her split with Kevin. Further, Johnny claimed he did not know exactly how much Britney owed him because he had not received an accounting report since they had parted ways in 2003. Less than a year later, in October 2007, Johnny Wright filed a lawsuit against Britney and her company "Britney Touring, Inc." In the court documents, Johnny alleged that new corporations may have been created to divert the commissions owed to him. Within four months, Jamie Spears, working with the "Spears Family Spokesperson" and owner of Tri-Star Entertainment, Lou M. Taylor, applied for a temporary conservatorship over Britney. As Britney attempted to fight the conservatorship in court, it was revealed that her $100-million fortune was now worth only $40-million. At the time, Bryan Spears remained in charge of overseeing the financial end of the "family business." With Britney deemed incompetent by the court, Bryan and Ivan Taback were named Co-Trustees of the SJB Trust. Within weeks, they transferred "Britney Touring, Inc." to the newly formed Estate, to be managed by Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet. Two years later, in 2011, a second allegation of "diverted commissions" was made in court — this time by Brand Sense Partners, LLC. The company had brokered a deal with Elizabeth Arden to create a new line of fragrances for Britney. However, Jamie Spears and Lou M. Taylor were accused in court documents of diverting commissions from Brand Sense Partners in a "sneaky underhanded" way. Both the WEG lawsuit and the Brand Sense lawsuit were eventually settled by the conservatorship, with large payouts to both to rightly compensate them for the diverted commissions. For reference... A Chronological Timeline: So... What does all of this tell us about Britney's family's role in managing her finances? Please discuss. #ResearchThread #BritneySuperSleuths #FreeBritney
  13. Wendy Williams has been spotted going for a walk despite past claims shes "Unable to walk" in regards to her conservatorship case. Despite this, media headlines still push the message that fans are "concerned" about her legs. The court documents regarding her case with Wells Fargo have been sealed, but recent media updates have said she is expressing that she does not consent to having a financial guardian, and that she does not want or need a financial guardian to tell her what she can and cannot do with her money. (source) Before leaving her show due to complications with her lifelong battle with Graves Disease (NOT Dementia), she expressed disdain over being lied to regarding Britney Spears' conservatorship case and father. "How dare you, you had me fooled" she stated, before iconically wishing "Death, to all of them!" shocking her audience she calls her "Co-Hosts". Wendy will officially make her return on her podcast "The Wendy Experience", on which she revealed she is considering an interview with Donald Trump. There is not yet a release date for the podcast, but she can be seen on her instagram page made to promote it.
  14. She helped break ground on TV by showing a Black woman in a position of authority and who shared with co-star William Shatner one of the first interracial kisses on American prime-time television Nichelle Nichols, an actress whose role as the communications chief Uhura in the original “Star Trek” franchise in the 1960s helped break ground on TV by showing a Black woman in a position of authority and who shared with co-star William Shatner one of the first interracial kisses on American prime-time television, died July 30 at 89. Her son, Kyle Johnson, announced the death on Facebook. Her former agent Zachery McGinnis also confirmed the death but did not have further details. Ms. Nichols had a stroke in 2015. "I regret to inform you that a great light in the firmament no longer shines for us as it has for so many years," he son, Kyle Johnson, posted on Instagram Sunday. Johnson said his mother died Saturday night after succumbing to natural causes. Toward the end of her life, Nichols was in an often bitter conservatorship battle with her son -- this after he was granted control of the apparatus once she'd been diagnosed with dementia ... a legal fight that went on for some years, and, at times, got pretty ugly.
