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Jamie Spears asks court to unseal Britney's health records

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2 hours ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

I wonder what his move is...For years he wanted the records sealed while Britney wanted them unsealed, and now all of a sudden he wants the world to know?? Wouldn't this expose every little thing and lie? I'm guessing he wants to bring all the doctors and therapists down with him. 

I dont think Britney has ever wanted her mental health récords unsealed

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Jamie is now asking to open the medical records to continue with the smear campaign against Britney. This way he thinks that she will agree to pay his legal fees and even  let him free for any responsability. Lovely family indeed...

There's no shame in having mental health issues. She had a tough life in the showbizz since very little and a lot of family issues. But it is a big deal to make her take medications not needed or higher doses than really needed so she would comply to this scheme that made her a milking cow to the family and to the professionals involved. If they cared so much about her and she was so unwell, why dont they Just let her heal?

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2 hours ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

I wonder what his move is...For years he wanted the records sealed while Britney wanted them unsealed, and now all of a sudden he wants the world to know?? Wouldn't this expose every little thing and lie? I'm guessing he wants to bring all the doctors and therapists down with him. 

I don’t think court will ever approve it! Rose guard is smart..he won’t let it happen! Also it might backfire on Jaime cause I’d britney is schizophrenic then it’s not basis for conservatorship..he will have stronger criminal procedures against him!

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14 minutes ago, JMNYC said:

Let’s be real here, all of those doctors were paid! If her medical records are unsealed, the bloodbath will begin. Those doctors don’t even know what’s in store for them 

Agree..If she ever got evaluated and even one detail come out to be wrong..all doctors will be ****ed

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5 minutes ago, britney1984 said:

Since she is a free woman, I don't believe he has any say so in who see her medical records. It is like demanding medical records from a stranger on the street. 


"Daddy" better learn that she doesn't have to take his **** anymore, and never will again. He has no control over her anymore.

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I think it is up to Britney to decide if she wants world to know more context. No mental illness can approve that was done to Britney. Also her cship was voluntarily-court words. And it wasn't cship made for mentally ill ppl, it was probate cship whicj is also questionable as she can take care of herself.

I just wish we fans could see this even earlier and go and protest in court be4 it became permanent. Maybe it wouldn't take a decade to dissolve if it would start being investigated earlier. 


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2 hours ago, G-unit said:

It’s definitely not appropriate.  I’m from the south and people mimic southern accents all the time.  It’s just an thing people do, so you’re definitely right!

Thank you! She is a silly billy and so am I. There is other stuff she does that makes me hope she is getting help, but that isn’t one of them. 

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19 hours ago, ThisMeowBiteback said:

What We do know is any medical condition Britney has comes from the conservatorship. They literally made her suffer for 13 years! We know she was fine before & right when it started, FTR proves that. 

Nobody knows anything. FTR proves nothing. Again, these statements come from the belief that mental conditions render people useless. I would never dare say what she has or not, nor where it "started" or "how", let alone why. Definitely, they are doing this cause there is something that, in their stupidity and shattiness, makes them think it will stigmatize Britney and discredit her and prove they were "right." For the idiots out there, it would, but that is why it is so important we make a conscious effort on trying to dispell all the ignorance around mental health. No, not everyone has to become a psychiatrist or psychologist, but we all should be more open to what our "definitions" are of what is "evidence" of a condition. Saying it all started here or there, because this or that, is going far beyond the GP`s knowledge, even mental health specialists who did not treat her, don't know. Saying her eloquence and self-awareness in a documentary proves there was nothing wrong, implies that if there was, she would have been incapable of elaborating those thoughts, which is not true. It is as if a person had to be defended of being labeled "with a mental health condition". Why? Very few conditions, and most of the time, in very advanced stages, leave people like some imagine a mental health patient is.

By the way, all those years of interviews also mean nothing for or againts this case. You have no idea how many people are perfectly functional and still struggle with things, while others might seem off to many and do not necessarily have a mental condition. Let`s stop thinking interviews or footage like that mean "this or that". Again, I am not supporting the "she has something" narrative. I am just saying "we don`t know."  Everybody is trying to tell her story through bits of external information, not her word. 

Was what she went through torture? For sure. Can somebody develop PTSD, even CPTSD? pff certainly. I would be surprised if someone came out of something as horrible as this, unscolded. But, even if she had a genetically triggered mental condition previous to the conservatorship, it would not mean she needed the conservatorship or that it justifies torture, or that it made her any less, or deserving of slavery. I feel like some fans think that if, God forbid, she had a previous mental health condition to the conservatorship, it would automatically justify it and no, it absolutely wouldn`t. I won`t use labels, cause that would be diagnosing, but even if she had "insert scary mental health name here", her human rights and independence should have been respected.  So, maybe we all should stop reinforcing the narrative that "she had nothing" or "she had this". Both are wrong. Either way, crimes against a human being were commited, equally worrisome and concerning, no matter the individual's condition. Many people do have conditions and are criminally enslaved by this putrid system.

This attempt from  her awful creature of a father to "unseal" the documents is what we call, abuse by proxy. I am going to be absolutely not shocked if the court allows it, cause that is what they have been doig for 13 years, enabling abuse through the gross manipulation of  the law. I just hope they don`t. 

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49 minutes ago, sunny_liston said:

Completely agree.

To the fans who are convinced she is bipolar (let alone a schizophrenic...), what part of the hundreds of hours of video footage - interviews, press conferences, behind the scenes, etc - from 1998-2007 suggest that she has a serious disorder? 

Her breakdown in 2007 happened because her family problems post-divorce collided with unprecedented media harassment. I suspect a vast majority of regular healthy people would have a breakdown too under the same circumstances.  

All of Britney's personality and mannerism changes occurred during the c-ship. I have no doubt due to the serious psychiatric drugs she was wrongly forced to take for a non-existent condition.



thank you.

to me it's all in the before and after. and you bring up important points.

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