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Found 11 results

  1. 🔪🔪🔪 HAPPY HALLOWEEN HEAUXEZ 🔪🔪🔪 Kim Petras didn't come thru with TOTL PT 3 this Halloween but don't worry because Exhale's Very Own, JayTawndré surprise dropped his exclusive Halloween-inspired EP #ExperimentX #LostFiles Artwork: created by JayTawndré Tracklist 1. Visions 2. Monster!!! 3. Creepshow 4. Twisted Love 5. Chaotic (Lost in Sin) ------- 6. Visions (Remixed) (Deluxe) 7. The Invasion (Deluxe) 8. Firecracker (Deluxe) 9. I Don't Need You... (Deluxe) I am spoiling my peeps lately! no really. Thanks to Exhale for support. I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween weekend. I'm here bored like anyways enjoy! remember to leave your thoughts short or detailed. much appreciated. yes imma tag u. Discuss. @SlayOut @rr_174 @Geralt_of_Rivia @Style. @Lou @whitedove @Jordan Miller @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @rennen @boyinthemirror @blackoutbixxh @Midnight @Rik @RafaelSpears @MikeHunt @Henry M. Torres @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN @Alexanda @BritneyLVR @TommyX @Nickey @JunoTaylor @DollyParton @rosenotes @DJBringItBack @Adriannn
  2. Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well I know it’s been a hard year and a half (hard to believe two years) of quarantining and Covid kind of reorienting how we exist in the world. In that time I have been through hell and back in a way, and I’m really happy to have found passion in a hobby that I can do. I used to make videos as a kid and for the last 7 ish months have started making videos again but actual documentaries (on my phone) about musicians and some backdrop of a current or past event related to a system or controversy. I like to interview people too. My first one was about exhale and free Britney which is very special to me because many of you helped me out with that. I have one about the I inability to stream aaliyahs music until we actually could…. 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 And finally, this one for Halloween about Bjork’s stalker who tried disfiguring/killing her by sending a pop up book containing a sulphuric acid bomb. He was angry that she was dating electronic musician, Goldie who is Black. Ricardo was racist. He projected all his feelings and values onto Bjork and when he found out she did not fit his idea, he officially lost control and began writing an 803 page journal about his insecurities, suicidal thoughts and ultimate obsession with Bjork. There is major commentary on the boundaries “fans” can push. Please note this is not intended for children, and viewer discretion is advised. I’d really appreciate if you could give this a view! I have another Britney video coming on the way for NOCEMBER 12th, but it’s more of a long compilation showcasing great moments and of her discussing each album cycle. I can’t wait for you all to see that too 🤍🤍🤍🤍💛💛💛💛 I appreciate your viewership and support! ✨✨✨✨
  3. Happy Halloween Folks! What are you going to be ? 🎃👻😈👹🤡☠️💀👽🕷🕸🦎🍂🍁
  4. https://www.buzzfeed.com/natashajokic1/lizzo-halloween-baby-yoda-costume https://people.com/music/lizzo-baby-yoda-costume-surprise-performance-halloween-party/ ummm.....
  5. Yes sis My girl KP went as a Trans Michael Myers for an exclusive VIP Bette Midler Halloween Party somewhere in New York City, NY. Thoughts?!
  6. Scream queens, but in more respective terms, The ultimate final Girls Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween franchise both original and then the infamous 2018 Halloween which retconned most of Laurie Strode's storylines from part 2, H20 and infamously her death in 2002's Not officially canon Halloween resurrection). Talks to fellow Scream queen and always number 2 on the greatest final girls to horror franchise Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott, The scream Franchise which in 1996 infamously relaunched the horror genre as it was like rock and roll music dead, not popular but just not in).. One thing they have in Common they hate the genre which made them famous in the first place, most of it stems from just innocent pranks and jokes involving the first horror film they watched.. The main reason why was the script was so good, and it was the best opportunity for both to take lead acting roles on the silver screen (Neve Campbell prior to scream had a cult tv teen idol status due her role as Julia Salinger in the original version of Party of five which aired on Fox TV, which being put right after their biggest hit with generation X and early millenials fav night soap Beverly Hills, 90210 made it cool to watch drama on Wednesday nights. Then there's this film with like Scream has a huge cult following "The craft" which also was Skeet Ulrich's film debut prior to Billy Loomis who would terrorize Sidney in Scream. As for Jamie, just Like Drew Barrymore, Acting chops is in her blood. Tony Curtis is her father who was a huge star in the 1950s, the golden era Of Hollywood, and her mom Janet Leigh is also a scream queen, as she was Marion Crane, in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 Masterpiece Psycho (not the crappy 1998 Remake). Enjoy the conversation. @Rik @JayTawndre @Slayer
  7. Michael Myers didn't die in the fire trap in Halloween 2018. He escaped... And he's madder than ever. You thought you saw Michael be brutal with his murders well this movie has some critics saying "Michael is the scariest he's ever been" https://www.instagram.com/p/CUIoRwqFZ84/?utm_medium=copy_link But Laurie isn't the only one who wants revenge.... Haddonfield does too sis Are you excited as much as I am??? @rennen @Jordan Miller @SlayOut @Isla @PokemonSpears @Midnight @Style. @Rik
  8. She's on fire I can't embed the posts, but she's been sharing some photos with different Halloween costumes on her Instagram Did other artists dress up for Halloween? Thalia did Ace Ventura lol
  9. For me its so hard considering I dressed up in so many different costumes from Supergirl to Britney in the school outfit but if I had to pick, it would be: My 80s Madonna costume. It was the black version of her Like A Virgin dress except I had a silvery jacket with it. I wore it in 2018 Now what about you guys? Do you have a specific costume that you like the most? Happy early Halloween btw!
  10. Here’s my stab at a FREAKSHOW video! If anything this is a perfect example of how desperate I am for literally anything new and Britney related at all. idk how to embed an IGTV video, so here’s a link to it: Link to FREAKSHOW Video Enjoy & BOO!
  11. Do you think Britney has the most iconic looks that people want use them for halloween. What do you think?
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