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  1. It’s because of the prenup comments. They are a ******* bummer to read when you should be celebrating. I’m glad she’s on a socials break.
  2. Honestly… I would be upset too. It is rude and insensitive. It insults her intelligence and also just shows that her fans think he’s out for her money or that the relationship will end. Why can’t we positive and just wish her congratulations on something she made clear in her testimony that she wanted… I hope she stays off for a few weeks at least and enjoys her time with her fiancé and getting ready for her big court date.
  3. She’s finally able to ride in his car Britney is so close to freedom and it’s evident now!
  4. Jamie can watch the wedding on TV in the prison cafeteria. Lynne is invited but was given a backrow seat by the trash. Britney’s bridesmaids are Felicia, Paris Hilton, and Tinasha. Jamie Lynn is removed by security and placed on a psychiatric hold after trying to push her way into the wedding. Britney and Sam wed and honeymoon in Italy now that Britney is finally able to vacation out of the country. The end.
  5. Maybe it’s better she ditch the Spears from now on since her family might as well be dead to her
  7. Ok? Papz aren’t nearly as crazy and invasive as they were 14 years ago. Besides, these vultures like Sam Lutfi will only be allowed in if Britney allows it and I doubt she went through this entire hell of a situation to repeat the same mistakes of her past. Anyway, I hope Britney leaves California for good.
  8. He’s probably doing this to avoid an investigation that will happen regardless… what a du*****.
  9. OMG OMG OMG IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING I am hesitant to believe this because I don’t trust her scummy father but omg if this is really happening, I’m so SO SO happy for her. Britney will be FREE???? I CANT EVEN PROCESS
  10. This hit me again today. Girls Aloud will never be the same. I’m so sad Every woman in GA mattered and brought so much to the table ugh ;(
  11. Terrible news… Girls Aloud remain my favorite girl group of all time and this is absolutely devastating to hear. I hope the rest of the girls are doing okay. RIP Sarah.
  12. Janet Jackson Right… I mean maybe the Queen of R&B but Madonna has her title locked in. And Justin Bieber… please… what songs will stand the test of time from the Beebz??? Yummy???
  13. I know enough She’s done many procedures on her face so clearly she wants people talking about it It’s off, it doesn’t look good It is what it is.
  14. Sorry, I don’t care for Little Mix (I’m more of a Girls Aloud stan - aka I have taste) and there’s something so off with her appearance… like I’m sure she has some form of body dysmorphia. She just comes off a little obnxious too. I’m gonna pass.
  15. Where is the investigation on Jamie Spears or Lou Taylor or this abusive conservatorship??? Mathew Rosengart seems to be the only one putting in the time !!!!! This whole thing is completely outrageous and maddening. I have spent time away from Exhale because I cannot deal. This makes me sick the way they are damaging Britney and her mental.
  16. Because the LA courts are CORRUPT These conservatorship and probate law stuff are ****ED. As long as those lawyers are making a massive profit off of her, it’s going to be a while before anything changes. And unfortunately Britney did not speak under oath and it wasn’t an actual testimony so I don’t believe the judge can do much ? Correct me if I’m wrong. It makes no sense that Britney said the same thing in 2019… and 2014 and nothinf has been done. They are allowing this abuse to continue and they are all complicit.
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