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  1. I find it strange that Lutfi's first instinct is to keep the conservatorship going vs. filing to terminate...Especially considering his first attempt back in February 2008 with Jon Eardley was supposedly to "free" her. And further, to offer Lynne money to keep it going vs. filing to terminate? Strange. If he's working on his own...What's in it for him? And why does he think Lynne would actually accept his presence in her life? I think you're right that there's definitely something going on that we don't know about...and Lutfi seems to be in on that. If that's the case...Why is he in on it? It's all so bizarre.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to go over the details and read between the lines! Sometimes what is not said tells more of a story than what is said...Hopefully one day Britney has a chance to tell her story in her own words so we no longer have to guess.
  3. She's was only referring to the specific shot when she yelled that at David — they re-filmed it without the grinding dancers, and that's what showed up in the cut that we all saw.
  4. I'd like to know what the laws are around this. Yes, Ingham appears to have broken the law in February of 2008 when he made his initial determination...But has he continued to do that? Does the law allow for her court-appointed attorney to continue to make those determinations against a medical evaluation performed by a doctor? Probably not.
  5. Because she did like it while it was being filmed. Something clearly happened after filming completed — either she didn't like the final edit, or...she didn't like the final edit? That is, if it was actually Britney who didn't like the final edit...It's quite possible they're blaming it on her when it wasn't her decision at all.
  6. You've already said it yourself. But Jamie has done something completely different. Over the past 12 years he has created a number of new corporations with himself as President and Andrew Wallet as Treasurer. Then he has run those corporations as if he owns them, without any fiduciary duty to Britney. Example: Atara Tours, LLC was created as a means to deliver Britney onto the stage during her Vegas residencies. When Britney pulled out of the Domination residency, there was sure to be some financial fallout for breaking the contract with MGM. What was it? We don't know, but while Britney was still in the mental health facility in early 2019, Jamie went ahead and changed the name on Atara Tours — he removed his name, and replaced it with Britney's name as the President. He didn't do this with any of the other LLC's — only Atara Tours. What financial ramifications will that have for Britney? Will Britney personally now owe MGM or the insurance company millions of dollars? Why should she lose millions, when it was Jamie's signature on the contract and his personal company, Atara Tours, was taking responsibility for delivering her onto the stage? Do you see what I'm getting at? This is far more complicated than it seems at first glance. It could be why Britney's net worth is so low, and where that "missing" $600-million may have gone. Jamie has not necessarily been running things on the "up and up." It's going to take a financial audit to figure it all out. What if the financial audit turns up criminal activity? It's going to get messy, and drag on for years to come. EDIT: Atara Tours, LLC grew out of this arrangement, which was brokered prior to the FF tour: https://www.tmz.com/2011/09/27/britney-spears-dad-jamie-spears-larry-rudolph-manager-conservator-tour-manager-seven-figure-deal-femme-fatale-tour/ Jamie personally pockets millions whenever Britney performs...So if he's going to take the risk on promising to deliver her onto the stage, why should he not take the risk if she fails to show up?
  7. Those are the exact same powers that James had. I just viewed his document not that long ago, and it looks the same. So it's just transferring control from one person to the other without making any changes. In terms of the "capacity" issue, again, I think that's Ingham just feeding James back his own bull****. James was trying to get Britney to attend hearings — presumably so he could look at her face-to-face and "wear her down" emotionally by forcing her to look him in the eye. I presumed Ingham was getting around that by playing the "capacity" card. So in this case, it was for Britney's own benefit to say she lacked capacity.
  8. 1. Everyone is assuming she has already passed a medical evaluation. As Vivian Thoreen has stated, the burden is on Britney to prove to the court that she is capable...What if she cannot pass an evaluation until her "trigger" is permanently removed from her life? 2. We also can't be confident that we're not removing her agency by automatically assuming she isn't capable of knowing what she wants. 3. I view her silence as a legal strategy when it comes to James — he would not allow her to speak freely for 12 years, so Ingham is simply feeding his own tactics straight back to him. He implied this in one of the court documents.
  9. Well, to be fair to Britney, who would like that trimmed down mess that was leaked? It was terrible. I'm sure the original video had a complete storyline that actually made sense...Hopefully we get to see it one day!
  10. Meh, that's nothing. I think she's just referring to that specific shot. If you watch the cut of the video that was released later on, you can see it's just her and Austin in the backhoe together — no dancers grinding on the top of the backhoe. I'm pretty sure it was the grinding dancers that she was referring to, because they took her advice and re-shot the scene without them.
  11. Let's not forget the surveillance cameras in the house...another hint that she was constantly being "watched." And I'm sure there are lots of other hints that the video was about the conservatorship, if we were to all go back and watch it again. Remember, at the time the original MM video was filmed, Jamie was in Nashville with Jamie Lynn...It was Bryan who was by her side in Vegas during this time period. She had much more creative freedom at the beginning of the Glory era. Videos are planned out to the second prior to filming, including a script, storyboards, and pre-viz if there's going to be any special F/X (e.g. whatever was going to be playing on the television when it was thrown in the pool)...It's highly unlikely she'd suddenly dislike the video once they got to the edit stage.
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