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  1. Probably will be on the CNN Go app after it airs, but you need a login from a tv provider. IDK how I'm going to watch it either.
  2. Jordan, you have been saying this for as long as I have! You are totally a very important part of the #FreeBritney movement and I am so glad you are truly being acknowledged more. I didn't post much on this site back then, but I was agreeing and saying the same stuff to anyone who would listen that this conservatorship was corrupt. I am so glad you are getting the credit you deserve. <3
  3. I hope they make her proud instead. As long as they are respectful to her and don't show any of her bad moments in 2007, and exposes all of the corruption I'm here for it. I have high hopes after Felicia is in it and the trailer. I think this is going to continue to get her free! I can't wait to hear from Britney herself in a book, a documentary or a TV tell-all interview. Page 6 could literally be anyone. It could be Jamie Spears for all we know, he's still involved in this right now.
  4. Whatever, Sam. I won't attack my girls man but these docs are GOOD for her situation and freedom. Public pressure is what has been getting the court to finally do something. Britney spoke in 2019, and nothing was done because there was no pressure and there were not as many eyes on this corruption. We fans were called "conspiracy theorists" for years and by Jamie Spears until the NYT doc and public pressure started changing - and after Britney's incredibly brave public testimony. This is good as long as it's pro-Britney and it appears to be. Felicia truly loves Britney and always has and I just hope they are reunited. I do agree that money should be donated to organizations against conservatorship abuse or something. They should not make millions off of this.
  5. The mother Britney always deserved tbh! I am so glad Felicia is continuing to support Britney when her family has done NOTHING.
  6. They won't say anyway. I think they maybe got cut from it or weren't asked or something. I mean they did really get the movement going and should have been in it. Surprising if not.
  7. He blocked me for telling him I would pee on his grave years ago Truth hurts you ugly rat
  8. Who do you think you're talking to? This is the first question I've asked about that. Weirdo.
  9. They better be on the right side of history or I swear to you guys I will be cancelling my subscription. Do not play with my girl!
  10. MJ is a pe**, accept it and move on. This thread isn't the place for that.
  11. She's talking about the Britney's Gram girls, I'm pretty sure. She seems to be friends with them from the rallys and stuff. Not sure why the Gram girls hate it or ELC..
  12. Sounds like they possibly trash us and Britney aka this may actually be Team Con. If so, scrap it. I will literally be cancelling my Netflix subscription if it is one bit. This Erin Lee Carr woman has done NOTHING for the movement. She literally has had no involvement in the moment one bit, all she wants to do is make money off the situation. The Britney's Gram girls and BJ/Surprise Witness have done the work and are amazing and actually care. If they don't like it or ELC, I think we are about to have some issues with this doc. Let's not forget Lou Taylor is friends with someone big at Netflix iirc. Allegedly.
  13. Because we all heard it, she couldn't ignore Britney's pleas like she did in 2019. That is why public outcry is SO important guys! We continue to fight for our girl until she is FREE.
  14. If she doesn't let her free on the 29th she needs to be removed and investigated. I have a very bad feeling (just a feeling!) that Judge Penny may be taking bribes from Jamie and that is why he filed. What if he filed to end the c-ship, and told Judge Penny to not end it. I don't think the Judge would be THAT stupid, but I don't trust Jamie and money talks it seems with these greedy corrupt courts.
  15. I'm so ready!!! I hope this is the end of this horrible, corrupt c-ship. She has proven herself for YEARS. She is NOT what a conservatorship has ever been meant for. It's been corrupt from day 1! I am so excited. I hope she attends in person. I love her so muchhh!
  16. IDK. I think she will come back eventually, but I hope she takes a long time off and enjoys her life and freedom. They took away so much from her.
  17. If Britney never returns that's fine as long as she is free and happy, but I do believe Britney will return for atleast one more album. She is way too creative and loves her job not to. The c-ship killed her dreams, but when she has control again I could see her regaining her love for it all in a few years. Plus she could do things on HER terms, not work that much, etc.
  18. I kind of agree. Amanda really was not well and almost set her dog on fire. She WAS a danger to herself and very sick. Britney was NEVER in the same situation as Amanda EVER. It is completely two different situations and they are not even a little similar other than TMZ reported Sam Lutfi set Amanda up to get in the cship with her parents - which really makes me side eye and wonder if Sam worked with Britney's parents secretly at the time. Just a thought.
  19. Britney gets all our attention first. Britney's situation is VERY corrupt and she has waited going on 14 years. I'll focus on Amanda once Britney's free but she's not free yet and we should not take our foot off those corrupt *******s necks.
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