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  1. I agree. I have no idea what the narrative will be, but keep in mind quite a bit of people still believe she is cookoo and I doubt they would straightforward say "keep her in the CS". Sometimes the message is way trickier. But I truly hope my idea is wrong.
  2. The world would be a better place for sure if people were this way, but many aren`t. They don`t question, they don`t think, they have a mass mentality that is naive and stupid and they have egos that crave money, fame, attention. Why fight for Britney when they can be fighting for their images and wallets? Its terrible, but it is true. Therefore, those who actually are in it with good intentions should question E-VERY-THING. Yesterday the entire board said "Britney posted this about Billy B" and very few people questioed the validity of "Britney". I was not surprised but certainly it was dumbfounding to see so many people not even questioning a bit. I am not saying everyone, but a good chunk were just rejoicing on the supposed embarrasment of Billy B, without even thinking how is he being or could be used. I am super convinced the Netflix doc won`t be what fans expect. They will retaliate. Lou lou has connections within the depths of Netflix and she has been showing that.
  3. This is a war of perception. Attention is a currency. Whoever controls or at least can influence the narrative, is steps forward. I bet these girls are pawns of someone (maybe Sam) or someone who has interests within the Britney world. If you appear as a trustworthy supporter at first but then slowly change your public opinions and alliances, you can impact people's opinions because they trust you. That and they are probably being payed. Or maybe they are just pathological liars (and everything else).
  4. Exactly. Nobody is sure, but why is it so hard to see how this benefits them? I mean, really not that hard to see.
  5. After reading your comments, I do agree that even though no woman should be bullied for her choice of clothes, it's interesting that she does this transition for her second album. It is so standard within the exploitative industry that one can only wonder. Time will tell. Anyways, if it was her choice, cool.
  6. Women are allowed to experiment with their looks and ***uality. She is slightly older now. We all want to try looks and look "pretty" at some point. At the same time, it makes you wonder and hope it was her choice. And it was meant to happen, I mean, the possible backlash she would get over changing her looks. People telling her she sold out and blah blah blah.
  7. I think the lyrics could fit perfectly the story of a woman who has been exploited from a young age, kept prisoner under false pretense, using her vulnerabilities against her. I personally hate "I am not a girl..." Always found that song so bland, sorry, 🙈🙈and this one has great, powerful lyrics and as any good song, it could fit many narratives, but on first listen I was like "this could be about Britney"
  8. I might be biased, but as soon as I heard the lyrics, I felt it could be easily connected to Britney, let alone the visuals.
  9. I like her. I love how she handles herself and her celebrity. Ism not a huge fan of her jazz infused music, but I root for her.
  10. If it's her... No comment. It reminds me of that time when Justin Bieber spit on his fans and. Some of them wanted to bottle that ****. Self esteem should be nurtured haha. Seriously, ai hope someone else posted that cause how uncalled for.
  11. This one is the best I have seen by far. Still, this is seizureography.
  12. That was very rude of her. But yes, they are fugly. Still, uncalled for or maybe she has some beef with Bieber, who happens to be an *** as well?
  13. I don't think permanently depressed is the right term. I also don't believe in the tortured artistic soul, but definitely expressing what others don't see, being an artist means feeling too much and vividly and thinking constantly on how to express it. I also think truly emotionally smart people struggle more to adapt. I find her to he sensitive, humble and well, a teenager going through change. I think she is just honest and a sensitive girl.
  14. I am so happy someone brings this up. So far, I haven't seen anyone question this and I am glad you did. I am in no way saying he is necessarily goodie good pants, but if we are questioning everything about team con (with good reason, because they are clearly, atrocious) why wouldn't this part of their narrative be questioned too? I agree that they used him as a boogieman while they were down there stealing it all. It's kind of like the movie/book "It". I will create a scary, creepy clown while the true monster is down there in the sewer. And again, this doesn't make him "good", but maybe it is not what we think.
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