  15. Those of us who followed Britney's story in real-time during 2007 and 2008 know what a dark figure Sam Lutfi is. It's time for the fanbase to consider that Lutfi may have been hired by someone on Team CON to assist in setting the legal foundations for the conservatorship. Why? Lutfi's PR guy, Michael Sands (who formerly worked for Kevin Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan) and Lynne Spears have both claimed that Lutfi was inserted into Britney's life "in October of 2007." We know that is a lie. Lutfi was first photographed with Britney in June of 2007...But at least two witnesses have claimed he appeared months earlier: 1) Kalie Machado In February of 2007, Britney's assistant Kalie first encountered Lutfi. [From In Touch, print edition, March 10, 2008]: "Kalie Machado claims that while she was Britney’s assistant, she received a call from a man “at a restricted number” who said he was a private investigator working for Brit’s ex husband Kevin Federline. That man was Sam. “He said he had incriminating evidence on Britney and he was going to hand it over to me,” she recalls. “We arranged to meet in a Santa Monica Starbucks.” Kalie was nervous, so she brought her roommate with her. She says she spent 20 minutes listening to Sam talk and when she demanded to see the evidence, he instead “asked all kinds of stalkerish questions – like when we leave the house and where Britney and I went.” Finally, Kalie realized that Sam had nothing and left. “I got more calls from Sam after that,” she remembers, “but I just ignored them.” Kalie stopped working for Britney… in February, 2007 and moved to San Francisco. Months later, she says she saw a photo on the Internet that made her stomach drop. “It was Britney, standing next to the man I met in Starbucks – Sam Lutfi. I got a chill down my spine.” 2) Lynne Spears Some time between the evening of February 16, 2007, and February 21, 2007, Lynne Spears received a strange phone call. [From "Through The Storm," page 165]: “Right before Britney went into Promises, after she shaved her head, I got an anonymous call from a man while I was driving in Los Angeles. There are ***** planted in Britney’s Malibu home,” he said, going on to tell me that it was a conspiracy between Kevin and Britney’s assistants to make my daughter look like a bad mother.” Two paragraphs later, Lynne admits that the man who called about the ***** was Sam Lutfi. She then proceeded to attend a taping of Dancing With The Stars with him, and also discuss shoe and jewelry endorsements. Legal Foundations: A private investigator hired by Kevin? Incriminating evidence? ***** planted in Britney's home? Who is Sam Lutfi? And why would he appear just prior to Britney mysteriously visiting a prominent criminal defense attorney before checking into a 30-day stint in rehab? Feb. 20, 2007: Britney checked into Promises rehab center in Los Angeles. Feb. 21, 2007: Kevin Federline was granted an ex parte (emergency) court hearing over custody of their two young sons. Britney checked out of Promises and drove to meet with Blair Berk, a prominent criminal defense attorney. Feb. 22, 2007: Britney checked back into rehab for a third time, staying for 30 days. Kevin retained sole physical custody of the boys for those 30 days. Oct. 1, 2007: A judge granted Kevin Federline the sole right "to retain physical custody of the minor children" after his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, petitioned for an unscheduled hearing. What happened between rehab and officially losing legal custody of the boys to Kevin? Lynne Spears and Sam Lutfi attended a taping of Dancing With The Stars together on May 22, 2007. Lynne Spears and Sam Lutfi discussed shoe and jewelry endorsements. Britney was photographed partying throughout the summer, often accompanied by Sam Lutfi. The family court judge concluded that "there is a habitual, frequent, and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol by (Spears)" and ordered her to undergo **** testing on Sept. 18, 2007. Britney was charged with hit-and-run and driving without a valid license on Sept. 23, 2007, stemming from an incident in August. Britney was photographed driving with the boys in the back of her car without a valid license. The First 5150: After losing custody on Oct.1, 2007, Britney spent the next two months with limited visitation of her boys. On Jan. 31, 2008, she locked herself in her bathroom and refused to turn the boys over to Mark Vincent Kaplan when he arrived. Sam Lutfi was present in the house. Britney later wrote a letter claiming her "friend" told her it was okay to keep the boys longer. The Second 5150: Britney spent the next month with zero visitation rights. On the night of January 27, 2008, Britney visited Dr. Deborah Nadel for the first time after the family court ordered her to undergo psychiatric testing. Over the next three days, Britney spent at least 60 hours straight awake, crying, and driving the streets of Los Angeles. On the night of January 30, 2008, paparazzi agency X17 reported that there had been a suicide attempt. Only Lutfi is present at the time, but Lynne rushed to Britney's home. On the night of January 