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Jodi Montgomery responds to Jamie's response in seething fashion: "Ms. Spears wants her father to go, but he won't..."

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I love the fact that they have reasoned every point they've made with 'to terminate the conservatorship'. It shows that they are on Britney's side, it means that they acknowledge the 'capacity' of Britney (unlike those other morons who thought she was incapable). I like where this is going.

But one very curious question 🤔 Britney stopped communicating with her father and the timing matches to Jamie's colon rapture 🤔 Brit mentioned it on her instagram account back then... So... I couldn't help but wonder, was that Britney's way of saying 'F-u-c-k You Jamie!'? 🤭. Because refusing the new residency and not working and not earning money is simply F-ing Jamie.  Well, at least it's my interpretation.

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1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

I mean, we know she's doing all this to at least end this "in good terms" with Britney, and I better take that than nothing. At least she's trying to do something to help her, independently of what she did or didn't do in the past, unlike Ingham who ran away (and he better receive his due punishment) 

She's right in all of her claims, and as she says, at the end of the day, Jamie only responded but didn't object. If Penny doesn't see through all this next hearing, I don't know to what extremes they'll have to go to remove Jamie. 

Yeah and Jodi had nothing to do with why the conservatorship was put in place to begin with and she wasn’t part of the team during the forced stay at a rehab facility. It seems like she should have done more in 2020 but that was a bizarre/challenging year. 

And I’m gonna go ahead and say that trying to work for more rights for Britney was probably difficult when Jamie had to approve anything that cost money and her own lawyer was working against her.

Not saying I really trust Jodi or anything. But I hope she’s better than the others. 




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1 hour ago, The Finn said:

Unless the IUD’s strings were cut too short, one can pull the device out themselves.

Of course it’s not advisable to DIY, but it’s a very simple procedure even if the strings are a bit too short. Any nurse can do it.

I have now my fourth IUD in use so I know what I am talking about. 😀

Here are DIY instructions: https://www.reproductiveaccess.org/resource/contraceptive-pearls-iud-self-removal/


Lol yeah I pulled mine out myself. Someone tell Brit 

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46 minutes ago, KatieKat said:

she wasn’t part of the team during the forced stay at a rehab facility

Except, Jodi was already part of the team during this period, according to docs. She was Brit's care manager since 2018. And in 2019, James himself handpicked Jodi for the role of temporary conservator.

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5 hours ago, Z-dawg said:

Ok, but is she a PROFESSIONAL or not? She sure took the pay checks like one! She did nothing for 2 years, knowing Britney’s suffering through this ordeal! I understand they’re scared, just imagined how scared Britney is! These people are being paid a hell of a lot of money to make Britney’s best interests a PRIORITY and not to be scared! Interestingly now that Britney has spoken out, everyone is scrambling to do what’s best for BRITNEY. The point I was making, was that Jodi might be starting to try and help, but it’s not because she’s a conscientious professional. She’s scared her ***** *** is landing in Jail alongside the rest of the criminals. 

That’s like saying just because she was scared (I don’t know why because she’s lawyered up go eye balls) she chose to turn a blind eye what’s been going on with the finances, being mistreated and abused, and it’s ok because she was scared. Her job (her only job) was to look after Britney and protect her from harm. Due diligence springs to mind. She should have been the whistleblower and not Britney herself! Period.

Sorry, didn’t mean to rant but all this s**thousery and Britney’s time and money they’re wasting, boils my p*** 😒

It really seems like all the people involved with guardianships in the state of California are CORRUPT 

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46 minutes ago, DuranDuran said:

Except, Jodi was already part of the team during this period, according to docs. She was Brit's care manager since 2018. And in 2019, James himself handpicked Jodi for the role of temporary conservator.

Oh yeah I keep forgetting she was a care manager prior to being the conservator of the person. Well ****

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3 hours ago, dfffff said:

Jodi finally realizes how much her *** is on fire and how serious the movement is. The funny thing is that she suddenly became concerned about Britney's happiness.:huh_britney_confused_what_2003_itz_zone_in_the::ohi_okay_chewing_gum_well_welp:

Jodi, it's too late anyway, sooner or later you'll end up in jail.:mhmnod_yes_agree_nodding:

This so much !

Not some of you turning into stans of that Jodi who's a huge part of the conservatorship ! :ban_britney_ff_femme_fatale:

Come on girls, I may accept to bring oranges to her when she'll be in prison, yes, but supporting her now ? :gerlwat_sunglasses_cigarette_looking_what_blink: Hell no ! :gloss_mirror_young_little_girl_smile_child_makeup_lipstick_lipgloss_lips_pink:

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8 minutes ago, --- said:

it's amazing how much jamie despises britney but loves her money.

I don't think he despises her. I think he's using her. She's just a cash cow to him. He is a selfish loser (allegedly) who didn't achieve anything in life. His daughter made more money when she was 17 than he probably made all his life. So he probably felt bad about himself but instead of trying to achieve something himself he took his frustration out in Britney. He's probably insanely jealous which led to: I'm Britney spears. He wants her to be his accomplishment and probably loved the narrative of : if it wasn't for Jamie, Britney wouldn't be alive anymore.

He wants to be the hero... but he's just a ******* hillbilly drunk loser (allegedly) 

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