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  1. I don't believe Berk for a second. However... Eardley always came across to me as being a "professional" lawyer in the same sense that Lutfi thought of himself as a "professional" manager. Both were closer to being amateurs who had no business running in the same circle as an A-list celebrity like Britney.
  2. Isn't this the letter than Blair Berk found in the Mercedes that Britney had just bought and that Lutfi was driving at the time? I've only skimmed it...But he's making some claims in it that are either just not true, or that he had no way of knowing without further evidence. I don't know...But I really don't think Britney would have been any better off with this guy...I mean, he's knowingly breaking laws before he even got started. She needed a professional like Rosengart — right from the beginning.
  3. Mama Viper and MT...Part One xxxxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com Wed 2008-09-17 4:49 PM To: Steel Magnolia hmmm. Strange, really when you think about it.... I don't remember MT ever mentioning Sam at all.........that's weird with Sam being Capt Doom & all..... Lynne says all paps are Sam's "henchmen". I don't know if MT was a writer or not, he did make LOTS of typos. I think all the latter posts were pretty much "borrowed" from other sources. I'm sure one day in the future, I will pick up a Harry Potter book (or something...) and see...."As the epicenter sits in the rim of fire....." Something happened that caused him to change writing styles(I think). Maybe he felt like he had given away TMI or something? I think MT is an insider, but I'm not necessarily buying that he's a pap. And I'm 99% sure he's not THE pap he ID'd himself to be.............. He did give away TMI and none of it matched up. > From: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com > To: xxxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com > Subject: Mama Viper and MT...Part One > Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 16:55:06 -0300 > > I've gotta think about your e-mail below a bit...But it's interesting to look at the JFX/Adnan/MT stuff while now thinking of Lynne as being the Punyman: > > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> > > April 11 – Jane Doe files suit against Splash and paps > > April 11th/12th – Twain leaves his next clue: > > MARK TWAIN Says: _April 12th, 2008 at 1:44 am > mattia Says:_April 12th, 2008 at 12:01 am > I think it’s been a week now._What happened to the Earthquake? > https://www.tmz.com/2008/04/11/lawsuit-claims-ledger-done-in-by-coke-predators/#continuedcontents > As the epicenter sits in the rim of fire. A quiet rumble shakes the foundation and the two massive land masses collides creating a devistating earthquake. > As Jane Doe forsakes those she ones embraced she throws them into the fire while holding her bent pen. She too have exposed herself to the heat, she will slowly burn but from another fire pit. > The first papyrus of Babylon shall now bleed in black ink. > > April 12th/13th – Adnan stabbed > > MARK TWAIN Says: _April 13th, 2008 at 1:50 am > Britney “crash on freeway”. > Got a call from one of the JFX boys and told me that Adnan leaving and a car blocks him in and 2 men jumped him and stabbed him. > Still waiting for more info. > > MARK TWAIN Says: _April 13th, 2008 at 1:57 am > I warned him that it’s not worth it. > They have over 23 thousand recorded death threats to himself, his ex wife and his family in France. > “****”!!!!! > > MARK TWAIN Says: _April 13th, 2008 at 3:28 am > My only advice to Adnan now is that instead of driving around the block 6 times before parking he might have to double it up. > like I said in the past. His world will get smaller and smaller. His destinations will only be to and from. > “It’s not worth it”. > > MARK TWAIN Says: _April 13th, 2008 at 3:44 am > It’s true Doc, but like a prize fighter, you have to know when to lay your gloves down or have someone from your corner throw in the towel. > Don’t get me wrong. I think Adnan had done his part to get this girl and her family a reason to be thankful for. But just imagine how many enemies now lerk in the shadows for him. Where do you start looking. > And his car is a mess. It’s been targeted many times. It’s easy for me to say that it’s not worth it because myself and a few dozen people from the pap world really knows what’s going on. > > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> > > So maybe Mama Viper had Adnan stabbed?? > > Or maybe Adnan found out what Jane Doe and Mama Viper were up to, and MT knows, too, and that is his "earthquake"?? > > PS...MT makes a LOT of spelling mistakes. I'm starting to doubt that he's a writer.