31, 2008, Britney was alone at her house with Sam Lutfi, Lynne Spears, and Lynne's friend Jackie. Police, fire, and ambulance assisted in taking Britney to the hospital, accompanied by police helicopters. In a legal declaration filed several days later, Lynne accused Lutfi of drugging Britney that night. "Sam told Jackie and me that he grinds up Britney's pills, which were on the counter and included Risperdol and Seroquel. He told us that he puts them in her food that that was the reason she had been quiet for the last three days (she had been sleeping.) He told us that the doctor who is treating her now is trying to get her into a sleep-induced coma so that they could then give her ***** to heal her brain." The following day, Lutfi admitted that he gave Britney a "handful of pills" prior to Lynne's arrival. He claimed the pills were to treat Britney's bi-polar disorder. On Feb. 1, 2008, Jamie Spears asked the probate court for a temporary conservatorship. "Dementia" is cited as the reason. In Lynne's book, she admitted that Jamie had planned for the temporary conservatorship with Lou M. Taylor for several weeks in advance. Sam Lutfi has never been charged with any felonies related to Britney, even though the Spears accused him of drugging her, as well as stealing valuables from her home. If these accusations were true, why not press charges? The Permanent Conservatorship: On Oct. 28, 2008, the temporary conservatorship was made permanent. Britney was found to be "susceptible to undue influence," meaning she is vulnerable to others taking advantage of her. Jamie Spears used the "susceptible to undue influence" claim frequently over the next eight years, often citing Sam Lutfi as posing a danger to her. Media outlets such as TMZ frequently referred to Lutfi as being a threat until his lawsuit against the Spears wrapped in 2016. The Result: Sam Lutfi has re-appeared frequently over the past 12 years, whether it be: Assisting Britney with attempting to retain lawyer in Jon Eardley in February of 2008, earning Lutfi a restraining order. Assisting Britney in obtaining a cell phone in January of 2009 to contact lawyer Jon Eardley, earning Lutfi a second restraining order. Suing Lynne Spears over claims made in her book "Through The Storm." Suing Britney for defaulting on a management contract that would have earned Lutfi millions of dollars. Accusing Britney of being a **** user, saying he found a stash of crystal m*** in her home in July of 2007. Re-appearing on social media in 2019 and contacting Lynne Spears in 2020, resulting in additional restraining orders. Sam Lutfi may claim to be a friend of Britney, but his actions over the past 12 years have consistently given the family court and probate court reasons to: 1) Deny Britney physical and legal custody of her children. 2) Deny Britney unsupervised visitation rights with her children. 3) Commit Britney to two involuntary psychiatric holds. 4) Commit Britney to a temporary conservatorship due to "dementia." 5) Continue to hold Britney in a permanent conservatorship due to being "susceptible to undue influence." The result has been that Jamie Spears and Kevin Federline (along with attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan) have brokered private deals over the past 12 years for supervised visitation rights with the boys. This is likely the biggest reason why Britney has been compliant with the conservatorship for so many years and did not legally fight back until 2019. The question is... If Sam Lutfi was at any time paid to assist in what appears to be a multi-million-dollar racket, who was (or still is) paying him to do so? Please discuss. Sources: https://www.cele*****y.com/9838/sam_lutfi_stalked_britney_before_befriending_her_claims_her_ex_assistant/ https://books.google.ca/books/about/Through_the_Storm.html?id=eOiunEB5ccMC&redir_esc=y https://www.reuters.com/article/us-spears-idUSN2145435720070923 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/oct/02/pop.usa https://www.ctvnews.ca/lawyers-meet-in-spears-custody-dispute-1.257640 https://www.x17online.com/2008/01/britney_running_on_empty https://www.x17online.com/2008/01/x17_xclusive_britney_suicide_attempt https://www.x17online.com/2008/01/britney_suicide_attempt_the_hours_before https://www.x17online.com/2008/02/sam_admits_to_giving_brit_handful_of_pills https://www.x17online.com/2008/02/_is_sam_lutfi_being https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/britney-spears-sam-lutfi-trial-381805 Related: #ResearchThread #BritneySuperSleuths #FreeBritney
  16. Meaning of Probate notes: Probate Examiner Notes (Probate Notes) are summaries prepared by the probate examiner after reviewing your petition. This summary is transmitted to the probate judge and may assist him/her during their review of the matter. Probate Notes will include an identification of the parties involved in the matter, the relief sought, summaries of reports and objections, and a listing of deficiencies in your petition. These are the notes, apparently everything is going in Britney's favor to win this case, but as I mentioned these are the PA notes, The judge is the one who makes the final verdict.
