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  1. Free Britney movement members and fans took the NYC streets for PRIDENEY parade celebrating britney’s freedom. Britney’s wardrobe designer Claudette attended. Were you there?
  2. I don’t know how many of you know about Wendy’s Conservatorship/guardianship situation, I suggest you do the research I know that many of you don’t really like her, I happen to be a fan and understand her work, but I’m saying this as a human being about another human being nobody deserves to have their constitutional rights taken away, and no access to her own money that she has worked for her whole life. they have stolen her bank account, her tv show, and her sanity why is nobody speaking about this? Lori Schiller, Bernie Young, Wells Fargo and the New York courts I am watching you closely
  3. Kevin Wu from the FreeBritneyLA group of activists who was on the frontline spreading the message to the public of britney’s fraudulent conservatorship case is getting married to his partner Charles. They took to Instagram to show that they have sent out a wedding invitation to the woman Kevin helped advocate for. It’s uncertain if Britney will receive this, we’ll wait to see if there’s a response.
  4. If you aren’t aware, Lisa Mccarly attended multiple free Britney rallies and spoke up against predatory attorneys such Sam Ingham and the fraudulent probate system.
  5. There’s only two types of engaged britney’s in the world, the one that entertains and the one that advocates. Free Britney activist and lawyer BJ at thatsuprisewitness announced her engagement today. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CdEIqoapgsO/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  6. Hey y’all! My intro is long over due! Kinda just been flying under the radar… but I’ve been following the site for quite some time - literally came across it during 2007, when I was finally able to access the internet on a consistent basis - and Britney has been my light through some of my darkest times. Other artist include Mariah Carey (she’s an Aries like me, so that’s bound to happen), Madonna, Janet - the classics - and most recently Miley, Dua and Tove Lo. I’m a freak when it comes to the dance floor. 😅 Britney just has a way to bring that freak outta me that once her voice graces the dance floor, I’m on beast mode the rest of the evening. I’m 💯 Puerto Rican, raised in Philly. I look forward to getting on here more often and interacting with y’all a bit more. 💖 oh and my one and only time I got to see her was during the Femme Fatale Tour. I was in Philly, the one where it’s claimed she sang live for a good portion of the show, which I feel is true cause I got chills - maybe it was my first time but she had me wild - some girl busted her toe and was like “it’s a Britney show! What can you expect but to get a busted toe” or something along those lines 🤣😭 anyway, my anxiety and adhd is kicking in. Later ✌🏽
  7. Britney's boyfriend, Sam Asghari, says he believes women have the right to make their own decisions. His comment comes amidst the #FreeBritney movement, where his girlfriend, one of the most iconic pop stars of our generation, is barred from making all types of decisions, including who she sees, calls on the phone, places she visits, the amount of money she spends etc. "Where I grew up and how I was raised allows me to always understand & support women's rights and for women to be able to make their own decisions freely," he wrote on Instagram. His comment comes after an initial message regarding his relationship with Britney. Related:
  8. She knew she was clout chasing and that by calling a public doctor, it would get out to the public and create more controversy surrounding her daughter. That b@stard witch is now out of her life thank God.
  9. While I have had plans to take a break from posting featured threads, I came across unknowingly some juicy tea. Britney's big brother Bryan Spears got into a argument on Instagram after Sam made negative remarks about Lynne and the family. Bryan then calls out Sam saying why he didn't speak up for the last 13 years either and that Britney herself said y'all do not know the whole story and he feels Sam should be called out for not speaking up on the conservatorship the last 13 years. @Bryan Spears is on Instagram and I know it's his account because Lynne, Fe, the cousins, Jamie Lynn all follow him, except Britney. They don't follow each other @Jordan Miller @Midnight @Slayer @SlayOut @PokemonSpears Thoughts, Sis?