  4. Doc...Hovering Like Helicopter...Oh Yeah, And Kalie Machado xxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com Thu 2008-09-18 11:08 PM To: Steel Magnolia My take on Adnan, he just did what Britney told him to do. EX: Take me to Mexico!! The fight in the restaurant was between the paps. Apparently he & Brit were trying to eat and photogs wouldn't back off. Adnan started throwing chairs at them and they had a little free-for-all. I think he busted his hand or finger or something. I remember reading when Brit left Promises, she had no car, no money, no ID, no credit card, she tried to check into hotel room and got denied. She had to call someone(?) to being her stuff to her. So I figured the trip to Grossman was for $$$$. I dunno, though. I'm not certain about anything. The only thing I know for sure about Doc, he's a faithful fan of Adnan. Which is really odd when you think about it. Yeah, you know that pic you sent of Machado. They just went in there to use the bathroom. Didn't eat, didn't buy anything Do you routinely take your girlfriends into the bathroom with you. I don't. Maybe I'm an oddball??!! And yes, Allie was with Brit when she went to see Berk and also for head shaving and umbrella-lapooza. btb, have you read that the x17 photog that said he filmed Brit's head shaving has been disproved by at least 2 writers?? so I guess no one knows for sure who filmed it. She looks good bald though, she should shave her mop off again. > From: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com > To: xxxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com > Subject: Doc...Hovering Like Helicopter...Oh Yeah, And Kalie Machado > Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 23:41:21 -0300 > > > Doc... > > Who the heck is he (or she) that he hovers like a helicopter? Really, what's his gig? > > Adnan... > > I do think he may have the earthquake. I'm guessing it's the reason he got stabbed (if he got stabbed at all). > > Do you remember that night that he and Brit were running through that restaurant, knocking chairs over? Who was he running from? And why did he look so freaked out? I know that the other paps were really heckling him, but he seemed to be running from someone in particular?? > > Also...When he sprung Brit from the hospital during the 5150 (the first one? or second?) when she was wearing the yellow and brown fedora and the purple dress...And he took her straight to a hotel to meet with Grossman and her lawyer, against the Conservator's wishes...Was he just accompanying her, or was he trying to get her away from the Conservators?? > > Flash back to a year before... > > Kalie Machado...This looks like her on January 26th: > > https://x17online.com/celebrities/britney_spears/is_britney_coming_back_from_her_comeback-01262007.php#more > > vs. > > https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2007/10/kalie-machado-britney-spears-needs-mental-help/ > > I don't know what the relevance is, but wasn't Brit with Allie by the time she went to visit the criminal lawyer? She is by the time she leaves Rehab on February 28th, after the head shaving incident: > > https://x17online.com/celebrities/britney_spears/x17_xclusive_britney_leaves_rehab-02282007.php#more > > I don't know what I'm trying to get at here... > > What am I trying to get at?? > > So what dates was Brit in Miami? And was she with Allie or Kalie? I'm thinkin' Allie... > > > > RE: small details and oh snap!‏‏ > From: xxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com > Sent: September 17, 2008 3:37:43 PM > To: Steel Magnolia (steel_magnoliaXX@live.com) > > Please excuse if you are getting duplicate emails from me...my MSN mailman must be on the vodka today. > > I don't know if Naff is blood-related to Mama Viper or not, but I would think certainly, their paths have crossed. > Lynne makes a point of saying that she feels the family has been treated unfairly (waah!!) by all magazines except People. > > Back to EA. She says the end- all- deal- breaker that lost custody for Brit was: > The security tape turned into the court and a quantity of photographs that apparently showed Brit's mothering skills in an unflattering light. > > Somewhere.....I can not remember and I can not find any reference to it. Someone(??) told me there was either footage or photo of Britt drinking vodka, stoned or drunk out of her mind, while breastfeeding Jayden. Or maybe pregnant with Jayden?? > Do you remember anything like that? I'm sure I didn't hallucinate it, I just can't remember where I read it. > > Ok, so that's EA's earthquake. MT's eathquake, we assume is video tape or photograph also?? > Just for fun, let's assume the 2 are connected. > > What would be on MT's videotape that might disprove Fat Tony's video tape?? > > I've always felt like either Sam or Adnan had the eathquake. > Just b/c they're "outsiders" of the family. > Then I learned about Ian (who btw is reviewing LS' book on his website this wk, should be interesting) > Now I know this Bret chick has been around, they had security @ her house, which really changes EVERYTHING > (in terms of what dastardly deeds Sam was able to pull off) > and Brit's maid is a spy! > > so..........yeah. I'm taking Sam off the suspect list. > I hope he was paid well for his ruined life. > So I guess Adnan is #1 suspect for eathquake material. > I kinda get the feeling Ian Halperin is a big old faker, but I guess we'll have to wait and see....... > I think he may be taking credit for someone's else's work. Maybe even, at that person's request...... > What do ya think?
