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  1. After 3, Slumber Party! Let's hit 100 ML!!! If we reach this goal, she'll have a verified vídeo from every era! 💜🥂🍾🎄🎁 98.342.113 98.342.721 98.344.909
  2. We won. It’s Spears’ 26th and Tinashe’s second video to achieve this. Not bad for Britney’s last ever video 🙌🎉
  3. https://m.youtube.com/user/hrhcollection She’s so iconic she’s so funny too Do you take her class?
  4. Britney and Sam recently met with Filmmaker Kevin Ostajewski recently who worked on This Is Paris for YouTube 👀 it’ll be for the record 2.0, if not more revealing, control that narrative B. Have Britney reunite with Felicia and tish and many others. There’s no confirmation on this but let’s put it out into the universe. UPDATE: This turned out to be a sponsorship for Sam, we’ll just have to wait and see in the memoir and book tour in 2024 🙏👑
  5. Por Qué No Estás Aquí Luz de Luna De Verdad Mentiras Piadosas Diablo (Video Alternativo) Quiero Estar Contigo
  6. So, I decided to get back on Youtube. I took a long hiatus but I just uploaded my first video in a long time. In doing so, I stumbled upon THIS video, where I reflected on the NYT's documentary Framing Britney Spears. I uploaded this on 2/12/21... A little over a year ago. It is SOOOO interesting to watch myself talk about this documentary NOW, knowing what we know. I definitely wouldn't have said some of the things that I did -- like that Jaime seemingly had good intentions in 2007 knowing what we know about him & Lou & the loan -- but for the most part, I stand by what I spoke about at the time. We didn't know a lot, and I am SURE this is only the tip of the iceberg of what's to come out... But I am so happy that Lou is going to get what's coming to her, and I spoke about her in this documentary and remember wondering (and being hopeful!) if any investigation would bring up her dirty deeds. But it also seemed like things were moving impossibly slow... I remember arguing SO MUCH with my friends about Britney during this time. Literally people that weren't Britney fans, but were just judging her for her IG, and still calling her crazy, and saying that it seemed like she "needed" a conservatorship. It felt impossible to shift people's perspective on this and to zoom out on the bigger picture and get them to understand that -- if anything -- the conservatorship is what caused her mental health to worsen. It felt like the public would never get on our side. But then the NYT jumped in and helped usher this movement to the mainstream. It's crazy to reflect upon this past year, how quickly things moved, and now that Britney is out... I can't wait to see people be subpoenaed and justice brought to this terrible, terrible, situation. In this year, both Hulu & Netflix continued with documentaries, and the NYT has written many articles covering Britney's case, most importantly covering the conservatorship in regards to her finances and Lou Taylor. Did you think one year ago we would be here? Were you hopeful, or were you afraid the conservatorship would just continue to be covered up? What surprises you most about what's been revealed in this year? If you're bored, give it a watch and reminisce on how far we've come -- and if you're feeling gracious check out my other videos (I was a flight attendant at Emirates Airline, and now starting for a domestic in the USA). I would appreciate any feedback on what you'd like to see from a FA vlog as I ultimately want to become a flight attendant that puts out inspiring and educational content that helps people grow and become their best selves, not just travel vlogs, but there will be some of that of course! Appreciate you!
  7. Thalia ya había anunciado hace unos días que varios de sus videos estarían disponibles en HD. En realidad, desde los últimos dos años ha estado subiendo muchos de sus videos y presentaciones en vivo en HD, pero los videos que ya existían en su canal desde 2009 permanecían en baja calidad. Ya no más. Los videos que han sido actualizados son: Ten Paciencia No No No ft. Aventura Cantando por un Sueño Seducción You Know He Never Loved You Amar Sin Ser Amada Arrasando It's My Party No Me Enseñaste Tú y Yo (Cumbia Remix) ft. A. B. Quintanilla y Kumbia All Starz Nandito Ako Cerca de Ti Entre el Mar y una Estrella Alguien Real (Baby, I'm in Love) Además de subir un video nuevo, el MegaMix de los 90's que incluye Amarillo Azul, Fuego Cruzado, Dur Dur D'être Bebe, Un Pacto Entre los Dos, Sudor (Parte 1), Saliva, Sudor (Parte 2) y Sangre Sólo restan algunos videos por tener la actualización a HD, como Acción y Reación, Reencarnación y Un Alma Sentenciada, entre otros.
