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  1. He was never remotely qualified.. Financially, personally, morally And yet he asks for a percentage of all femme fatale grossing and pom ..I can see why britney refused to work with him..he's truly a disgusting man and unfortunately it's made him alot of money, if he had a shred of dignity he wouldn't ask for pay rises.. he used his daughter like a work horse to get money then slanders her calling her a 'racehorse' ..he should voluntarily hand over back a percentage of the money, do the deposition and go to jail..i dont care about his age.. the man is evil..his actions are despicable and I understand if britney never talks to him again.. The restraining order is barely talked about but it should.. its literally the only red flag needed to kick him out... hes an alcoholic (pill popper I think aswell) ,failed businessman, hardly a celebrated father/grandfather and is known for being corrupt and greedy..at this point britney should be sueing him or the state of california for actually allowing this... I hope the Netflix documentary is truthful and accurate
  2. Circus tour finale edmonton date "thank you edmonton You guys (deep voice) ROOOCK! WOO..... (Deep voice into mic) PEEACE!! DONT YA KNOWW , I SAID WHATTA YOU KNOWW , WERE GONNA ROCK IT OUUT WITH OUR COCCS OUT! PEACE EVERYBODY" piece of me show "it's **** dope In here..im high as **** wooh!" To paps "fuc you ,your always outside my *** **** home you stupid fuc MOVE!" "My babies felt like home, my home was with them and when things changed I was like oh god i can't be here" "How can the state of california watch me make a living and pay so many people trucks and buses on tour and be told ..im not good enough...but im great at what I do ma'am and I allow these people to control what I do and I've had enough" "All my songs are ******* amazing" ..something like that "America , Believe everything you read, because your smart and im stupid like for real,cmon y'all and this lady she was like britney go to the light, go to the light and see jesus and I was like oh my god I'm gonna do it and I did it" "Ohh my gosh it stinks in here! ohh my lord"
  3. She said " I think my voice is okay..I like the feeling I get when I'm singing" 2008 "I think I sound better since having my babies"
  4. Believe it or not smoking doesn't generally affect your speaking voice that much..not unless your smoking 40 a day which britney does not...cigarettes is a poor excuse She lost faith because she was controlled from the cship thats it.
  5. Yeah and they don't let her sing live at award shows etc..all part of keeping the cship strong..censoring her
  6. Circus tour for me personally With the womanizer outro where she has fun exiting the stage especially the Canada dates.. Before they changed it to the boring circus outro where britney says bye and just walks off ..
  7. Absolutely yes.. B10 could be potentially be her more most successful era ever.. IF SHE'S FREE AND READY FOR IT..SHE KNOWS WHO SHE IS..SHE'S BRITNEY ****ING SPEARS!! she needs a good team, good producers and a banging album/tour
  8. I live in a trailer with all my daughters possessions fantasy (1 sold every 10 seconds) colon fantasy (everybody has one) Family business fantasy ..with scents of Comforting southern foods Vivian fantasy .. a fragrance by Jamie spears Womanizer fantasy "where you picture all 3, all 6 of these girls..uh..umm..showing uhh how he is the womanizer" Funeral fantasy....you know why
  9. Well I'm not sure what to make of this topic but I'm pretty sure I won
  10. No!! Why would anyone's opinion matter Music Is entirely universal.. Britneys is amazing If they have a problem its their problem
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