  10. So I wanted to do a thread dedicated to Britney Spears and how much she has impacted me especially during a real hard time June 24th 2011 which I've shared here in this forum on Exhale over 10 years ago. This thread I would like us to share how Britney Spears has impacted our lives in a personal way. Post a video of yourself (perhaps a TikTok?) Dancing to Britney and one of your favorite songs and maybe a few pics (M+G, BArmy fan pix of our Britney collages as kids) Let's show Britney how much we love dancing to her music! I just did a post on my personal Facebook to educate my followers who are not aware of the Free Britney movement (what it's about, etc) so here is a copy + paste of my post ---------- As you all know I have been Britney Spears' number one fan since I was 7 years old. When I first saw the world debut premiere of her first video Baby One More Time it literally changed my life. I had the privilege of Meeting Britney Spears in 2011 the same day my mom Lucretia Pennington Memorial Page passed away... So Britney has been a huge part of my life. I am so thankful for the darkest moments in my life when I would simply hear Till the World Ends or Stronger or Gimme More and it puts a smile on my face and I'm up and dancing the pain away! To see her dealing with human rights violation in this conservatorship, to emotional and physical abuse, to forced drug abuse all while being forced to perform and be a cash cow is heartbreaking to say the least. This woman has a kind heart and has never said a negative word about someone she loves God and her kids and just wants her life back and control of her narrative. This #FreeBritney movement is so much more than a hash tag. Britney is not in control of her finances and can't even go to lunch with friends without approval or supervision. I made this post to say I am supporting Britney during the #FreeBritneyMovement Here is me dancing (her choreography) to Slave 4 U a few months ago and a few pictures to prove my devotion to Britney in a few of my TikTok posts (I have two more Britney-related TikTok posts on my page as well @JayTawndre). Everyone let us pray for Britney because those around her are very wicked and if we claim to be Christians we should be kind to one another and always pray for each other. JayTawndre
  11. Another Documentary about Michael Jackson currently in production which will be a investigation into the media's perception of Michael Jackson over the years The director has said on his updates on his Go Fund Me page, " I believe this documentary will be the 'Free Britney' of Michael Jackson ,the documentary which will open the door for our society at large to be more understanding of this story. My aim is to take the general viewer from the house of 'Michael Jackson ' they have been taken to over the years, and open the door to show them how they got there." ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × The documentary will feature interviews such as journalist John Ziegler , Michaels nephew, Taj Jackson and many more ADVERTISING Skip Ads by × Skip Ads by × Skip Ads by × Skip Ads
  12. Forbes implies a really important question. If Britney earned $672 million, but her net worth is estimated around $60 million, then where's all the money? A copy + paste quote from Forbes' new article: They cite MoneyNation.com, but Forbes doesn't take typically figures like this at face-value. I wouldn't be surprised if they did their own digging before publishing. Interestingly, it appears a company connected to Lou Taylor recently moved around $600 million. So, what gives? Related:
  13. A question that as far as I know has never properly been answered in all five+ docs that I am curious about. Remember when Britney posted she cancelled Domination because Jamie was sick. We now know the true reason the show was cancelled was because Britney was exhausted and didn't wanna do the show. But it was never touched on if he was really sick? Was it a liver failure? Sorosis of the Liver? Kidney failure? Alcohol-related? And if so, how did he just magically heal because the way "Britney" made it sound like it was not just chicken pox or scabies, it was life changing. Anyone?
  14. Okay so I'm on Instagram right and I look at my Stories starting with Sam's, then it goes to Britney's mother Lynne's stories. She posts a pic of her holding her rosary in her hand. I'm pretty sure this means she has been praying for this to end and she fully supports her daughter and her freedom I think we should take it easy on Lynne tbh. Out of the entire family, she seems to be the least one I get bad vibes from (please don't come for me I'm entitled to my opinions and thoughts) Thoughts?
  15. I have voiced my opinion on this to a few of my friends but I'm going to call it all out now. Britney as you all know is going through an ordeal and she is fighting for freedom. She needs all the love and support from her fellow influential peers in the industry. Let's be honest, just like @madonna paved the way for @britneyspears and @xtina, Britney paved the way @britneyspears for @ddlovato and they even worked together. I've recently rewatched that series X Factor and seen chemistry as friends and peers between Brit And Demi. Why hasn't @ddlovato spoken up? Especially since they are an activist for women??? Makes you wonder... #FreeBritney #SpeakUpDemi #endconservatorshipabuse #RealTalk #FreeBritneyNow #WeLoveYouBritney 🚨🚨UPDATE🚨🚨 She (kind of) has spoken.
  16. Britney Vs Spears is about to blow the lid on untold secrets from within Britney's Conservatorship. Who do we think is the 'very closed' inside source who leaked the documents to Erin? Could this be the same person Cade was referring to when be spoke of someone who had been around Britney for 20 years and was trying to help her break free?