  8. ALL OF HER ALBUMS – ALL OF HER SINGLES – ALL OF HER OFFICIAL REMIXES – ALL OF HER UNRELEASED ...ALL IN ONE PLACE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ4Cwf4b2JrJmDtw8Ti9Rrw Each era will unlock at the start of each month. The only remixes added will be those that her record company commissioned, with the exceptions of some from high profile DJs, and the odd few that I have made or ‘completed’ myself - which will be labelled as such. All playlists will be in chronological order. B-Sides and Unreleased tracks are compiled into their corresponding parent albums, whilst her singles playlists are solely reserved for their corresponding remixes. This is to have a more clean, cohesive, trustworthy channel that is easy to manoeuvre through. The main premise of this project was so I could have all my Britney tracks available to me wherever I was, but I figured, why not share... The tentative schedule, for those who want to know, will be as follows: 01-JAN-2022 - ...BABY ONE MORE TIME - ...Baby One More Time - Sometimes - (You Drive Me) Crazy - Born To Make You Happy - From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart 01-FEB-2022 - OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN - Oops!...I Did It Again - Lucky - Stronger - Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know - My Only Wish (This Year) 01-MAR-2022 - BRITNEY - I’m A Slave 4 U - Overprotected - I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - Anticipating - I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll - Boys 01-APR-2022 - IN THE ZONE - Me Against The Music - Toxic - Everytime - Outrageous - Breathe On Me - Touch Of My Hand 01-MAY-2022 - GREATEST HITS: MY PREROGATIVE - My Prerogative - Do Somethin’ - Chris Cox Megamix - THE ORIGINAL DOLL - Someday (I Will Understand) 01-JUN-2022 - B IN THE MIX - And Then We Kiss - BLACKOUT - Gimme More - Piece Of Me - Break The Ice 01-JUL-2022 - CIRCUS - Womanizer - Circus - If U Seek Amy - Radar - THE SINGLES COLLECTION - 3 01-AUG-2022 - FEMME FATALE - Hold It Against Me - Till The World Ends - S&M - I Wanna Go - Criminal 01-SEPT-2022 - B IN THE MIX: VOL 2 - Scream & Shout - Ooh La La 01-OCT-2022 - BRITNEY JEAN - Work ***** - Perfume - Alien - It Should Be Easy - Tik Tik Boom - Pretty Girls - Tom’s Diner 01-NOV-2022 - GLORY - Make Me - Slumber Party - Mood Ring - Swimming In The Stars - Liar - I Feel So Free With You Hopefully I'll be able to update more frequently than this, but this for now is a realistic guideline taking work and YouTube daily upload limits into consideration. Whatever the case, I will update this post with promo banners when each new era is unlocked. Merry Britmas (in advance) everyone.
  9. Could a YouTube Originals film be a better option instead of Oprah one day? Paris and Demi did their films and were the main focal point and controlled the narrative. Comment below if you could get on this?
  10. This flawless user uploaded Britney on The View in amazing quality. She performs DLMBTLTK and Oops and gives an interview. The person that uploaded said they have more Britney content they are gonna upload too.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm4rGbCnRao
  12. AND when you open the description Who did this??? I hate yall! Check it yourself, open the description!
  13. Compared to 10 years ago current you tube: 1 has enormous amount of ads you cant skip 2 trending page is ****ed up 3 you tubers keep getting exposed as scumbags and you cant stop but think- who the f am i watching/supporting. this is disgusting 4 you tubers are scumbags (not all of them but a lot of them) and legit psychos that should be in jail not you tube- examples- creepshow art vs emily artful - how the f creepshow isnt in jail??? 5 ****ty content in general. older videos are the only good ones 6 things you cant relate to- flex culture, new gen z things... nothing to relate to 7 infiltration of tik tok on you tube- I absolutely hate tik tok. I think it's ruining the society and I hate the fact it got its way on you tube You tube was a big part of my teen days and college and it was useful and fun - you could watch useful lectures or listen to music without ads there were funny you tubers- jenna marbles, kingsley... now all you can get is super rich you tubers who flex on everything possible and I hate it. I cant find vids I'd like. I only rewatch old videos. Nowadays, documentaries and just full albums cuz everything else is pure ****. And I feel so old for that app that I completely deleted it from the phone and I watch it only on computer for maybe 30 mins a day. I hate it.
