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  1. When he temporarily stepped down britney gained permission..remember he did get a restraining order from her son during this as well..im pretty sure its when the other person stepped on judging from the timing
  2. Well we know he scrapped her artwork... it was only used again when britney and Jamie stopped speaking..after he cancelled domination... its pretty safe to assume he scrapped the MM video..seen as he scrapped everything so far...britney shot these pics and scenes so its safe to assume she was happy with them..trust its her dads decision to scrap it...and the cage/chains look is the reason why.
  3. Comments after the vaccine "it fixed her voice" Shes trolling you all.. in my opinion
  4. The reason it got scrapped is because jamie realised the cage scene and the glory original art work both had her in cage/chains..this is a direct hit at the cship and jamie was having none of it..he scrapped it
  5. Yeah I would want britney to cover these songs..I actually only put the songs i could imagine her singing ..lyrically the ones I think is DEFINITELY her situation and britney would sound so good singing Lily allen - come on then..honestly listen to it..britney singing about her ******* dad Tones and I- bad child (again the lyrics perfectly describe britneys using family..listen to it!!) Could imagine britney's 'you oughta know' vocals killing it! ..lyrics are definitely accurate to britney The weeknd- final lullaby (definitely would be interesting to hear britney’s vocals on such a deep, short track..) ..saying a final goodbye to someone she loved..I really want britney to work with the weeknds producer's.. like the chorus in 'alone again' with them beats 'I dont know if I can be alone again, I dont know if I can sleep alone again' britney’s vocals suit this type of music Lily allen - him - britney has always been vocal about religion but now that she's older she may feel different..this song basically says would jesus want any of this? Is he really that perfect? Hasnt enough damage been caused from religion? Do you think he'd drive his car without insurance? Do you think he's interesting or do you think he'd bore us" ..honestly its 2021 in a nutshell..beautiful song Lily Allen- apples - a raw 'stand and sing' song reflecting on a relationship that fell apart and her reaction to it..if britney recorded something like this her reputation would go through the roof "you gave me my beautiful babies,but it was all too much for me, now im exactly where I didn't want to be, im just like my mommy and daddy... I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" ..such a simple yet sad song..about admitting fault and self recognition. My one- fun song simply about ***ual partners..the lyrics!! ..its literally easier for you to go through the songs and say which one you don't think would suit britney they all could.. I realised doing this list that she can literally make songs her own, she had a very adaptable voice..Happy songs , sad songs..its how she sings it that gives it mood.. All of the above in my first comment are great tracks in my opinion Honestly give them a listen..I bet at least 1 will make you cry ..as I did making the list!
  6. Lily allen - come one then (lyrics are so britneys situation) -my one -three -apples -lost my mind -him -littlest things Selena gomez -fetish -rare -back to you -love you like a love song -perfect Tate mcrae- you broke me first The weeknd- final lullaby Justin beiber (I dont like him just the songs) -I'll show you -lonely Bebe rexa -me myself and I (she did record most of it I just wish britney recorded the whole song with g eazy) -no broken hearts Gabrielle-out of reach Taylor swift- ready for it -the man - geogous - champagne problems -the 1 -hoax -this is me trying Dua lipa- were good Sam Smith-i know I'm not the only one Rihanna- umbrella -only girl in the world Nelly furtado- all good things come to an end Johnny cash - you are my sunshine Dido -life for rent Elvis presley- can't help falling in love Lady gaga -paparazzi Marina and althe diamond- primadonna Tones and i - bad child Kesha- your love is my drug
  7. My money's on Red fantasy (perfume) Hope not..that would be a silly move right now ..even for jamie
  8. Am I the only one that got creeper out when Sam says ,"high five" ..then looks intensely pissed off?? ...same with the cooking video.. Sorry but why would you pull a random frown?? I don't get it..he looked pissed off for a split second..why??
  9. Hold it against me instrumental starts playing 2011 "GOOD MORNING AMERICA...... .. I just wanted to let you guys know..I feel like a b***h ..Aaand a lover.. and a child...and a mother"
  10. I dont know why but there's something about Janet I dont particularly like.. Hear me out..shes a talented hard working woman no doubt... but britney has repeatedly called her an inspiration over the years and I never heard much back in return.. Michael Jackson on the other hand consistently praised britney, no ego, just straight up respect to a fellow artist. Part of me can't help but think ..Michael and britney are sooo successful.. is this why Janet rarely praised britney? Because she saw her as competition?? Michael literally repeatedly said 'I love you' multiple times.. mj was never threatened (obviously) .. it anything he was in awe of her I just never saw the same back from Janet.. I just remembered why I dont particularly like her... so there was this SNL sketch where Janet was on..and it was her time to appear ..and literally waited..for the audience ..to applaude her..they wasn't going to..till..they realised.....Janet was waiting for it..seemed kind of shallow 2:03 ... I dont know ... I couldn't imagine britney literally waiting for applause before she says her line's... im 27 .. I didn't grow up with Janet's music ..im not slating her.. All im saying is she got mad love from MJ ..britney shown mad love to Janet also.. but meh..not much back Im not saying she has to , but for someone who still watches YouTube constantly I've never really heard much from Janet regarding britney who always supported Janet
  11. I used to like snl..its not on tv in the UK but I started watching the skits on YouTube couple years ago..some of them are hilarious. This is dumb AF ..its not even funny..thats the problem.. Snl is awful now..the cast is terrible and they are simply not funny anymore Bill hader, Kristen wigg, maya rudolph,Bobby, taran kilam, keanan, jason sudeikis, vanessa, Andy samburg, Fred amistan ,Amy pohler,Kate mckinin, Cecily strong ,seth myers were some of the best cast members This sketch is garbage..I didn't laugh once I miss the old cast
  12. Im not being a delusional fan but I will say this No one will surpass britney in my opinion..its not possible Britney is the closest thing to Michael Jackson in my opinion.. I dont think anyone in this day and age can deserve everything they worked for in the way that britney does.. britney made herself a name from nothing in the age without Instagram and twitter.. she was already the most famous woman alive before these social platforms was invented. Britney was EVERYWHERE and has so many adoring fans that have watched her grow as we grew ourselves , we've seen her invent mtv..we've seen her cry in public, we've seen her not give a **** and we've seen her prove herself time and time again.. Britneys title is untouchable Shes the only singer to have performed with both mj and Madonna.. we live in a world now where we know britney lipsnchs (her team keep her mic ridiculously low) yet we simply don't care ..she makes people happy Ariana is cute yes..but for me its like ariana is 'waaay to into her looks' .. I get why people like her, she has a great voice But its not enough to surpass britney... Of course there's going to be big successful artists that get their moments to shine.. but I just don't see anyone changing the music scene the way britney has and could continue to do... Also saying britney's 'peak' (dumb word) was 1998-2004 ... are you joking?? Was you living under a rock during 2007-2011 ..you know when she was the most googled.. most photographed woman .. had done 2 massively successful albums and era's Also vegas was usually the place where singer's settle .. if anything it made britney better and more confident Her next album b10 is now highly anticipated.. So no I don't think ariana or anyone else will surpass britney..literally ANYONE can get a grammy these days
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