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  1. Which is interesting. That happened many times whenever someone suggested things were off, her dad was a prick or she was unhappy. Any valid question was and still is taken as a bitter attempt to "destroy" her happiness. "OMG, can't you see she is so happy!" "leave her alone, looser" "why don't you just feel happy for her joy? " Meanwhile, she was enslaved, abused and exploited. Lol, these statements get a total new level of idiotic with all that has been revealed. More surprising is the fact that, no matter how much dirt is unearthed, some fans remain in that same mentality.
  2. "A situation that would not look good for her" sounds like such bull.
  3. In general, this is proof that people fall for whatever looks appealing. Not only were there fans of this criminal (that is what he is) but earlier today people said he looked "nice". Like, seriously, why do individuals think that criminals have a "look". Check case of the month, Gaby Petito's boyfriend on the pictures with her. He also looks super nice, they look so happy. Like, seriously, do we live in a different world where murderers and ****ty people can't be **** or appear hugging and smiling? I dunno.
  4. I have a question. How was it that Britney's best friends, supporters, boyfriends were kicked out and alienated without even letting her know anything or have the slightest say, how could people trying to help her were immediately removed, how was she even spied in the most private aspects of her life (I bet those monsters have videos of her in ***ual situations. Rotten to the core) but this guy was allowed in her life for 5 years being an "enemy" to the business they were running? Did these freaking psychos finally decide to let her have true love? Ok, ok, maybe it is that. They started caring about her feelings and well being after the Slumber Party video and saw he is the real deal and said, let's allow her to be happy with the next Robert DeNiro Hollywood has been waiting for. Duh, obviously!
  5. Which sadly, raises more questions about how someone who "truly cares for Britney" has been allowed to be so close to her for 5 years, while true friends, people with an earnest interest in helping her, were kicked out. Slightly disturbing picture.
  6. Mmm, ok. I will keep it short. 1. He has a point, but a very naive one. Yes, they are profiting, yes they are exploiting her story and pain, but welcome to Hollywood! People rarely do things honestly, they leech and profit. They exploit. So, for Mr Sam, who clearly wants to belong to Hollywood sooooo desperately, it's somewhat headscratching to say this. 2. Did the documentaries impact her situation pushing for her freedom? Absolutely. Yes, fans did awesome things, but nobody out of the fandom truly cared or even knew. Many people saw her as a has been, because people tend to do that with whatever is not being pandered to them. The docs gave the movement the public validation it deserved. 3. I dont know him as a person, so can't really say a word. As i have mentioned before, I hope he is awesome. All i know for sure is that there is enough evidence to understand he didn't arrive into Britney's life and more importantly, he didn't stay in it for so long without going through the tentacles of the conservatorship, which for me, sets an awful, awful precedent. Also, the connection between that Gaga's manager and Lou is extremely sus, unless all of a sudden we assume Lou is good and Jesus changed her. But, that is all. Maybe the dude ended up being super amazing in spite of his yucky friendships.
  7. So, there is this thing called freedom and opinion. I don't think there is anything wrong with liking or disliking something. I see ppl getting offended by this post. I see ppl getting frsutrated at her posting those videos. Why? I mean, I get it, fandom is, in the mind of the fan, an unconscious belonging and an ownership of the object of adoration, but thing is she is a person, not an object. Now, this level of adoration some fans expect from other fans is absurd. Just because someone has it and someone doesn't have that infatuation with all she does, doesn't make you a hater. Having said that, I have to disagree about these videos necessarily making her look crazy. They are unusual, they are not glamorous and they definitely don't show a skilled dancer or an elaborate choreo, does this automatically turn them into proof of instability? No. Some like them, some don't, as with everything else. If someone has posted things to affect her image throughout the conservatorship years, we don't know, but seems very likely, at least at some point in time. Thing is, right now we don't know much else and so far, she seems to enjoy spending time creating those things for IG. And yes, many people mock her and call her crazy for those videos, because people have opinions and some are respectful and some are not. People also mock Adele for having lost weight, and Taylor Swift for her former boyfriends and Gaga for being Gaga and their neighbor for wearing skirts. It's part of the business and the world. I have to say, I personally don't like the videos, I find them dull and I would not post something like that, but I am me and Britney is her own person and how counter-intuitive would it be for me to censor someone else? SomeoneI have been claiming to wish freedom for. Does it affect her brand? Mmm depends, the 20 something untouchable hottie that was her brand 20 years ago, maybe, but who knows what her brand will be or if she even cares about that. My only curiousity regarding that is that there is a real contradiction between her wanting to be left alone and private and yet, stirring the pot of social media. Contradictory approach to privacy, but condistent with how she has always handled it. She would say she wanted to vanish with Kevin, but she recorded Chaotic. She wanted to be left alone but would go to some paparazzi infested areas in LA. Maybe she struggles with wanting to be private, but not knowing how to not need otherss' gaze. After all, from a young age she was pushed and forced to be constantly "on" to be seen. That ain't easy to defeat. Who knows.