  14. Well, many of you may not know her, but for all the Latin fans in here, Mexican singer Fey's 1996 hit Azúcar Amargo just hit 100M views on YouTube. This is huge considering she only has less than 300k subscribers on her official channel and has not had the support of a record label for many years now. Directed by Luis de Velasco and filmed in a museum, it premiered in October 1996, as the lead single off her second studio album Tierna la Noche. Thanks to its popularity, it helped the album get certified Gold in Mexico just one day after being released. Azúcar Amargo (translated as Bitter Sugar) is considered Fey's biggest hit of her career, topping the US Billboard Latin Pop Songs chart, as well as becoming #1 in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Top 10 in several other countries, such as Brazil; this came as a huge surprise, considering her debut single Media Naranja (1995) was also a big hit and nobody imagined she would surpass it. The teen pop song, written by Mario Ablanedo and produced by José Ramón Flórez, starts as a slow piano ballad during its first verse, only to explode into an energetic Dance track starting from the second verse till the end. It talks about discovering the betrayal of her partner and having to make the decision to leave him despite still loving him, with analogies that describe the duality of the situation, such as the title of the track, bitter sugar, as well as other comparatives like being an angel and a devil. A very distinctive choreography for the chorus has remained imprinted in the memories of thousands of fans, and she herself keeps doing it 25 years later. She has performed the song in all of her tours since it was released, and she's stated she feels very proud of it and would never get tired of the song. The song was re-released in 2012 as a single from her live album Primera Fila. Fey was an icon of the 90's Pop music in Mexico and many Latin American countries. Not just her music, but as a fashion icon she influenced the way girls dressed up, to the point she even released a clothing line and accessories line, and was the image of many brands, including Fanta. A version in English and Portuguese of the song were released as well, though they're unknown to most of the public. Fey, who is turning 48 years this month, has teased to be planning more music, but meanwhile she keeps serving looks in her social media. @Midnight
  15. I can't believe she has some MV with less than 10M Anyways, they are this: Someday (I Will Understand) - 9.89M DANCE Till The World Ends - 9.04M Kill The Lights - 8.26M Stream those MVs tho, not even 10M views for our princess, such a shame Anyways, I will later do a topic about the tracks that haven't reached 100K in spotify or youtube or whatever.
  16. (Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place.) ----
  17. Update: This video was originally posted in October, 2020, when BH was 16. Everything I said is still 💯 Check it out! Earlier: Hey Exhale! I put out my first official YouTube video I'd be honored if you'd watch it when you have a few minutes to spare. Running BreatheHeavy, my online community, since 2004 has taught me SO many valuable lessons in marketing, business & entrepreneurship. I want to share them with you all. This YouTube channel is designed to fire you up to pursue your goals NO MATTER HOW unattainable they may seem. With BreatheHeavy, I have been knocked down more times than I can count, but it's my burning desire to get back up, dust myself off, use my failures as motivation and push forward. It's not easy, but I can share with you what I've done and inspire you to do the same. In this video, I open up about a few successes and failures with BreatheHeavy, the "Free Britney" movement and a few career highlights to help paint a picture of where hard work, grit and determination can take you. Let me know what you think and if you haven't already... please subscribe, like and hit the notification bell! Enjoyyyy:
  18. I came across this video today discussing how albums/eras in the modern streaming age have lost the rollouts that can make an album/era so intriguing and engaging. Just FYI, he tends to discuss a lot of hip hop artists, but also discusses some major pop stars like The Weeknd, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Kanye West. Personally, I agree with him that these type of rollouts where the entire era is an experience and pulls you in and keeps you begging for the next thing have been on their way out lately. It’s part of the reason I’m so mad The Weeknd didn’t get any Grammy nominations. Not only was his After Hours album my favorite album of 2020 and my favorite album he’s done, he created a whole new world and era with a new character that he stayed in character for for a year. I wish more artists would do this again, especially newer artists. What are your thoughts on this?
  19. Update: She's back, safe and healthy. She simply took a break! I'm so relieved. Iconic YouTuber and Online sensation AjayII has consistently dropped reaction videos for pop music releases. She gave us many iconic reactions to some of the best albums (or worst). However, her last video, which listed her favorite songs in 2020, was uploaded on December 29. She hasn't been showing any signs of online activity on any social media ever since then. She is expected do a list for Best/Worst albums of 2020 after the songs. A tweet about her being reported missing became widespread due to fans wondering about her whereabout. But, it's quickly debunked by a fan who interacted with her regularly. She has not been reported missing. It's also noteworthy that she hasn't been doing as many reaction videos even before her disappearance, so she could possibly be taking a break. Many fans still wish she would show some sign that she's OK. If anyone knows her, please tell her we love her and wish her the best.
  20. I- ...loved every second of it, the b/tch knows me well
  21. video by fashion/pop culture oriented youtuber ModernGurlz discussing say so's rise in popularity and its many performances
  22. Hey Exhale, even though I have so much more growing to do on my main YouTube channel, I wanted to take a stab at trying Vlog-style videos. I thought it might be cool to give you guys more of a behind-the-scenes look at my life as an entrepreneur, running BreatheHeavy, being an athlete, working in community building and more. I decided to pick up my camera and go. This might flop I have no idea lol, but I still felt compelled to give this style of content creation a try. Don't worry, my main channel videos aren't going anywhere. This channel is literally brand new as of today, so if you'd subscribe to it it'd be greatly appreciated! Let me know your thoughts.
  23. Aside from @Jordan Miller of course, which YouTube channels do you stan?
  24. And if so, what is ur username and what do u upload? When im asking this im asking about channels in which u actually upload vids. I got inspired to do this thread after seeing another one like it. I have one. I post ALOT of Britney vids and also I make top 10 lists too. Now tell me do you guys upload things on youtube too?
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