  17. In a newly signed declaration, Jamie Spears denies bugging Britney's bedroom. Under penalty of perjury, Jamie claims he “never conducted or authorized any surveillance of Britney’s bedroom at any time” and is “not aware of any such surveillance having occurred.” “I am informed of the allegation … that a listening device or ‘bug’ was placed [in] her bedroom as surveillance during the conservatorship. This allegation is false,” Jamie said. “I never conducted or authorized any surveillance of Britney’s bedroom at any time, including during the conservatorship. I am not aware of any such surveillance having occurred.” Per Page Six, Jamie also said that “if called and sworn as a witness,” he “could and would testify” that his declaration is “true and correct.” This directly contradicts the The New York Times' investigation last year. Former Black Box security agent, Alex Vlasov, of Britney's then security firm, previously gave the Times a USB drive with 180 hours of audio recordings from a listening device Black Box allegedly placed in Britney's bedroom with Jamie's approval. In the recordings, Britney can be heard having conversations with Sam Asghari, her kids and others. Vlasov said he didn't destroy the recordings, despite being asked to, because he didn't want to be complicit in whatever [the conservatorship team] was up to. The Times corroborated the recordings. Interestingly, last year neither Jamie nor Black Box denied the surveillance accusations, both saying they acted within legal bounds. Now, Jamie is denying any knowledge of it. As Liz Day from the Times points out, it’s possible Jamie is parsing words by saying it's false that a listening device was placed in her bedroom, or he may try to blame Black Box as going rogue. Jamie's declaration also does not address Vlasov's claims that Black Box mirrored Britney's phone to spy on her communications with her lawyer, mom and now husband (to which they reported the contents to Jamie and Robin Greenhill). It's unclear at this point how Jamie Spears will pay his legal fees to continue defending his alleged wrongdoing. He's asking the court for Britney to pay for his defense. Mythomania in its expression 🙄
  18. Reporters at inewsource are working on stories about what it’s like to manage serious mental illness in San Diego and Imperial counties. We’re going to examine mental health conservatorships, mental health courts and psychiatric holds known as 5150s and tell stories about when these processes have helped or hurt people. We know there are relatives who have been struggling to get their loved one help — even if that person, because of their mental illness, doesn’t realize or accept they need it. And the longer an illness goes untreated, the worse it can get. Conservatorships and mental health holds are sometimes used to manage these cases, not always to the best end result. We want to learn about when these tools have or have not worked, and the challenges families experience when faced with these options. California law allows people who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness and deemed “gravely disabled” to be placed under mandated treatment. That means family members or often, a public guardian employed by a county office, make medical treatment decisions for a person such as forced medication. Sometimes, a person can be placed in a locked psychiatric facility. One important note: We’re not looking into the kind of conservatorship that people most commonly associate with Britney Spears (that’s called a probate conservatorship and is commonly used to to help older adults and people with developmental disabilities). Instead, we’re investigating what’s known as LPS conservatorships, a nod to the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act. That state law also governs 5150 holds. We know this is a divisive issue. People are concerned about civil liberties for mentally ill people, the quality of care and if these conservatorships would be used to get people experiencing homelessness out of sight. As family and friends experience obstacles in a complicated and insufficient system, they too must deal with a range of emotions — from anger, frustration, sadness, hopelessness and all the feelings in between. They’re trying to convince their loved ones they need help, and at the same time they’re trying to convince people with the authority to get them help that the situation is dire enough that they must step in. The answers are not clear. And