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  1. Thank you! I never did it for any reason other than to see justice served. Although... I've been producing a documentary about a different super controversial subject for the entire 13 years...So if you wanna put in a good word for me with Liz Garbus and the gang, I'd take it!
  2. YAS! Congratulations, Jordan! You definitely belong there...A sure sign to me that this team of filmmakers know what they're doing.
  3. LMAO! As if the filmmakers are making money off of these docs. Believe me...There is no money in documentary filmmaking. If anything, Netflix profits...It's a Netflix-commissioned doc, so there's no way for the filmmakers to make anything other than the industry-standard fees that were stipulated in their contracts.
  4. Do you happen to have the transcript of the testimony from June 23rd? I'm looking for Ingham's response to Britney's testimony, specifically...As well as Judge Penny's response. Also... LFB are back on the Gram...They re-appeared the same day that Britney herself re-appeared.
  5. Have you seen "The Keepers" on Netflix?! It's along the same vein...It's about a very delicate subject matter, but is handled with such tremendous empathy. I'm hoping "Britney vs. Spears" has the same tone.
  6. I haven't seen that one, but I did see "There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane." So good! I've been wanting to direct a doc on Britney's story since 2007...So I'm really chomping at the bit to see what this filmmaking team does with this content!
  7. The production team on this doc is stacked. Liz Garbus as a producer? This doc is going to be one for the filmmakers out there...The NY Times doc was good, but this one should be just as good or better. With this one, there's going to be craft.
  8. I really hope they go in on two people... Sam Lutfi Bryan Spears They're the two most mysterious characters in this story.
  9. I've been telling ya'll to relax about this Netflix doc. Netflix makes the best true crime stories out there. And this is true crime.
  10. Liz Garbus is a producer on the Netflix doc?! Check out her IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0305017/ There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane was brilliant!
  11. Something to keep in mind, folks... The best true crime docs keep you guessing until the very end. It's quite possible that the doc is cut a certain way to portray Jamie and the gang as saviours...But then 3/4 of the way through it may turn on them. True crime is supposed to pull the rug out from underneath all of us...The magic happens in the editing room.
  12. A reminder... The NY Times documentary was made prior to Rosengart. The Netflix documentary is being made after Rosengart. Get ready for some truth bombs.
  13. Netflix makes the best true crime documentaries in the business. I can't wait! P.S. This one better go in hard on Sam Lutfi...Expose him as the good guy, or expose him as the bad guy. Just expose the mother effer.
  14. But that's what I'm saying. The public was never able to hear Britney speak before June...It happened in 2018, but we didn't know it. And as Britney said, everything just went on as usual, which made her feel "dead inside." It was the public statement that caused the turn of events...Ingham was fully supportive of the public statement, was he not? Wasn't he the one who announced it was going to happen? So why would Ingham suddenly support a public statement when he didn't before? Why would he want Jamie ousted? You think he wanted it all to continue, but with Jodi in Jamie's place?
  15. Could be. But see what you're saying? Ingham had control over the situation...But didn't allow it to happen until June 23rd. Why did he suddenly allow it to happen when it had never happened in the 13 years before?
  16. Because Ingham wasn't in it to help Britney...Ingham was in it to save himself. I'm actually sort of shocked that we haven't seen Ingham's body turn up in a landfill. Allowing Britney to testify in open court the way he did on June 23rd must have made a lot of people really angry with him for unintentionally (or intentionally) effing things up. So. Damn. Badly.
  17. It would sort of explain why Lynne Spears appeared to cozy up to LFB as well. I suspect that Lynne also couldn't let on too much...She had to play both sides so as not to invoke Jamie's wrath. Others on this board have heavily criticized Lynne for wanting to protect Serenity...But why is that a bad thing? Why should Lynne lose the estate that Britney personally bought for her as a gift, and become homeless, just because Jamie has become angry with her? To me, it makes perfect sense for Lynne to play both sides...Especially if it meant securing Rosengart.
  18. Here's my theory... I believe that the fanbase didn't help nearly as much as they thought they did, and that Rosengart was actually on the scene helping to strategize far longer than anyone knows. In order to secure her appearance before the court on June 23rd, Britney had to do some major strategizing. One theory that I've seen mentioned on Twitter (by Katerina Perreault...although she didn't mention his name outright) is that Ingham has actually turned State's evidence in order to avoid jail time. In other words, he "flipped" because he knew the others involved in Team CON were eventually going to be facing criminal charges and he'd end up going down with them if he didn't make a smart decision...This tracks for me. I believe Ingham was actually assisting Britney behind the scenes, but he couldn't admit it outright or else the rest of Team CON would catch on...How else would he actually secure her the opportunity to speak in open court? LFB was clearly part of a narrative that was being seeded on social media by...somebody. Others were also getting their hands on court documents as well. None of us suspected that Rosengart was in the background, working behind the scenes at the time...But looking back, Britney's movements have been very strategic going back to 2018. I suspect she was receiving his legal advice far longer than we know. Britney either completely hoodwinked Ingham in the end...Or Ingham was secretly onside with her, working to line everything up for Rosengart (so that Ingham could save himself). And LFB was a part of that.
  19. I feel the same. I did appreciate Meaner's work because the research stood up and was reliable...I know others accused him/her of being too close to LFB, but to be honest, some things LFB posted were accurate. Things often got way too one-sided, and didn't always reflect how things were going within the actual court system...And if I pointed it out, I was accused of being "pro-Team CON" or "pro-LFB." It will be nice to watch Rosengart's work unfold...I can't wait to see which of these Twitter experts end up actually being accurate in their work.
  20. I noticed that Meaner hasn't posted on Instagram or Twitter since July 23rd. That was eight weeks ago. Why the sudden disappearance?
  21. This. I don't think it's unethical per se, but it's stepping on Rosengart's toes and is just sort of rude. lol.
  22. This is very poor form if she hasn't co-ordinated this with Rosengart. Did I see on Twitter that she was also doing a fundraiser? Or filing to terminate herself? That was about a week ago. I remember cringing when I saw it.
  23. I wonder if they're doing a hand-off from CrowdSurf to a new LLC owned solely by Britney? At some point they need to force Jamie to let go of all of her corporations. I have a feeling Rosengart is pushing this behind the scenes.
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