  17. My name is David Shopland, I'm an award winning theatremaker from the UK. I have written, directed and produced a 5 star, award nominated one woman show starring the phenomenally talented Shereen Roushbaiani called 'Saving Britney'; inspired by the #FreeBritney movement. I first learned about the movement around 18 months ago thanks to BreatheHeavy, as there was little coverage in the UK at the time. I was instantly both fascinated and disgusted at the conservatorship situation and how Britney has been treated over the years. So much so, I was inspired to write 'Saving Britney' as a way of publicising the movement here in the UK through a theatrical production. The show itself focuses on a fan of Britney Spears (played by Roushbaiani, a real life Britney Spears superfan!) as she goes through her own life and explains how Britney's music had helped her through difficult times, as well as going into the controversies surrounding the conservatorship battle. I wrote the play itself assisted by interviews and discussions I'd had online with #FreeBritney activists, as I was very passionate about ensuring the play did not come across as exploiting Britney or the situation, and we've been conscious of always using our platform and the show to promote the movement. We recently completed a month-long run at one of London's biggest Off West End venues, the Old Red Lion Theatre, where we re-opened the venue after 425 days of Lockdown. We sold out the run, garnered multiple 4 and 5 star reviews and were nominated for 2 'Offie' awards, which is one of the biggest awards you can get in UK Theatre. We are now planning a UK Tour in early 2022, with a view to hopefully bringing the production to Los Angeles for the Hollywood Fringe Festival in July 2022, depending on international travel restrictions by that point. I'm currently in the process of securing funding for the production, which is why I thought I would get in touch to see if anyone on here might be able point me in the right direction. I am applying for theatre funding from various bodies here in the UK, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any companies or organisations stateside that have been vocally supportive of the #FreeBritney movement that might be interested or able to invest in our production or offer sponsorship? Our overall budget we're trying to raise would work out to around $15,000 in US dollars, which is actually relatively low for a UK Theatre tour, but we've managed to keep our overheads low in order to give us the best chance of raising all the money we need. We're really passionate about spreading the #FreeBritney word out to all parts of the UK with this upcoming tour, and I would be incredibly grateful for any help or assistance anyone might be able to give with potential financing avenues we could explore. For more information on the production, please check out: www.savingbritney.com Many thanks in advance for all of your time.
  18. I was browsing through some posts on Instagram and found an old clip of Britney with Brian McFayden. Someone also asked Brian “Was she so fun to hang with?” Brian responded with “The best! She’s lovely.” One of the crew members from this video also said she turned him on to frappuccinos. Trend setter. I thought it was a fun clip and I’ve always really liked Brian. I think he is very down to earth and professional. UPDATE 8/1:
  19. DISCLAIMER: This is in no way meant to criticize Britney. Now that a great deal of information has come to light regarding Britney’s conservatorship and most, if not all, of our fan “conspiracy” theories were proven to be correct, I would like to focus on a theory that I have had since at least 2018. Britney has spoken about how she was forced to take medication that she didn’t want to take, and she has also touched on the fact that she takes other kinds of medication, as well. At this point, ANYTHING is possible with how far Jamie is willing to go to control Britney, so my theory is certainly plausible. I think Britney was forced to take stimulant medication in 2018, and possibly even before that. I think we all noticed Britney’s somewhat bizarre behavior during her 2018 tour (that she was forced to do). We all commented on her strange, erratic hand movements and how she always seemed to be really antsy on stage. It was almost as if she was extremely hyped up on caffeine. Take a look at any YouTube video from these performances and notice the comments - A LOT of other people have noticed this too. Specifically, watch this video and notice Britney’s behavior and movements. See what I mean? Next, notice this tweet from Cher. She seems to allude to how a lot of other performers in Las Vegas heard rumors about how Britney’s dad/team was drugging her and forcing her to perform. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that she was being forced-fed amphetamines in order to get through the shows. I’ve seen many commenters stating that it looks like she’s “tweaking out”, which is a common sign of amphetamine use or abuse. I’m not saying that Britney was purposefully abusing amphetamines, but I think that her handlers and Jamie were forcing her to take them at levels that were harmful. My point in writing this is that I think Britney’s abuse in this conservatorship goes far deeper than any of us could possibly imagine or comprehend. She has been enslaved for the last 13 years while the world watched and she was legally tortured while we all bought tickets to her shows and listened to her music. Britney herself recently said that she’s just beginning to talk about what really happened to her, and I don’t think any of us are ready for it. #FreeBritney
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