  5. Doc, Miami and Nose Candy xxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com Thu 2008-09-18 11:56 PM To: Steel Magnolia Well now we need to figure out who did it. If it's Larry Rudolph, I would not be at all surprised. In fact, did you see a recent pic of them where's he's kissing JJ on the face. They looked like a family portrait. > From: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com > To: xxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com > Subject: RE: Doc, Miami and Nose Candy > Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 00:49:13 -0300 > > > Weird how the rest of it actually turned out to be true!! > > > Britney Spears was ***ually assaulted in February, claims National Enquirer > Tuesday May 8th, 2007 at 4:14 pm by Lucy > > The National Enquirer is claiming that Britney Spears was ***ually assaulted in Florida, just days before shaving her head in February. > > The publication is reporting that Britney was attacked while in Miami during the week leading up to her head shaving. A source told the tabloid that the attacker was known to Britney and attempted to have s** with her. > > The magazine doesn’t give specific details on when the incident took place but Britney passed through Miami twice that week - on her way to and from a momentary stay in the Crossroads rehab clinic in Antigua. > > The source added that Britney is still suffering from depression and anxiety but has stopped taking her medication, and is now talking in “strange voices” and refusing to wear clothes around her house. > > Britney’s spokesperson has denied an assault took place. > > https://fametastic.co.uk/archive/20070508/5965/britney-spears-was-***ually-assault-in-february-claims-national-enquirer/
  6. "Offering me a job come January." That was Adnan's friend, Mark Twain, trying to talk me into delivering the phone to Britney. I didn't take the bait and they ended up going with Christina Lutfi.
  7. Did you notice this? I wonder if that's true? Threatening Britney with a stay in a mental health facility seems to be a favourite tactic with them.
  8. So even back in 2008, I was asking if Larry was responsible for the financials for Britney Touring Inc...Implying that he set up a new LLC to divert money away from Johnny Wright. We caught on to that right away! If he was doing that, what else was he doing?
  9. RE: From: xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com Mon 2008-06-23 4:39 PM To: Steel Magnolia I actually have tried to do that......the clues from start to finish it's very confusing without commentary from others because his replies to others usually turned into a clue same with his "personal" posts he may not consider himself part of the story but I think it's paramount to figure out who he is I don't want to help bad guys!!!! but I'll try this and see what turns up. I'm off for now for re-charging. That means a nap and dinner. I may talk to you tonight, I thought I might hit X & see if there's any humans left there. From: steel_magnoliaxx@live.com To: xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com Subject: Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 17:07:51 -0300 Well, MT did say she was filing in part because she was pissed that she didn't get a cut of the $1.7 million that Splash made off of it. He also said she was filing because she wanted to distance herself from what they did - that it was more about saving face in terms of her career. As for why MT leaves these clues at JFX of all places...This is why Style COULD be right about this. Maybe there isn't really an earthquake to report (or the earthquake IS the lawsuit). If MT is wanting to expose Jane Doe (e.g. because he's a defendant), then might he be breaking a law of any sort by naming her outright? Style suggested we go back to his first clues, before this latest round of clues and before the whole mention of the "Punyman." She said to look at his clues in order, without reading the commentary of the other folks. I haven't had a chance to do this...But do you recall off-hand when the "PunyMan" first got connected to "Jane Doe"? RE: Splash‏ From: xxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com Sent: June 23, 2008 3:29:07 PM To: Steel Magnolia (steel_magnoliaXX@live.com) Here's the thing I have always struggled with........... If Twain has any info what-so-to-the-freakin-ever that is of life changing importance to anyone.......why does he go speak anon at blog with very low traffic? Why doesn't he report it to...whomever, the D. A., LAPD, the Times, TMZ, anon or not. Wouldn't that be more expeditious than talking in Harry Potter-ese?? Is he a ball-less wonder? Maybe he just liked the attention?? ok, now I feel better after my min rant. You know I have never in my life believed much in coincidence. So to me, MT may or may not be Ian. But the earthquake will definitely be featuring Ian and maybe the Splash thing as well...just because of the timing of all things coming together at once. I've ordered one of Ian's other books, maybe he will dedicate it Mark Twain or something....yeah. And for what it's worth.........my son's girlfriend is pre-law, she said about this splash suit.......the plaintiff failed to provide much info........ for example, she's suing for damages, but makes no claim for what damages she's suffered. so it should say....... "so traumatized I was unable to accept assignments for 2 weeks" cost to me $10,000 "had to see the Dr. 3x" cost to me $800.00 there she be an itemized list of things she is able to prove she needs to be compensated for. did that make any sense at all?? of course, I don't really guess we know if we have ALL the court documents...... and this girl is PRE law, so we're keeping the Splash lawsuit in for now.
