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  1. They drugged her bad at a time. No wonder she is no longer same Britney. Conservator literally can do anything with your meds and u can't do anything. I felt sorry for Britney in ff and xfactor-it is obvious she needed time off not these luxury deals she couldn't deliever bc of that meds and the way they treated her.
  2. That outfit reminds me her genie in a bottle era. Really nice choice. Looking forward to see performances in hq
  3. Yes tell us about those exorcizms u did to poor girls. World needs to know that ur (Britney)finances go to.
  4. Why r they keep saying she is about to talk for the 1st time?!She was present on court and approached 1st time last year then she was out of the facility they put her in. She asked media to leave that time too. So nothing new for me for netflix
  5. Mario Lopez having all grown up daughter is like omg. Nice cover. Duet with Britney?
  6. Tricks r for kids. U tricky little ****s Stay safe. I like the look btw
  7. These ppl r crazy. So sad Britneys charity was taken away to finance that crazy organization. whatever they do to girls should be investigated so they stop harming young minds and spirits.
  8. They better prepare this time cause last time it didn't work. She already waited for too long if they going to fail her bc of that stupid not working programme then we know they just keep trying to silence her as usual
  9. It was weird yes. He covered his face and it all looked like he was playing with doll not real human being. As much as i like his music i do not think he fully understood that he was doing.
  10. Added songs to pom were do u wanna come over, no seas cortes and clumsy. I think first 2 had a potential to be a single and obviously Britney liked those songs.
  11. That it means ordered to set inactive file. I thought it passed. Wtf
  12. Ur words she doesn't look well sound really harsh to me. And also it can be only ur own perception of her. Ppl jump on conclusions about others really fast. I mean we all can be not well. Doesn't mean we should not have a freedom to live life the way we want.
  13. Nobody knows. Cause sadly that was and is her way.
  14. It is sad that ppl can sell such a personal things without consent or approval of a person who wrote them.
  15. Or maybe she does it for fun while her tean uses it to still sell her s.exy image
  16. 1st photos then video and ofc what a day without rose pic. Every week Thank u , Cassie
  17. Another ceist and deceist letter? Not only they stole 13 years of her life, but also (allegedly) her hard earned money. What else should happen so government and to start doing it's job which is protecting from the abuse. Lou M Taylor needs an investigation.
  18. It was nice. A lot of emotions. I liked them reading and recreating scenes. They really r good actors. Felt sad for Matthew he was barely showed and spoke a little. Him saying i do not get calls from nobody was really sad. He used to be so much fun. And now it is like David and Matt who r funny guys while he is sad man. Costume show was fun but they do not needed major stars for it. They could do it themselv or ask some1 from the show. I liked that they also invited parents of Monica, Richard, and that guy from the other floor-he looked like didn't age at all. I think it is sadly their last together reunion. Cause it is obvious in another 10 years some of them probably will age even more to show up on tv like that
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