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Jamie Spears asks court to unseal Britney's health records

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1. It’s only up to Britney to share her history so I don’t see how can court approve that kind of demand (but it’s the same corrupt judge so I don’t know).

2. I’m sure all her records that was created from 2007 are fake. They all wanted to created a story that she needed c-ship. All of the doctors that gave her medication recorded diagnosis right?! From dementia to bipolar - it don’t matters cause - probably EVERYTHING WILL BE A LIE. 

3. For brits mental health I think the most difficult was the last 4 months hold against her will. 
And I’m sure everything was fine with Britney before cship. even they tried hard to obey her she survived and stayed strong. I kind of see some “weirdnesses” but as usual at the end of the day everything makes sense. Her mind is still brilliant. And I’m sure that social problems can be handled and in few years she will be fine. 

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6 hours ago, Urbanney said:

So first he used her medical records as an excuse to keep her silenced and to reduce transparency in the conservatorship, and now he’s using it to ruin her privacy and to retaliate. 

Abusive and manipulative, through and through. 

mte. what a disgusting move. 

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"Daddy" loves her but he wants her medical records to be unsealed to "expose" his daughter :umsaywhat_adele_hmm_umm_thinking_confused_unsure: But are falsified (allegedly) medical records really worth something ? Who would it be more damaging to in the long run ? Britney or "daddy" and his team of "doctors" paid by team con to get the results they wanted for court (allegedly) ? :umsaywhat_adele_hmm_umm_thinking_confused_unsure: No doubt in my mind that he's doing this to shook her but ***** his documents prove nothing. Even if she had mental health issues, whatever it might be, it doesn't justify a conservatorship. Plus it's absolutely illegal and none of our ******* business, what a ******* sick joke this sperm donor is 

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6 hours ago, otisotis said:

“the public has a right to know” actually no they don’t because that’s a HIPAA violation lmaoo. that man sinking quick and evidently so is his brain 

we had a ''right to know'' about the conservatorship but hey that would interfere with daddies unconditional love for his daughter :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

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Knew it this would come, Jamie must've had it on his last resort :blol_britney_2011_ff_femme_fatale_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

This is illegal and in my belief won't happen and Jamie should be disgusted at himself he wants to prove that Britney is crazy and conservatorship was and is necessary to handle Britney! Coming to backfire as usual, good luck Jamie to pay for your expensive lawyer :clicktina_xtina_christina_aguilera_mouse_computer:

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Do they really think that would change anything? We don’t care about her diagnosis if that exists!

We would still support Britney no matter what her medical records say!

Do they really think that if she was diagnosed with some mental health condition we would stop supporting or admiring her?!?


She deserves to be happy and FREE, she deserves to own her money! 

If she has a severe condition it would only make worse the way she’s been exploited and forced to work while being over medicated against her will! She has enough money to live forever without having to work again if she wants to!

No matter what those medical records say she still deserves to be FREE! And the abuses that she’s been through would be as horrible as if she had a “clear” medical record!

By the way I’m sure that the fact that she’s been legally kidnapped by her own family for more than a decade has probably made worse if not created whatever issue she may have!



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8 hours ago, Jaime Jean said:

She says she’s on the right meds now so she has the right diagnosis 

Britney actually said

“you might be surprised cause my prayers are pretty damn powerful ESPECIALLY when you're on the right medication….."Damn I can actually pray….  it feels so good to just BE HERE!!!!  I'M HERE … thanks to no doctor or conservatorship people … good God my friends … it's good to BE HERE and be PRESENT !!!!"

Whether she means actual “medication” aka pills or her own form of “medication” is up for debate. Though she literally says she’s feeling great thanks to “no doctors” or “Conservatorship peops.

Nothing about a new diagnosis. That’s a reach.

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Why on earth would the public have a "right" to know? That stuff is private, it's literally none of anyone's business except for Britney and her doctors! I don't care about her medical history, I don't want to know, this poor woman has a right to her privacy just like everyone else.

Plus, her medical records are irrelevant imo. Whatever diagnosis or mental health issues she might have, it wouldn't in any way, shape or form justify stripping her of her civil rights, exploiting her, forcing her to work against her will, forcing her to use contraception, or stealing her money. Considering the abuse she has suffered, not just as an adult but also as a child, it's very possible that she has some mental health issues as a result of trauma, but that does not mean she doesn't have the right to live her life the way she wants to.

It's so crystal clear they are just doing this to punish and humiliate her, and it's disgusting and vile. These people are truly something else.

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