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  1. Bombed probably. Literally no one cared about it and the videos I remembered seeing, her flop *** literally SAT during Dirrty while her dancers danced
  2. Framing Britney Spears SHOULD win, but it won't. It will go to BTS because their fans have nothing better to do than vote for them and eat cheetos.
  3. She should have this one up and I will stan her. JK. Anyway, I don't see a big deal of this being up. KFed did the photos, sooo. I'm sure she has it up to be creepy and might not even know it KFed because literally who would.
  4. Jive did not try hard at all on JC They pushed Justin and got JC like hardly any promo, and his singles were also not even pushed at radio. They did not care about him at all.
  5. He was my favorite in NSYNC, and he should have been bigger than JT. His album is terrible though and was nothing like the JC that I love. Justin's first single flopped and then he released Cry Me a River which blew up simply because he used Britney to get a hit, and lucky for him the song was catchy (and much better than anything JC released, but that wasn't JC's fault)
  6. You are missing out on so many good songs if all you know is Rumors :rip:
  7. I thought about this and no. I guess money isn't THAT important to me. Britney has got me through some hard times and she was literally my first favorite singer as a child. I can't give up all that!
  8. Someone probably answered this, but Walmart gave out little tickets with Britney on them (I have one somewhere!) and it was like a day where Walmart showed this entire concert all over the TV's at Walmart for like an entire day or something. It was kind of an event, but I remember going and I had nowhere to sit or anything so you were just standing in an aisle watching still iconic though. Britney was massive.
  9. He really needs to find away to help her. He's a lawyer, and he knows how corrupt this all is too. Britney WILL get out of this.
  10. Jordan is ruining his own forum with all these annoying ads. I don't post here as much anymore because it makes my computer slow.
  11. This girl is so stupid. She will be dead the next time she relapses and OD's, and if she's being "California sober" then it will happen. She is an addict and needs to be completely sober. I am done caring about this girl who doesn't care to help herself. She just likes the attention and to try and sell albums (which she can't do either)
  12. THIS IS ALL CORRUPT! Why is Judge Penny not doing ANYTHING? END THIS NOW! Is this Judge being paid off too? How do any of these people sleep? Britney has lost so much of her young years, she is about to be 40 and still in a conservatorship. It is horrible and I could literally cry out of anger for what has happened to her for so many years. I don't know how this was ever possible but I hope and pray Jamie Spears burns in hell with his ho Lou Taylor.
  13. I LOVE Jewel. She is one of my top favorites. This was a good album.
  14. Everytime you start to lose hope, think of how Britney must feel after so many years of this. I am in the same boat as you but we can't give up until our girl is free. Enough of this corruption.
  15. Omg, he needs to go if he can't do his damn job. BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY INGHAM! You don't need anymore money, get her FREE.
  16. Britney Jean really was a garbage album and it ruined her streak of #1's on Billboard. He has ruined everything since this conservatorship. Britney isn't even happy anymore like she use to be, and who would be under these restraints? He is evil.
  17. Her fans will never leave her side, and have been here since Day 1. YOU, Jamie Spears, are what is ruining her brand by continuing to keep your daughter in a conservatorship and not allowing her to have freedom. YOU have tarnished her brand, which is all you seem to care about is her money. Go to hell, you pig.
  18. I would check her official websites multiple times a day when I was a kid and remember ALL of these looks! Her official sites were so iconic as her. I loved the designs and still do. Her official site since the c-ship is garbage and that's not her fault.
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