  10. From: XXXXXXXXXX <xxxxxxxxx@msn.com> Tue 2008-12-09 1:19 PM To: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com I just wonder since it seems all roads lead to Larry ........... she signed a 5 yr contract with him when she divorced Kfed.........then fired him he either sued or her or she continued paying him so he wouldn't sue her....... Dymtrow =Larry puppet ???? I just assumed he would be her 1st choice of mgr, maybe not. It would be interesting to know why Jamie thinks so highly of him......... I don't think Brit's 100% villian, but I don't think she's 100% victim either. ....Somewhere in the middle....... I believe she lost custody of her kids thru her own stupidity. BUT she'll never get custody back because of the Spears. When MT talks about the earthquake that never happened, what do you think he was talking about? .....I think I have a new theory about Sam......... From: steel_magnoliaXX@live.com To: xxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com Subject: RE: cookie jars‏ Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 13:27:29 -0400 Sorry, I thought the thing with Pa controlling BTI might have slipped by you...It DID, after all, slip by Style, who we all know is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much smarter than us. ;) Okay... Larry... I always thought it was odd how he came back in and disappeared and came back in and disappeared. And that Pa publicly backed him up in April 2007. (If I was Brit, I would have been LIVID. But I don't know...I tend to waffle between Brit being a child-abusing drug addict, exactly as EA claimed, and Brit being a complete victim of Lou Taylor and her media spin. The truth is probably half-way in between...) I see where you're going with this...maybe... You mentioned in your last e-mail that Larry used to work for Wright. And we know that Larry re-appeared in December 2006...Around the time that Wright stopped getting paid, and was no longer able to obtain financials audits from BTI. Hmmm...Do you think Larry, being a lawyer, has set something up for himself...?? RE: cookie jars‏ From: XXXXXXXXX (xxxxxxxxxx@msn.com) Sent:December 9, 2008 12:14:38 PM To:steel_magnoliaXX@live.com It aint the cookie monster that's controlling Bryan Spears.....it's his PA!! Of course he's in charge, the point I was trying to make 1. apparently she could not pay her bill w/o funds from sjb account which could really change the nature of things that follow. you ever hear of Larry Rudolph suing Brit for breach of contract.....after any of his firings??
  11. Earthquake = A clue left by MT k.i.s.s.i.n.g = A clue left by MT Ian = Ian Halperin
  12. From: XXXXXX@hotmail.com Mon 2008-06-23 12:58 PM To: Steel Magnolia ...I don't think I could make the final determination based on the little clip of Ian I saw last night. He really struck me as a d-bag. and MT did not, but saying why I think I "know" MT is difficult because obviously I don't. Impossible even to say which of his posts are true, because I don't know when's he's "in character" or not. I would think if Ian is not MT, he is still the earthquake MT is talking about. Who is Lynne Spears k.i.s.s.i.n.g? Twain's 1st few posts in defense of paps. There was one where he called Britney posts garbage...heh. p.s. Britney's alleged drug dealer is contributing to the book. That'll be unimpeachable, I'm sure.<eye roll> and 2 suicide attempts AFTER she lost custody (via Ian) you may can download this show off Fox News, I know you could if it were CNN Fox is pepaw news. I'll go look for you
  13. MT = Mark Twain A pseudonym for one of the members of JFXOnline who was friends with Adnan Ghalib. Twain liked to leave "clues" for the other members of JFX to solve. ... JFX = A competitor to X17, TMZ and Final Pixx ... Jane Does = A clue left by MT; The people behind the conservatorship ... Punyman = A clue left by MT Punywoman = A clue left by MT
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