  8. If that is the case, definitley you have a right to voice your complaints, you are paying for a service and if they don't comply with wjatever was offered, bye. Hope you find a solution, cause if I were paying, I would definitely be super upset.
  9. Mostly this. I, honestly, don't even follow Britney on Instagram and I come here just to have fun randomly and burn some time. I appreciate reading some comments and of course appreciate the diversity of opinions, but I am not the kind of person who dies of excitement because Britney, an angel or any of the psychos who control(led) her life and continue doing so, post the 20th part of a video recorded today or 2 years ago. I don't even like the videos, 8 out of 10 times, I dont comment or eveb watch some of them at all. I want her to be healthy and happy, but I am not consumed with dissecting her every blink, nor do I feel blessed because a gazillion selfies appear. I wish monitoring her social media earned me a dollar or happiness, but nope. I think, for the most part @PokemonSpearswrote a very clear, logical and agreeable message. His approach is reasonable and straightforward and I totally understand his points. The only thing that I probably don't agree with, is the approach of other intolerant individuals who are rude and close minded, but if they are upset with whatever in their lives and this is their way to find meaning or relevance, so be it. At the end of the day it is a silly subject and nobody's life is truly altered because you believe or say whatever about the social media of a woman who no one here has a relationship with. She doesn't care and people with fulfilling lives shouldn't either. When you come to a community like this (I will speak for myself) you expect dialogue and diversity, and its totally fine if someone decides to ban those who disagree. Fortunately nothing going on here is truly of transcendence. I would just say, it's all in the attitude and openness. There is a thread for that? Fine, no problem. But can you be respectful when saying that or do ypu have to act as if you were saving immigrants through a government deal and not just moderating silly posts in a popstar's forum? when a tiny person with a massive ego treats others like ****, that is totally contradictory to the "values" promoted for the community, and treating ppl disrespectfully should never be excused, but it happens nonetheless. The indignation of any of both sides is truly, very stupid and insignificant and the great news is that no lives will be affected. Not a single thing in the world will be changed.
  10. It's too soon to tell, little information to come up with precise ideas, but the very fact that you find it annoying, speaks volumes, because if one of the members of a partnership is not having it, speaks about it and his requests are ignored, it is not positive at all. This could be many things, from an extreme physical infatuation, an immature individual, a lack on your part to establish boundaries clearly, to a personality disorder on his part, slowly coming to life before your eyes. If you establish boundaries and he doesn't respect them, it's a red flag. A huge one. So, my advice is, observe and slowly decide if you can go on with this or if you rather find options, from going to therapy together to saying bye bye. And trust yourself, if something doesn't work for you, don't take it, no matter how others might tell you it is "cool" or "normal". Normalcy is relative. What matters is your level of wellbeing and comfort regarding a situation. Nobody is you and they will never have the full picture. The questuion is not "is this normal?", but "do I want this? And why?"
  11. He definitely has a personality disorder. As you state it, it wasn't just Britney, he was mean to everyone and totally obsessed with fame. I have to say, I was one who somewhat gave him the benefit of the doubt recently. But it wasn't a second when I saw him now he mocks deaths of people because they are unvax. I mean, whetjer you agree with the vax or not, the fact that you make your website a place to laugh at people's tragedies is despicable. He is the same bully ****, now he is just more of a hypocrite
  12. Finally someone is paying attention. This should not stop when Britney is free, because thousands of victims without fans are suffering and being abused.