some solutions that have helped some may not work for others. We want our reporting to show the complex reality people are facing every day — and to hold institutions accountable when they fail. We’re eager to hear from you if you live in San Diego and Imperial counties, and you or your loved one has been diagnosed with the following mental illnesses to help shape and inform our upcoming investigations: Schizophrenia Bipolar disorder (manic depression) Schizoaffective disorder Clinical depression Obsessive compulsive disorder Chronic alcoholism Even if you aren’t familiar with conservatorships, we want to hear from you. We also want to hear from you even if you want to stay anonymous. the short survey below: https://inewsource.org/2022/07/07/help-conservatorships-reporting/
  19. On July 6, 2018 the SJB Revocable Trust underwent its first amendment since 2004. It was re-written into the "BJS Kids & Family Trust." ... This new trust was to be the recipient of all of Britney's assets upon her death. What do we know about the BJS Kids & Family Trust? I have a new theory percolating in the back of my brain ... It has to do with this new trust... and Kevin Federline. #ResearchThread #BritneySuperSleuths #FreeBritney
  21. I will put some important points, as the article is long, and leave the link at the end. The very public conservatorship of Britney Spears inspired a larger movement to reform the conservatorship process in the Bay Area. Alameda County released a grand jury report Tuesday that outlines what appears to be deficiencies in the delivery of legal services in conservatorship cases by Alameda County Department of Public Defender (ACDPD). According to the grand jury report, “The widely publicized Britney Spears case and two films…led to a new wave of public interest and induced media outlets to take a critical look at conservatorships. These developments drew the attention of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.” In 2021, the California Legislature passed AB 1194, known as the zealous advocacy law. This law “requires counsel to act as a zealous advocate, meaning that the attorney must advocate for what the client wants, rather than what the attorney (or anyone else) thinks is in the client’s best interest.” If a client states that they do not wish to be placed in a conservatorship, the lawyer representing them must fight for that outcome. There’s a reason for this law. The grand jury report outlines that these lawyers are the only hope for people to avoid being placed into conservatorships that are unnecessary or too restrictive. The report also lists some of the key differences between the way cases are managed by the public defender and LAS. The grand jury report also states that “the 2021 zealous advocacy law expands the risk of litigation by, or on behalf of, conservatees who are dissatisfied with their attorney.” This means that the County of Alameda could be found liable if conservatees don’t feel they were represented well. KRON4 spoke with Legal Director of the Spectrum Institute Tom Coleman about the impacts of the grand jury recommendations. In 2021, the Spectrum Institute published a report on the state of “Public Funding of Legal Services in Conservatorship Proceedings,” which was then sent to all 58 counties in California. Alameda County responded by opening an investigation into the proceedings. The grand jury investigation revealed several key findings: probate conservatorship unit is severely understaffed and overworked failure of the Public Defender to gather data on conservatorship case outcomes not all proposed conservatees receive the same level of service involuntary conservatorship proceedings can quickly drain proposed conservatees’ estates “Think of Britney Spears, if she ever should have been in one it could have been for a few months, but there were other ways of dealing with it,” Coleman told KRON4. “More than 13 years she was trapped, and her defender had a financial incentive to keep the case going.” A new bill that is currently pending, AB 1663, “that’s going to impact Alameda County and could be on Governor Newsom’s desk in a matter of a few months. SOURCE: https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/how-britney-spears-inspired-cries-for-conservatorship-reform-in-this-bay-area-county/ The end of the article discusses how a person or loved ones can protect themselves from unnecessary conservatorships.
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