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  1. In light of all the new information this video new meaning just unravel with every Watch and the ending is so prophetic of what recently happened britney taking over but after becoming a darker person , From the creepy smile to the tubes, the drugs she pumped her and destroyed her legacy , paint splattered on all her past videos , 4 beings from under her break out take over , her conflict fighting herself to be better to get back up just to embrace her darkness in the end and reign .
  2. Since she’ll be out soon and will get access to the $$$$$$?
  3. I was thinking about Britney’s post-conservatorship music career (should she choose to keep making music) and we all know Britney loves a good cover song (Ex: I love rock n roll, the beat goes on, satisfaction, my prerogative…). What if she covered George Michael’s “Freedom”? I feel like even though the original lyrics were about George coming out as gay, the lyrics also fit for Britney’s situation. Thoughts? 🎶 🎶 …All we have to do now Is take these lies and make them true somehow All we have to see Is that I don't belong to you and you don't belong to me, yeah yeah Freedom (I won't let you down) Freedom (I will not give you up) Freedom (Gotta have some faith in the sound) You got to give what you take… 🎶 🎶
  4. I thought it'd be interesting to see how the fanbase really feels at this moment. It's been a crazy week. So many news. I think Britney will get her freedom and her life back, i think she will get justice, it will not be easy, but in the end we will succeed.
  5. Britney’s extremely low net worth of barely 60 million dollars is baffling considering all that she has accomplished over the last 25 years. I honestly believe that the $600 million dollars that Lou Taylor’s financial company received in 2020 is, in fact, all Britney’s money. If you calculate the total earnings that she has made from albums, concert tours, the Vegas residency, promotional material, and business ventures...it adds up to over $600 million! That’s not including the royalties that she earns from her music. I read that she was actually earning 1 million a week from music royalties as recent as 2014. It’s clear that the conservatorship has access to more money than what was reported in court documents. If this ridiculous conservatorship is revoked, can Britney reclaim all the money that her team has kept hidden from her? Better yet, will Lou Taylor’s company return the $600 million? It would be shocking if the rest of her money permanently gone considering that she worked very hard for several years.
  6. I was browsing through some posts on Instagram and found an old clip of Britney with Brian McFayden. Someone also asked Brian “Was she so fun to hang with?” Brian responded with “The best! She’s lovely.” One of the crew members from this video also said she turned him on to frappuccinos. Trend setter. I thought it was a fun clip and I’ve always really liked Brian. I think he is very down to earth and professional.
  7. Update: TMZ is doubling down on their claims that Britney wants to tell the judge on June 23rd that she wants her father out of the picture, but reportedly won't request the conservatorship to end. "Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Britney does not feel trapped in the 13-year-old conservatorship. As one source put it, 'She has 99% of the freedom she'd have if she weren't in a conservatorship, and the only thing she's prevented from doing are crazy things, like buying 3 cars at a time [something she tried to do back in the day].'" They also add that "Britney is aware her life was out of control before the conservatorship was put in place, and it created a structure and also replenished her dwindling assets. As one source put it, 'She's taken care of and she knows it.'" TMZ also says that Britney is angry with her father and they aren't speaking. One of those reasons is "over business issues and certain people Jamie embraced on the team ... people Britney doesn't like because she feels they were motivated not by her self-interest but theirs." She wants Jamie removed as conservator over her estate. She reportedly has no problem with Jodi Montgomery, the woman who is Britney's current conservator over her person. Britney won't perform until her father is removed. ------ Earlier (April 28, 2021): Britney is asking to address the court directly, and she'll get her chance on June 23rd. According to a new report from TMZ, Britney wants to tell the judge she wants her father to have no official involvement in her life. They say she is angry at him and has had virtually no interaction with him. Part of that stems from his absence during her upbringing. Now he's "present," but of course when there's money at stake. TMZ claims their source, who has direct knowledge of the situation, is unsure of what specifically Britney wants to tell the judge, but that it's likely she'll ask he's removed as conservator. Britney won't perform until he's out. However, even if he's removed, that doesn't mean she'll hit the stage any time soon. From TMZ: "We're told Britney has not expressed a desire to end the conservatorship, but it's almost certain that issue will be addressed when she appears before the judge ... addressed either by Britney or the judge." They add: "Our sources say ... expect a wide-ranging discussion between the judge and Britney. And, unless they talk about her medical condition, the hearing should be open to the media and the public ... and everyone can even jump on zoom and watch the hearing." Related:
  8. According to official court documents, Britney Spears’s net worth is between 50-60 million dollars. Although this is still a considerable amount, it’s much lower than expected for a pop star and performer with a successful career spanning over 2 decades. I mean Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga have not been in the industry as long as her and yet, they have all accumulated a net worth of over 100 million dollars. Britney has sold many records, the majority of which have been certified gold multiple times. The albums she released between 1999-2003 broke the charts. I remember that her second album was sold out at my local wal-mart the week that it was released! Her fragrances and endorsement deals (e.g. Pepsi) were also very lucrative. Bryan Spears said that her fragrance line apparently made $100 billion...although, he probably exaggerated and meant to say 100 million. All those concert tours were extremely popular...more so than her rivals like Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake(boo!). I remember that she performed in my hometown as part of the dream within a dream tour and tickets sold out 6 months before the scheduled concert (I managed to get a ticket and see it!). Of course, there’s the Vegas residency. This was one of the more lucrative endeavors for Britney. She spent 4 years performing in Vegas and also landed more concerts and performances across the country. Britney must have been earning 500,000 per show. She should have earned over 100 million from the residency alone. I mean, Celine Dion performed exclusively in Vegas for 16 years and now has a net worth of 600 million. Now, taking all this into consideration, how is her net worth only 50-60 million. Given all that she has accomplished over her career, Britney’s net worth should be well over 300 million. I simply don’t understand where the money has gone. I believe she signed a pre-nup when she married Kevin Federaline. He definitely did not get much from her. Even if she’s paying him spousal and child support, it shouldn’t be a huge dent in her bank account. Britney is known for her shopping sprees...but she tends to spend her money at stores like Target and JCPenny. It’s not like she’s buying $100,000 fur coats and jewelry. People claim that the conservatorship has drained her finances...I don’t believe it. Isn’t the goal of this whole thing to preserve her fortune and help it grow? This could be another conspiracy...where is her money going? Who is getting it? I’m very shocked and sad for her. She has worked so hard for so long. Britney deserves to have a net worth that represents all the time, effort, and success in this crazy entertainment industry.
  9. I swear to god big moves better be made tomorrow by Ingham What are you expecting/hoping for tomorrow's hearing?
  10. I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else, but according to That Surprise Witness, Lynne has just filed an objection to Vivian’s legal fees?! UPDATE: Lynne's attorney says if Vivian's 'media matters' were not done in good faith for the benefit of the Conservatee (Britney) the costs she is requesting should be disallowed and immediately be re-paid to Britney's estate. Lynne's attorney also states it appears Vivian's fees were paid without question. They request the fees are closely examined. They also state that Jamie hired Vivian for litigation purposes and on her instruction there was no mention of her also dealing with media matters, so why is Vivian charging for media appearances that may not even been needed in the first place. They also question why the rates are so high and why over $200k was for media matters. They make a big emphasis on the fees being high and to be returned immediately to Britney's estate and for these bills to be closely examined. They state these high fees do NOT benefit Britney's estate. Lynne has also said that Vivian's media tour had NO benefit to Britney and was not authorised by the court. Related:
  11. Britney's father Jamie claims he's "working extensively" to "minimize any harm" the Free Britney movement has done to Britney's career. Even though Britney's streams are way, way up... In new court docs, Mr. Spears lists his monthly salary at a whopping $16,000 a month salary and an extra $2,000 a month to maintain an office. He says he works “extensively with Ms. Spears’ team and my attorneys to monitor social media and address negative and potentially destructive publicity, and minimise any harm to Ms. Spears’ brand”. He also claims being Britney's full-time conservator requires him to “keep current regarding the music, advertising, and entertainment business, in the areas of financial investing and investments, and in legal matters, for Ms. Spears’ benefit”. In addition, he has spent a “significant amount of time” on her “investments”, adding: “I participated in extensive communications with various advisors and industry experts in analysing and modifying investment strategies to address changes in Ms. Spears’ working status and fluctuations in the economy.” The conservatorship case also takes up his time. “I spoke regularly with my conservatorship counsel to stay informed of the matters in the ongoing conservatorship proceeding, including reviewing all pleadings filed in the conservatorship, and preparing for and appearing at all hearings.” Jamie is asking the judge to approve the compensation for his work. Related:
  12. The California Senate Judiciary Committee passed SB-724 by unanimous consent! They didn’t even have to vote during the hearing because all of the state Senators already. This bill makes it clear that conservatees have the right to choose and change legal council at any time. See how you can help below. All of the Britney references in this speech Related:
  13. Judge Penny has granted the ex parte motion allowing Britney's father to keep Michael Kane from Miller Kaplan as the business manager while Bessemer Trust is still being added to the conservatorship. Michael Kane was also involved in MJ's estate. It appears this would bet yet another life-changing decision made for Britney without her express consent.
  14. Britney Spears' life “would drastically change for the better” if her father was removed as her conservator, insiders tell Page Six. Last week, Britney's court-appointed attorney filed to have a woman named Jodi Montgomery replace Britney's father as the conservator over her person in perpetuity. The insider told Page Six, “If Jodi becomes her conservator things would drastically change for Britney — she’s not working because of her dad. She has said that as long as a dad is in control of her life, she’s not working. “Britney trusts Jodi Montgomery — she’s really great. Things would drastically change for the better.” The insider told Page Six, “If Jodi becomes her conservator things would drastically change for Britney — she’s not working because of her dad. She has said that as long as a dad is in control of her life, she’s not working. “Britney trusts Jodi Montgomery — she’s really great. Things would drastically change for the better.” As for the rumored Oprah interview, the source added, “If she decided she wanted to do it, yes, but it definitely wouldn’t do it in the current status quo. As long as her dad is part of it, she’s not working. She hasn’t talked to her dad in over a year.” Related:
  15. I got a lot of notifications on Twitter today. Went to check what the fuss was all about and it was this Tweet I posted in 2012 during my trip to Italy. Totally forgot that this happened. Kinda iconic though.
  16. Britney Spears' attorney, Sam Ingham, has filed legal docs requesting a woman named Jodi Montgomery permanently replace Jamie Spears as conservator over Britney the person. Montgomery has remained Britney's personal conservator since September 2019, however the role was temporary. In other words, Britney petitioned for the resignation of her father as conservator of her person for good. Around that time, Mr. Spears allegedly physically assaulted one of Britney's sons. This means Mr. Spears will no longer have an official say in Britney's personal and day-to-day decisions, like whom she can see. It's worth mentioning that Mr. Spears played a role in Montgomery's insertion in the first place. Mr. Spears remains as co-conservator over Britney's finances and business decisions alongside Bessemer Trust Company. This news was first revealed one week ago, however court documents have now finally made their way online. Via TMZ: A line in the docs that Britney's team filed is worth taking a close look at: "Petitioner expressly reserves the right to petition for termination of this conservatorship under Probate Code section 1861. Nothing in the within petition shall be deemed to constitute a waiver of that right." Thank you to @IconicShow for posting this first. Photo by godd.essbritney
  17. I didn't anticipate posting this until tomorrow because I thought there'd be more to report, but the court hearing was over in a matter of minutes with no significant changes. I know we're all frustrated, but I'm still choosing to be optimistic (as hard as that is). Related:
  18. Forbes implies a really important question. If Britney earned $672 million, but her net worth is estimated around $60 million, then where's all the money? A copy + paste quote from Forbes' new article: They cite MoneyNation.com, but Forbes doesn't take typically figures like this at face-value. I wouldn't be surprised if they did their own digging before publishing. Interestingly, it appears a company connected to Lou Taylor recently moved around $600 million. So, what gives? Related:
  19. Jamie Spears denies claims made by House Republicans Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan, who wrote a letter to congress citing Britney Spears' conservatorship as an example of alleged conservatorship abuse and calls Jamie's motives questionable. Mr. Spears via his lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, who serves as his mouthpiece, tells TMZ that's flat out wrong. TMZ recants what Thoreen told them: "the conservatorship has been a system of checks and balances with annual accountings, reviews and expert opinions. Not only that, Thoreen tells us Britney and her own legal team have been a part of the decisions involving the conservatorship over the years." They add: "She continues by laying out the structure of the conservatorship, saying, 'Britney’s Conservatorship of the Estate was co-managed by a private professional fiduciary and her father until early 2019. At that time, Britney requested in court papers that her father be the sole conservator of her estate. Her Conservatorship of the Person is not managed by her father but by a private professional fiduciary.'" Gaetz and Jordan called Jamie's motives "questionable" in their letter. Thoreen denies that as well, saying: "Jamie Spears has diligently and professionally carried out his duties as one of Britney’s conservators, and his love for his daughter and dedication to protecting her is clearly apparent to the court." Thoreen also mentions that neither Britney nor her legal team have ever filed a petition to end the conservatorship. --- The devil works hard but Vivian works even harder.... or not because she's basically doing the bare minimum to ensure that Britney's rights are outweighed by the wishes of her infirm, alcoholic, abusive father who is the sole reason Britney has restricted access to her own children Related:
  20. The protest outside the courthouse is getting media attention, I'll be posting notable developements and images here. Feel free to add/contribute. Love you guys #freebritney Update: It appears Britney was ~unable to connect to the court hearing~ and it's been delayed... However, her Instagram account was able to post a photo. Update: The connection error story is untrue. Read more about what happened at Britney's court hearing here. Related:
  21. I rarely make threads. It’s not my thing. I’m not good at it. But, I feel that the ongoing mishandling of Britney fortune (as the late Michael Sands once put it, the financial r*** of Britney Spears...”) deserves and most definitely needs to be more widely discussed by the public that’s paying attention now and of course investigated !! I’m reposting a thread by Surprise Witnes. Not sure if it’s been shared already but since the entire is woke to what’s been happening to Britney Spears as well as her finances (including $ set aside for her two sons Preston and Jayden) it’s the perfect time to highlight this yet again! Credit to Surprise Witness and Thank You!! To say this saga is complex is an understatement!! But I believe that this fan base and now the general public is ready now to fully focus on not just the human rights aspect of this case but the financial situation. We can multitask. Please share SW’s thread with literally everyone you know. If you’re fortunate to speak a second/multiple language/s, please translate this thread and ask your friends and family to share it. I think it’s safe to say that this is just part of a huge, calculated, maliciously intentional, longstanding and ongoing robbery of Britney Spears. Disgusting to think about because theft is wrong but stealing from a woman who has no idea what’s actually happening to her finances, a woman who’s been deemed by the Court to lack mental capacity to hire or fire her lawyer, etc, is so evil. If Britney is mentally incompetent why does the Court allow people to steal from her?? Even if there are loopholes these crooks jump through there should be more oversight & changes made so nobody can run a con scene like this in the system!! Britney has no idea what’s happening with the SJB Trust money other than what these lying snakes choose to tell her, lies or half truths, it is sickening!!! At least 2 of the people mentioned are related to Britney: her dad Jamie Spears and her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears who’s still heavily personally and also likely financially bound to that crook Lou Taylor. A lot of us have long questioned WHY has Britney’s mother Lynne Spears been silent all these years but only chose to get off her *** and do/say something about her daughter Britney’s situation ONLY WHEN she noticed (or was alerted) to the fact that the monies SJB Trust 💰 holds was being compromised.🤨🤨🤨🤨 All of these people are morally bankrupt frauds!!!! The only one coming outta this **** show smelling like ROSES 🌹 is Britney.
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