  13. I think her reasons to choose one or the other are unknown by the public. All I know is she can't re record Reputation until 2022, for legal reasons. Other than that, it's her choice. Regarding the song, it's Lana del Rey a 100%. Haha Taylor is at her best when she interprets Lana. Joke aside, is she trying to sound exactly like her? And that streaming record, @Prachi I don't get it. Are they saying she broke her own record?
  14. Making fun of female pain? People seriously get offended with anything. Back in the 80s they would torch a singer for suggesting a crush on a saint. Now, "making fun of female pain" haha lol. There are better things to be offended by. For real.
  15. This is a terrible, terrible idea. I mean, almost as bad as Blockbuster not buying Netflix in the early two thousands. Haha! Isn't Jason Derulo the one who thought CATS would change the world? https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/jason-derulo-cats-movie-rum-tum-tugger-review-tiktok-a9670386.html
  16. I totally agree with you, this is not a music channel anymore and the generations have changed. I hear you about the lackluster performances, @Rik but I really don't think that is all. 17 year olds don't care about Janet or Britney the way their core fan bases did back when and do. I think these channels aiming to attract young people's viewership need to rebrand themselves. As @PokemonSpears said, these people just have a totally different mindset, different interests and mentalities. They binge watch only what they care about, without having to deal with anything that they dont like, enjoy or care about. The experience is totally individualized. Even I, not being a teenager, but in my twenties, rather catch a performance online than sitting through the whole thing. Also, most of these new "big time celebrities" have different selling points than those of the early two thousands. I just think things have unavoidably changed and some entities are struggling to realize that.
  17. Anybody who slightly cares about VMAs is not the "let's sit down for 2 hours and watch an award show with ads and ppl I dont care about" type. MTV should migrate to Tik Tok and just upload snippets hahaha.
  18. oh da Suz? Hahahaah she is more or less a scammer. More more than less. Seriously, tv can brainwash us at any time. Here you go, for the uninformed: Suze Orman Sued For Fraud (forbes.com) Oh and also, she preys on people´s ignorance "don´t ya spend on da coffeeeeeee". Ok! Suze Orman and the Scam of the Personal Finance Industry | GQ I am ....surprised that someone is a fan of the woman? She is .....well, she is.
  19. Were some people just born yesterday? Some get so triggered for social media being social media! Somehow, some fans want everyone to be respectful and celebratory. You, guys, people sometimes are awful or inappropriate, this was, is and will always be the case, until an asteroid comes and takes us all out, let's get over it. How dare they mention a prenup? Well, whatever, that is the dynamic of social media, so be it. I do agree there is a bit of weight to the claim, but well, it's her prerogative to do whatever the heck she wants. Deleting her IG for a while, if you ask me, is the healthiest thing ever, (if it was her who did it) cause I perceived her being a tad bit too focused on people's opinions. People say she is used to the backlash, but she still gets affected by paparazzi photos showing her "belly", if not, why is she constantly adressi g haters? When you dont care, you dont care. She was bothered by the "double chin" or people "talking ****",very human to be bothered but well, welcome to planet Earth, where many humans can be ****. Not everyone will approve, not everyone will enjoy or celebrate and when you play the social media/fame game, you should be ready for crap. I think, if she really cares so much about people's comments or paparazzi photos, this is the best for her mental and emotional health, because if anyone expects people on IG to be prudent and sensitive, grab a good chair and sit patiently. About Octavia, it was out of place, but this Maci dude is absolutely abgry with life and he is inbiting people to troll a woman who if anything, was just an idiot. People seem to forget the nature of this planet.
  20. Indeed. I get the need for ads but man, is it a bad mobile experience.
  21. They are carvon copies. She is talented but sooooo boring and old. Why be Beyoncé if there is one already? Talent is important, but almost nothing compared to vision. Imagine if Prince said, ghee, I wanna be the new.... Insert name. Just no. He and everyone who is legendary brings something else.
  22. I agree. I think she constantly talked about taking a 6 month to a year break when she was done with DWAD tour. Actually, she mentioned that at the end of "Stages, 3 days in México", if I remember correctly. And that is when she was pushed with no mercy. She was in the recording studio like 2 months after this. A few months later, the wedding annulment and it quickly came down to her constantly mentioning that she would take a break that never happened in the midst of another album, another tour. It was like sje wanted out with her knee, with Kevin, her babies and the only answer was nop.
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