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  1. Mate stop saying what she should do. She has been secluded for 13 years and now you have the audacity to say that her house should be secluded too? What are you trying to say. Like really if I was a mod here your comment would get deleted asap but thankfully @Slayer is here to do the job I guess.
  2. @LostInAnImage has some expertise on this topics I believe.
  3. Here for inside out. He about to lose me has its thing but I dont see it being successfull... I don't like the rest
  4. I wish she wanted to be praised because of some mind blowing perfomance and not nude pictures lol. But well let her be.
  5. An annual account register is basically a few pages. I dont think it's much work at all for them to cover the 13 years... however the nature of those assets is highly unlikely to be "illegal" in order to press charges against 3rd parties... however it can be demonstrated Jamies mishandling. We'll see though
  6. If u take a look at most of her interviews there are moments that you can clearly see that she is EXTREMLY uncomfortable and anxious... I guess that if this was a frequent thing with the Meet and Greets it could lead to some issue people wondering why that happens...
  7. I mean taking into consideration the type of documentary that have been done about her its normal not to support the idea from the get go lol.
  8. Ill be honest I dont believe a relationship with such an age gap (where the female is older) is meant to work in most cases. There gets a point in which what you want is not the same as what the other person wants. For example eith my age i cant date someo r older than me who wants who wants to have kids in a villiage and have a quite life... I do wish her the best and that it works! Anywsy sometimes you just need to enjoy the moment because nothing trully lasts forever
  9. This is obvious that they wanted to replicate that level of success but other than Work ***** there was no good attempt at it. Work ***** had many things but that instrumental during chorus wasn't watching enough. Going back to Scream and Shout, when you are in a club the melody is insane. Its like it explodes...
  10. They will. I had a dream about this last night: Britney was happy with her Dad, Mom, Sister and many other people in a reunión and I was like WTF how can you be here like nothing after all you said they did to you? My dreams always tell me the future and the truth.
  11. Wanting Jodie to stay is admitting her statements hold truth. And regardless i would never consider someone who has spoken the way Jodie did to stay eith me... so i find it odd
  12. Its happened many times. Then i spend a long time without listening to her,maybe even years.. And i go back to liking them again. Ive never been a fan of all of her songs lol rather a few from each álbum...
  13. A blind person would be one unable to objectively identify that at the very least Britney had the capacity to choose not to swipe away the housekeepers phone. Thats without taking into account hypothethical scenarios such as her being aggressive / hit her or trully misstreating the dogs. At that point you're just asking for troubles. That Team con is using this at their adventage or manipulating it to give it more spotlight? I don't doubt it. But there is corage and respect in admitting the truth. Anyway Britney might as well keep it going since everybody says "IDC" LOL.
  14. Oops is like when the party is starting. BOMT is like saying goodbye forever....
  15. I am the only one to question WHY on this world Britney does not avoid being involved in such stories that are just hurting her case. 1. Did not take care of the dogs when they are with her and they got sick -medically confirmed. Ok many can debate this maybe it's a but exaggerated I don't know. 2. The best case scenario she SWIPED the phone. Why??? Its obvious you are going to get reported the **** out of you. Why do that? What were you going to do? Keep the phone and delete everything? If she did behave aggresively then I won't feel sorry about this media flaming Anyway I will leave it here. Already have shared my thoughts before.
  16. Many have been there myself included even though we dont have the same ***ual oreference
  17. I didnt like this talk you guys had about straight guys
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